Fire and Ice Ch. 02

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I guess Stephen as a lot to say to me today, I had sex with the tech guy, Simon. He was not happy, Stephen asked me to move in with him, nope, he demanded I move in with him, To me, there is a difference. I should get my ass out of this bed, face Mr, demander and put him down a peg or two, who the fuck am I kidding? I will just nod, and agree with his demands, move in with him, well I do need a job.

“Hey Carla, how are you now the sun has risen,” Ricky, my roomie, was already up, cooking breakfast.

“Wake me when it slips back below the horizon, my fucking eyes hurt,” I said picking a slice of his toast. I kissed him on the cheek, then thanked him for last night’s fuck. It was what I needed, after the phone harassment, I got from Stephen, for having sex with Simon. I should explain to Ricky, what was going on, he never asks about my sex life. I head to the bathroom, a shower will wash away my grimness of Stephen. The shower did its job in bringing me back from the living dead, I half expected Ricky to follow me into the shower. A surprise fuck in the shower is something he would do. There is no door on Ricky’s bathroom, a space issue is how Ricky’s explanation why. I have no issues about being naked so I walk through the doorway with a towel around my hair. To my surprise, one of Ricky’s neighbours was standing there.

“Hi, Carla, nice to see you.” Ricky’s neighbour Mark, I know him extremely well, we’ve had sex a few times. Ricky uses to have four, sometimes five of his neighbours over to watch hockey. The night always ended with us having group sex, I was very much into to the Friday night orgies. I know what was on Mark’s mind. This so isn’t the time for this, I shall be late for my meeting with Stephen.

“What the fuck!” I said reaching down, grabbing Mark’s ass and pulling him against my naked body.

“Still horny, I see Mark,” I said planting a kiss on his lips. I could feel his hard member pressing against me, I was so turned on. I was expecting Ricky to fuck me while I was showering, though that would have been a fun fuck. A threesome with two familiar cocks, that’s not to be turned down, the kiss was short lived. Ricky grabbed my arm, flipped me around, against the kitchen counter. He thrust his cock, into my ass, with such force, it knocked the wind out of me. A kaleidoscope of emotions ran through my body, the moment he started pounding me, with his cock. He pulled me away from the counter, I found It hard to stand on my feet, from the voracity his cock was pounding me. I felt my body being lifted off the ground, then I saw Mark, naked from the waist down. He forced his cock into my vagina. I felt so full, fuck I needed this, they both pounded me hard and fast. If there’s one thing I remember, about the Friday night orgies, I was never deprived sexually. I squeezed my eyes tight shut, Mark grabbed my legs, held them apart, so he could get deeper penetration.

“Yeah?” I moaned to the sound of his balls, slapping my wet vagina, their pounding got more intense. Mark clenched his teeth, I knew his ejaculation was close. By the deep grunts, from Ricky fucking my ass, he was close, to his ejaculation too. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. My orgasm felt like jolts of electricity. It shocked Mark, who was still pounding me, with his hard member. Ricky groaned, long and loud, before I felt his body go limp. My orgasm seemed to go on forever, they both ejaculated soon after. Mark’s body was twitching one more time with some unseen pulse. While Ricky’s body rocked with his effort to catch his breath. I am sure I heard them snoring, I crawled away, took another shower.

“You two, are going to make me fucking late,” It was ataköy escort then Ricky, grabbed my ankle and flipped me, on my ass.

“Hey you’re waking up, well your cocks are,” I kept rubbing Marks cock with the tip of my heel. I knew I was already late for my meeting with Stephen. I am just in this bad girl mood this morning. It could also be the normal morning for me. Fuck a girl has two hot, naked guys, cocks getting harder, by the second. My be I should ring Stephen, tell him I will be a little late for the meeting. I have already pissed him off, fucking with Simon. I have already experienced Stephen pissed, that was a rough fucking he gave me, I do so love rough sex.

When I left the shower Ricky and Mark, we’re still naked on the floor. “Hey guys, you two look cute, lying, naked together.” I ran one of my high heels, up the shaft of mark cock. Not leaving Ricky out, I rubbed the toe of my other high heel, on his balls.

“Sorry boys it’s a crying shame to waist two perfectly hard cocks, I got to go. I wriggled into my one piece black dress, walked out the door. I was 10 paces down the hallway, towards the elevator, I heard footsteps behind me. It was Mark, naked.

