From Helen With Love

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Tony turned off the TV and slowly headed to the bedroom, making a bathroom pit stop on the way and checking on the kids. He was almost on autopilot, but there was a vague nagging hope stirring in his groin. He didn’t really have any hopes for action tonight. Wasn’t even sure he had the energy to be bothered anyway. But Helen had been on edge in a funny kind of way all evening, anything was possible. He’d almost thought she was excited, until he sat beside her on the lounge and she immediately decided to go to bed. Women! Who the hell could understand them?

Sure enough, she was asleep in her standard pjs, curled up in a ball. Oh well. He sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed to strip off his clothes and gently stroking her face as he climbed in beside her. She mumbled in her sleep and rolled away. Taking that as his cue, he rolled onto his side, away from her, and settled down to sleep.


Suddenly Tony was awake. Fully awake, not that vague slow awakening. This was full sleep and dreaming (damn, it was a good dream too) to eyes open, ready to meet the danger head-on awake.

Someone had hold of his dick and was squeezing and stroking it. Holy crap! It was Helen.

Well, of course it was Helen. Who else would it be, you idiot? She is your wife, remember? Has been for quite some time now.

Well that was just it, wasn’t it? When was the last time Helen had initiated any kind of sexual act? She’d always been a quite willing participant, but never an initiator. That was his job.

Not that Tony was complaining, mind. Hell, no. It’s just that it caught him a bit by surprise.

“Wondered how long it’d take you to wake up,” Helen purred in his ear, obviously pleased with herself and her innovative alarm clock.

Tony looked at his beautiful wife. Every morning he wanted to grab her and just stay in bed, to hell with the world. But there was always a reason they couldn’t: usually that they’d be late for work or, on weekends, the kids would hear.

Right now, it looked like it’d be a race to see who’d jump who. Her colour was high, her eyes dark and smouldering, her lips parted, her tongue was making little circuits around her teeth and she was completely naked.

Why the change? Tony wondered. Then it hit him – the kids were staying at her mother’s this weekend. She must’ve dropped them off early. Clever Helen!

She continued to caress her husband, smiling at the expressions that flitted across his face. First had came terror, then confusion, followed by realisation, understanding and now lust was beginning to appear.

“I thought you might like something a little different for breakfast this morning,” she said. “Me.”


Helen had been planning this for weeks. She’d primed the kids for a weekend away with Grandma, so when she casually dropped in to see her mother they’d clamoured for a chance to stay. Helen’s mother was a complete sucker for the grandkids.

She made sure her mother was prepared to take them nice and early on Saturday. She’d woken early and had carefully gotten out of bed so as not to wake Tony, managed to quietly get the kids fed and out of the house to Grandma’s and get away without having to waste the whole morning listening to her mother’s trials and tribulations.

Last night she’d been so worked up, just thinking about what she had planned for Tony. She really wanted to give him some fun; it’d been a tough couple of months. Helen had been keyed up from the moment Tony got home, so she’d sat to watch TV, hoping to distract herself. It had sort of worked but when Tony sat beside her she nearly pounced, holding herself back with the greatest of self control – she really wanted him well rested and totally unaware this morning.

Now she had two full and clear days to spend with her husband. She’d already turned their phones over to message bank – she was having no interruptions, none, today.

They deserved it. They both worked hard and usually fell into bed at night too tired to even think of sex. Any time they did manage it, the sex was hurried and furtive, one ear tuned to the door.

Not today.


Leaving his rapidly awakening cock, Helen let her hands stroke, tickle and pinch their way up his body to his chest, while her mouth kissed and nibbled from his ears around to his mouth.

“Are you trying to seduce me, woman?” Tony gasped under the ministrations of her fingers and tongue.

“Yep.” She pinched his nipple and was rewarded with a shudder and sharp intake of breath.

“It’s working.”

He reached up and grabbed her, pulling her in close, his lips mashing with hers. His tongue hungrily probed her mouth, twining with hers; his hands running down her back, passed her tiny waist and around the flared hips to squeeze her perfect arse. Her hands caught in his hair, twisting and stroking, running down across his neck and back up into his hair.

