A Tale of Twin Tails Ch. 03

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Brent was stunned by what he had heard over the phone while standing in the lobby of the movie theater. The sounds of his daughters fucking drove him crazy with desire. What was worse, he knew it was all on video for him to watch, but this was neither the time nor place. He had to get back to his wife in the theater. He had already been gone too long. Luckily, the theater he had chosen served beer and wine. His wife had been partaking liberally of the white wine and was finishing her fourth one by the time he sat back down beside her with a fifth one in hand. By the time the movie approached its climax, he could tell that Kat was sporting a serious buzz. They would be skipping the bar tonight for sure. As they walked out Kat told him she had to use the restroom. As soon as she was out of sight, he pulled out the burner and texted Becky.

– Mom and I are OTW. U OK?

– Yes. U like our conference call?

– OMG YES. Kate didn’t freak out?

– She doesn’t know. High on booze and rubber cock.

– Thinks she hung up…and that U R oblivious.

– She’s napping, but I was about to wake her and fuck her again.

– Getting her addicted ASAP.

– We will be home in about 30. Got mom drunk.

– Why don’t you wait and make her watch a peep show?

– Nasty.

– but OK.

– I’ll leave the door open and a light on. I want you to see it too.

– Imagine yourself in mom’s place while U watch.

– Gross.

– CU in 30. Will wait. Be in our room “asleep”.

Brent put the phone away as Katrina walked up to him. “Who’r-you-textin?” she mumbled.

She was definitely drunk judging by the way she slurred her words together. Brent put his arm around Kat and guided her to the car while they talked.

“I was just checking up on the girls. They were already in bed. Probably be asleep by the time we get home.”

Kat gave him a dirty smile. “I’m gettin’ you-ta-bed too. You-an-that horse cock.”

She made a sloppy grab for his dick as he sat her in the passenger seat, but only succeeded in almost punching his balls. Brent opened the sunroof and made Kat sip some soda on the ride home. The air and caffeine cleared her head enough that he didn’t think she was going to pass out. She made one more try at opening his fly, but he told her they were too close to home to start now. Kat huffed and pulled out her phone instead to try to text one of her friends. She squinted at the phone, but being drunk and without her glasses made it too hard for her to focus on the screen. Interesting, thought Brent as he pulled into the driveway.

Becky had used the time to clean up the room, while letting Katie nap where she had fallen asleep in Becky’s bed. She wiped herself down and put on a cotton night shirt that hung just past her ass cheeks. She put all of the toys and other items into the shoe boxes under her bed. She normally kept her collection of shoes in their original boxes, but the assortment of sex toys that Brent had provided her earlier now filled several of them. He was nothing if not over prepared. Becky was still horny from her conquest and the thought of getting Katie to spy on her dad and mom fucking a few minutes from now lit her fires once again.

Sorting through the boxes, Becky pulled a bright pink dildo from one. It was not nearly as big as the strap on and rather than being realistically shaped, it resembled a series of spheres stacked on each other that tapered from the base to the tip. The ball on the tip was larger than the ones making up the shaft, so overall it still looked close enough to a dick fro her purposes. She figured the feeling of each ball sliding into and out of someone’s pussy was supposed to feel good. She smiled, thinking that Katie would tell her how it felt later. The base of this dildo consisted of a large suction cup, which was why she had selected it from the box.

Becky walked over to Katie’s bed , licked the suction cup, and stuck it firmly against Katie’s headboard at the height she guessed would be about right. She tossed a few of Katie’s pillows against the headboard, obscuring the erect dildo from sight. She also stuffed a few throw pillows between the headboard and the wall to minimize any thumping sounds she and Katie might make later. Next she picked up Katie’s thong from the floor and went to her parent’s room. She lifted her dad’s pillow and laid the still slightly damp panties on the bed before putting the pillow back on top. She texted her dad’s burner that there was surprise under his pillow, but got no immediate response. She went ahead and turned on her dad’s reading lamp on his nightstand, giving the room a soft glow. She went back to her bed and slid in beside Katie.

As she snuggled against her sister under the covers, she heard the front door open. She heard her mom and dad giggling quietly as they took off their shoes and threw their stuff down in the front hall. They made their way through the kitchen and down the bedroom hall, snorting and kadıköy escort laughing all the way. Becky sensed them pause briefly at her door before they hurried on to their room. A minute later, Becky’s burner phone, still on silent, glowed to life beside her. Her dad was texting already.

