Getting Wet in the Park Ch. 02

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This follows on from ‘Getting Wet in the Park’ submitted quite a while back now. To really enjoy this you probably need to read that first although this could be a stand alone story too I suppose.

I don’t usually write sequels, they seem to go lame, hopefully this doesn’t fare too bad – some people were interested enough to wonder what might happen next so I had a go. Hope you enjoy this work of fantasy on a particular kink.

If you don’t like the idea of watersports I suggest that you skip this one.

Emma stayed the night sleeping with me in my cramped fold out sofa bed. She left early and quietly the next morning, but not before I had asked if we could go out again to which she had happily agreed. I went back to bed and lay in the early morning light, my mind thinking things over in the quiet. Last night had been fun, I’d never thought of trying watersports before, never thought that the opportunity would ever come up to try it, it’s not exactly easy to bring up in a conversation is it?

As I thought about last night my cock grew long and hard and I reached down and took hold of it. I closed my eyes and remembered Emma standing over me in the bath and me watching her pee over me. I was wanking my cock now, it felt nice re-living those moments. I thought about opening my mouth and letting her pee in it. Such a dirty to do and yet so nice, it didn’t even taste bad, but I guess that it was pretty dilute that time. I began to think about what other ideas we might try together, I hoped that she wouldn’t change her mind and go off the idea in the light of day. I was near to cumming so I reached over for some tissue and concentrated on the image of Emma’s sweet little shaved pussy inches from my face squirting its golden flow right into my mouth. The thought made me cum and I felt my cock pumping in my fist spurting into the tissue held in my other hand.

‘Mmm..That was nice I thought.’ And putting the tissue aside turned over to snuggle up in the covers and drift back to sleep.

Later that day I phoned Emma.

‘Hi, it’s John. Are you alright?’ I asked when she answered.

‘Hi John, I’m fine, you okay?’ She replied.

‘Yeah, I’m good.’ I suddenly felt a bit awkward. ‘Errm.. I had a nice time last night.’ I added.

‘Yeah, me too.’ More silence..

‘I meant, about what happened, what we did — you know.’ I said.

‘Yeah, I know, I’m fine with it. I liked it, liked it a lot. I’m not worried about it, are you?’ She asked confidently.

‘No, no worries at all. That’s good. Look can we meet later?’

‘Sorry not today, I’m busy. But tomorrow evening is alright, how about you?’

‘Yeah that will be fine.’

We arranged to meet at the Starbucks in town early next evening.

I was till feeling horny especially after talking to Emma and thinking about her again so I switched on my computer and surfed the porno for an hour or so. I never realised how much peeing stuff there was on there! I guess that I had never really looked before. I found the pictures very exciting and even downloaded a few movie clips — I had half a mind to get my cock out again – but decided to save it for tomorrow evening.

I was sat on the bench seat by the window in Starbucks the next evening with a large coffee in front of me waiting for Emma to arrive. The window looked out on the high street and all the early evening people either going home or just going out. I saw her coming up the street and turned towards the door and waved at her as she came in looking around for me. She looked so cute, a pretty little blonde girl with a big smile on her face.

We said ‘Hi’ to each other and kissed. I held her little body in my arms for a moment or two. I showed her where I was sitting and went to get her a drink, she wanted a fruit juice.

Joining her I asked.

‘Had a good day?’

‘Yeah fine. You?’

We sat and made small talk for while, smiling at each other. I was getting to like Emma a lot, it wasn’t just the idea of the kinky sex, she was nice too. She had a kind of coy way about her that was very girly and yet she was quite earthy in her talk at times. I was definitely getting the signals that she liked me as well, that was good!

Emma picked up her bag and rummaged around in it for a moment or two and then pulled out a small bottle of mineral water.

‘Here, I got this for you.’ She said as she handed it over, the look in her eyes adding all the meaning and subtext I needed to know!

I felt my cock get very stiff all of a sudden as I realised that we were going to do it again. I took the bottle and opened it and took a swig or two and then smiled knowingly at her.

We sat and talked for a little while longer and then I noticed that Emma was beginning to wriggle about in her chair.

‘I think that we had better get going.’ I said to her, finishing off my coffee.

‘Definitely!’ said Emma, a little desperately.

We were going back to mine, Emma’s flat mate was in that evening and she said that there was no chance of us getting any privacy if she brought home a new boyfriend poker oyna for the first time. I knew that one of the guys at mine would be out, but didn’t know about the other so we’d just have to see.

