No Good Deed…

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“Ew. Here’s another one over here. Can you pick it up for me, Eric?” Deb was not normally squeamish, but picking up used condoms in the park was not her idea of helping the environment as part of the service project. Eric and she had volunteered many times before, food drives, story time with kids, painting and fixing a home for women in bad domestic situations, but this crossed her line. “Please, Eric? It isn’t just for me, think of the kids who use this park.”

Eric rolled his eyes. He knew he would do it. Deb was a friend, a ‘buddy’. They had a good time doing service, and it was a nice break after a busy week to get out and do something hands on. He was just glad he had thought to bring gloves. Not just the condoms, but there was glass and other stuff he really didn’t need to touch. “I’ll get it, but you seem to be attracting these things. What is that, like five you have found?” He grabbed the latex tube filled with a white liquid and put it into his trash bag. “That one seemed fresh, see anyone around here? Maybe the animals have learned how to use them.”

“That’s just stupid, Eric.” Deb replied. “Only one animal uses them. And doesn’t pick up after themselves. This pile of beer cans probably contributed to the need for those things.”

That gave Eric an idea. “Hey Deb. Here’s a thought, let me know if you are game for it. My dad had a game camera, you know, one of those you can put in the woods and see animals and it take pictures. What if we…”

Deb picked up on it right away. “Right! What if we put up the camera and we could catch these filthy litterbugs! Great idea! Let’s do it!”

Eric had been thinking “we could catch them having sex.” But he was okay with the catching the litterbugs idea. He did think his idea was a little hotter, but there was no reason they both couldn’t have their own outcomes. “Okay, I will get it and we can have it set up before next weekend. It’s supposed to be nice. Bet this is a regular spot for several folks, or if it is just one couple, they are mighty active!”

It had never seemed to work out for Eric and Deb. If one of them liked the other, the other was in a relationship. So they had remained friends. They joked that each other was their “service partner”. Doing good deeds seemed to be their common ground and they did enjoy it. Neither was particularly attractive, but not unattractive, either. They were they type of person who kind of blended in. The fact that they both preferred baggy denim pants and flannel shirts probably didn’t help either. Despite being around each other many times, they had never had a physical relationship. Maybe a hug or two, but nothing more. Buddies.


Deb’s phone rang on Thursday evening. Just about when she was figuring out what to have for dinner. “Great. Another special offer from a telemarketer. Just what I need. Maybe it is Domino’s calling to deliver to me…” Deb didn’t get a lot of personal calls. She picked up her phone and answered. “Hello.”

“Deb, Hi. It’s me, Eric. I got the camera and thought we could go and set it up. Maybe grab a bite at the same time?”

Now that was great timing. Deb answered. “Sure. I just got home, let me change into something that isn’t work clothes and meet you downstairs in, oh, fifteen?” She was unbuttoning her blouse as she talked. This would be a better way to pass the evening. She could go to the gym or organize her laundry for the weekend wash, but this was better. She liked Eric, and wondered if he liked her, not in the ‘buddy’ way. She slipped her blouse off and glanced in the mirror. Been a while since the girls had any action, she thought. Wouldn’t mind a little activity and Eric certainly qualified as a possible partner. She sighed and looked for her jeans and shirt.

Eric was prompt, as always. Deb laughed when she saw him pull up. “So, could we have dressed any more alike?” Both had jeans and almost identical red and black flannel shirts on. “It’s Okay, I’ll be seen with you.” She hopped in the passenger seat and they headed off.

“Yeah, I guess when you do as many projects together as we have, you start to think and dress alike. But it’s okay. Your shirt has better shape to it. Better curves.” Eric said as he glanced over and smiled.

Was he making a pass? Probably not, but Deb replied. “Thanks for noticing. I don’t always have flannel on, though. And with the weather getting better, I might just surprise you one of these days.” She hoped he wasn’t gay. They hadn’t really talked about relationships. He had mentioned some dates in the past, but she couldn’t remember if he had said a name or anything that would give a clue. Oh well, they were just heading off to set up the camera and grab dinner.

Eric watched the road, but asked. “So, have a taste for anything for dinner? I was thinking pizza if nothing else.” He didn’t think they had ever gone any place together without being part of a group. He hoped she wasn’t seeing anyone or that he was making her feel awkward. They were almost at the park, and still had a bit of daylight bakırköy escort left to get things set up. Deb was right, the weather was getting better and it was staying light longer.