– Mom is in the bathroom. Found your surprise. K’s panties or yours?

– Katie’s. You’re not getting into mine.

– We’ll see how you feel after the show. Keep quiet. Give me about 5 min.

While he waited for his wife, had Brent stripped down and gotten in bed. He was fully naked lying back on his bed in a semi seated position with his head against the headboard. He glanced over at the bedroom door, which was standing open. The hallway beyond was very dark, but he would be able to see faint silhouettes of anyone standing there. Anyone standing in the hallway would be looking right between his legs with a good view of his dick since the foot of the bed pointed toward the door.

After texting Becky, Brent switched the burner back to the video app and muted the volume. Seeing his wife squinting unsuccessfully at her own phone, plus the fact that she was pretty drunk had emboldened him to pull up the video of his daughters fucking that he could not watch earlier. Watching them make out in Becky’s bed was getting him rock hard in a hurry. When Kat came out of the bathroom, he had just gotten to the part where Becky answered his phone call with her dick buried in Katie’s pussy. His dick was stone hard.

Kat saw his boner and gave him a lusty smile. “Is that for me?” she purred as she walked naked to the bed. She wasn’t slurring her words nearly as much as before, but her eyes were still glassy.

“Are you watching porn?” she asked a little too loudly as she noticed the phone in his hand above his hard dick.

“Busted. I just wanted to be a little dirty tonight. We haven’t done anything in so long baby. Let me watch it while you give my dick a kiss.”

Kat climbed onto the bed and settled in beside her husband’s shoulder. She looked over to have a look at what he was watching. He tilted the screen slightly away, but let her catch a glimpse. She squinted at the phone unable to focus the image, but she got the gist of what was happening on the little screen.

“Lesbo stuff Brent? Oh you’re so nasty sometimes”, Kat sighed, sounding both disgusted and interested at the same time. She let her hand settle on his cock while she spoke. “Where’s the sound?”

Brent smiled as his cock throbbed at getting away with watching his daughters fuck while his wife sat right beside him. “Oh you will be making all the sound I need in a few minutes baby.”

He leaned in and gave her a long, deep kiss. He set his phone aside for the moment and caressed her cheek while their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. Out of the corner of his eye, Brent saw a shadow move in the hallway.

As soon as Brent texted her, Becky had awoken Katie and told her that their parents were home.

“From what I heard when they came in, I think they are about to do it. I want to see that giant cock again, just to make sure I wasn’t imagining how big it was”, Becky said as she trailed her finger up and down Katie’s tummy.

Katie yawned and stretched, still buzzing but a little more sober. “That’s nasty sis. Just snuggle with me and let them have fun.”

“Oh Katie, every time we talk about dad’s big dick, you get all wet and you know it. There’s nothing wrong with a little peek. They will never know if we’re quiet.”

The girls heard their parents talking through the walls. Their mom was saying something about porn. Katie looked at her sister in the soft glow of their nightlight with a look of surprise.

“Oh my god, do you think mom watches porn too? Does everybody watch porn in this house but me?” Katie asked.

“There’s only one way to find out. Let’s go look.”

The girls got out of bed and silently padded down the hall. Katie had on her flannel night dress, but had left it unbuttoned. Becky was in her cotton night shirt that clung to her athletic body. Neither girl had on any underwear. As they crept up to the door, they saw that it was open and a small light was on. They could hear the sounds of kissing as they tiptoed closer in the otherwise silent house.

Becky prodded Katie just ahead of her as they peeked around the corner of the door frame. Brent was reclining on the bed with his feet apart. Kat was snuggled up beside him and leaning on his muscled chest. They were kissing deeply while she slowly stroked his cock. Both girls gasped at the size of their dad’s hard cock, as their searching eyes had locked onto it. Mom’s hand looked tiny wrapped around it. She let her hand stroke up and down along the shaft, occasionally letting her thumb slide up to circle the plum sized head.

Becky heard Katie sigh quietly at the scene üsküdar escort before her. She brushed Katie’s hair away from her ear and whispered as quietly as she could, “Told you I wasn’t exaggerating.”

Katie nodded but said nothing as the scene played out before them. Brent broke the kiss with Kat and let his head fall back a bit. His wife took the cue and kissed his neck briefly before letting her head drop to his lap. She kissed the tip of Brent’s cock head while glancing from him to his phone.

