My Holiday Romance

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Kira Noir

My holiday romance. The most perfect time of my life. Three glorious weeks in the most beautiful of countries in the company of the most wonderful girl I had ever met. It was quite a few years ago, but I remember that time like it was yesterday.


Many years of effort and many hard days nights (well, not quite). Start again. Lots of time, lots of effort and lots and lots of money had been spent by my employer, the Railways of Australia, to develop a truly great passenger computer system. All of us who had been involved were justifiably proud in our achievement; in typical Australian fashion it had been done on a relative shoestring budget too. After it seemed to be over, we were all looking forward to some relaxation after the years of effort.

Then came some good news and some bad news in the traditional fashion. The good news was the International Passenger Rail Conference needed someone to present a paper on our wonderful achievement. Having been in the thick of it all, I was the one to do the presentation. The bad news was the conference was in York, in England and there was a 25 hour flight between home and York.

Oh well, at least I had plenty of leave up my sleeve. A couple of days in York followed by a couple of weeks sightseeing. There are worse jobs around.

I left on a Friday, there was one short refuelling stop for the aircraft and an on-time arrival just after 9 on Saturday morning. At least I had done a couple of longish flights before and knew the drill. Use eyeshades, forget about the movies and get plenty of sleep. That’s the theory. I had a few hours sleep on the way but I was still pretty tired.

There were a couple of ways to get from Heathrow to London in 1990. But nothing beat the tube. Cheap and convenient. After changing trains, I was within a few minutes walk to my hotel. Time to check in and freshen up. The agent where I worked had done a good job with my booking. It was only 3-star, but quite remarkable. Modern, quiet, roomy, well located and handy to the local train station. What I really needed was a bath and some more sleep. I set my alarm for three hours and collapsed on the bed.

Just moments (well, it seemed like moments) later, I heard the alarm ring. Feeling much better, I was up, dressed and ready to see the local sights.

I had been to a few places before, Asia and Africa. But nothing prepared me for this. It was like walking around a film set. I had seen those buildings and monuments so many times on television. But, there they were, as large as life! What surprised me was how well maintained they were. It made many of the grimy Victorian-era buildings in Australia look pretty shabby by comparison.

The weather was a surprise too. I didn’t know August would be so warm. Warm and humid. Everyone seemed to be out enjoying the sights. Trafalgar square looked a picture. Crowds sitting around the fountain listening to some musicians playing for free. The atmosphere was terrific. I didn’t know England was like this. I spent the next few hours wandering around, enjoying the sights and taking some photos.

Before long, I found myself near the Thames. There were a number of barges moored nearby. The signs indicated they were floating bars. Between the river and my hotel a demonstration had started. In Australia, a couple of thousand people made a good demonstration. This one was ten times bigger. So many people and so orderly as they filed past with whatever grievance they had. There was nothing for it but to wait.

I entered the nearest barge and made my way to the bar. Not normally a beer drinker, a cold Lager would be just the thing for a hot days thirst. At the bar was a girl, a devastatingly attractive girl with blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She wore a name tag, ¡¥Terri’. I ordered half a pint of Lager and took a seat in the shade.

Terri brought the drink to me and sat down at my table. Due to the demonstration, I was the only one there.

“You’re Australian aren’t you?” she asked.

“Ah yes. My first day here.” Undoubtedly she had picked my accent.

“I would love to go to Australia one day.”

“It’s a long way you know.” The memories of my recent journey were all too fresh.

“Yeah, but it seems so different, such a lovely place.”

“I’m Paul by the way.”

“Terri,” she replied, then she looked at her name tag and smiled.

We spent some time talking, just the two of us on the barge. She watched Neighbours and knew all about Kylie Minogue. I tried to describe the heat, the dust and the desolation of the wide brown land. But in green England, it seemed so hard to imagine desert only hours from many of the cities. Droughts and floods and bushfires. Nature was a capricious beast in Australia and never to be taken for granted. White mans hold on our continent had always been tenuous.

Sitting opposite me, drinking a soda or something stronger, Terri was fascinated by every word. I gently steered the conversation back to the here and now.

“I gebze escort am amazed by this place,” I continued.

“Really, in what way?”

