Frazier: Don’t Be Cruel

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[This is a work of fiction. The story is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male and perhaps some female fantasies as well. As such, the story may or may not conform entirely with reality. But isn’t that the whole point of fantasies–what could be? With historical exceptions, all other locations, events, and characters are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]

I do not practice nor do I condone any of the sexual acts about which I write, other than straight, heterosexual relationships. Beside the fact that most other forms of sexual behavior are illegal, I still don’t judge consenting adults for their sexual preferences except where such behavior is hurtful/harmful to others, such as pedophilia.

None-the-less, many people have FANTASIES of such taboo laden behavior to achieve sexual gratification or whatever, but have no intentions whatsoever of carrying out such behavior in actual practice. That said, if I have struck a particular fantasy of yours, read and enjoy.


Frazier(“Shorty”) Evans ………….. male lead character, eighteen, high school senior
Janice Everheart ………………….. female lead character, eighteen, high school senior


Do you have any idea how cruel high school classmates and upper classmen can be? Of course you do; you went through high school too. Even the lucky ones who weren’t the target almost everyday, got their share of hits at least once in a while. The “elite” clique took their hits as well.

But me? Shit, I took multiple hits nearly every day, My name’s Frazier, but at five foot two for a male–well, you guessed it. My nickname was and is “Shorty.” But that’s only half of it. Most of my troubles came my freshman year, first day of gym class.

You see, my dick is, ah, a bit small–short if you will. Flaccid, that little sucker struggles hard to make two inches. Actually, an inch and a half would be more accurate. Erect, I cried when I couldn’t quite make four inches. You can well imagine the cat calls, jibes, and hoots that garnered me. Shit, even the girls called me Shorty with a decided leer and then giggled themselves silly. They weren’t thinking about my height either. Word got around real fast.

So, the first three years of high school were an absolute horror for me. Feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, fear of rejection, shyness, self loathing–you name it, kept me from ever dating. I had sexual feelings, strong ones, but they were never realized, at least with the opposite sex. I never knew when I was going to be shit on next or when. Talk about feeling castrated. Life was hell.

At eighteen on my first day of my senior year, I was depressed and cringing at the thought of still one more year of “cruel and unusual punishment” for the twin crimes of being too damned short in height and worse, having a peewee dick–the shortest damned dong in recent school history.

As I said, I didn’t have a single date for those first three years of high school–not unless you count my right hand. The problem was as I’ve also already said, was that my hormones were just as volatile as any other teenager. I vowed that had to change for my final year, if for no other reason, my damned hand was nearly worn out. Of course the real reason was I wanted a warm, live female to put my arm around, not to mention a few other things I fantasized doing to such a person.

The first person I met as I walked in the school door on the first day that senior fall was the girl destined to be the captain of the senior cheerleading squad.

“High, Shorty, how’s your reach this year?”

That comment and her snickering giggles that followed had my face turn red by the third word she got out of her mouth.

Where it came from or how I ever managed to speak the words, I’ve yet to find out. But, instead of sulking away in guilt, I answered her.

“Baby, it ain’t the reach, it’s the motion of gettin’ there that counts.”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chin drop as fast or as far as hers did at that moment. She stood in shocked and embarrassed silence as I walked away to the full throated laughter of several other nearby students who heard my retort.

I’d taken about ten steps when I heard a female voice behind me cry out, “Frazier, wait up.”


A cute girl about a half a head taller than I stepped up beside me.

“Hi, I’m….”

“Janice Everheart”

“You know me?”

“I’m not as stupid as some people would like to make out that I am, Janice. You entered classes here mid second semester last year.”

“You noticed? Clear back then? Me?”

“What’s so strange about that? Your cute, in fact darned cute; very likable, and have a great personality. What’s not to notice?”

And she was too. Janice had what appeared to be a great body, partially hidden with bulky clothes. She had red hair, freckles, deep blue eyes, and very kissable looking lips. Her smile would light up the darkest dungeon if she chose to unleash bahis firmaları it.

“You never said a word, Shor, ah, I mean, Frazier.”

“What’s with this Frazier bit? Everybody calls be ‘Shorty,’ you may as well too. Apparently you know how I got my nickname and you’ve seen the ridicule I get. Why would I risk more with a new girl in school?”

