Holiday with my Mate’s Family

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Max and I have always been best friends, for as long as I can remember. I was practically a member of his family. My own family are nothing but trouble to me and I spent almost every minute with Max and his parents, eating, sleeping round, watching films etc.

On the run up to my 19th I noticed some issue between Max’s mother (Liz) and father (Rob). A little more distance between them when they sat on the couch, you know small things like that. Whatever they were going through I saw it as an opportunity to get closer to Liz. In the past year we had gotten quite flirty at times, usually when she had had a drink or two. Once when I had run upstairs to grab something from Max’s room I ran into Liz on the upstairs landing in nothing but a short towel, she had just come out of the shower. It covered everything I wanted to see but showed me enough of her incredibly shaped thighs to make me want more.

It was this small moment that changed everything for me because in this spilt second she realised I was checking her out. We were briefly alone and she did something that blew my mind. She adjusted her towel, purposely, to show me more of her fabulous chest. She didn’t open the towel fully or allow anything to show, but she saw me looking at her sexually and showed me just that little bit more.

It took all my self-control not to follow her into her room and beg to see more. I just slipped into the toilet and had a great orgasm thinking of my mate’s mom.

I was too embarrassed to mention it to her again so I took the moments where I was upstairs in Max’s house alone to explore Liz’s underwear draw. She had loads of different pairs, I couldn’t help but note the size of her waist and breasts and even borrowed some of the more racy types for my wanking sessions, always careful to keep them in good order and returning them after I had finished. But I got one hell of a thrill from touching my erect cock to the place on her panties where her pussy would soon touch.

Soon to my surprise I was asked to accompany the family on holiday to Malta. Liz told me whilst standing in front of her husband and my best friend that I was like one of the family and going on holiday without me just wouldn’t be right. But as soon as she told me all I could think about was seeing her in a bikini. My mind raced and I really hoped I could get some time alone with her on the holiday, maybe this would even be my shot at taking things a step further with her.

On the plane out I sat next to Max away from his parents, but all I could do was think about the possibilities that might be presented. Would I have the courage to go forward? What if I made my move on her and she rejected me? Furthermore she could tell her husband or Max and then everything in my life was up in the air.

When we arrived at the hotel Max and his father insisted on going out and getting a few drinks. I said I didn’t feel like drinking the first night and Liz agreed with me. It lead to an uncomfortable little conversation between Rob and Liz in front of Max and myself and ended in Rob leading Max away with the intention to get outrageously drunk.

And this is where we pick up the story…

I looked at Liz as she stood staring in the direction of those who had just left us.

“Are you ok?”

She seemed to relax a little as she turned to me and took my arm. Leading me towards the rooms we had only just left.

“I’m fine, in fact I am better than fine. Come on I’ve got something to show you. I was going to wait until tomorrow to show you but we seem to have found ourselves a little time so why not?”

I didn’t have a clue what she was on about but there was a slight tone of anger in her voice so I just went with it.

She led me to her room where she picked up one of her suitcases and took it to the bathroom. She popped her head out the door just before it closed.

“Just make yourself comfortable, I’ll be out in a sec.”

So I sat on the bed and waited for the unknown. Moments passed as I listened to her shuffling about in the bathroom. She shouted from inside.

“Are you ready?”

I casino şirketleri didn’t really know how to respond so I risked it. “Yeah, sure.”

She emerged from the bathroom in a bikini and strode out in front of me. It wasn’t a particularly revealing bikini as far as they go but it was still great to see. She had pinned her hair up which I had never seen either and as she struck a ‘What do you think?’ pose in front of me I scanned her from top to toe. Her breasts looked more lifted than usual but were still quite well covered. Her mid-riff was totally exposed and I was amazed at how slim and toned she looked. It was by far the sexiest flat stomach I had ever seen! Her bikini bottoms were fairly plain but they did the job of exposing her full curvy legs.

I realised I have been staring open mouthed so I snapped my mouth shut and checked to see if she had noticed. Fortunately she was smiling at me.

“Shall I give you a spin?”

“Yeah, please” I didn’t mean to say please. It rang alarm bells in my head screaming ‘not sexy, not cool.’ But she giggled and started a slow spin. She stopped half way round and gave a slight wiggle of her hips. Waving her bikini clad arse straight at me. She spun again and looked me in the eye.

“Well what do you think?”

This was my moment and I knew it. I swallowed and replied.

“You look amazing Liz. It’s not the best bikini though.” Her face fell a little and I hurried to continue. “I mean most bikinis’ nowadays really show more flesh. You know that doesn’t show all your curves like it should.”

