In Dreams

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The dream begins with perfect clarity, of thought and atmosphere, touch and taste and colour so sharp it burns into my consciousness…

We are, I think, in Goa, or another holiday place – just the two of us.

We have a hotel room, and we’ve checked into it, but we haven’t been here longer than is necessary to put down our things and go out. It’s evening and we’re returning. You’re wearing a red spaghetti top, white shorts and a yellow cap with a little peak. Your feet are bare — as you climb the stairs before me I see them clearly. I don’t know whether you left your footwear somewhere or you chose to go out barefoot. I think the latter, somehow; this is what make me think we’re in a holiday place where it is OK to go out without shoes.

Today we arrived, I know, and we will stay for several days. And tonight we’re going to make love for the first time. I know this, you know this. Even as we climb the stairs our anticipation builds. You have the key, you unlock the door. We enter, and you snap the lights on. There are bright fluorescent lamps, but you put on the dimmer yellow lamps in holders high up near the ceiling, so that the room is lighted by an amber glow. There is a large bed with a cream or pale pink bedspread, and a light coloured carpet partly covering the floor. On one side there is a large mirror. Heavy drapes cover the windows.

As soon as I shut the door behind us, fumbling for the latch, you are in my arms. You throw yourself on me, wrapping your arms about my chest, raising your face to mine for me to kiss your mouth. The peak of the cap comes in the way, I can feel it crumpling against my forehead. With an impatient gesture, you reach up, pull it off, and fling it on to a chair. Your lips purse and plant a little rosebud-kiss on mine.

My hands are on your shoulders, at your back. I stroke the curve of your back through the cloth of your top. I trace the dimple of the small of your back. Your hands are urgently at the back of my head, pulling my face down to yours. I taste the salt of a bead of sweat on your lips. Your tongue meets mine, a tiny electric shock as the tips touch. We are still standing just inside the door. You stand on my feet — you’re barefoot, so it doesn’t make it too difficult to walk with you till the bed. You let go of me, sit back on the bed with a sigh and smile up at me. You raise a hand and reach out to me, and when I hold the hand you pull me down to you.

You push me on my back on the mattress, so I’m half sitting, and half lying, and then you swing yourself over and straddle my chest. You’re smiling, looking down at me, and you reach down and begin to pull my t-shirt up over my chest. I lift my head and you pull it off over my head, and as I raise my arms you remove it entirely and throw it away. You bend forward from the waist and begin kissing all over my upper torso, as much as you can reach. Your hands, too, wander over my body, grasping, rubbing. I feel my erection begin.

I push myself up so I am sitting now, you’re now kneeling across my lap, and to save yourself from falling off you throw your arms round my neck. Your head falls back and I kiss the centre of your throat, lick down the line of your neck muscles. You swing yourself to one side, not letting go of my neck, so you end sprawling on your back and pull me down to you. Through your top I can feel your breasts rise against my chest. czech sharking porno I kiss your forehead, your eyes.

“Let me take your shoes and pants off,” you say. I roll over on my back, and in an instant I can feel your hands at my laces. In another moment they are easing off my shoes and my socks, the fingers running down the line of my soles lightly, enough to torment me with tickles. But you are too impatient to spend too much time tickling my feet just yet. You unbuckle my belt, pulling through the loops so quickly that it catches and I have to lift my hips so it finally comes off. You undo the hooks at the waist of my trousers, pull the zippers down and then draw my pants off. I’m now completely naked except for my underpants and my watch. I remove the watch, myself, and as I put it aside you throw yourself on me, lying down on top of me and letting your hands explore my body all over. You still have your clothes on. I push my hands under the back of your top, roll it up and over your head, and pull it down and off in front, so that your breasts are the last to be released, the cloth cups holding them in to the last before they pop out and touch my chest. You rotate your chest, using your nipples to trace circles on my chest. It drives me half crazy. I reach down and cup the dangling globes of your small breasts, holding them away from myself. You reach down and take my hands off your breasts, and then clasp me to your body, so that your breasts are squashed tight against my chest. Your face nuzzles the hollow of my neck and shoulder. I feel your tongue lick my collar bone.

We are now lying full length on the bed, clasped together, both nude but for our respective underwear. You begin kissing me, down to my chest, planting little kisses all the way down my body, to my navel and lower. Your tongue races a little circle round my navel. You kiss your way down the length of one leg, the thigh, the knee, down the line of my shin bone, and then you kiss my ankle before beginning the journey up again. My erection strains at the cloth of my boxer shorts. My hips rise at your kisses on the skin of the inside of my thighs. I gasp softly. You lick the insides of my thighs, you blow at my crotch, and then you kiss your way down the other leg again. My penis has begun to lubricate, soaking the fabric at the top of my erection. You kiss your way up the other leg, then kiss around the top of my briefs. You pull my briefs off slowly, and my erect penis comes to view. You smile and kiss the sides of the shaft. I thrill to the touch of your lips. Your tongue snakes out and licks quickly around the tip, the groove below the glans, and then quickly up and down the shaft. It is incredibly erotic.

“It’s incredible,” I sigh, “that you’ve never done this before.”

“No,” you say, “but I’ve thought about doing this to you many times. I practised it in my head, over and over again. I just enjoy loving you.”

Your tongue licks down and under my testicles, your lips gently pinch the skin of my scrotum. Your hand clasps my penis, and the other hand reaches under me to clasp my buttocks. I wriggle side to side a little. I feel the tension rise in me and I know that it’s time I took a more proactive role before you make me explode prematurely.

