Writer’s Block Ch. 03

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The hotel wasn’t what might be considered upmarket but it had character. There were shutters to the sides of the windows and ivy vines crawled all over the walls. The hanging baskets adding more colour to the overall effect offering a kind of french feel to the place.

As Rance and Ria walked through the arched front door ducking to avoid the vines they bumped heads, laughing while walking past the front desk. Giving them a wry smile as they passed, the receptionist watched them all the way up the stairs, jealousy consuming her.

“So, what books have you written that I might have read?” Ria asked him.

Rance gave a little chuckle. “I think you’ve read them all. I had them all in the cabin amongst others.”

“You’re kidding! Most of those books were yours? I honestly thought you were struggling to write your first.”

“Nope. I write as Tom Phelps which is probably why you didn’t put it all together.” Rance held her hand. “You should sit down because I need to tell you everything about me.”

Ria didn’t like this. She liked Rance when he was just a regular Terrance the woodsman, not a rich Tom the wealthy author.

He explained. “Look, I’ve been writing for fifteen years. In total I’ve written 35 books. Some were complete tripe but a few were scorching successes which made me wealthy. We weren’t a wealthy family. As you know I was born in the cabin and brought up there for the first few years of my life, that’s all we had. My mother decided that we needed to get out of the wilderness so she moved out here to Ignace. She got a job at a diner, saving as much money as she could to get a place big enough for us. My father was a hard man, not nasty, just hard. He taught me how to look after myself out in the wilds.” Rance held her hand while he explained his story.

“When my mother got enough money together, we came down to join her but that was three years later. Our apartment was sparsely furnished but compared to the cabin it was a palace. I had my own room for the first time in eight years. My father felt lost when we came down here. Eventually we moved to Marchant Falls where my father started working as a mechanic and my mother started working at an office. I was taken to the office each day and taught to read and write by my mother’s boss. I didn’t do any other learning. All I know is reading and writing. I read as many books as I could. My mother had romance novels so I read them. My father had workshop manuals so I read those too.”

Ria was entranced by his outpouring of truth. The story wasn’t magnificent or grand but the complete normality of it was what made it interesting.

“I started to write immature scribbling from the age of 11. They were mainly fantasy adventure stories, not great but they were good practice for my art. Every spare moment I got, I wrote. The older I got the better my ability became. At the age of eighteen I penned my first novel, and it was well received. It earned us enough to buy a modest little house just around the corner from the house we rented in Marchant Falls. We still visited the cabin every now and then but it was rare since it’s quite a way out. When I was 20 my mother died. My father slowly withdrew, becoming more and more distant. He left the town and went back up to the cabin, it was all he really knew. I saw him every now and then when I went out to visit. I went up there one day and found him dead on the trap line. He’d been out there a while. He was really only recognisable by his clothing.”

Ria shed a tear. “I’m sorry babe. You don’t have to go through this again if you don’t want to.”

He continued. “It’s ok. It was the way he wanted to live and the way he wanted to die. I don’t feel sorry for him because it was his choice, it was the way he preferred to live, and die. I reported his death to the ranger and they gave me permission to bury him out there where he was happiest. I was alone at 24 in the house I’d bought with the money I made from my first book. I used the loss of my parents as inspiration for my next book. That one didn’t do so well and was slated by critics. That hurt. I tried again and while I was writing that one I met Helen. She loved nature so when I suggested she join me up at the cabin she jumped at the chance. She loved it up at Echo springs.”

The memories were beginning to bring out emotions about his past that he hadn’t really thought about in years. A few times he had to stop to compose himself before he could continue.

“My books were selling fairly well and we had an income that meant we didn’t need to worry. We spent lots of time up at the cabin each year until four years ago when the accident happened. I averaged about four books a year, and usually one would do really well while the other three ticked over. When Helen died I had a large insurance pay-out. Added to the money I’d made from writing I had a good bank balance so I bought my current house in Marchant Falls and treated myself to a nice car. I guess I was trying to cheer myself up after kazan escort all the losses I’d suffered. It didn’t work. I still have plenty of money and I have a feeling my new story is going to be a good one. After all, it is about you.”