“Do it you big nasty. Watch your porn while I suck your dick.”

Brent picked his phone back up and started the video. He held the phone up enough so he could see the door frame in his field of vision. He felt his wife’s mouth open to take the head of his cock in as she knelt beside him. She continued to work his shaft with one hand while she slid her other between her legs to massage her pussy. I quiet moan escaped her lips around his dick. Kat focused on his head for a few minutes, letting her tongue swirl around it whenever she came up for breath. Brent could see the girls’ shadows in the doorway. They leaned in closer as his wife went to work.

Kat moaned onto Brent’s dick again and sunk her mouth down over his knob. She pushed her head down on his cock until she felt it touch the back of her throat. Even though she only fit several inches of his fat dick into her mouth, her sucking combined with her hand motions were making Brent grunt with pleasure. She bobbed and stroked as Brent gently caressed her hair and back while he watched his daughters fucking silently on his phone.

ON the phone, Becky was forcefully fucking Katie from below while pulling her sister’s tits into a position that looked both sensual and painful at the same time. Brent’s dick twinged as he matched the memory of what he had heard with what he was now silently watching. His wife took the sudden throb in her mouth as a sign to increase her pace. She let thick slobber cascade from her mouth to coat his shaft as she stroked his dick and sucked his head in and out of her mouth with little popping sounds.

From the doorway, Becky wrapped her warms around Katie’s waist in a sisterly embrace. To Becky it sounded like their mom was sucking on a lolly pop as her dad’s cock head popped into and out of mom’s mouth. Becky whispered into Katie’s ear, “Wow, you should get mom to teach you how to suck a dick. See’s way better at it than I am. This is so hot.”

Again Katie only nodded without saying a word. Becky could feel how tense her sister’s body was. She noticed that Katie had one of her hands on her breast and was absentmindedly stroking her nipple.

Kat’s mouth had been slobbering up and down Brent’s cock for a few minutes. Brent decided it was time to take the show to the next stage. He turned off the video and set the phone aside. He pulled his wife’s hair up into one giant pony tail and gently urged her to speed up her head bobbing with light tugs and pulls of her hair. Kat responded with enthusiasm, bobbing and slopping up and down his cock while spit dripped down his shaft.

After another minute of Kat coating his shaft, Brent pulled his wife up into a kiss and pulled her leg over to get her straddling him. Kat rose up as Brent positioned his dick at her wet opening. Kat settled onto his knob and worked the entire cock into her wet cunt in just a few short thrusts of her hips. Her pussy lips wrapped tightly around the veiny shaft. Pussy juice and spit oozed out of Kat’s labia as the big cock displaced the fluids with its own meaty mass. She moaned with contentment as the last inches of his big dick nestled into her pussy. Without pausing, Kat began rocking and bouncing on Brent’s dick while he held her yoga toned ass cheeks in his strong hands. She ground her pussy against Brent’s abdomen while he sucked her tits one after another.

In the darkness of the hallway, the girls marveled at how fast their mom had taken that massive root inside of herself. They watched as she gyrated and bounced like a cowgirl on their daddy’s fat dick. Daddy’s big balls were jiggling around as he thrust upward into her in time with the motion of her hips.

“Oh fuck me with that big dick baby”, Kat moaned as Brent picked up his speed from beneath her. Kat’s moans got had gotten louder as their love making progressed.

“Shh. The kids are asleep down the hall baby”, Brent said between thrusts and pants.

Katrina ignored him and continued her dirty talk and loud moans. “Fuck my pussy … Mmmm …Mmm …Oh yeah. You’re not watching porn now are you baby! I’m your porn start tonight.”

She continued to impale herself on Brent’s dick, getting louder and louder as she begged for his cock. Brent knew the girls were watching but had to keep up the illusion. He tried to shush his wife again, but she bit his hand with drunken playfulness.

“I said be quiet.”

Brent grabbed Kat by her shoulders and rolled her onto her back. Shifting tuzla escort on top of her, he continued to plow her pussy with steady long strokes. His balls slapped Kat’s ass with each thrust. The muscles in his thighs and ass stood out tautly as he plunged his thick cock in and out of Kat’s pussy.