“Pizza sounds fine, but I may only eat a slice or two, and maybe a place that has salad, too? I need to consider fitting into some of those other clothes.” Deb replied. She picked up the trail camera that was on the floor on her side of the car and looked it over. “So, this will take pictures at night? Does it flash? Won’t they see it and take it?”

Eric turned into the park. “It is low light and motion activated. So it only takes a picture if there is movement. You can also set it to do every few minutes, but I think the motion is better. I loaded in a fresh set of batteries and it has a flash card in it, so it is all set.” He tried not to sound to geeky in describing the camera. He was hoping that it might just catch some action. It would be the most action he had seen in a while. His last girlfriend had been a while ago. Between work and the graduate class he was taking, he didn’t have a lot of time to get into a relationship. “It hasn’t been used in a while, so if it gets swiped or broken, no big loss.”

They parked in the lot and headed over to the area where they had found most of the trash. Looking around they could tell that there hadn’t been any recent activity. Or there had been, it was unprotected activity. Eric moved to a line of small trees by a path. “This looks good. I can get it around this tree and it blends in pretty good. Has a good view of that area over there.” He took the camera out and flung the straps around the tree to hold it in place. He was tall enough so that by standing on a log that was nearby he had the camera about ten feet off the ground. And he was right, it would capture a good view of the area.

“Okay, I think that is set. We shall see if we can catch these litterbugs ‘In Flagrant Delecto’. Or red handed if you prefer.” Eric hoped it caught them in the act, but only time would tell. “So do you have any plans for Sunday? We could come back, get this out of the tree and go check it for evidence. And maybe have dinner?” Eric thought he would make plans now. He figured Deb would tell him if he was crossing any boundaries.

“That sounds great, Eric. I’m good for Sunday. Say pick it up at 5pm and check it out? I could even make dinner at my place if you would be interested.” Deb offered. She also said to herself, “Please don’t be gay. Or at least be Bi. Please.”

With the camera in place, they headed back to the car and off to search for pizza and a salad.


Sunday came around quickly. Deb really hadn’t thought much about the camera. She and Eric had found a small place that had pizza, salads and more on Thursday after leaving the park. It was nice having dinner with someone else. They actually talked about a variety of things, not just service or work, but really got to know each other. And Eric definitely was not gay. He gave her a peck on the cheek when he dropped her off. That simple act had gotten her to search through her nightstand to find her “little pink friend”, and she had used it several times over the next couple of days. The vibrator wasn’t as good as an actual cock, but it certainly had helped her in certain ‘times of need’.

She came out of her thoughts as she saw Eric pull up in front of her apartment. Dinner was mostly prepared upstairs. Nothing fancy, but she knew Eric liked burgers so she had some ready to go along with some favorite side dishes, cole slaw, chips. A little ‘junkier’ than she normally ate, but maybe they could burn off a few calories afterward.

“Hi, ready to go see if we caught our culprits on the camera? Hope it is still there!” Eric commented as Deb got in the car. “Have a good weekend?”

“I did, Eric” Deb replied. “Nothing too different than the usual clean, run errands and try to rest up. No projects this weekend, so I was able to catch up a little.” She left out the part about masturbating. “Let’s go see what we have.”

At the park, they walked back and were both relieved to see that the trail camera was still there. Eric moved the log back, got on it and took the camera down. Deb watched and thought to herself “cute buns. How did I not notice that about Eric before?”

“Got it.” Let’s wait until we get back to your place to check it.” Eric got down from the tree and turned back to Deb. “We might as well go down to see if there was any activity or if there is any new trash. I did bring a glove and bag, just in case.”

Eric seemed to always be prepared, Deb thought. Well, we might just see how prepared he is later. She smiled a little thinking about the possibility.

Deb led the way back to the clearing. Not far, but Eric couldn’t help but notice that Deb had different pants on. Not her usual jeans. She looked good in the black yoga pants, “cute ass” he thought to himself as he gladly followed her down the trail.

