Lara and the Lecturer Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Lara rushed along the corridor, she was late to see Brian and had totally forgotten his demand for her to wear less clothes until five minutes ago. She paused outside his doorway, looked around for any prying eyes before slipping off her underwear and thrusting them into her bag. She knocked and entered.

Brian, who had been getting excited about this meeting all day, was instantly disappointed at Lara’s appearance. She was wearing a knee length skirt and another of her usual jumpers. He wouldn’t have minded so much if she hadn’t been wearing a bra but her breasts were obviously being pushed up.

“You’re late.” He began, his tone of voice portraying his disappointment.

“Yeah, sorry, I…”

“And you ignored my request.” He sighed, he wasn’t even looking at her.

“Not quite true. She turned around and lifted her skirt to show her bare round ass.

“You did that outside my door.” Brian stated. “I saw your shadow through the frosted glass.”

Lara sighed, she had been imagining her next visit to Brian’s office since she had left yesterday. She had planned out what she would wear, she had fantasized about the things they would do and had recreated her cumming over and over in her head until she found herself needing to masturbate. She had stopped herself, wanting to save the orgasm for Brian.

“Please, Brian.” She dropped her bag and locked the door. Brian still hadn’t looked up from the book in front of him. Her tone of voice was pleading and it was stirring something inside him. He knew he couldn’t reject her for long, he wanted to have her there and then but he knew he could make it so much better the more she wanted it.

“Not today, Lara.” He stated in a monotone voice.

She paused and pulled her jumper off over her head, revealing the white shirt she wore underneath. It was thin and her black bra stood out beneath.

“Brian…” she teased with her voice before beginning to undo the buttons one by one. He could feel his cock stirring slightly in his pants. Not yet, he thought to himself, knowing she would continue. When she got to the final button she slowly pulled the shirt off her shoulders.

It was then that he looked up from his book, trying his best to look uninterested as he took in her slim body. Yesterday he hadn’t taken the time to really appraise her, her soft skin which was slightly tanned. Her breasts were bigger than they looked canlı bahis when she wore her sweaters. Her bra was a push up one, like he had guessed, and they gave her great cleavage, so good that he wished she showed it off during class.

“Now you’re interested.” She smiled.

“Not really.” His voice said he was still bored, but his cock was stiffening under the desk.

She pouted slightly, disappointed, and Brian’s cock reacted to the memory of those lips around its girth.

She turned around and unzipped her skirt, slowly letting it fall over her ass and down to the ground. Her legs were long and lean and the same tanned colour as her stomach had been. She bent down to help herself step out of the skirt. Brian had to stop himself from reaching out and touching her ass. Nearly there, he told himself.

She turned back around and looked at Brian, she had on a matching black pair of panties. They obviously weren’t the type you would wear to show off your body in, but there was something innocently sexy about them.

“Are you sorry you ignored my command?” Brian asked, breaking the silence.

“I am.” She looked down to the ground, suddenly feeling the authority from her lecturer. He stood, his cock pushing out the material of his trousers, and walked over to the leather couch.

“Lay across me.” He demanded and she did what she was told. “I am going to teach you a lesson.”

Before Lara could reply, Brian’s hand made contact with her ass cheek and a whimper escaped from Lara’s lips. He did it again, her left ass cheek becoming a pinky colour. He moved to the right cheek and slapped her twice, in quick procession. Her hands had reached out in front of her to grip the edge of the sofa. He slapped her another two times on both cheeks before they were both red. Lara had been constantly whimpering but had kept her quietest, afraid to disappoint Brian more and to avoid further punishment.

“That’s all.” Brian spoke in her sultry voice. He began to rub her ass cheeks before he used his hands to pull her cheeks apart, he wanted to see her asshole. As he regarded it, he decided that he’d take that one day, but not today. Using one hand to hold an ass cheek away from the other, he rubbed the other finger up the crack of her vagina. Positioning her on her knees he rubbed her pussy from behind. Even though she had been in pain from the spanking, she had also been turned on and was bahis siteleri wet. He pushed his finger against her hole and, although there was some resistance, it wasn’t long before his finger was inside her.

