Second Time Around

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“So, is your list done?” Kate Aachen looked at her daughter then back to Mimi.

“Yep.” Sophie handed a piece of paper to Mimi and shrugged. “There’s only three of us. You’re sure it’s okay?”

Mimi nodded. “Of course it is, there’s nothing worse than being at weddings and having no one of your own age to talk to. Anyway, it’s only the reception.”

“I wish you two had done something a little fancier.” Kate sighed. “We could have helped.”

“No.” Mimi’s voice was level, unwavering in her decision. “We wanted something simple with people we care about. That’s all that matters to us; so long as there’s us and our families and whoever else can make it over here then that’s all we care about. Anyway, Sven suggested we throw a party for everyone else back in Blighty.”

“Well,” Kate’s hands flew upward, conceding defeat. “It’s your choice.”

“It is.” Mimi said. “My dad is disappointed. He told me as much on the phone this morning. Still, whatever; he’s always been flashy.”

“No, everyone has to do their own thing.” Kate agreed. “You know, I saw your little interview in The Times magazine.”

“You did?” Mimi could feel her cheeks colouring up, the thought that she’d been featured in the national press was bizarre. “It’s still so surprising to me.”

“Well,” Kate said. “I couldn’t miss it, could I? When Sven told us I was so proud I went straight out to get a copy. You see,” she said, “there’s more paths to take.”

“Art meant the world to me. Still does.”

“Of course. I remember when I had to stop dancing; I was utterly heartbroken. I lay in bed for six months and then Michael said I should come and help on the farm. I used to hate it and then, it just became my life. I left London, came here, got married and had the kids. All of that stuff.”

“And that was that.” Mimi said, her heart sinking. “Still.” She smiled. “It’s good. I’m helping others and I get to work at something I like.”

“And that’s all that matters. I’d put on a bit of Ravel or Profkiev sometimes and try to do some of the simpler steps. The kids would look at me like I’d gone mad.”

Sophie nodded. “I remember you teaching me the positions; first, second, third in the kitchen.”

“Yes.” Kate nodded. “And you’d wear your little ballet shoes. We’d hold the counter top and practise, wouldn’t we?”

Mimi shrugged. “I was too fat for ballet. My mum tried to make me go when I was small but even then, I could see that I wasn’t like the other girls that did it. I was much happier with my sketchbook. Olivia and I used to sit in the front room and draw each other then we’d show each other our papers and we would have given each other warts and terrible hair or too many teeth.” She grinned.

“I should expect we had better get back.” Kate gestured towards a waitress, requested the bill. “Inventory is the dullest job in the world but it has to be done.”

“Would you like a hand?” Mimi asked, pulling her wallet from her bag. “I’m not too bad with spreadsheets.”

“No, don’t worry.” Kate shook her head. “Alec has completely changed the cataloguing system and he’s very precious about it. Frankly, it’s an absolute nightmare. For twenty five years I had every single ledger and inventory sheet balanced and in perfect order then Alec says we have to move everything to the computer and now I don’t even know.” She waved her hand, smiled at the approaching waiter. “Anyway, I’m sure Sven could do with some help. He’s counting bottles in the warehouse.”

Now that it was summer and the vines were springing to life, the lake glittering beneath her, Mimi could see just why Kate was happy to leave London behind. In front of her, the white warehouse loomed upward from behind a wall of carefully planted trees oriented to hide it from view. At the front of the building was a high, wide door that slid all the way open on heavy steel runners. There was a smaller door cut into the front of it and it was this door that was propped open with what turned out to be a misshapen chunk of concrete. Mimi knocked a couple of times, stepped through into the cool space. It was vast; crates and boxes were piled up in metal frames that were neatly named and numbered by crop, yield and year.

“Over here.” Sven’s voice came back at her, disembodied and surreal in the low lighting.

Mimi trotted past a few aisles before finding herself quite unable to find him. “That’s not helping.” she laughed. “You’re going to have to be more specific.”