As luck would have it James was out as well so we quickly went up to my room and took off our coats. Emma pulled me onto the sofa and we began to kiss passionately. She was obviously very turned on.

‘Hey, I thought you were getting desperate?’ I asked as we broke for air, my hands up inside her top feeling her pert little breasts through her bra.

‘Oh, I am. But I like the feeling, don’t worry I can hold it a while yet.’ She panted.

‘I guess we’ll be alright as long as I don’t tickle you again.’ I said as I unbuttoned her jeans.

‘So, got any ideas then John? What would you like? I brought some clothes and extra knickers and some more water as well, fruit flavored to make it nicer.’

‘Mmmm… you naughty, kinky girl!’ I grinned at her, tugging her jeans down her legs as she lifted her hips and reached for my buttons now.

‘Yeah, I’ve got lots of ideas, really dirty ones. I took a look at the porn for some inspiration.’ I said slipping my trainers and socks off.

I moved so that I could get my jeans right off and threw them on the floor. Emma looked so sexy laid back on my sofa in the dim light wearing just her knickers and bra, a matching set of lacy, pale pink. I lay back on her and we kissed again, tongues swirling around each other.

‘Mmm… Will you show me what you found later, I want to see.’ She said.

I liked the sound of that, I’ve never sat with a girl while surfing the porn — It sounded like a very horny idea. My hand slid down between us and between her legs to cup her warm mound. I gently rubbed it.

‘So what do you want to do then John, I’ve really got to go now.’

I paused. What to ask for first? I felt embarrassed for a moment, wondering what idea to pick.

‘Come on John, don’t be shy — I want to pee for you and I want you to pee for me and I’ll try whatever you ask because I know that you’ll do the same for me.’ She said.

Oh, my God! What a turn on to hear that, and I knew that she meant it too. Emma obviously loved sex and was happy and willing to explore her limits.

‘Okay, I want to watch you wet your knickers. I want you to stand up and do it and let me watch. Will you do that?’ I asked as she lay there and looked up at me expectantly.

‘Of course I will, I’d love to — you know that I like the feeling of wetting my knickers. Look, pass me my bag will you?’

I got off of her and reached for her bag as we both sat up on the sofa. Emma took out a plastic bag full of clothes and emptied it on the carpet. There were stockings and suspenders in there, sets of bra’s and knickers and some t-shirts too. She had definitely come prepared!.

‘Pick a pair that you like.’ She said.

I sorted through and found a pair of cotton brief type ones, white with a blue trim and also a small tight, white cap-sleeved t-shirt.

‘Put these ones on.’ I said giving them to her.

I took a drink from one of the bottles that she had brought while Emma quickly whipped off her knickers and slipped on the briefs I had selected. She took the top and I said:

‘No bra under it please.’ I asked.

Emma had also brought a short black silky kimono type gown which she slipped over the outfit I had chosen and I grabbed my toweling dressing gown. I peeked out the door and the coast was clear so we darted over to the bathroom. If anyone came in downstairs we’d hopefully hear them and have time to get back into my room!

We closed the door behind us and Emma slipped out of her gown and stepped straight into the bath tub and stood in it facing me.

‘God! I’m so excited, I’m dying to go — but I don’t know if I can at the same time’. She giggled.

I was feeling very horny too, my cock was making a huge tent in my boxers!

‘How do you want me John, tell me how.’

‘Standing there is fine, just stay like that, don’t bend your legs much.’

I knelt on the floor by the side of the bath so that my eyes were on the same level as her pantied crotch.

‘Now, do it slowly if you can, not all in one go. I want to watch it spreading. Can you do that?’

‘I think so, I’ll try.’ Emma replied.

She stood there slightly bent forward looking down at her own crotch, and sometimes glancing at me. Her hands were placed on her hips by the waistband of her briefs, I swear her legs were trembling a little now and then.

‘Here it comes John, watch.’ She whispered.

My eyes were locked on her mound. A tiny dark stain began to appear in the material, right where her mound pushed it out. It spread quickly for a few seconds and then stopped.

‘Yeah! That’s nice.’ I told her.

Emma smiled and let a bit more go. The patch spread wider staining the whole area but still no drips came through, she must have good control I thought! A bit more came and it was like a seal had been broken as her pee began to run through from the patch in drips and then canlı poker oyna a small stream. It also found its way out from the leg around the side and ran down the inside of her thigh. There was a dripping and pattering sound in the bottom of the bath.