“OK, ah, Shorty, I wish I’d spoken to you sooner, but I didn’t want to appear too forward as a new student. I had to ‘get the lay of the land,’ so to speak, first.”

“Yeah, I wish you’d have spoken then too. I liked you from the first moment I saw you.”


“Yes, Really, Janice. I just told you why I never said anything.”

“I saw what you just did back there to that snotty Jessica. She had that coming and a lot of others as well.”

“So why have you stopped me, Janice?”

“Frazier, I…”

“Janice, there you go again. Everybody calls me Shorty. I said you should too.”

“Ok, “Shorty,” I will, but I mean it in a positive way when I do, not in the way all those other dumb heads mean it.”

“So, I repeat, why did you stop me just now?”

“Because I wanted to let you know I was proud of how you stood up for yourself. I’ve had my eye on you ever since that first day last year just like you.”


That got her to giggling.

“Yeah, aren’t we a sad pair, Shorty?”

Once again, I don’t know from where came my new found courage and voice, but my next question even startled me.

“So, Janice, would you like to go out with me tomorrow night? It’s Friday and my folks let me loose for the weekend.”


“Just like that, Janice, yes?”


She took my hand as we continued to walk towards the gym for first thing of the day, morning assembly. She gave my hand a quick squeeze and then kept hold of that trembling warm flesh. Jesus, just like that, right out of the box, a girlfriend the moment I walked through the school door on the first day of school.

Will wonders never cease.

We sat in on the bleachers in the chaos before the bell rang.

“Where would you like to go tomorrow night, Janice?”

“What,” You’re giving me some say in choosing what to do on our date?”

“Looks that way to me, Janice.”

“God, those moronic females around here don’t have a clue as to what they’re not seeing in you. All they can do is exercise their dirty, slutty little minds on you.”

“Do you have a choice?”

“Yeah, I’d like to go play miniature golf after we go somewhere for a sit down meal. And another thing, I want to pay half the bill for the night.”

“Oh, one of those emancipated women are you?”

“Not necessarily, but I do think it’s the fair way to go on a date. A girl shouldn’t expect the guy to foot the whole bill.”

Gazing directly into her eyes, I gave her a skeptical look. She never dropped her eyes with her next comment.

“In case you’re thinking along certain lines, paying half the bill has no bearing what so ever on whether the girl ‘puts out ‘or not at the end of the evening; at least in my mind it doesn’t. Also, in terms of that, I’m not commenting on what will or won’t happen at the end of our date tomorrow.”

“Phew, that was quite a little speech, Janice.”

“Wasn’t it though.”

So saying, she leaned into me and gave me a toe curling kiss on my lips. That brought a few surpised looks and lewd comments from nearby students, especially since the kiss wasn’t a short one. I think there might even have been a tendril of smoke rising above my head.

When she broke the contact, I said, “Jesus, Janice, you do much more of that and we’ll get suspended for excessive PDA.”

“Is that worse than just plain PDA?”

We both laughed at that crack.

“Well, at least that would give us more time to do more explorations of that nature, wouldn’t it, Shorty?”

I was saved having to answer that one by the bell that rang the assembly into session and the announcements began.

Janice and I had the first three classes of the day together so I escorted her to each one. As we left third period, we had to go in opposite directions.

“See you after school. I’ll drive you home, Janice.”


Before I could turn, she leaned down, grabbed me behind my head, and kissed me. It wasn’t a toe curler, but she did make some sparks fly.

God, I felt like I was walking six inches off the floor for the rest of the day. Gym class for that semester for me was the last period of the day. I wasn’t looking forward to the naked periods in the locker room and that brought me six inches back down to the floor. The guy with the locker next to mine, Bob, was neutral toward me–not exactly a friend, but not one of the hazers either.

As we were showering and as we continued back at our lockers, Bob said, “What happened to you over the summer, Shorty?”

“Why, Whada ya mean, Bob?”

“Well, it’s obvious you’ve not grown a new dick.”

“So?” I replied, turning slightly red and with a touch of anger rising.

“Shorty, kaçak iddaa do you have any idea how long the line of guys was last semester that got shot down asking Janice for a date?”

“No, I hadn’t noticed.”

“Well, there was a long line and every damned one of them failed and was sent off with his tail between his legs. Oh, she did it politely, but the result was the same–no date.”