“Looks like we may have beşiktaş escort something on the camera, based on this.” Deb announced as she got closer to the spot they had cleaned up the week before. “I see four. No, five. Ew.” She had mixed feelings. It was good that they would have something on the camera, but why couldn’t people pick up after themselves. She was also coming around to Eric’s idea that it might be hot to watch the activity, more so than actually catching the litterers.

Dinner went well, but Deb found herself thinking about the pictures. So once they finished with the burgers, she suggested “Why don’t we see what is on the chip before we have dessert?” She had made some brownies, but she was kind of hoping that there might be some other kind of dessert in store for them.

Eric went to Deb’s laptop, fired it up and inserted the chip and waited for the file to download and open. Deb leaned over his shoulder, watching the screen. “These aren’t the highest resolution, so it may be a little grainy. And they are in black and white. But here they come.” The thumbnails started appearing on the screen. Eric could feel Deb’s breath on his neck. He didn’t mind at all. He hoped she was starting to share his idea of finding some action on the trailcam. A smile crossed his face as he felt her breath and saw the images appearing.

A series of boxes appeared and each became a small thumbnail photo. “We’ll let them load and then pull it up, like a slideshow” Eric explained. “It does look like we have some activity. We will see if we had it positioned right in a moment.”

Deb moved in a little behind Eric and bent forward to see the screen with a little less glare. It didn’t hurt to be close enough to feel Eric’s warmth. “Good. I hope we have some evidence on here.” She offered.

“Okay, I think they are loaded, I will start the viewing. Just let me load this first one and we will have a larger picture. They are a little grainy because of the distance and the size of the picture, but we will be able to make things out, I think.” Eric moved the mouse a little and clicked a few times. “Here it is.”

The first couple of pictures just showed the clearing where they had found the trash. But a couple of frames in the images of two men came into view. Deb hadn’t thought about that. “Do you think we have a gay hangout? Maybe it will just be guys.” She tried not to sound too dejected. It wasn’t what she had anticipated. She had hoped for a hot little boy/girl romp, maybe even a couple of them. She’d certainly watch it, but her preference ran to the hetero display, not guy on guy.

“Just wait, we have a lot more pictures.” Eric commented. He was patient. And thorough. Those were a couple of qualities she had always enjoyed when they did projects together. “Ah, here we go.” A few more frames and another couple appeared, this time a man and a woman. The group of four came together and Deb could see a can in several of their hands. Probably the same beer cans they had picked up. There was a flare on the screen, probably one of them lit up a cigarette. Eric had positioned the camera well, the group was just off center of the screen.

After a few more, there was a little activity. She noticed the woman and one of the men began hugging and it looked like they were kissing. “I think we may be getting close to getting our proof” Eric spoke. “I’m glad I put an 8 gig memory card in here. We should have plenty of, um, evidence.”

Deb moved in tighter to Eric’s shoulder and watched as the female in the photo lowered to her knees and the one man turned and stood directly in front of her. In the next picture his shorts were halfway down and completely down in the next. “Is she doing what I think she is doing, Eric? Is she doing oral sex on him?” Deb felt her heart race a little just saying that out loud to Eric. She couldn’t look away from the screen.

“Yes, Deb” Eric replied “I think she is giving him a blow job.” He was also intently watching the screen as well. The scene lasted for several frames, the other two men watched and drank. A couple of times they seemed to touch themselves. Deb thought it looked like they were checking to see if they were hard themselves. She guessed they were. The woman stood and removed her own shorts a few frames further, and then assumed a position on all fours with her ass facing the trail camera. Even with the grainy nature, she could tell it was a cute ass. One man moved in behind her and coupled with her.

“Oh, I think I know where those condoms came from” Deb said as much to herself as to Eric. “They seem to be enjoying doing it ‘doggy style’.” She was certainly enjoying seeing them do it. Doggy style or any other style. These pictures were better than she had imagined getting. She was glad to have the proof, but it was much hotter than she had imagined. Watching some homemade porn with Eric. She felt herself getting warmer with each frame.

It became evident that each of the three men took turns with beylikdüzü escort the woman. She provided each with the protection which had been left behind. Eric and Deb watched the frames while the activity played out before them. Before long, the foursome stood up, put clothes back on and were gone from the frames. Left behind was a bit of trash that Eric and Deb had found.