“You cant leave Carla, not now you have me horny,” He said pinning me to the elevator doors.

“Yeah, sorry I got your cock excited, I do have to gooo!” Was all could manage to say as the elevator door opened. We both fell into the elevator, Mark on top of me.

“Fuck that hurt Mark,” I said pushing him off me. It was then I reminded him, he was married, his wife might be on the other side of the elevator when it arrives. The thought of being caught cheating made his cock go limp.

“See your no fucking use to me,” I said flicking his limp cock with my index finger.

On the elevator ride I snorted some cocaine, I knew it would help me deal with Stephen. I catch a ride from a passing stranger. I was planning on walking off the cocaine, and I can use the exercise. But she offered, how could I refuse? She’s absolutely gorgeous, fake tits, but who cares. I flirt with her on the short ride, I take her number. My compulsion for sex hasn’t lessened, fuck that Mark, for getting me horny. I even consider blowing off the meeting with Stephen. Eating out this sexy bitch’s pussy instead, but my mind’s made up. I need to get to this meeting with Stephen.

I make my way through the automatic doors. I walk across the lobby, heels clicking on the ceramic floor towards the reception desk.

“May I help you, ma’am?” a cute young boy with freckles asks me with a smile.

“I’m too young to be your mother, don’t have to call me ma’am.” I flash a smile right back and bat my eyelashes.

“I’m sorry,” I wagged my finger at him, before he could say ma’am.

“Tell Stephen I’m in. Where’s Judy?” I said walking towards my office. My office hasn’t changed in the three month I’ve being away. There was a note on my desk, conference room when you arrive, signed Stephen. I tossed the note on my desk, opened the adjoining door to what was Dennis s office. Not anymore, the name plate as Stephens name on it. The conference room is on the other side of what’s now Stephens office. I open the door, there was just two people sat at the table, Stephen and Simon, the guy I fucked at the sex club.

“Glad you decided to join us Carla,” Stephen said as he arose from his chair.

“I was a bit hungover, I had to find other means of getting hear.” Partly true, truth was I was stoned on cocaine.

“Don’t bother sitting down, My office, I will fill you in about your assessment.” I sit down slowly in the chair across from him. avcılar escort He moves his chair underneath him. I freeze, waiting for the tongue lashing, for fucking with Simon. The tongue lashing never comes. He rambles on about how I should flirt with Mr Granger, sleep with him if I have to. The one must, was I have to persuade Mr Granger, to sell the tablet to us, exclusively.

“What was that all about last night? Simon, Why don’t you want me fucking with him?” I had to ask about Simon, I wanted whatever was on his mind, I wanted everything out in the open. I need to air cleared between us. I studying him in my mind, his all too familiar face. An exact replica of what I would imagine a Greek god to look like. Strong and sexy, fucking drop dead gorgeous at the same time. I debate about running my hand up and down his body, to rouse him, but I’m enjoying just looking for now.

He walks around behind me, reached down and grabs my hips and lifts me off my chair, into his arms. I wrap my arms around his neck, I melt into him. My body is on fire, I need him at this particular time, I am in need of this fuck.

“I knew you would eventually give into me Carla,” He whispers in my ear. I tipped my head backwards, so I could look into his eyes.

“What the fuck are you talking about, Stephen?” I scowl. I still haven’t forgiven him for laying to me, being my new boss, fucking bastard, why is he such a perfect specimen of a male. He just talks and I melt, everything goes to hell.

“You came, I didn’t have to drag you out of Ricky’s bed? Oh, and I hope you didn’t drive, your as high as a kite?” He said with a devilish grin. I slap him across his devilish grin, hoping it would rid him of that one overmanned look. It didn’t work, so I went to plan two. I plant a kiss right to the mouth, I ease open his lips with my tongue. I begin to unbutton his shirt, while distracting him with my tongue, which was entangled with his. With his chest bared to me, I push hard, hoping to push him to the floor. It wasn’t working, instead he takes a holed of my tongue, roughly with his teeth. I try to pull myself away, I push again hard on his chest, this time he lest my tongue loose. He glances down at my panties, I’m instantly wet at the thought of the fucking he’s about to give me. He walks across my office, locks the door to the recreation, then I watch him walk back across my office, and lock the conference room door. When he turns to face me, I catch sight of his cock, he’s huge.