‘Do you like it?’ Asked Emma.

‘Yes, that is perfect, that looks so nice. Do you like it?’

‘Yes, it feels so nice, all hot around my pussy and knowing that I’m doing it for you and that you are watching and liking it makes it even better.’

Emma was letting out a slow constant flow now. Watching her wet her knickers was nice but now I had the urge to see it coming out of her, to see her little pussy pissing for me. I didn’t know if we would get the chance for her to go again tonight and I needed to see it again for real.

‘Can you stop for a moment?’ I asked.

‘Yes, give me a second.’ Emma replied and she did.

The material of the cotton briefs was stained dark grey all over the crotch now and bulged from the weight of her liquid it held as it continued to slowly drain through. I reached out and put my fingers in the waistband of her briefs and pulled them down her thighs to about halfway. Her pussy was shaved completely bare, it was so lovely, such a slim pink slit! The briefs were soaked and my fingers got wet, I sucked them dry as Emma watched me and smiled.

‘Now do the rest, I want to see it come out, it turns me on.’ I told her.

Emma stood for a moment and then it came in a gush from between her slim lips that poured into the crotch of her knickers as they were at half mast on her thighs. It made a surprisingly loud hiss as it came out and splashed noisily in the bath. I watched her finish going, now those briefs were truly soaked!

‘Did you like that?’ Asked Emma.

‘Oh yes, very much. Thank you, sexy girl!’ I told her with a grin.

‘Good, now perhaps you’d like to lick me clean?’ She said.

‘Mmm.. I’d love to!’ I told her and bent forward to meet her thrusting crotch with my mouth.

I licked her slit with my extended tongue, lapping up all of the droplets glistening in her groove, tasting her piss, faintly salty — nice.

‘Mmm…’ She moaned. ‘That’s it, do a good job now, don’t miss any.’

I wasn’t about to! I licked over her gleaming mound and down to her thighs, that made her wriggle as it tickled! And then I used my fingers to spread her and delved my tongue between her slim pink lips. Spreading her wider I pushed my tongue into her tunnel, Emma moaned and began to ride my face. Her pussy was slippery and puffy, she was so turned on and her cream was leaking out of her hole and mixing with her pee, it tasted so good I nearly came myself as my hand stroked my hard cock through my boxers.

I moved up and pushed back her clitty hood and sucked the little nub into my mouth. Emma gasped as I sucked it and licked around it in turns. She was panting heavy now and I knew that she was near, and so quickly too!

I knew what would send her over the edge and reached around behind her. My finger found her bum-hole, it was small and tight. She clamped her butt cheeks for a second denying my entry, but everything was so sloppy around there that it slid in all the same — goodness but it was tight! Emma cried out.

I had just the very tip of my finger in there and just pulsed it back and forth quickly in short movements fucking her arse with it while I went for it on her clit, sucking and licking frantically as she writhed and moaned on my face. Her hands were running through my hair. Stroking it and pushing my face into her writhing crotch. It was a good job no one else was in, the noise she made when she came, even the neighbors could have heard!

Emma collapsed down into the bottom of the bath panting and sitting in the puddle she had made a few minutes earlier while I watched. Fuck I loved this girl! She looked so gorgeous and so sexy, her face flushed from her climax. I was aching to cum myself now and my cock was so hard, I wanted to return the favour for Emma – but even though I was feeling the need to pee I knew that it would never happen until the erection had subsided. Emma was still recovering.

‘Oh! John! That was so nice, thank you.’ She said breathlessly.

‘That’s alright, I loved it too, thank you for doing it for me — you are the sexiest girl I’ve ever been with!’

Emma looked so hot, I knew what she had asked for at the end of the last time, I had been thinking about it so much too. I pushed down my boxers and my cock sprang out a mile in front of me, swaying free. I climbed into the bath with her and Emma swiveled on her bottom as I stood facing her. I took my cock in my hand and began to wank it up and down slowly with long sure strokes, pulling the foreskin back and forth while I looked down at her on her knees in front of me. Emma slid her soaked knickers off and sat with her legs spread wide open, her lovely glistening wet pussy on show for me, as if I needed much encouragement!

‘Mmm.. Yes John, that looks so nice, your cock looks so big from here, wank it for me, make it cum for me.’ She internet casino urged sexily.