“So? Damn it, Shorty, first day of school, before first hour even started, you walk in and Janice latches onto you. Five minutes later she’s lip locking with you in a very erotic display of PDA and you’re clueless why I wonder what happened to you?”

“Oh, that.”

“Yeah, shithead, that.” Bob said shithead in a friendly, teasing way.

“I don’t really know, Bob, just my everlovin’ charm, I guess.”

“Kiss my ass too, will ya?” Bob also said that in a friendly way. Actually, I think he was in awe of me when he said all that stuff.

“When you figure it out, Shorty, please tell me so I can get such a neat girl as well.”

All I know is the story of that kiss and my escorting Janice between classes had gotten around school lightening fast that day. It was sure nice to get a day full of positive jibes of a macho nature for a change instead of jibes of derision.

Noon lunch didn’t help quell the rumors one little bit. Janice and I went through the line and sat side by side at a table. Her left hand never left my thigh for more that a few seconds at a time. If that wasn’t bad enough, every so often she’d lean into me and give me a little peck on the cheek right in front of my ear. Making goo-goo eyes at each other a couple of times just added more fuel to the fire. Another toe curling kiss after escorting her to the door of her next class was the clincher.

No doubt about it, Janice and I were THE hot topic of the school grapevine that day, not to mention for several more days as the grapevine kept everyone up to date on our romance. At the end of the day, I met Janice at the door letting out to the student parking lot. She was giggling up a storm with her two best buddy girlfriends.

“What’s so funny, Janice?”

“Us–you and I.”

“Do tell.”

“Yeah, Shorty, girls have stopped me all day long wanting to know what I saw in you.”

“Whad ya tell ’em?”

“All I said was, ‘you girls have no idea what you’re missing, no idea what so ever. God, were some of those girls mad when that’s all I’d tell them.”

“Janice won’t even tell us, Shorty. She just gives us an evil grin and the same answer.”

Both June and Shirl were obviously looking me up and down to the continued giggles of Janice. It was quite obvious the two were still more than flummoxed about Janice’s new relationship with me, especially the why of it.

“Well, girls, Shorty’s driving me home. I’ll see you two on Monday.”

“Monday?” they chorused. “We thought your date was tonight and that we were going shopping with you tomorrow.”

“Tonight, yes. But Shorty has me booked for most of Saturday and Sunday as well–you know, young love–that sort of thing. Right Shorty.”

“Yeah, right,” I answered in a daze. What the hell was she talking about?

“Like I said, see you Monday, girlfriends. Now, boyfriend, I believe you said something about driving me home?”

Boyfriend? She just said it again, boyfriend. Damn.

I opened the passenger door on my yellow VW new style Beetle to let Janice get in.

“This may be the age of liberated women, Shorty, but THIS woman still likes to be treated like a lady. Thank you.”

In her drive way, Janice told me to pull to the back door. When I stopped, she turned to me and said. “Wear dress slacks and shirt with a tie tonight, please. I want to go to a nice place for supper. You can lose the tie later. Pick me up at six.”

I couldn’t help myself when I respsonded with, “Is that all I’m going to lose?”

“Don’t you just wish, you naughty boy.”

I got out to go around and open her door. I walked her to her back door on the little stoop. There she stepped into me and I got a kiss to curl the toes of both feet. Damn that girl could kiss. She slipped into the house and was gone.

Damn, did my balls ever hurt on the walk to my car as well as on the ride home. But, no right hand for me–not yet. I wanted to wait and see what was yet to develop that evening.

I walked into my house and into the kitchen. Mom was fixing food and Dad was drinking a cup of coffee at the table while chatting with Mom.

“Hi Mom, Hi Dad. Hey, I got a supper date with a girl at six so don’t plan on me for supper.”

There followed a deathly moment of silence and the two of them froze for an instant.

Then Dad carefully set his cup back in the saucer, looked at me, and his jaw dropped nearly onto his chest. Mom whirled around and literally dropped into a chair in a near faint.

“I could take my bug, but would it be possible, do you think, for me to take the Mercedes tonight?”

‘he “Mercedes” just happened to be a thirty-five kaçak bahis year old, 1970 280 SL roadster with a convertible soft top and a removable hard top. It was red with a tan interior. Its bucket seats and high center console with shift stick was not inducive of making out, but then, that’s not what I had in mind on this first date. Yeah, sure.and black cats aren’t black either.

