Imperfect Friends Ch. 01

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If you hate it when women fuck anyone but their boyfriends or husband, you’ll hate this story. Do everyone a favor and move on. Everyone else, enjoy!

Nobody’s perfect… I’m certainly not. The mistakes I’ve made in my life… hell, the willfully bad choices I’ve made that I knew I’d regret when I made them… that I later regretted… is an uncountable list. And maybe because of going through a few too many hard knocks of my own, I’m a little more lenient on my friends who fuck up. We all fuck up. My girlfriend Tiffany was a total fuckup when we first started dating. She was a stripper during her college years-but failed to graduate of course… People are broken, man… at least where I grew up-where I live today they are.

Tiffany and I had known Michael independently of each other for several years. Although he’s not solely responsible for us hooking up and then dating, the fact that we had Michael in common gave us something to talk about, someone else to connect through… so we both wanted to help him when he told us of his latest financial problems and probably big-time fuckup over dinner the other night.

“So after she reschedules on me like three weeks in a row, right, and I’ve rented studio space two times… then the car accident and then my mom’s hip on top of it all. They say lightning doesn’t strike twice but I think I just caught a few lifetimes of it in one month.” Michael said, summarizing his recent string of bad luck.

Michael is a freelance photographer, which is an awesome sounding way of saying he doesn’t have a regular job, and would rather go through the feast and famine of pounding out a living with his camera and occasional paid gigs than work a 9-5 job in the mall or in a cube or someplace like the rest of us. Lately he had been shooting weddings and corporate outings and stuff like that for his “respectable money” but also shooting nude models and things for adult websites, local strip clubs, and everything around the edges he could find.

And of course, it was the “everything around the edges” part of that world that got him in the most trouble-to the point he ended up owing some pretty shady guys about $5,000 which may not sound like a lot to you-but it’s a lot when you make a few hundred here and a few hundred there on most gigs and you live where rents average $2,000 a month for an apartment anywhere near the city.

So here he was telling us he was worried they’d take his car or hurt him or his mom in some way-his face and body language told me he was really afraid of this part, even if his words said otherwise-if he couldn’t get back ahead of what he owed. The silver lining in his sky full of grey clouds was he had finally gotten some regular paid work out of a content provider in Eastern Europe. They paid for model-released High-Quality images and video that they would then sell to website operators, magazines, etc. in Eastern European countries.

Michael was in charge of finding models to work with, locations and/or studios at which to shoot, getting the release paperwork done, etc. but if he did, he could charge a higher fee than if he were just a contract photographer working in house. Risk, meet reward. In an attempt to gain a higher payday and take on new kinds of work, Michael had overextended himself…

He had solicited models through craigslist, rented studio space, and stupidly-very stupidly-paid two of the models up front for the set. The moment they had the money, the problems began… the car was broken, and they couldn’t get to the studio… he expensively rescheduled. They were sick on the day they rescheduled… they rescheduled again… before you knew it, Michael was behind almost $2,000 and then the transmission on his car broke and he was almost another $2,000 in the hole by the time his mom had her accident. And oh yeah, to finance all of this and his new camera, he borrowed money from these Russian guys he knew from his shadier days as a “private driver.” I never wanted to know about that part of his life. It was best I didn’t know. The money seemed easy, the danger seemed low… like I said, people are fuckups.

The website operator began asking if he was going to provide pics or not and that’s when he melted down to us. I don’t think he was explicitly asking us for help… not on the money front, anyway. We live in a trashy one-bedroom apartment in a cheaper part of the city-it’s not like we’ve got three months’ savings in the bank and a 401(k)-we lived check to check like many others. But when my beautiful, black girlfriend Tiffany said, “wait-you just need some nudes to send to dig out of your hole?” we both looked at each other and knew we could help.

As I mentioned, Tiffany was a stripper back in the day… she wasn’t a prude or self-conscious at all and I didn’t mind guys seeing her nude then-fuck I loved it. If you ever get a chance to date a stripper with an absolutely banging body like my gf who isn’t coked up and crazy, grab her. Trust me… a beautiful woman comfortable in her own skin is a godsend-as long as she’s not batshit crazy like you know… czech first video porno most strippers. Okay, so non-crazy-stripper is a small pond to fish in but if you land one, hoo boy!