My cock was dripping pre-cum from the end and it was all over my hand too making it nice and slippery as I stroked my cock. I watched Emma’s fingers stray to her pussy and rub it gently. She lay back a little and pulled it wide open for me to see inside, her fingers delving into the tight little hole there.

I gasped: ‘Oh, yes!’

The sensations from my cock felt so good, I felt my balls tightening and the spasm of orgasm building.

‘I’m going to cum.’ I said through gritted teeth, my hand squeezing harder on my cock.

Emma shifted and was now on her knees right in front of me, her pretty little mouth wide open and waiting, her eyes smiling up at me. I let myself go over the edge and with a grunt I came and my cock began to spurt hard and fast sending out globs of white cum at Emma. Some landed in her open mouth and out stretched tongue as she tried to catch it without getting it in her eyes (it stings I’ve been told!) and some splattered over her face.

Emma laughed and swallowed my cum load and she wiped the rest from her face with her hand and licked it off .

‘Don’t move.’ I said, and closed my eyes to concentrate. My cock began to lose its rigidity in my hand, but I still held onto it. Its quite easy to pee a few moments after you have cum and I felt it about to happen now.

‘I’m going to piss if you want me too.’ I said to her.

‘Go on, I’m ready — do it in my mouth, wash your spunk down with it!’

Emma was waiting as before, her mouth open, leaning forward on her knees. I could see her hand working away stroking between her legs and I had to be careful not to go hard again!

I began to pee, it just dribbled out at first and Emma leaned even closer to catch it but then suddenly I was going strong and it hit her hard in the face. Emma giggled and moved back and as my stream of pee found and even pressure she put her mouth at the end of it catching the arching stream that twinkled in the bathroom light.

Oh! Fuck! I was pissing in her mouth and it looked so good! It made a gurgling sound as it poured into Emma’s open mouth. Every now and then she closed her mouth, I’m not sure if she was swallowing or just that her mouth was full and she was letting it out over her. It spilled out of her mouth and ran down face to splash onto her chest where it wet the material of her tight white t-shirt.

‘Wow! That looks so nice, Emma, so hot!’ I told her and Emma smiled up at me as she drank my piss and sighed pleasurably as best she could to show me that she was enjoying receiving it too.

It was quite a long piss and in the end it soaked her little t-shirt and made it go kind of transparent, her pert little breasts made plain by the material soaked and clinging to them. Her nipples stood out like little bullets, it looked so nice.

I finished going and Emma definitely swallowed the last mouth full. My pee was very dilute and clear so I don’t suppose that it tasted all that bad, she seemed to have enjoyed the naughty experience.

‘Oh, John! I’ve dreamed of doing that for so long, wanted to do it for so long and thought that it would never happen.’

‘So it was okay, you liked it? From my end it looked really nice, but I wondered if you would like the taste in the end.’ I said.

‘I loved it, and I didn’t mind the taste, I’ve tasted my own enough times so I knew what it was going to be like anyway. Oh, I hope we can do that again — I loved it!’

Then I felt Emma’s hand reach around my bum and pull me to her. She took my limp cock in her mouth and I felt her tongue lapping over it as she licked it clean of the combination of my cum and pee. I started to get hard again, my cock growing in her mouth. Emma was still playing with herself, she had been fingering her slit all of the time that I had been doing it in her mouth. Her hand worked my shaft as she licked and sucked and I was surprised to find myself ready for her again so soon! Then I felt revenge as she gave me a taste of my own medicine — she reached around behind me and down into my bum crack and I felt a sharp little fingernail around by my backdoor! She slipped it in and pushed it up inside. I’ve never had a girl do that to me before (only ever tried it on myself once or twice) but wow! It felt good, so dirty and very nice indeed as she pushed it in. Only a few seconds of that and her wonderful mouth around my helmet and I came again flooding her mouth with a second dose of cum and even as she was gulping that down her hand which had been frantically frigging away at herself achieved it’s objective and she made herself cum within a few moments of me.

Even though we were both fully sated and a bit exhausted by our dirty session we soon got ourselves moving and got cleaned up by having a quick shower together and then dried off. We needed to get back to my room before any of my other roommates could come home and catch us in a compromising position. We went back to my room and I made us a mug of tea each. Emma asked about what I had been looking at on the internet, reminding me that we were going to have a look together so I switched it on and got the web up. Someone came in downstairs, the front door slamming loudly. I put some music on to cover our conversation — we hadn’t made it by much really!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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