Dad wordlessly pointed to the key rack board. Shit, I never expected him to let me have that prize possession of his. I got the keys and floated off to my room to get ready. I heard my folks finally break silence and try to talk to each other. I’d like to’ve heard their conversation for a while.

When I came back downstairs in my dark blue dress slacks, oxford cotton button down shirt, and tie, I got another shocked silence and a pair of open mouths.

“Mom finally stuttered out, “W-where a-are y-you going to take this girl?”

“We’re going to a supper club with dancing and then to a miniature golf course.”

“Do you have enough money for tonight, Lester?” asked Dad.

“Yeah, Dad, I do. Janice insists on paying half the bill for the night.”

“Where ever did you find this little jewel? When can we meet her? What prompted you to ask a girl for a date after all this time? What…”

“Later guys, I’ve got to go. I pick her up at six and that’s fifteen minutes to get to her place. See ya.”

I was out the door. Jeeze, the Mercedes roadster. That alone was enough to get me high. Add a girl to the mix and WOW.

I pulled into the driveway at Janice’s house at one minute to six. This time, I went to the front door. Her dad met me at the door and invited me in. Her mother was sitting in the living room.

“Jan will be down shortly. Come on in.”

We got along famously for the ten minutes it took Janice to appear. She was dazzling in a light blue cocktail dress with dark blue pumps on her feet. Her dad whistled. Her mother beamed.

“Wow, daughter, this young man must be really something to get you on a date, let alone to get you dolled up like that! Let me shake you hand again, Frazier.”

Janice turned bright red at her dad’s comment. The red glow went all the way down to her boobs (generous ones, indeed) and disappeared into the modest amount of cleavage. she displayed

“Shall we, Shorty?” She asked as she grabbed my arm and nudged me toward the front door.

As we walked to the car, she said, “This certainly doesn’t look like a yellow VW bug, Shorty.”

“No, it doesn’t, does it. I was flabbergasted Dad let me have his toy. It’s thirty-five years old and worth so much money I’m almost afraid to drive it–almost.”

“The car’s absolutely beautiful, Shorty.”

“It’s a warm fall night, Janice, so I left the top down. Is that OK or would you rather I put the soft top up to save your hair?”

“The hair will comb, Shorty, let’s leave the top down. Thank you for asking.”

The drive to the supper club was about ten miles. I stayed within the speed limit and enjoyed every inch of the drive. The transmission was an automatic which required little manual messing around. That was a good thing because Janice grabbed my hand and held on to it whenever I didn’t need it for the wheel or the shift.

As I’ve already said, the bucket seats and high console discourage, ah, actually more like prevent, much close cuddling activities. My VW wasn’t much better. Maybe I should look into acquiring a car with a front bench seat?

The supper club was one of the few still around that booked live bands–the modern version of the big band era greats. Our night the band was the current version of the Guy Lombardo band. Since we were still three years too young, we ordered soft drinks and listened to the music.

The third song was a dreamy love song.

“May I have this dance, sweet lady?”

“Of course, gallant sir.”

Janice rose with the aid of my hand and I led her to the dance floor. She melted into my arms, up tight and close. Her beautiful tits were tight against my chest and her pussy was pushed tight into my growing love muscle. I wondered if that tiny missile was large enough for her to feel it.

“You know, Janice, if you press your chest against me any harder, you just might burst those beautiful breasts right out of your dress top.”

“And you’d object? Anyway, how do you know their beautiful? You got X-Ray vision or something”

“I just know, Janice.”

” Well, I think they’re safe enough–for now. Put your hands on my ass and pull me tight, Shorty.”

Her hands were already around my neck and pulling her chest tightly against mine. Her lips were against my neck under my ear. Janice was nibbling and kissing that spot.

“Far be it for me to discourage you, Janice, but are you always this amorous on a first date?”

“No, I’ve not dated much more than have you.”

“Really? Since you’re my very first date in my high school career, that wouldn’t be very hard to beat. Let’s go back and sit down with our drinks.”

“I’ve had just two dates before you and on one of them I insisted the guy take me home before the date was less than half over. He was a disaster. The second date was better but not by much. So, I just said to hell with it and didn’t date anymore.”

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