Lara leaned forward, ready to undo Brian’s zip, when he stopped her. He pushed his finger further into her and she gasped. He quickly added another finger and forced it into her. She gasped again but was met with the familiar powerful look of Brian for her to to be silent. The deeper into her Brian’s fingers went, the hungrier she got for Brian’s cock. It seemed to be teasing her, straining the material of Brian’s pants, wanting to get out. When Brian’s fingers were in a repetitive rhythm, Lara couldn’t take it anymore. Her legs were shaking under her, her nipples were erect and there was a hunger inside her that was becoming unbareable.

“Please,” she whispered desperately, staring at Brian’s bulge.

“Please what?” He asked, teasingly.

“Please…sir?” She used the title cautiously. It wasn’t what Brian had been looking for, he’d wanted to hear her ask for his cock, but the subordination Lara showed through her use of ‘sir’ made Brian feel a thrill of power. He nodded and she instantly fumbled with his zip before reaching in and retrieving his penis from where it had been hidden away from her. Without any hesitation, she opened her mouth, gave the tip a good lick before taking his dick as far into her mouth as she could before gagging. Brian couldn’t help but gasp, there was no way he could keep acting disinterested when she was so willing to please him.

As time passed Lara became no less enthusiastic about giving Brian a blow job. She would come up gasping for air now and then before diving back in. Brian fumbled with Lara’s bra clasp and undid it, dying to see the way her tits would bounce with the momentum from her head movements and he wasn’t disappointed. When she wasn’t too lost in her task she would turn her head slightly and stare into Brian’s eyes, determination in her own. Brian’s fingers were working harder now, trying to match Lara’s excitement but Brian was becoming distracted, getting lost in the moment where a girl nearly half his age was sucking his cock like it was a lollipop.

He pulled her off his cock, knowing that he would cum if she continued any longer and sank to his knees. Lara took the hint and stood up, allowing Brian to pull her panties off her slowly bahis şirketleri while she pulled her bra off her arms, where it had been hanging, and threw it across the room. Brian reached up and grabbed her hips to force her back onto the leather setee, forcing her into a position where she was leaning back, giving Brian more access to her pussy. He grinned as he regarded her clit which was gleaming with wetness. He licked it and Lara instantly trembled. He moved closer and began licking her clit with the tip of his tongue. He did this until he could hear Lara quietly moaning, then he added a finger and the trembling of her legs increased. He looked up to see her body twisting, her nails digging into the leather, her eyes closed. Suddenly, aware of the lack of attention on her pussy, Lara reached forward and forced Brian’s face back to her clit. He got back to work and quickly she was on the verge of climaxing. He stopped, wanting them to finish together after he had fucked her but as he pulled back, a look in Lara’s eyes made him rethink his plan. She was panting, her breasts rising and sinking with her breaths and her eyes were staring at Brian, daring him not to finish her off.

He took in the look for another moment, surprised at how turned on her powerful glare had made him, before leaning back in and using his tongue and fingers to make her cum. Her body lurched and a low groan came from her mouth. Her hands were searching the material for something to grip but she came up with nothing.

Quickly, Brian straightened up and entered Lara, gripping her hips for leverage before thrusting back and forth. Lara’s orgasm was prolonged by the new activity and her pussy remained tight around Brian’s cock. He got a hold on Lara’s breasts and squeezed them as his dick sunk into her. It didn’t take long before he could feel his own orgasm beginning so he pulled out and aimed, the cum flying onto Lara’s face. Her eyes were still closed from her orgasm, but she pushed her tongue around her lips, finding and licking up any cum that it could reach.

When Brian had recovered, he pulled out of Lara and went to his drawer. He had thought of a crazy idea whilst driving home from his encounter with Lara yesterday and driven to a sex shop. He hadn’t planned on using his purchased item so soon, but he wanted to punish Lara more. As she put her clothes back on, he handed her the item.

“Thursday, have this in during class.” He demanded.

She looked down to the bullet vibrator, her eyes widened with anxiety while her pussy trembled with excitement.

“And don’t disappoint me this time.” He added as she left the room.

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