Anyway, after getting the nod from me, Tiffany said with a smile and a laugh to our friend, “I’m not in shape like I used to be, but you know… I could model for you, Michael, if it will keep your legs attached to your body.”

Michael, whose face was buried in his hands to that point, looked up like she had just thrown a life preserver to a titanic passenger in the sea and said, “Y-you would?”

Tiffany shrugged and said, “Do you know how many people have seen me naked right here in this city? Shit, I’m not worried about some horny Czechs spanking it to me if it will help you out of your problem.”

Michael smiled and thanked us both several times, but then his smile turned and he said to Tiffany, “I… I just can’t. I can’t ask you to do it… these aren’t high art nudes, Tiff… men want to see you as a sex object you know? Wank material.”

Tiffany and I looked at each other again to confirm if we were still on the same page and she said to him, “Hey look, I know porn sites need to spice it up a bit… Michael, if I can help you out of this, I’m offering to do so.”

Michael looked at me, looked at Tiffany, and said “Okay… you don’t know what it will mean to me if you actually come through here… I could get out of debt and actually get ahead… it would mean a lot to me.”

He asked me if I wanted to be there for the shoots-but I couldn’t. With Tiffany and I on opposite shifts at the moment, either she’d be working or I’d be working… we didn’t have any free time together during the days and he needed to shoot when he could utilize natural light for many7 of the shots… Tiffany said she felt safe with him anyway and knew he’d be as professional as someone can be with a fine-ass black girl’s titties in his face. Her attitude and levity on the whole scenario made him seem much more at ease… he left in a way better mood than when he showed up and Tiffany and I felt like we could really help dig him out of big trouble.

The sex we had the next two nights was super hot… Tiffany and I talked about her being alone with Mikey, stripping for him… we talked about what “spicing it up” might mean… she knew all of those things were fantasies of mine… my only requirement is that I got pics and videos of whatever happened and that she’d tell me about it when we saw each other that night. As she sucked my dick both nights she’d ask if I’d be okay with it if he lost control and made her suck him off… I came in her face both times as we talked about the possibilities…

Tiffany showed up early to the studio Michael directed her to-a steel building in a mostly empty industrial park with a high fence around the left side and back and no windows on the front and right. Nondescript… hidden… the inside was slightly better with nice flooring and a well decorated entry foyer, the rest of the studio property was broken into varying studios that were obviously used for this kind of work often. Michael showed her through each of the rooms… there was a traditional bedroom studio with a pedestal bathtub and tile bathroom in the same room (shoot from the left, see bedroom, shoot from the right, see bathroom), a gym / locker room studio, an office with desk, meeting table, chairs, etc, and then two rooms that caught her attention-a jail cell with hooks in the walls for tethers and ropes and a complete S&M themed dungeon with crosses, saw horses, and various racks and restraints. The outdoor area inside the high fence had a Jacuzzi area and an outdoor S&M area… they could basically shoot almost any concept here, which I guess is why it was so expensive to rent for half a day like Michael had.

They had been texting back and forth in the morning and Tiffany knew she would be shooting scene after scene-the only way Michael could out-earn his costs and get ahead-but what she didn’t know was just what would be asked of her and how far she’d be pushed to go from the moment she got here… there was no time to waste-studio time was gold.

As much as Michael wanted to start Tiffany with some easy stripping / semi nude / teasing shots… he needed to get to business as quickly as possible. And he had an even bigger problem to solve as soon as the male models showed up-namely-that he hadn’t explicitly told Tiffany she’d be working with men… lots of them. The whole thing could blow up in his face any minute now-the guys were already late. Mikey was a fuck up, as you recall. This was bound to come apart.

When they finally showed up 30 minutes late, my girlfriend was kneeling in a bubble bath, her round, fat tits glistening with baby oil and soap bubbles as she caressed her tits for Michael’s frantically rattling camera.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?” She demanded, the moment five guys of various colors, ages, and physiques lined up to her left with smiles on their faces.

“Damn, czech game porno bitch got titties like Jada Fire.” “Fat titties, man. Fuck.” “I love the chocolate.”