Eric was the first to comment. “Wow. That was more than I expected. I wasn’t sure what we would get, but that was something. Um, I got a bit turned on watching it, I have to admit.”

Deb replied in a slightly different way. She turned his head toward her and kissed him. First on the lips and then harder and deeper with her tongue parting his lips and searching for his.

Eric rose from the chair, keeping their kiss going. He bent slightly and gathered Deb in his arms. His hand went to her breast and began to rub. He could feel a hard nipple beneath her shirt and bra as he continued to rub. He moved his mouth to her neck and continued kissing her soft skin.

Deb caught her breath. His kisses on her neck and his touching her breast was having an electric effect on her. “Oh yeah, Eric. That is SO good. Would you like to head for the bed? Or…we could start here.” She pressed into him and rubbed him with her hand through his jeans.

Eric moaned slightly, kissed her neck and asked “Yes, we could start here. I’m sure I am going to get excited fast, it has been a while for me. But I promise to return the favor.” He kissed her deeply, running his fingers through her hair. “You want to stroke it, or could you maybe give it a little attention with that hot mouth of yours?” His voice was low and breathy as he whispered in her ear. “I would love either…”

Deb quietly lowered herself to her knees, running her hands down his side as she went. She reached out and undid his belt and slowly undid his fly. She tugged at his jeans and they began to fall. A wet spot was already forming on the front of his underwear, and a noticeable bulge was already apparent. She playfully toyed with the waistband of his shorts and lowered them until his cock came into view. “Mmmm, Eric. I think you will taste quite good. And we won’t leave litter like those in the park.” She grasped his cock with one hand, and felt his ass with the other. A couple of strokes and she kissed the tip lightly tasting a salty drop that leaked from it.

“Oh, yeah, Deb, just like that. Suck me.” Eric put his hands on either side of Deb’s head as she took the tip into her mouth. He wasn’t the biggest, but he had a well formed dick. Just over six inches, but today he thought it looked even larger as it slid into her mouth. She sucked as it slowly came out, making a slurping sound. Eric could see it glisten as it pulled out, covered in her saliva. He thrust slightly and Deb moved her head down on him, taking him deep inside her willing mouth.

Between Deb hungrily bobbing on him and his movement he did not last long. He stiffened slightly and began to cum hard into the hot, moist mouth that enveloped his swollen member. “Ahhhhhh” was all he was able to say as he exploded. Deb took his cum in her mouth, but it was such a load that some escaped out the corner of her mouth. She felt some go down the back of her throat and sucked hard, trying to get as much as she could from Eric. She felt his knees quivered and she held his ass as she slowly pulled back.

As Deb looked up, she saw Eric’s eyes were closed. A drop remained on his tip which she reached out and caught with her tongue, giving his cock one more lick. “Oh Deb, that was SO good. I’ve never been sucked like that. I think I came twice at once.” His eyes were opened now, literally and figuratively. She felt he was seeing her differently now.

“I think you mentioned something about returning the favor?” Deb stood up and looked at Eric. He stepped out of the pants and shorts that were around his feet and together they moved toward her bedroom. She knew she had made her bed for a good reason. On the way, Deb had an idea. “Eric, go in and get comfortable. I’ll be right in, I just need to ‘freshen up’.” Right in, with a little surprise.

Deb went into the bathroom and quickly grabbed a swig of mouthwash and removed her shorts and panties. She swiped a wet washcloth around her swollen labias and between her legs to feel a bit fresher. On the way back she grabbed the ‘surprise’. The trail camera and the SD card. At the doorway she put the memory into the unit and hit the red ‘on’ button. Eric saw what she was doing and smiled as she put it on the dresser which had a full view of the bed, and of them. “I’ve never performed for the camera before, we may have to retake a few scenes if they don’t turn out right.” He said as Deb joined him on the bed.

“I thought we could see how we compare to the ones we caught in the park.” Deb laid back as Eric kissed her and let his hands roam across her. While she was naked from the waist down, she still had her top on. Eric moved it up and undid her bra. She slipped out of them as he slid his hand lower. He kissed her hard nipple, free from the restraint of her clothes and his fingers found her neatly trimmed bush of hair between her legs. “Oh, that does feel good. I hope you don’t mind that I am hairy. I just haven’t…” Deb stopped as she felt a finger slip inside her.

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