They broke the kiss, coming up for air. Helen dived at Tony’s canlı bahis chest, grasping a nipple with her teeth and nibbling at it, then slurping and sucking at it before biting again.

Tony bucked and gasped. God that felt great – the sensation shot straight to his now rock hard dick. She knew, dammit, exactly what this was doing to him.

Maintaining eye contact (and the most sensually evil expression he had ever seen on that gorgeous face) Helen slid south, her tongue leaving a trail down his body as she nipped, licked and kissed down to the belly button. She did one lap around it, then plunged her tongue inside; kissed it and moved on, across the mound of hair.

She wasn’t, was she? Tony held his breath. Helen had never, ever … No, she wasn’t. She’d jumped away and was now kissing up the inside of his thigh, carefully avoiding any contact with the throbbing pole of flesh.

He was a quivering mess as she moved slowly north.

This time, she didn’t shy away as she reached his groin. He jumped as she kissed his balls, and moaned as she licked up his shaft. Again he held his breath, quivering, not daring to do anything that might break the mood and stop her.

Helen caught his eye and deliberately set her face in the most lascivious expression she could, opened her mouth and slowly, oh so very slowly, closed it over the head of his cock, her tongue making lazy circuits on the tip.

Tony’s eyes went wide as her mouth slid down. Where had she learned to do that? And why the hell hadn’t she ever done it to him before? It was all he could do to hold back from jamming hard into her mouth.

His hips heaved and rocked and his legs twitched as she continued her oral exploration of him, up and down, her tongue making little side adventures around and around, tickling and probing. Her hand was at his balls, stroking, squeezing and fondling. Then she made a ring with her thumb and index finger around the base of his cock and slid up and down, just a little, in time with the movements of her mouth.

Helen didn’t try to take him all in her mouth. She didn’t think she could and didn’t want to ruin it by gagging on him. This was all new to her and exciting in a good-girls-don’t-do-this kind of way. She also wasn’t sure of the taste – maybe a bit too much salt for her liking. But she didn’t hate it either. And she loved what it was doing to Tony.

He was moaning and gasping. She felt his balls contract up and his cock expand. He grabbed her hair, knowing he was going to come at any second, not wanting to put her off by coming in her mouth. “Darling, Helen, Oh god” was the only vocal warning he could manage.

Instead of pulling away as he expected, Helen continued her assault, sucking slightly harder and deeper. With a shouted grunt, Tony let go. All the built up tension burst out of him and into Helen’s mouth, leaving him tingling and shaking, and her swallowing furiously.

She climbed up the bed to snuggle into his shoulder, looking like the cat that ate the canary. Tony cuddled her close, wonder in his eyes. He leaned in and kissed her gently, tasting his salty tang on her lips.

“Guess you enjoyed my wake up call.” Merriment danced in her eyes, warring with the dark desire still present, as she pulled away from her husband and got out of bed. “Be out for breakfast in ten,” she tossed over her shoulder as she pulled on her robe and sauntered out of the bedroom, the robe still open and flapping at her sides, and making sure she had an extra swing to her hips as she left.

Tony lay back for a moment, stunned. He didn’t know what had gotten into Helen, and he wasn’t sure he cared, as long as it stayed there. This was not the same woman he had climbed into bed beside last night. There was absolutely no way known that woman would have left the room half naked, no matter that they were alone; hell, that woman wouldn’t even wander around in her pjs without a robe over the top. He smiled, leaning back against the headboard, his arms behind his head and daydreamed about all the wonderful things they could do if this new, more daring Helen stayed. Oh, he hoped she stayed for a very long time.

Suddenly his face went to blank shock and he sat bolt upright. He hadn’t done anything to give her any fun! She’d just given him the best morning of his life – before he even got up – and he’d done nothing to return the favour.

Tony leaped out of bed and grabbed his shorts, quickly pulling them on as he moved around the bed and padded out the door after his wife.

When he reached the kitchen, a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee waited for him (that wasn’t a surprise, he’d smelt it as he came down the hall, but it was a pleasant change), along with fresh juice and his favourite breakfast served on a plate. And Helen sat demurely at the table, her robe now closed, nibbling daintily on a piece of toast and sipping on her own coffee.