Michael pulled the curtain in the middle of the bathroom set to separate her from the guys and moved in close and said, “Look< I didn't know how to ask you... I... I have to pose you with guys in some of the sets... I told you these were not art nudes..." “I’m not fucking these dudes, Michael! You can’t just pull this shit on me!” Tiffany growled. “You’re right…. You’re right. I’m fucked, but you’re right.” Michael lamented. Tiffany groaned as she realized her walking out would be…. She didn’t know what it could be. She had no idea how bad things could get for Michael if he couldn’t get his shoot in. It was too late to back out-she felt she had to find a way to press on. “Let me text Alex… I… I told him maybe I’d be sucking dick in these pictures. I didn’t realize you meant it… I feel like I owe him a chance to say no.” Tiffany said. Michael brought her cell phone to her… “Wait-can we try something?” Michael asked. “Sure, what?” Tiffany asked in reply. “Shoot the first set with me. Then we’ll edit a couple and you send one to Alex asking if he’s okay with it or if you should back out.” Michael said, biting his lip in hopes she’d agree. Tiffany thought about it and said, “I ain’t fucking all these guys, Michael.” Mikey thought about it and asked, “What could you do? You said you might be okay with sucking cock… I can work with that… but can you give me more?” “Well like what?” Tiffany asked. “Well you know… blow bang… titfucking… hand jobs… bukake… maybe some implied fuck shots-but where they don’t actually fuck you. Maybe some hard bondage?” Michael asked, thinking out loud. Tiffany thought it over and said, “You’re such a fuck up Mikey! Jesus Christ. Bring in the first guy and let’s shoot a few shots for Alex.” “We’re going to do the whole first shoot-then we text him ones we want okay?” Michael begged. “FINE.” Tiffany said with an eye roll. Michael peeled back the curtain and asked a tall, good looking latino guy to strip and join Tiffany in the bathtub. Tiffany didn’t want to admit it, but if she had to choose one of the guys to get started with, Michael had made the right choice, and as he walked JC (short for Juan Carlos) through a series of shots where he walked up to Tiffany in her bubble bath and stripped out of his clothes, Tiffany quickly lost her apprehension when asked to pull his pants down, grab his cock, and stroke him to hardness. JC was rock hard in no time and with no time to waste, Michael fired off his camera in rapid bursts to make sure he got the poses he wanted while progressing the overall shoot. The bright natural light from the windows kept his shutter speed fast and allowed him to move and the models to move while taking crisp, perfectly lit stills, one after the other. Soon JC had his cock sandwiched between Tiffany’s sizable black tits, pumping her chest happily but wanting more. Michael needed more too, and now was the moment of truth… JC nodded over at Michael and pulled his long, hard cock form between my girlfriend’s massive black tits and he brought it up to her lips and began rubbing it across her mouth, poking and probing-trying to get her to open up. Tiffany looked over at Michael with an “Oh shit, this is real” look on her face, but then JC put his hand on her chin and turned her away from Michael to face him and said, “Open your mouth and take my cock.” He said it clearly, forcefully, but not in a jerky way-and like that, Tiffany’s mouth was full of another man’s dick than mine. Mind you, this wasn’t even the first dick she’d sucked other than mine since we had been dating-but that’s another story-right at this moment, JC was stroking his cock in and out of her mouth and loving every second of it-and she, to her surprise, was too. Michael had JC hold Tiffany by her hair and facefuck her, he had him hold her by her throat and fuck her mouth… shooting various poses from sensual to rough. Tiffany didn’t like how JC stabbed her throat over and over during the rougher positions-but she didn’t stop him or complain to Michael-she just rolled with it to get good pics and move on. After about 20 minutes of starting and stopping, changing positions, but otherwise fucking my girlfriend’s mouth, JC had to cum and he let Michael know it. Tiffany knew Michael needed a “money shot” and she flipped him the bird as JC began stroking his cock at her face, but once again JC’s chin-turning command of “look at me and open your mouth for my cum” snapped my girlfriend into gear and she caressed his balls and licked the head of his cock while he stroked it, her mouth wide open in front of him waiting for his eruption. Boy did he erupt… JC began firing rope after thick rope of cum straight into the back of my beautiful, busty, black girlfriend’s waiting throat and he just came and came in her mouth until czech gangbang porno she was forced to swallow most of it to keep it from all just running out onto her chest and the bathwater… he groaned the whole time he was coming and said things like, “YES! FUCKKKKKK take it whore!” but he never seemed abusive or unappreciative of her efforts.