She frowned at me and I thought maybe I had taken it too far already.

“Well I do have another bikini. I think it’s a bit more revealing.” She waited a few seconds, biting her lower lip with indecision. “Would you like to see it?”

Another shot of courage hit me. “Only if you’re wearing it at the time.”

“Deal!” She said with a smile. “Be back out in a hot minute.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. Maybe I had fallen asleep on the plane and this was all an incredible dream.

It seemed like half an hour had passed before she opened the door again. But I probably wasn’t even sixty seconds. Once again she strode out in front of me and stopped giving me plenty of time to look. Her breasts looked to hang a little more naturally in this top. The material was a lot thinner and I thought if it was wet I would stand a good chance of seeing her nipples. This time she wasn’t just standing normally but pointing her toes to really show the shape of her incredible legs.

“Ok give me a spin.” I don’t know how the words even escaped my mouth. But she spun holding her hands out in the sexiest and most feminine manor I have ever seen. After she turned I naturally looked at her arse and was happy to see a little more flesh on show. From what I could see she had a beautiful bubble of a backside. My cock was stiffer than it had ever been I shifted to keep it hidden.

She had been standing with her back to me for a little too long. So I decided to speak.

“What no wiggle this time?”

She laughed and proceeded to shake her bikini clad arse right in my face. She turned around smiling and looked at me once more.

“Well what do you think of this one?”

“A thousand times better!”

“What do you like about it?” There was a menacing gleam in her eyes. She was daring me to say what she already knew.

“Well,” I gulped. I knew I had to say it, “Your tits look better in this top. Like they are in a more natural place and the material seems like it might go see through when wet so that’s something to look forward to.” She smiled and started to say something but I was finished with the praise. “Oh and your arse looks fantastic! And since when were you so incredibly toned?”

She smiled the sexiest smile I had ever seen. “You think my arse looks fantastic?” Whilst saying it she turned around again putting both hands on the door frame to the bathroom and bent over, pushing her phenomenal arse towards me again.

“Um. Yeah.” I said. The comment I really wanted to say got caught in my casino firmaları throat.

“What?” She said snapping back around.

I dragged my eyes back up to hers and drew confidence from her look. “Well I just think with an arse like that you should show it properly. You know… In a thong,”

“Well then.” She said looking just more devilishly sexy and taunting than anything I had ever seen. “I will need another few seconds.”

She slipped back into the bathroom and I watched her arse for as long as possible.

Was this real? Surely it couldn’t be. Could it? Moments dragged into what felt like an eternity.

She popped her head out from the bathroom first. “Are you ready?”

“Oh yes.” putting as much confidence into my voice as possible.

She stepped out almost permanently on tip toes, strutting her sexuality. She wore the same top and a white lace thong. It was almost possible to see her light brown bush but due to the poor light it wasn’t very clear. She didn’t wait for me to ask she just turned round and showed me a model level arse. Perfectly shaped. Perfectly smooth. Perfectly fuckable.

“Fuckin’ hell Liz!”

“Oh you like it do you?”

“I don’t even have the words.”

“Thank you.” She said in a heartfelt voice, dragging a hand slowly across an arse cheek.

“Thank me. For what?”

“For making me feel sexy. It’s been SO long since I’ve felt this way.”

“Er. You’re welcome. I mean anyone one would say the same I’m sure.”

She turned gracefully and was walking slowly over to me.

“Well you have made me feel really sexy and I am furious with Rob so I think it’s time I treat you as well as you have always treated me.” She said grabbing me by the hand and pulling me up. I was so lost in the moment I didn’t think to hide my erect cock.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you are always nice to me and make me feel great so now I am going to give you the blowjob of a lifetime!”

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think. While I stood in shock she dropped to her knees in front of me and thrust her hand down my shorts straight onto my cock. I looked down and watched in silence as she pulled my cock out and pulled my shorts down. My erection popped out, brushing against her face as she fumbled my shorts all the way down. I took a deep breath as I came back to my senses.

“Wait!” I said it more forcefully than I meant to.

She slumped down on her heels and looked like she had tears in her eyes. Like I was going to deny her offer to wrap her lush lips around my cock.

“Take you top off. If I am getting the blowjob of a lifetime I want to see your tits whilst you do it.” I couldn’t believe I had said it. Here I was experiencing the luckiest moment of my existence and I had demanded more.

To my great relief she knelt back up grinning, she undid her bikini top from behind, slid it off and threw it away before putting one hand on my hip and the other round my cock. She grinned up at me.