She looked up as he sat. “The kids won’t be home till tomorrow. Mum’s bahis siteleri going to drop them off in the evening. I’ve got a couple of things I need to pick up at the mall, so don’t linger over that too long.”

Tony felt like he’d been smacked with a wet fish. The old Helen had returned. Or maybe she’d never left and he’d just dreamed the last half an hour or so. He blinked at her foolishly, trying to get his bearings. Surely she wasn’t that pissed off with him already? He hadn’t meant not to please her. She dived out of bed before he had recovered enough to even think about it.

Sitting quietly, pretending this was just any other day, was a major work of control for Helen. She wanted to leap at Tony and high five him. She was so very pleased with herself for what she’d just managed in bed – she never thought she’d manage the whole deed, was expecting it to be a bit nasty and was only doing it because she’d read so many stories of how men really loved it. She’d wanted to do something special for her man, and ‘icky’ wasn’t a valid excuse.

But she hadn’t found it icky at all. A little strange at first, particularly when she was concentrating on remembering what she’d read, so she had some clue of what would feel good. She’d got such a fabulous reaction from Tony that it started turning her on, just knowing how much she was turning him on. She surprised herself by rather enjoying the whole show.

And she was damn sure Tony was going to enjoy the shopping trip. He hated shopping, she knew that, but he was going to love this trip.

Looking at her forlornly, trying to think of what to say to save the situation, Tony noticed the gleam in her eye and the little smile on her face. His heart skipped in his chest and his dick twitched in his pants. She was planning something; he just wasn’t supposed to know what. With renewed vigour he attacked his breakfast, eager to comply with her wishes.

As he finished eating, Helen rose from the table, collected the plates and dumped them in the sink. Kissing him lightly on the forehead as she passed, she said: “Time to get dressed and moving. Don’t want to waste our time together, do we?” and she was gone.

He still couldn’t see why they needed to waste this day at the damned shops but, if that’s what Helen wanted, after the wake up she’d given him, he wasn’t going to bitch too hard. Still pondering the vagaries of womankind he headed for the bedroom to get dressed.

One look at his wife stopped him in his tracks. Helen was dressed and was applying the finishing touches to a light make up as he walked in. Her dress was virginal white, the cut was anything but. The low scooped neckline showed off her majestic cleavage almost to the nipples. He was sure she was wearing a bra from the way her tits stood high and proud, but Tony could see her nipples against the fabric. The dress clung to her shape, nipping in tight at the waist and flaring across her hips, coming to a halt just below her magnificent arse.

Just looking at her made him want to abort the trip. He wanted nothing more than to throw her down on the bed, tear her knickers off and ravish her on the spot. Then he realised he couldn’t see a panty line – not even a hint of elastic anywhere.

Helen was watching his reaction in the mirror. Smiling to herself she ‘dropped’ her lipstick and bent over from the waist to pick it up. She heard Tony’s rapid intake of breath as he was able to confirm that she was indeed knickerless. As she straightened up, she carefully set her face in what she hoped was a neutral expression.

“Come on, don’t just stand there. Get dressed. We have things to do.” She didn’t look at him. She wasn’t game. If she made eye contact, she knew they’d never get out the door.


At the mall, Helen carefully got out of the car, swivelling her body sideways to get both legs on the ground without having to spread her legs. She didn’t mind if people knew what she had on, or rather what she didn’t have on, she just didn’t feel the need to show them.

She felt deliciously exposed. The high heels she wore, combined with the very short skirt, made her stand straight and walk slightly stiff legged to keep her balance and not flash anyone, adding a bounce to her step that made her breasts jiggle a little. The material rubbing on her nipples was making them hard and erect, her straight back pushing them out further, clearly visible to anyone looking. And boy, were people looking!

Walking beside her, Tony was in agony. He could see the other men ogling her, checking her out from in front and behind. Part of him wanted to choke the bastards, another part of him wanted to shout to the world that this paragon of walking sex was with him and it was him she was going home with and would spend the rest of the day on her back for (at least he hoped that was what was going to happen).