I described my fascination with the history before us, and the obvious pride in which it is looked after. It was her turn to be surprised; perhaps she took it all for granted.

“I can’t wait to do some more exploring. It’s a bit hard on my own but I am sure I can still have quite a bit of fun getting lost and finding myself again.”

“What you need is a guide,” Terri replied.

“Are you offering?”

“Look, we close here at six. Come by just before closing and I can show you around.”

“You sure?” I asked, just to be certain.

“It would be a pleasure.”

I met her at the barge just before six. We abandoned the sightseeing and she showed me one of her favourite restaurants instead. Italian. Ah, we have plenty of those in Australia. It had been a long day for me and it was nice to sit and have someone wait on us.

Our conversation covered more ground. She found out I was here for the conference. I found out she was a University Student who made money on the weekends serving drinks. Only at this time of year, she was on holiday and had the weekdays free. I was 24, she was 21. We both had done a bit of travel. Lots of talking.

Terri caught me admiring her, not staring, just admiring. She smiled as she reached out to hold my hand. I felt a tingle sizzle through me as we touched for the first time. A surge of electricity lit up my being. I felt a little light-headed as she gently but firmly held me while we waited for the next course to arrive. No other girl had ever made me feel that way before.

It was still twilight when we were ready to go our separate ways. “You doing anything tomorrow?” I asked.

“Nothing planned,” Terri replied.

“Do you want me to meet you at the barge again?”

“Sounds good to me. Tomorrow at six.”


After a good nights sleep, a late rise and a refreshing breakfast, I was feeling a whole man again. But I had other things on my mind. I was meeting Terri at six, my personal guide who was so much more than attractive and who I think I was falling in love with.

We did some evening sightseeing, hand in hand and grabbing a little food on the run to keep us going. She showed me some of her favourite haunts. I had to admit that she had personality to match her looks. She was a charming girl indeed. I felt different when she was around, a little stunned or something. Not quite me in any case. I thought it was love, it must be love. In love with this pretty girl with such a lovely personality.

By about nine I started to feel a little weary. Something called jet lag was catching up on me. I suggested that perhaps it was a good time to call it a night.

“Where are you staying?” Terri asked me.

“The Millenium. In Knightsbridge. There’s a good restaurant at the hotel and my employer is paying.”

“Really.” She sounded so surprised. “It’s not far to Knightsbridge.”

As promised, it was only a short walk to my hotel. Thank goodness she knew where she was going.

“Do you mind if I freshen up before we eat? I’ve been working all day and with the tourists around.”

“I hope you don’t mean me.”

“No silly, it’s just the weather and the real tourists.”

“I know. You can use my room.”

I kicked off my shoes and lay on the bed as I heard the water running in the bathroom. After about a quarter of an hour or so the bathroom door opened and she reappeared. Her hair was tied up and she had a large towel wrapped around her. It just covered her cute little bottom.

“What are you looking at, as if I didn’t know?” she asked playfully.

“Well, there was this beautiful apparition that just appeared, and I wondered where the black slacks and white shirt went.”

“This is much more comfortable.”

Terri climbed on the bed and knelt astride me.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Oh yes, very much.”

She reached up and unpinned her hair; the long blonde tresses cascaded down as she shook her head. I could feel my trousers starting to strain. She knelt forward and kissed me. A friendly kiss. She sat on my legs and untied the towel, letting it fall away. She knelt forward and kissed me again. A passionate kiss. Deep, romantic, intense. Tongues exploring, her hands holding my head as she pressed herself on me. My hands holding her soft, smooth and oh so perfect body. I knew what was to come next.

She started to unbutton my shirt. “Lets get you comfortable then.” As elegantly as I could, I lost my clothing.

“My God. You’re a big boy,” she said as she took me in her mouth. Her oral skills were exquisite as she knelt between my legs, caressing my erection with her moist lips. I had a lovely view of her working my manhood slowly and skilfully. Just hard enough to arouse me, not hard enough to make me come. After all, göztepe escort this is just an entree. The main course is yet to come. Slowly I felt my excitement mounting. She must have felt it too because she let me go, my stiffened member flopping onto my stomach.