“Are you ready?”

“Oh yeah. Suck my cock Liz”

And with that she inhaled my cock into her mouth. It was wonderfully wet and warm and I nearly came right then and there when I felt her tongue work around the tip of my dick.

This was real! I had my secret crush on her knees in nothing but her lacy thong throating my rock hard cock. At any moment this slut’s husband and/or son could walk into the room and yet here she was as I looked down working my cock with one hand and sucking on my dick beautifully. I reached down and put one hand on the back of her head reaching with the other to grasp at her exposed breasts. They were so soft, her nipples perfectly hard. I let her tits go in the interest of watching her suck my dick and for the first time since it started she pulled my dripping wet erection out of her mouth.

“Would you like to throat fuck me?”

She asked it in a way that I knew I didn’t have to answer. I took a firmer grip on her pinned up hair and she opened her mouth and guided my cock in. I pushed my cock straight to the back of her throat and made her gag straight away.

The güvenilir casino whole time I was throat fucking her she never took her eyes off mine. The sight of my best friend’s mother on her knees letting my fuck her mouth was too much. I let go of her hair and took hold of my cock.

I wanked my dick furiously right at her face and this beautiful slut of mine placed both hands on my hips opened her mouth wide and tilted her face backwards closing her eyes.

She was letting me choose. I could aim my cock at her open mouth, I knew just from looking at her that she would swallow or I could keep things as they are and cum all over her gorgeous face.

It wasn’t even a choice though really. Her beautiful face braced for the facial of a lifetime and the most powerful orgasm I have ever had shot out of my cock. I covered her beauty with line after line of thick white cum and when I knew no more would shoot out on her face a placed my cock in her still open mouth and she sucked hard for every last drop of my cum.

This was the single greatest moment of my life! My friends mom had given me head in a room were her husband and son could have come in at any moment, despite that she had stripped and allowed me to make her gag on my cock. And now here she was. Kneeling before me, her stunning features covered in my semen. Her tits shining in the dim light of the room, glistening from where she had drooled on her own tits whilst sucking me off.

“Oh gods!” I didn’t know what else to say. She was still kneeling before me sucking my cock as it came down. I reluctantly pulled it from her mouth, she placed a little kiss on the tip of my now spent cock. A sparkle in her eye and a stunning smile on her lips as she opened her eyes and looked at me. Some of my cum stuck to her eyelashes but didn’t fall into her eyes.

“Well did you enjoy it?”

A rhetorical question if I had ever heard one. But I still had to say something.

“You are perfect! That was incredible!”

She smiled at me, some of my seed dripping off her face onto her chest. I helped her stand up and looked at her cum blasted face point blank. A little bit of sense returning to me as I did.

“I think you should get washed up before your husband comes back.”

She gave a weak smile and nodded. Turning for the bathroom once more. She looked a little rejected.

“Liz I hope you know that this isn’t a onetime deal. For us I mean!”

“Meaning what exactly? You want me to suck you off again?”

“Well, yes! But more than that. From the moment I shot my jizz on your face you have become mine. Marked by my own personalised tag. From now until the day you don’t want me any more I will be with you. Every time your husband turns his back I am going to slip my tongue into your pussy, every time we get a little break together I am going to fuck you harder than you have ever been fucked before. You are mine! As long as it’s what you want.” I finished weak but I knew it was ok when she turned and smiled at me.

“Ok then! Something to keep you satisfied until the next time we are together then.” She turned round and bent over. As she did she slowly pulled down her thong until she revealed her beautiful arse and pussy to me in full. To my further shock she then pulled her arse cheeks wide open so I could see everything. Posed so perfectly she waited in silence.

I approached her as she stood bent over double and stood behind her as if I was about to fuck in brains out, briefly taking hold of her hips. Then I ran my hand palm first over her soaking wet snatch and gently pushed a finger into her. She was so wet and warm that I felt my cock stir straight away. I pulled my finger slowly out of her as she let out a little moan and put it straight in my mouth, tasting her incredible cunt. Nothing could have tasted better to me in that moment. I rolled the taste round my mouth and swallowed. It took my entire strength of will not to fuck her right then and there, but I knew we had gotten lucky this time. Rob and Max could be back any second and I had already risked everything for one night. I slapped her beautiful arse just the once and started to leave.

“Don’t let anyone touch you from now on. You are mine!”

Just before the door closed I heard her say. “I am.”

The rest of this holiday was going to be real fun!

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