I get up, hold your upper arms and firmly draw you up to face me. Your eyes and mine are opposite czech streets porno each other, we’re looking into each other’s eyes, we are breathing together, and kissing, kissing. We’re kissing now open mouthed and passionately. My hands find your breasts and my palms cup them, running little circles over the nipples. I feel your nipples harden against my palms. I pull you to me and kiss you again, hard. Your arm goes around my neck, the other hand still holds my penis, squeezing gently but rhythmically. I can feel my heart thudding fast against my chest. It’s as if this is the first time I’ve ever been with a naked woman.

I push you down on your back and begin kissing down the line of your body. My Mouth finds your breasts. I take the nipples gently between my lips, suck them, areolae and all, between my lips and lick them with my tongue, first one breast and then the other. You hold my head and push it down on your breasts. I feel your breath coming in short gasps, your ribs rise and fall against my face, and I bury my face between your breasts. I breathe in your scent. I feel the slickness of your sweat between your breasts, on my face, and salt on my tongue. After a few more moments your hands urge my head lower. I kiss down to your navel, that cute little dimpled navel, and I lick it and put my tongue into it. You give a quick little buck of pleasure, and then I’m kissing lower, below the navel, tracking down to your panties. I bypass your panties, and kiss your thighs. I hold your thigh with my hand and plant my lips on it and suck hard enough to give you a little love bruise. It’s dull red on your skin. I kiss and lick down your thighs to your feet, turning from one thigh to another, and when I get to your feet I kiss the tops of your insteps and down to your toes. I kiss the tips of your toes and you shiver with delight. I turn you over — I just have to urge with my hands and you turn over — and I kiss my way up. I kiss the soles of your feet, and then go on to the backs of your legs, your calves, and when I get to the backs of your knees I lick in circles. You bend your knees reflexively and squeal. I press your legs flat down with my hands and kiss up the backs of your thighs, plant a little kiss on each panty-clad buttock, and then lick my way in a line up the small of your back to your neck and shoulders. You turn your head, grab me by the neck, and bite my chin quickly and gently. You turn over on your back and push my head down again.

I know where you are urging me, and as I find your panties I breathe in the warm musk of your smell. The fabric is soaked in a spot between your legs. I put my hands on the waistband of your panties, and then, as slowly as I can, I draw them down. You’ve reached a peak of arousal where you can no longer bear to keep them on — you’re desperate to get rid of them now. I draw them down as slowly as if I was peeling them away from your sweat soaked body, and I can see the soaked fabric strip away from your vaginal mucous membrane. The panties come free and I draw them over your legs and feet, running my fingers — as you did — over the soles of your feet, and I drop them over the side of the bed. You squirm and spread your legs as wide as you can, opening your vagina to my view. It looks like a half opened flower. I put my hands on your vaginal lips and draw them apart, so that you open up to my gaze czech super models porno like the petals of a flower, and your musky, special scent is in my nose. Even in the dim light I can see the moisture of your tissues, and when I give you a kiss right there I can feel the salt essence of your sexual secretions on my tongue and lips. You thrust your hips up towards me an I lick the line of your opened vulva with the tip of my tongue, in quick light licks all the way up and down the slit. You moan and I can feel your shiver as I blow gently over the warm moist tissues. I find the little nub of your clitoris, and as I lick it gently you move so violently I nearly lose contact with it. I adjust my weight across your legs to control your movement, and I kiss and lick you again, so that you begin to heave up against me, until, suddenly, you begin to thrust and buck so violently I do lose contact this time. I wait till you finally quieten down before I move up your body and let my hand fall between your still widely parted thighs. I touch your vagina with my fingers. You part easily to my finger, and I slip my right middle finger inside you. Your eyes are closed, but I kiss their lids, and meanwhile my finger makes little circling motions inside your vagina, touching the walls till you begin to heave again. You reach to me and try to pull me over you. We both know it’s time.

I’m over you now, I’m lying on top of you, my chest against your breasts, my hips between your legs. My penis is rigid and lubricating, your own secretions are slick on your upper thighs. You look up at me with a mix of trust and desire that is more erotic than any amount of foreplay. I raise my torso off yours with my arms, so my chest is no longer crushing yours, and my hips are bent forward to push our pelvises together. My penis falls between the lips of your vagina. I feel the wet slickness on either side as my penis moves up and down between your lips, the top of the glans rubbing against your clit. I reach down with one hand and guide the head of the penis into the mouth of your vagina. I push forwards, my penis slipping slowly past the orifice of your vaginal opening, and your hymen parts for it with not the slightest twinge of pain for you. The sensation of my penis nudging past the opening of your vagina fills your consciousness, you feel the moment of the loss of your virginity with a pleasure and a sense of fulfilment so great you reach up and pull me to yourself. I keep pushing, firmly, in, and I feel your vagina clasping my penis, its moist hot grasp all around, and you whisper “I’m a woman, I’m having sex, with you, and it feels so good I never want it to stop.” You begin undulating against my body. I begin slow thrusts, my penis almost emerging each time before pushing in all the way, and you begin to sigh as you are aroused more and more. I begin to make my strokes shorter and harder, as your arousal mounts. I am myself not far from orgasm, but I try to hold back for you. You feel my penis inside you, the heat of it radiating inside your vagina, and the pressure of my pubis on your clitoris as I come against you. And as the pressure mounts and mounts within you and the orgasm hits, wave after wave crashing in you, you cry out and grind your pelvis against mine, and I explode in orgasm too, you feel my penis spurting inside you, and the sensation drives you over the top, and your orgasm builds up and breaks all over again.

After that, sighing, we lie in one another’s arms, my penis still inside you, gazing into one another’s eyes and wondering who is who and whether we are still separate individuals after the experience we’ve shared. It is not fucking or even having sex.

It is making love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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