“Your turn,” I said as I moved to give her room. Needing no second invitation, she took my place on the bed, spreading her legs. I kissed my way down her body, her firm breasts, her flat stomach, her shapely legs. I worked my way back to her breasts, her nipples already aroused with excitement and anticipation. My tongue circled first one nipple, then the other. Drawing her dark pink nub between my lips. At the same time, my fingers explored her blonde-framed womanhood, already wet with her arousal. As soon as I pressed on her clit, her back arched with the sensation. Her nipple between my lips and her clit between my fingers. She was on her own journey now, a journey that had only one stop.

I started to rub her, slowly and gently. I could feel her own little erection growing between my fingers. Fluidly, seamlessly, I moved myself till I was lying between her legs. All the while gently rubbing her aroused clit. Soon my mouth took over; she momentarily tensed when I changed, before relaxing again. I took her engorged clit between my lips, gently drawing it to be rubbed by my tongue. Sucking and rubbing. Rubbing and sucking. My fingers explored her pussy lips, slowly caressing her before I made my way inside her tight little pussy. Slowly, gently I explored her, curling the tip of my finger up until I found her special ¡¥sweet’ spot right where it should be. I pressed it. Again she momentarily stiffened as the new sensation took hold.

Reading her arousal, I continued to suck and lick at her clit while increasing pressure inside. She started to moan, gently at first. She pressed her hips harder into my face. I sucked her clit deeper while pressing harder with my finger. Her moaning continued, getting louder. She was getting closer. I continued to suck and lick and press. Now is the time to change nothing, nothing until she comes.

She had her nipples between her fingers, twirling them and twisting them. Her eyes were closed with concentration. Suddenly, she arched her back right off the bed and cried out. I felt the contractions around my finger. I let go of her clit, just gently licking at it with my tongue as she came down from her heights.

“My God, that was so quick,” she gasped as if surprised. She had surrendered herself to me and I had taken her to ecstasy. There was one place to go now.

I made my way up the bed and kissed her; she would have tasted her own juices on my lips. Her sweet juices of love. My hardness was pressing against her entrance. She reached down and guided me in.


I slowly eased into her tight wet pussy. Slowly burying myself to the hilt. She took all I had to give. Slowly withdrawing until I was just touching her pussy lips before gently easing back in again. Savouring the sensations of her perfect little cunt. Slowly out and slowly in. Just enjoying the sensation of skin against skin, those wonderful slippery sensations. Slowly out and slowly in. Her legs wrapped around my body, her ankles locked above my back. Drawing me into her, willing me to go deeper. Our mouths locked in a long and never ending kiss as I slowly and deliberately fucked her. Warm and wet and slippery. The sensations of sex. Mouths drawn close, tongues exploring, my hand in her hair as I slowly fucked her.

All the way out till I plunged in again, a little faster now. A little harder and faster. She broke off the kiss with the change of pace. Every time I drove into her, she gasped a little.

Faster and faster now. Our bodies slapping together, the noise clearly audible. Faster and faster, my turn to come. Faster and faster, I can feel the tingling start to build.

“I want to come inside you.”

“Oh yes.”

“I want to fill your pussy with my come.”

“Yes, fill me up. Fill me with your come”

I was getting closer, the sensations were building towards that peak that all men must reach. Closer and closer. I gasped as the first spurt gushed out. Again and again, each throb another flood of come deep inside her. Again and again until I was spent. The waves of exctasy had passed, but now the bliss descended. That pleasure when all is right in the world and nothing or nobody can change it.

I kissed her again. Tenderly. No need to speak, just a tender kiss between lovers. Slowly, I withdraw my softening member, my come and her juices running out onto the bedspread. Relaxed, satisfied and thoroughly pleasured.

Slowly we stirred. It was getting late, I quickly showered and we made our way to the hotel restaurant. Nice food and a decent French wine made for a very satisfying end to the day. Over dinner I had a flash.

“Are you doing anything over the next few days?” I asked Terri.

“No, halkalı escort I don’t work till next Saturday. Why?”

“You know I’m presenting my paper at York.”


“Would you like to come along. I mean I will be away from nine to four. But there is a lot of evening.”

“I would love to.” Terri sounded so enthusiastic.

I told her that I had been given a British Rail executive travel pass, so as long as she doesn’t mind pretending to be my wife, the journey will be totally free. And I was sure a double rather than a twin room could be arranged.