Ria placed her head against his. “I wish you’d have told me this before we got down here.”

“I really wanted to, there didn’t seem to be a good time or a good way to start, but you know now.”

“So you’re rich and have a nice house in Marchant Falls which you say is a safe and lovely town. If you had peace there why visit the cabin to write?”

Rance thought about it for a few seconds. “Probably because the place gives me a lot of inspiration. It’s an adventure being out there. Not knowing where your next meal is coming from or what it’s going to be. Dealing with life and death situations brings lots of ideas, but then this year I decided I wasn’t going to leave the cabin. I was going to finish the story and leave it as a suicide note/memoir.”

The air between them had become tense. It was the first time since meeting that they’d felt any tension. It was strange to think that his life story could cause that much discomfort but there it was. “I’m sorry I felt different about you when you showed me your car. It shouldn’t have had that effect, or rather I shouldn’t have let it have that effect, but I was put on the back foot by the surprise of it. I still feel the same way about you. You are still the same man and nothing has changed for me.”

“I hope you still feel the same when we get to Marchant Falls!” He lifted her hand and kissed it. “That might be a shock to the system too.”

“As long as I still have my Rance I don’t care. We could be broke and I’d still love you.”

He stood pulling her up with him, kissing her as she reached her full height. He held her tight as if to tell her he was never going to let her go. She smiled as he gave her a squeeze. “We should probably get some sleep. We have a long journey tomorrow and we’ll probably need to take driving in shifts.”

“You want me to drive your Porsche?” She asked a little panicked at the thought of damaging it.

“You can drive can’t you?” He asked sarcastically.

With her sharp eyes cursing him she said. “Yes of course but you might regret it.”

He laughed and they kissed. The kiss started light and lovingly but the longer they kissed the more passionate they became. Rance untucked her T-shirt and lifted it over her head, quickly unhooking her bra. She threw it to the floor before unbuttoning his pants and taking his shirt off. His pants dropped, stepping out of them as he unbuttoned hers he carried on kissing her. They were in a frenzy of lust as they were impatient to get at each other. Soon they were naked, stroking, feeling, fondling each other. Ria backed to the bed with Rance following. She moved backwards across the bed as he crawled along following her like she was trying to escape a wild beast and he, torturing his prey.

Soon there was no space left for her to escape to so he began to feed on her, his lips and tongue sucking and tasting her skin, his teeth gently gnawing at her neck and ears. Rather than beating this beast away she was welcoming him by stroking him, arousing his animal within. Working his way down from her neck he nipped and nibbled down to her breasts where he enjoyed taking his time. Ria moaned in delight at his slow progress as it built a fire in her loins.

He continued his course down her belly as his hands stayed with her breasts, until he reached her pubis. Always the woodsman, he felt most at home in the forest and it was no different when he was with Ria. He revelled in playing here before taking his prize. Ria was squirming with tortured relish wanting him to stop teasing but also wanting to make the torture last longer. Rance moved his rough hands down her soft body to her legs and under.

As his hands slipped under her legs she lifted them. As soon as she did Rance moved south to her glistening diamond mine, where he excavated for her hidden treasure. The more his tongue bored the more treasure she gave, her precious liquid the price for her pleasure. Her hands were strongly pulling at Rance’s hair, wanting more and more of his mining expertise as he quarried. Before long she was feeling the familiar sensation of her orgasm approaching. He’d placed his charges and all he needed to do was push her button. He dredged her channel until his tongue made contact with her detonator and off went the explosion.

He continued to enjoy her as she wallowed in her deep climax allowing her treasure to be gathered by Rance. Once her orgasm subsided, she pulled him up to kiss her and tasted his diamond encrusted lips. He entered her and carried on where his tongue had left off. “Rance?” She paused, waiting for his attention. “Would you really want a child with me?”

A dreamy look spread across his face. “I’d have an army of children with you, but one is fine to begin keçiören escort with.”

She kissed him as she scratched his buttocks with her nails. “Let’s do it!” She said with a steely look of determination in her eyes. “I want your baby!”