“2011 Chasselas.” He called. “Half way down, left hand side.” He grinned to himself, listening for her footsteps until she finally appeared around the end of the aisle.

“Hey you.” He dropped the sheaf of papers he was holding on a small step ladder, nodded towards the bottles. “Have you come to give me a hand?”

“Something like that.” Mimi said. “Lunch is in twenty minutes.”

“Good.” Sven said. “Have a productive morning in Lausanne?”

“I did.” Mimi nodded. “It’s pretty. I can see why your mother was happy to leave London.”

“It’s acıbadem escort fucking boring.” He said. “Honestly, most of the time when I lived here I was bored off my tits.”

Mimi laughed, gave his arm a playful squeeze. “Well, city boy, let’s get to work. What do we have to do?”

“It’s easy.” Sven turned, grabbed the papers again watched as Mimi tilted her head to the side scrutinising the data carefully. He watched the muscles in her neck move in a single, fluid movement, the thin chain she wore glinting in the light. “All you do is check that the number of crates in this column matches the actual number of crates on the shelf.” He gestured to the space on the page and looked back at her. She was dressed simply in a thin summer dress and sandals, her hair pulled up off her neck. He was then completely aware of how bored he’d been and how badly he wanted to push her against the shelves, bottles be damned. “Ninety-nine per cent of the time there’s no problem but occasionally there’s the odd box here or there that a company took as a sample or that Alec forgot to adjust when some supermarket buyer got a few bottles for Christmas, you know, that kind of thing. If they’ve been opened then write down the number that’s printed along the bottom of the crate, here.” He gestured to another space. “Then Alec can deal with it. All we have to do is to make sure that the crates make sense.”

“Okay.” Mimi grabbed the sheets off him. “Where do I start? I see you’ve done a fair amount already.”

“After lunch.”

“Jesus.” Mimi found herself smiling despite her vague annoyance, flattered by his attention. “Stop grabbing me.” She planted her hands on his chest, kissed him on the mouth. “Mind on the job.”

“We’re meant to be on holiday.” He protested.

“We said we’d help your parents.” Mimi raised an eyebrow at him. “How about we take a walk later. I’ll pack a blanket, a bottle of wine. Your mother was telling me that this year has been particularly successful.”

“You smell so good.” He kissed her neck, pulled her close to him.

“Oh, no.” Mimi freed herself from his grip, grabbed the half finished inventory. “Not today you don’t. Not now.” She watched him pout, shook her head. “Honestly, I don’t know what’s got into you recently. The sun comes out and you’re like a dog in heat.” Mimi swatted him playfully on the bottom with the clipboard. “I’ll start here, then. You take the top shelf, I’ll do the bottom.” She nodded to the end of the aisle and settled to counting bottles, wrote the corresponding number in the correct column and added a tick next to the estimate. Mimi repeated the process from one end while Sven did the same at the other, a single piece of paper in his hand, a pen tucked behind his ear.

“First person to finish their row gets to pick.” Mimi said. She didn’t look up, simply kept counting the large, wooden crates. “See it as an incentive.”

“What?” Sven asked, not looking up.

“If I finish my row first then I get to choose everything we do for the next 24 hours – sex included – and if you do; Well, then you get to pick.”

“Oh?” He smirked, “Really?”

Mimi nodded, gave him a sideways smile. “Yep. I think that’s fair.”

“I’ve been doing this a long time, you know?”

“I know.” Mimi nodded. “But I’m not the one having to keep moving the ladder as I go.”

“I’m still pretty fast.” Sven protested, “Plus I have longer legs and I’m better with numbers.”

Mimi laughed. Sven was right but she felt like she’d nailed it. It wasn’t a hard task, just repetitive and utterly boring. “I can count, than you. This coming from someone with the attention span of a small dog.”

Sven barked at her, scrawled in the relevant place on his paper and jumped off the ladder. “See what I mean?” He teased, moved the ladder forward another foot.

“I only have these left.” Mimi gestured towards the last few crates. “They’re big. Easy to get through.”