I had already checked the timetables, so we made arrangements to meet at St Pancras station at two in the afternoon.


Her smile lit up the gloomy confines of the station when I saw her. We made our way to one of the first class carriages. Being mid-afternoon, we had it to ourselves.

Whistles blew, horns sounded and we were away, the suburbs of London passing by in a blur. Such speed, the railways in Australia are pretty leisurely by comparison. Soon we were in the country. Flat plains with towns and villages spaced at irregular intervals. Everything passing at 200 kilometers per hour as our train raced toward York. Inside it’s comfortable and cosy, sitting side by side. We tried to cuddle, but the armrest was a problem… I got a couple of cups of coffee from the buffet instead. If you can’t be passionate, at least you can be civilised.

Time for tickets to be checked. I showed my pass to the conductor. Profusely embarrassed, he almost went out of the carriage backwards, tugging his forelock. Terri looked at me and burst out laughing. I explained it was because of the Executive pass. Clearly, some things are different in England to Australia.

It took just over than two hours to get to York, and as a railwayman I was impressed. A taxi from the station to our hotel. Terri looked horrified as we made our way to the taxi rank. I reminded her that I wasn’t paying. “Don’t forget, there is a lovely double room waiting for us at the other end. Courtesy of my employer as well.”

The hotel was okay, but not as good as Knightsbridge. No air conditioning and it was a bit hot inside. I opened the window and we relaxed on the bed. Now was the time to catch up on the cuddles missed on the train. Cuddles and kisses. Just relaxing in each others arms. Running my hands through her long hair, such perfect hair. Such a perfect girl. Such a perfect time.

The kissing got more passionate, I sucked her lips, she sucked mine. She probed me with her tongue, I responded. Our tongues touching and stroking. She held my head, I held her bottom. We were starting to get earnest. She pulled away and quickly removed her top and bra. My shirt was gone. Her soft breasts pressed into my naked chest. I wrapped my arms around her, shivering with the feeling of her soft and smooth skin against the palm of my hands. She ran her hands through my hair. I pulled away and quickly removed my trousers and underwear, relieving my growing erection. Her skirt was gone but her panties remained. Against such a perfect body, the skimpy lace looked so…sexy.

She rolled back on top of me, our mouths locked in a hungry kiss. I explored her bottom, easing my hands under her lacy panties and feeling the soft roundness of her arse. This wasn’t going to last long. This was going to be hot, passionate and lusty. It must have been the heat. I felt driven and I could sense that she was feeling the same.

We kissed and kissed, tongues exploring. “Suck my tongue,” Terri whispered. I drew her tongue between my lips, making love to it. She explored mine, sucking on it in the same way.

I whispered the next move. “Sixty nine.”

She quickly stripped off her panties, turned around and lowered her pussy over my face. I looked at her, perfection framed by trimmed blonde hair. I gently rubbed her lips with my fingers, feeling her wetness. I could smell her arousal, the scent of sex.

At the same time she took me in her mouth. Same as before; perfect oral. Pleasuring me but just slowly enough not to get me too hot. Gentle pleasure, the wetness of her lips caressing my shaft. But I had other places to explore. I held on to her bottom as I started to run my tongue over her pussy, teasing her, tasting her sweet juices. Juices that were now flowing freely. Each time my tongue just brushed the hood over her clit. Long strokes, feeling her clit with my tongue. Feeling it getting bigger, getting ready. I raised my head a little and took her love button between my lips. Sucking on it. Drawing it into me.

At the same time I could see her little rosebud so close. I wondered. Gently I started to explore her most intimate part, lightly running my thumb over her arsehole. She let me go and gasped. I stopped, “Is that okay?”

“Yes,” she said breathlessly, “do it again.”

Again I ran my thumb over her little hole. I heard her gasp again. I resumed sucking on her clit and continued to rub her arsehole with my thumb. I slipped a finger into her pussy, feeling her wetness, coating it with her juices. I replaced my thumb with that wet finger, gently probing the centre of her little hole, gently pressing. Letting her know what to expect before I eased it in. Easing it in slowly to the first knuckle.

“Oh yes,” she gasped. “More.”

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