He rocked his pelvis as his lips locked with hers. She was gently biting his lower lip to stop him disengaging from the kiss. Her nails causing raised red marks on his back as he thrust into her. Her belly raised and fell in time with each thrust as if being inflated and deflated, the cadence of his motion increasing with his state of arousal. Ria was loud, almost screaming in ecstasy as he reached his crescendo. He pushed deep and she felt him pulse as he emptied his essence into her.

Lips clinched tightly and eyes staring at each other. Rance made a funny little noise as he momentarily shivered. Ria giggled and so did Rance. “That was amazing.” They said simultaneously.

Even after six weeks of doing almost nothing but being together, they still couldn’t get enough of each other. If anything was going to test them it would have been their close proximity in the cabin.

Rance dismounted and slid into bed behind Ria. Their favourite thing was to fall asleep together on their left sides with him spooning behind her as they had done on that first fateful night.

They did it like a rehearsed move. Soon they were both in a deep and satisfying sleep.

The next morning Rance woke early. The light trickled through the slightest gaps between the curtains. They hadn’t moved all night. Ria felt so warm against his chest, belly, groin and legs. He kissed the long scar on her shoulder bade as he grew erect. Her head moved back so she could look at him in the murky light. “Good morning soldier.” She offered.

“Good morning my lady.” He countered.

His erection found its target and entered unopposed. Ria took a deep breath and hummed as Rance slowly moved while stroking her thighs, down the sides, up over the tops and past her ticklish creases to her belly. He placed his hand on her lower abdomen. “Do you think there’s a chance you might be already?”

“There’s always a chance but I have a contraceptive implant. When we get to civilisation I’ll look into having it removed.”

“No rush. You’re still young enough that we can enjoy life a while before we go that route, but as soon as you’re ready I’ll schedule a few days to spend in the bedroom with you.” He kissed her scar again.

“Ok. That sounds fair.” She said almost singing as he made love to her. His right arm was across her chest with his right hand on her left shoulder. She held his arm tight as he moved causing small orgasms to flutter through her continually. “Rance. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. I never want to be without you. I couldn’t live without you now.”

He knew that feeling all too well. It had become a permanent feature of his life since losing Helen, until the day he found Ria. She’d filled the void in his life that was causing him so much pain. She wasn’t a replacement for Helen but the space she left was now filled by Ria.

He placed his lips to her scar once more, thankful that he could at least save Ria, even though he couldn’t save Helen. As he pressed his lips to her tender skin he let his tension go and flooded Ria with his love once more.

She reached up stroking her hand through his hair as he held her. “We should get up. It’s going to be a long day.” Rance agreed. He moved away, rolled off the bed and went to the bathroom. The shower was turned on and while he waited for Ria he brushed his teeth. He took a mouthful of water, sloshed it around, spat it into the sink and tapped his toothbrush Ria appeared with a healthy glow to her face. “You look like you’ve run a marathon.” He said.

“Well I have had some exercise this morning.” She replied as she grinned.

They entered the shower together, this time just to get each other clean. “Are you looking forward to seeing my town? Rance Asked.

Ria nodded. “Can’t wait. Have you thought any more about what our permanent move will be?”

“To be honest I haven’t. I’ve been having such an amazing time with you that it doesn’t even seem important anymore. All I want is you and some time to write. Where that happens is of no consequence anymore.”

“Come on. Let’s get sorted, get breakfast and go.” She gave him a quick kiss and got out of the shower to brush her teeth.

They went across the road to a cafe that was open early. They ordered coffee and two large fried breakfasts. They talked a bit about the future possibilities, ate their breakfasts and left. Ria went to the hotel to sort their things out while Rance went to collect the car. He pulled up outside the hotel, went in and up to the room. He brought his ridiculously sized pack down and took it to the car. Ria joined him and laughed at the prospect of getting the oversized pack into the minuscule space above the engine.

“Let’s put the ankara escort important things in first then anything we can live without can be left in the truck.” Ria suggested.

Rance agreed, so they started unpacking the bag and choosing what they didn’t need, eventually getting most of it in. Rance went into the hotel and over to reception. “I need to pay the bill please.” He said to the receptionist.