He was also acutely aware of the tightness of his jeans and was beginning to become concerned that people bahis şirketleri would notice the bulge in them, and that he was walking funny. His only saving grace was he was pretty sure everyone, and he meant women as well as men, was too busy checking out his wife to be worried about looking at him.

Helen appeared oblivious as she went first to some place called “The Body Shop”. It didn’t look like any auto repair shop Tony had ever seen – full of bottles and jars and tubs of lotions, potions and other assorted perfumed concoctions.

She spent a good ten minutes in there, reading labels, sniffing bottles, dabbing on creams. Then she got into a deep conversation on the relative merits of different floral concoctions. Tony would’ve been bored off his head, except every movement she made reminded him of what she wasn’t wearing, and his jeans were getting more and more uncomfortable.

Then she wandered around the mall, seemingly aimless, stopping here and there to look at the window displays (she was actually checking her husband reflected in the window, to make sure he was enjoying her display). Finally, to Tony’s relief , for he desperately wanted to get her home, she seemed to remember where she was going and headed for – no, please no, anywhere but there – a lingerie shop. The comfort level in his trousers increased immediately.

She knew how he hated having to hang around waiting for her in those places. He never knew where to look without feeling like a pervert. And today he felt even worse, what with the effect his wife’s outfit was having on him. He hovered in the doorway, trying desperately to pretend he wasn’t concerned.

He breathed a massive sigh of relief as Helen marched straight to the counter and spoke to the serving girl, who disappeared into the back of the store, returning a short time later with a bag which she handed to Helen. Thank god for that. She was just picking up something she’d already had put aside, she wasn’t going to subject him to the whole trying on every damned thing in the store routine.

She bent over to pick up her other packages as she turned towards him, flashing her cleavage at him and making him gasp as her breasts almost fell over the top of the dress. She looked him square in the eye as she stood up, then turned and bent over again, this time looking at a frilly thing on the bottom hanger of a display rack. Her skirt rode up and she almost flashed him – almost. Suddenly his jeans were too tight again. God but he wanted to get her home!

Her final stop was much easier on Tony. It was the coffee shop. Nothing embarrassing here, and the smell of the place was fantastic. She spent a bit of time discussing various blends and roasts before making her purchase and then they were heading back to the car, Tony trailing slightly behind his gorgeous wife, his dick positively salivating at the thought of getting her alone.


If anything, the drive home was even greater torture to Tony than the shopping trip. Helen had let her dress ride up her thighs, sitting semi-sideways and giving Tony an eyeful whenever his eyes strayed that way (which was often). Hell, he’d nearly run off the road when he first realised just what he could see.

To make matters worse, she made a point of looking into his eyes, then at his crotch, then back to his eyes and licking her lips. He thought he was going to explode on the spot.

The traffic on the main road was building up to annoying levels. So Tony turned down a back route home. It was further, but the traffic was much lighter. As soon as they were one a single lane route, Helen leaned as close as she could while staying in her seatbelt. Fixing him with another wickedly sexual look, she began rubbing the wet spot that was slowly spreading across the bulging area in the front of his jeans.

He gasped. “God, if you want to get home in one piece you’d better stop that. I can’t see straight to drive.”

She giggled and removed her hand, with a naughty girl caught out expression.

The pressure was nearly killing him. His balls were aching and his dick was jammed hard against the denim. If he didn’t get out of these damned jeans soon, they were going to cause irreparable damage.

Seeing his strained expression, Helen regretted pushing him quite this far and wondered if her next planned act would ease or worsen the situation. She decided it would all be for the good, in the long run anyway.

Once again she reached across to Tony’s crotch, this time concentrating on finding the catch on the zipper. Again Tony gasped, and the car veered wildly. “Steady, boy,” she murmured as she slowly managed to get hold of the catch and slide the zipper down, giving his tortured cock a little more room. Then she primly returned her hands to her lap, without blocking the view.

Tony sighed. He was still getting ‘do something now’ signals, but they weren’t quite so painfully urgent. He kept finding his foot pressing down harder on the accelerator as his mind concentrated on Helen rather than the road. Then he’d back off, returning to the speed limit. He really didn’t want to get pulled over for speeding this morning; that would really put a dampener on things.

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