“Not if you don’t have a pen.” Sven leant down and grabbed the biro from her hand.

“Give it back.” Mimi narrowed her eyes at him. “Don’t be a dick, it’s not fair.”

“Come up here.” he said.

Mimi shook her head. “Don’t be stupid, I’m not climbing up there to get it.” She strode off towards the back of the warehouse. In the right corner was a desk strewn with office supplies. Behind her, Sven clattered down the ladder and ran over, his hand outstretched.

“Take it.” He said, offering up the biro.

“Nope.” She shrugged, breezing past him toward her abandoned clip board. “Don’t need it. I have these.” She waved a handful of pens at him and returned to marking down quantities. “You’d better hurry up. This is it.”

“Oh no.” Sven bounded back to the shelf, manically trying to do the maths in his head. He grabbed the piece of paper and snatched up the ballpoint he’d been using. Much to his dismay he found it had run out. “Fuck.”

“What’s that?” Mimi looked up at him, dropped the clipboard akbatı escort on a crate. “I’m finished.”

“Bollocks.” he looked down at her, laughing. “Can I, uh-“

“You want to borrow my pen?” she laughed. “Were you like this in school? All the way through college? Take it.”

“Thanks.” He added his final numbers to the bottom of the list marked Chasselas 2011 and clanked down the ladder.

“Heh.” Mimi curled her arms around him, kissed him. “I win.”

“Beginner’s luck.” Sven said. “You just wait. We’ve got a whole load of work to finish up yet. Tomorrow, you can help me cut back the vines and then we’ll see.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Mimi asked, “I can work a pair of cutters.”

“But it’s dirty and hot and a total pain in the backside.” Sven mocked. “Might ruin your nails.”

“Like you, then.” Mimi laughed and let him kiss her hard. “Lift your shirt.” she whispered.

“Why? Have you changed your mind?”

“Of course not.” Mimi shook her head. “But I am the winner and I did find this Sharpie on the desk.” She waved the marker at him, grinning and catlike.

“Aw, shit.”

“Don’t act like you don’t like it.” Mimi shook her head, an amused smirk playing about her lips. She reached forward, her body pressed against his, her hand cupping the tender flesh between his thighs. “I think it’s important that you don’t forget who is in charge here.” she kissed his neck, pulled the lid off the marker. “Have a little something under your shirt for me. I’d love that.”

Sven pulled up the thin cotton of his t-shirt, his chest filling with the familiar light, thrill of adrenaline. “Nothing too big, please. I don’t want the others to see it.”

“Oh, goodness, no.” Mimi smiled, began etching letters across his left pectoral muscle. For a moment she felt she could feel his heart beating beneath her curled hand. She smiled to herself and left another kiss beside the letters. “There.” she smiled. “Perfect.”

“Horny Brat.” Sven grinned. “I guess.”

“I know.” Mimi laughed. “Underneath, I put cunt licking whore but I don’t think you can see that because your hand-” She broke off, moved his hand to the side. “Your hand was in the way.”

“Oh.” Sven blushed, found himself once more desperate for her. “Thank you, Ma’am.”

“Just in case you forget your job for later.” Mimi’s smile was pure sugar that seemed to hit him right in the gut and left him light-headed, his palms sweating like an overgrown schoolboy.

“Christ.” He let his t-shirt drop and kissed her again, drawing a laugh from Mimi as he pushed her against the shelves, his hands winding into her hair.

“If it makes things easier,” Mimi whispered, “I am so fucking wet for you right now.”

“Nope.” He sighed, his mouth inches from hers. “Really not helping.”


“You can both take the afternoon off if you like.” Kate smiled over at Mimi, shut the dishwasher. “It’s a beautiful day, I hate to think of you both cooped up in that sweaty warehouse all afternoon.”

“Oh,” Mimi smiled, took a sip of her water. “I really don’t mind. We actually got through most of it pretty fast. We only have a few more aisles to do and then we’re done.”