“Your going to fucking tear me apart with that Stephen!” I said relishing the thought of his huge cock inflicting pain. He walks back across my office, grabs my head with his hands, he spins me around, bends me over, with one quick movement he yanks down my panties. I let out a huge sigh, when I feel his cock touch my ass. He leans over my back, and starts to nibble on my ear lobe.

“Fuck me, Stephen,” I pant, wanting his cock in what ever hole he desires.

“Nope, not yet.”

“Fuck me, I said! Fuck me or I will find someone that’s willing,” I demanded, I was in no mood to play is fucking games. I need a cock inside me, I am coming undone, sexually and emotionally. This is not how I pictured, my first day with a new boss going. He is really pissing me off, not at all like the fuck we had after our first meeting, in that cafe.

“Patience Carla, this is love,” he chuckles deeply. I moan, and it’s not a good moan. My body is literally coming apart before his eyes. Fluid is running from my vagina, I am going to die from lack of sex. He is laying over my back hard cock pushing against my ass, he’s stopping my hand from shoving beylikdüzü escort his cock into the first hole that’s handy. He just leaving slobber trails down my spine.

“Never fucking mind, get the fuck off me! I am sure Simon is willing to fuck me,” I shove back against his chest and again, he doesn’t fucking budge an inch. I get completely distracted by his tongue, leaving slobber trails down my spine. He turns me around, launches me across the office, my back slams against the wall. He leans over to kiss me again. I bite on his bottom lip, He sucks the blood off his bottom lip, then licks his lips as if he’s about to devour me. I fucking need him to do just that. He kisses me once again, this time on my cheek. He moves his tongue leaving slobber trails down my neck until it reaches my taut nipples. He takes my left nipple, between his teeth, then sucks it into his mouth. I melt into the wall behind me. He swaps nipples, my body involuntary bucks towards his mouth. I move my hand from the wall, where it was trying to peel wallpaper off the wall. I trail my hand, up my thigh, search for my wet mound, I am in need of relief, from his onslaught on my body. He stops me from getting my release. I groan, then I push him away, in frustration. He releases my nipple, from between his teeth, and gives me a stern look. His eyes scorched looking eyes, matched my body, It was on fire.

“Just, fucking give it to me, rough and hard!” I beg him, sliding down the wall, landing again on my ass. I inhale deeply, when he grabs my arms, lifting them over my head. He lifts me off the floor, I sigh when I feel his cock, touch my vagina. I wiggle my hips, hoping it would encourage him, to full-fill my desire. The friction of his cock, rubbing against my vagina, that’s all he’s allowing me.

“Just fuck me already!” I’m really not the type of girl that needs much foreplay, what he doing to me, It’s just killing me. He bites on my neck, then he grabs my ass, lifts my feet off the floor. His tongue trails down my body, as my body, get higher up the wall. I’m so oversensitive, I almost orgasm when I feel his breath on my vagina. I release my hands, which were trying to peel wallpaper of the wall. I grab out for his thick dark hair, I pull hard, hoping to create some friction on my clit. Just when I thought I was going to die a slow death, he finally flicks my clit with his tongue. My whole world, seems to shatter around me. He sucks on my clit, then rolls it between his lips, My world is a blur, from his expert tongue.

“You pussy deserves worshipping daily, Carla.” I finally see the lust behind his eyes. I’m wanting his fat cock, to fuck the hell of me now, fast or slow. With his hands, firmly gripping my ass, his tongue creeps up my body, I feel his cock arrive, at my love entrance. I’m so fucking wet, he as trouble sliding his cock into me. I reach down and help him, guide his cock into my love hole. Once his cock’s in he starts fucking me, relentlessly slow. This is torture, I’m racing towards the end of my rope, I haven’t a clue how much, I take of this slow pace. I try to match his thrusting cock, hoping to speed up the pace. I think he gets the hint, he slams his cock deep into me.

I let out a scream when he pounds me relentlessly deep and fast, my body crave more. My body is already spasming, I don’t know if I can, last much longer. It feels so fucking good, my body’s reacting to and overload of senses. When he pushes his lips against mine, I take them with open arms, and suck his tongue into my mouth. I bite on his tongue when my volcanic orgasm erupts. He is frantically fucking me as hard as he can. I can tell he’s close to his ejaculation. I grasp my hands behind his head, and scream into his face, he screams back when he reaches his breaking point. Squirt after squirt of hot jizz floods me. I spend a couple of blissful seconds draped over his shoulder, then I slide down the wall into a puddle of juices. I tried to force my thoughts back into some semblance of order.

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