“Oh Brent. Fuck this pussy! Fuck this pussy!” Kat was almost wailing now as Brent’s cock slammed home over and over. Inspired by the girls watching just a few feet away, Brent smirked to himself as he reached under his pillow and grabbed Katie’s panties. As Kat began to let out another long moan, Brent stuffed his daughter’s pussy wet thong into his wife’s gaping mouth. Brent was pretty sure that he heard a faint “Oh my god” come from the doorway as he did so.

“Ohhhh Bren…hmmmmffff.”

“I said be quiet. Now you have to eat your panties while daddy fucks you”, Brent said as he pinned his wife’s arms above her head and continued drilling her with his meaty dick at top speed.

Thinking they were her own panties, Kat made no attempt to spit out her new mouthpiece, contenting herself to let out muffled moans and grunts while she sucked on the salty, silky material. Brent released her arms after he was satisfied she wasn’t going to fight her gag. He came up to a sitting position and slid his thumb down to Kat’s clit as he pounded away at her pussy. As she approached her climax, Kat let out a series of guttural moans and clawed at Brent’s muscled chest.

Brent was getting close to his own climax and felt his balls starting to shift. He had been fucking his wife in relative silence with kids in the house over the last twenty years, but since he knew he had an audience, he let himself start to grunt and moan a bit. Normally, he would shoot his load into Kat’s tight pussy, but he wanted Katie to see him cum on her mom. The thought of shooting his load in front of his daughters brought on his orgasm even faster.

“Oh fuck baby. Mmm. I’m so close. Daddy’s so close”, Brent panted, turning his head ever so slightly toward the door.

His hips were pistoning his dick in and out of Kat’s pussy while his thumb shook and danced on her clit. Brent slid the thumb of his other hand into Katrina’s mouth, forcing Katie’s dirty panties in even deeper. Kat sucked his thumb over the panties, moaning incoherently. Suddenly she arched her back and pounded her fists against the bed. She furiously thrust her hips up into Brent’s dick as her climax erupted.

Brent thrust deeply into his wife a few more times until his own orgasm hit. He groaned loudly and pulled his dick out of Kat’s pussy. He grabbed his cock and jacked his dick over his wife’s abdomen.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck! OOOHHH!” Brent moaned.

The first shot of cum splashed her on the belly button. The second and third shots sent thick ropes of hot jizz onto Kat’s tits. A fourth spurt splashed her belly again as Brent continued to jack himself off over his wife. Spent at last, Brent released his member and pulled the panties from his wife’s mouth. He rolled off of Kat and onto his back in his usual spot on the bed. His dick was softening and oozing a last few streams of cum, but still looked impressive. He and his wife lay still, catching their breath and basking in the afterglow.

Kat’s eyes were closed as her breathing steadied. Brent kept his open, pretending to stare into the distance, while he watched the dark doorway. Thinking the show over, the silhouettes turned to walk away. One shadow disappeared as the other turned back toward him. Becky’s face and hand slipped into the light of the room. She crooked her finger at him in a come here gesture and then disappeared down the hall.

Brent lay still, thinking that this was the moment of truth. If he went into their room, he would be going past the point of no return. Kat’s quiet snores told Brent that his wife was already asleep. He wiped the cum off of her chest with his t-shirt, wiped his dick off, and threw the shirt on the floor. He covered his wife with a blanket, kissed her forehead, and quietly made his way down the dark hallway. With each step he thought: Oh, I’m going to hell, I’m going to hell, I’m going to hell.

Back in their room, the girls sat on the edge of Katie’s bed whispering about what they had just seen. Becky sat at the foot of the bed with one leg on the bed and one in the floor. Her night shirt was up over her hips giving Katie a full view of her shaven pussy. Katie sat with both feet on the floor but had her body turned toward Becky. She had left her flannel pajama dress unbuttoned but had closed the front with her hand to cover her breasts, still not over her lifetime of shyness.

“Oh shit Katie. Did you see how big dad’s dick is? I told you he was hot.” Becky let her hands slide up her own legs while she spoke. Seeing her dad fucking her mom had aroused Becky more than she wanted to admit. He had an awesome body for an older man and his rod was porn star huge. She hated to admit it, but she wanted that dick. She let the leg on the bed slide over to rest against Katie’s back as she cursed herself for being so wet and horny.

Katie affectionately leaned into her sister’s leg like it was chair back. “Seeing sex live is way hotter than a porno. Dad does work out a lot, but seeing him like that was… I don’t know. Different.”

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