“That’ll be $55 please.” She stated.

Rance was never going to need the truck. Sure it was mostly rust but it was still usable, so he handed the receptionist his credit card. When she handed it back he asked. “Is there anyone you know who would like a free ’48 ford pickup? It’s not pretty but it works and might make a great project.”

“I’m sure I could find someone who’d want it.”

He held the keys out for her, dropping them into her hand as she held it out. “Thank you for your hospitality.” Said Rance, and he walked out.

Ria was leaning against the car as Rance came out from under the ivy. He held the Porsche keys out for her. “You drive first. Be careful though. She’s a beast.”

Ria could barely believe he was giving her the keys to his beautiful sports car. She didn’t argue, it was too good an offer to pass up. “Point me in the direction and I’ll get us there.” She said as she got into the low slung car.

She pushed the key into the ignition and turned. The noise was brutish and made the hairs on her neck stand on end. The smile on her face told Rance everything. She checked her mirrors and moved off. They were on their way to Rance’s home town.

The journey was fun. They played games to keep entertained. They listened to music and found they liked a lot of the same stuff. There were a couple of songs that Ria liked that Rance hated. “Hmm maybe we’re not compatible after all.” He joked.

They both enjoyed the trip. At the half way point they stopped in a little village to fill up with fuel and relieve themselves. Rance took over driving duties and soon after setting off Ria fell asleep. She hadn’t driven in a while and it had obviously taken its toll.

Rance enjoyed the journey more than he thought he would. It was a journey he’d had no intention of making, but here he was making the drive with an important woman sitting next to him.


“Ria, baby? We’re here.” Rance said rubbing her hand.

She woke slowly blinking furiously to try and moisten her dry eyes. She looked out through the windshield to see a white garage door and a large white wall around it. “Are we really here? You let me sleep for the last half of the journey? You should have woken me. You’ve been alone.”

“I wasn’t alone. I had you right there with me. Come on. I’ll show you home.”

‘Home?’ She thought as she became a little excited. She opened the car door and looked at the house. It was beautiful. Not a palace but very nice. She walked around the car and held Rance’s waiting hand. He walked her up the steps to the front door. He searched his pockets. “Nooo! I’ve left the keys at the cabin!” He looked up closing his eyes.

“Oh no, seriously?” She asked.

“Nope!” He held the key up laughing.

Ria gave him a playful slap on his arm. She noticed that he was much happier here. Up at the cabin he almost seemed to be stressed but here he was stress free. He unlocked the door, opening it into a large light open space with a sitting room directly in front of them and a large kitchen further in. The stairs were on their left. What Ria noticed first was the view. As she had imagined the house looked over a valley but the house was far from what she’d envisaged. The house was decorated in whites and creams with cream coloured furniture drapes and hardwood floor. In the kitchen it was black and white. Black tiled floor, black granite counters, and white everything else.

She walked over to the long bank of windows overlooking the valley. “My god. This is breath-taking, and you choose to stay in a dark one roomed cabin for 6 months at a time?”

“This is my physical home but the cabin was always my spiritual home. After Helen died the cabin became a place to hold my despair. It was where I went to do my mourning. I could concentrate up there in a way I never could here.”

“So why sell it to Henry?” She wondered.

“The place is full of ghosts. My father, my mother and Helen. They’re all there in one way or another. It’s just not what I need anymore.”

Ria looked out of the window again. The valley was narrow at the bottom, and steep tree covered banks either side drew the eye to the plain in the far distance. In the near distance there were houses with red tiled roofs and white walls. It was like a little bit of Spain in Minnesota. In the mid distance there was a park with other buildings around.

Rance disturbed her viewing. “Let me show you the rest of the house. He led her upstairs showing her the main bathroom which was pure white and quite spacious. Then he showed her the guest bedrooms. Both bedrooms were large with the same views as the living room and kitchen.

Up another flight of stairs was the master bedroom. This room had a bathroom attached and both were huge. Ria was stunned into silence. “I know it’s a lot to take in but this is mine – this, is ours!”

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