When the money shot was properly filmed, Michael asked her to towel off her face but to stay in the bath-and asked JC to sit in the tub with her.

“I expect he’ll lose his erection-at least for a little while-and we can use this time to shoot a few simulated poses-maybe I can make two sets out of this!” Michael said to my confused girlfriend.

“Oh…. You just want me to look like I’m riding him, but he be under the bubbles and…. I got it.” Tiffany said to him.

They climbed into position and my girlfriend pointed JC’s softening cock up at his chest and held it to his belly with one hand as she mounted him and began bobbing up and down in the water looking enthralled in sex while JC caressed her tits, pulled her into his chest to kiss her tits and suck on her nipples-he even pulled her face down to his to kiss him. It was during one of those kisses that, leaning forward as she had to, his cock-already hardening again slipped up between her legs. As she slid back to move into the next position Michael asked her for-a reclining, heavily arched back pose with her eyes closed, JC’s cock slipped partially into my girlfriend’s super wet pussy.

Her eyes shot open and she tried adjusting her hips to get off of it but right in the moment Michael unwittingly asked them both to hold-and for Tiffany to lean back more, pushing her hips down on JC’s lap and driving him further-almost completely into her pussy. She tried moving off of it again but Michael, still not knowing what was happening under the water, asked them “Hold it hold it hold it-yes like that-I love your mouth open like that Tiffany-looks so hot… yes-you’re selling it so well! Now rock slightly-just-yes like that-JC grab her tits and move a bit… yes… YES!”

As soon as Michael moved to pick up another camera with different lens combo, Tiffany moved back enough to pop JC out and leaned forward and said, “Shhh… don’t say it!” and JC nodded at her and tried keeping his cock close to home. The next few minutes were event free until Michael tried to get some shots of JC on top of Tiffany and between her legs in a kind of missionary position in the tub-he needed to slip his very hard cock between her legs-running up and down her slit to keep it from jutting up and out of the water. This position worked fine for the shots until Michael asked JC to move a little more vigorously to splash some water and suds between them to show “real action” as he called it.

JC was only holding himself up with one forearm across the side of the bath-with his hand filled with her hair while his other hand was on Tiffany’s throat-they were both pressing her up against the back of the tub to keep her tits out of the water and her pussy under it, when they both slipped. JC fell into my girlfriend-in more ways than one-with his rock hard, long, latin fuck-pole hitting the entrance to her pussy, catching on her pubic bone, and driving straight up into her. Tiffany’s eyes widened in shock and she yelped as she also slid down into the water, wetting her hair and dropping JC down on top of her.

“No no-keep going-it’s good, we can keep going” Michael said, trying to get his models to slide back up in the tub and keep going but Tiffany’s eye daggers at JC when he began pumping her pussy unabashedly caused him to stop after a few strokes and ask for a position change. “Don’t say a WORD” Tiffany insisted in JC’s ear about the slip up but then Michael called a wrap on the shoot and told him he could order the cumshot later in the shoot to make it seem like one scene.

The hardest part for my girlfriend, honestly, wasn’t sucking cock or having a strange guy’s hands all over her tits-stripping had trained her for that for years-It was the quick change required to suddenly be thrust into another sexual situation right away… Michael needed to move fast, and he asked Tiffany to towel off, put on an impossibly tiny bikini and go outside to the Jacuzzi for a “two on one” scene.

The premise for the scene was simple-Tiffany, a middle aged “dad bod” white guy named Russel, and a 19 year old gym rat Korean guy named DJ (Short for Dae Jung), were all hanging out in the hot tub when a series of dares began a game of “strip rock paper scissors.” Michael had Tiffany lose quickly in a series of staged hands before DJ suggests with a hand motion they go “BJs or Nothing” in one final hand.

The guys are shown “cheating” but Tiffany, believing she’s been beaten fair and square finishes stripping for the guys before kneeling in front of them as they sit on the side of the hot tub with just their lower legs in the water and their hard cocks pointed straight up at Tiffany’s face, at eye level. Tiffany wastes no time sucking both men so well that their cocks are raging even harder and bigger than at the start, with one hand on each cock and her mouth moving freely between them. The scene took less than ten minutes to shoot, since giving expert blowjobs was kind of Tiffany’s thing-and Michel had another 200 excellent frames to sort through, edit, package and sell.

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