Who’s Fooling Who?

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“Whoa, there, Snookie, honey, you bein’ naughty again?”

Standing at the alley’s mouth, smoothing down her miniskirt, watching the tailend of whoever the john had been flit around the corner, and painting on a startled expression, she looked into the baby blues of the hulky blond cop.

“Didn’t see you there, Officer Jenkins.”

“Should have, sweetheart. Was standin’ right there shooting off photos.” Towering over her in his bodybuilder bulk, he waved his camera in her face. “Got it all on film, money exchange and all. Gotta take you in, girl. How many times I tell you this ain’t no life, that you gotta give it up?”

“Come on, Jenks, you don’t gotta bust me. We’ll work somethin’ out.” Then, tossing her curls and setting her dangly loop earrings to clicking, hands gripped hips and she almost spat, “How I gonna get anywhere without money? You come bustin’ up my bizness, how I gonna scrounge ‘get outta town’ money?”

Chagrinned look plastered. “Sorry ’bout that, sugar. You need get outta the life money, I can help you. I wanna help, and takin’ you in is a time waster.” A contemplation pause, then, “Same discount as usual?”

On her knees behind a dumpster in the dim grittiness of the shadows, blouse open, she unhooked her bra at the front while Jenkins unbuttoned his shirt, trousers and briefs already bunched around his ankles. Sensuous brown fingers, coming to elongated points at tecavüz porno luminous purple nails delicately encircled an uncut white cock already thicker and longer than anything Snookie had had that week. He gasped, leaned shoulders into the cinderblock wall, and thrust his hips forward as ruby-red lips pushed back the foreskin and slathered the blub waxy scarlet.

“Now see, this is what you need to stop doin’ for a man,” he muttered. “You won’t never be able to get a new life if you keep givin’ head this good.” He groaned as nails clicked against nails and she squeezed his balls, the smear of her lip gloss spreading up his shaft. She humming, he groaning. Tonguing back down the throbbing cock and then, as he grunted, back up, taking more of him in, applying pressure on cock and balls.

“Oh, sweet jesuuz,” he groaned. Running his hands into the mop of puffy, black curls, he gripped her skull and began moving his hips, stroking as she widened her jaw and let him do his thing.

But only for a few minutes. Laughing, she pulled off and leaned back, bunching her breasts between her hands, staring up into his face coyly, provocatively.

“Pride and Glory are lonely. They want to play too.” She rose on her knees, capturing the cock in the crevice of her breasts, and started giving it a good time.

“Fuck, girl. Ya gotta stop crap like this,” Jenkins growled. “Won’t travesti porno never get off your knees that way. Listen to what I’m tellin’ you, girl.”

She leaned into his hard-bodied torso, applying her lips to the dragon tattoo peeking out from around his back and nosing at his flat, heaving belly. He grabbed her head again, holding her to him, and groaned his pleasure.

Leaving her substantial tits to do their thing, Snookie freed a hand to slip into a skirt pocket and dig for just the right one. A Golden Ticket Magnum for Jenks. She already knew that.

Jenkins recognized the signals: The snap of condom she’d rolled on, her little laugh, and her throaty whisper of “Showtime.”

On the move now, he took charge. Standing off from the wall, he turned her. Laughing low in her throat, Snookie pressed the palms of her hands flat against the wall beside her head, her cheek hugging the cool, moist, moss-smell of the wall, jutted her bulbous buttocks out, and just let him do it.

Hovering over her, he started slow, one hand kneading breasts, punishing nipples. The other snaked around her waist, searching her folds, and finding and worrying her clit, as she made the noises she knew would egg him on. His sheathed cock rubbed up and down the small of her back under her loose blouse. Her sighing and moaning; him making rumbling noises deep in his throat.

“Put xhamster porno it to bed, honey,” she whimpered. “Fuck me good. Be good to me, Daddy.”

She cried out in ecstasy as the bulb penetrated, sank in. She panted hard and droned the mantra,” Oh, baby, baby, baby,” as he slid up into her and began to pump, slow at first and then faster. All words ceased, to be replaced by grunts and moans as both concentrated wholly on what they were dong to each other at the center.

She felt him trembling, shuddering, knowing he was lost to anything but the fuck, until he abruptly pulled out of her cunt, entwined her waist with a beefy arm, and lifted her feet off the ground, rolling her buttocks up further in the curve of his crotch.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, no. Yessss!” she cried out, writhing and ineffectually pushing at him, as he pulled her away from the wall and her head, arms, earrings dangled down toward the muck of the alley floor. He slithered in and pumped her hard and deep in the ass. Fireworks, frenzy, the alley evaporating into one long, shared explosion.

At the head of the alley, “Now you remember, Snookie, girl. You’ll use yourself up fast if you don’t get out of this and move on. I’m helpin’ you, tellin’ you for your own good. And you need money, I got money. We’ll talk about that later.”

Watching him strut off to his car, equipment clinking at his waist in the same tune that he often fucked her. Who was he fooling about her getting a new life and him bankrolling it? She’d just given him “the usual discount” and had nothing green to fold afterward. But then, who was she fooling herself? she thought, with a chuckle. She knew he would be patroling this beat today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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