“Are you definitely sure?” Kate’s face was dashed with concern. “It’s not much of a holiday, is it?”

“Mom, don’t worry. I did it every summer for ten years when I was younger. Plus, Mimi doesn’t mind, do you?” Sven looked over at Mimi, grabbed a bottle of water. “We’re fine.”

The woman nodded, watched them head out of the back door. “Well,” she sighed, “If you’re sure.”

Sven nodded, let the kitchen door close shut behind them.

“It’s like they’re burning.” He fell into step next to Mimi. “All the way through lunch.” He sighed.

Mimi chuckled. “When Alec asked what we had planned for the afternoon I thought for a moment you might even break.” she nudged him in the ribs, laced their fingers together.

“Your laughing didn’t help. Thanks for that.” He sighed. “Smirking away behind your napkin. Don’t think I didn’t see.”

“I know.” Mimi nodded. She crunched over the gravel and ushered Sven inside the cool shade of the warehouse. “It’s not too hot in here.”

“I know. If we split up with the shelves, you take the right and I’ll take the left. What are you doing?” Sven watched as Mimi closed the door, wedged the chunk of concrete in front of it.

“There’s no reason for anyone else to be here, is there?’ she asked. “No reason why anyone would come down here?”

Sven didn’t answer, just pulled her in and kissed her again, his body pressed against hers. She smiled up at him, pulled his t-shirt off. The air smelt of wood and tannin and, behind it, the comforting musk of his aftershave. Together, hands fumbling in the gloam, they moved back, the air filled with nothing but the sound of their breathing and the scuffle of feet on the poured concrete.

“Here.” Mimi dragged him towards a shelf, her hands wound around his aksaray escort neck. “Oh, babe, just do it.”

“Not here.” He breathed, “There’s some palets at the back, we can go there. Easier.” He explained, pulling her with undisguised urgency through the maze of shelves. Against the back wall a little way off from the desk, where Mimi had grabbed the pen was a small, neat stack of palates. Mimi moved to sit down but Sven pulled her close, twirling her toward him. “Take your dress off.” he said, “Lie on it. You’ll get splinters in your ass otherwise.”

“Oh.” Mimi laughed, pulled off the cheap cotton to reveal mis-matched underwear. She lay out the dress, sat on it, silently hoping it would stand up to its task. “We should have just gone upstairs.”

“Too obvious.”

Mimi sucked at his lip, nodded. “Not as fun, either.” Her hands parted the zipper on his jeans, pulled out his already leaking member. “Needy.” She breathed the word into his neck, her thighs parting.

“All the way through lunch.” He sighed, as though she had cursed him irredeemably. “Oh, fuck, the moment you started writing I was so turned on.”

“I think-” The breath caught in her throat as he entered her, her underwear pushed to the side, her voice melted into a satisfied purr. “I think it was before that.”

“It’s here, you know.” He confessed. “Right over there.” He nodded to a thick beam that was a few feet in front of them. “That first night we met. I told you about-“

“What a filthy, horny boy you were.” She laughed. “And now you’re actually getting fucked in here.”

“Second time around.” He sighed, his voice rough. “Oh, fuck. I swear, the fucking weather-” he broke off as Mimi kissed him again, lying out, pulling him into her so that he had to stoop awkwardly. Sven could feel a thick splinter already working it’s way into his hand but ignored it; pleasure elsewhere outweighing pain. “Your fucking ass in that dress. I’ve been wanting to pull it up all damn day.”

“I wanted you to,” she sighed, her voice dripping between the thrusts. “I wanted you to fuck me from behind.” she admitted, “Grind in your lap and make you beg for it. Make you lick me.”

Sven grunted again, upped the pace as Mimi gripped him, her thighs curled around his hips meeting his movement. “What does your label say?” she breathed, her fingers bedded into his shoulder.

“My…uh…” For a moment Sven had forgotten what she meant he was so fixated on fucking her but the second after that he felt the light headedness come back, like all the blood had disappeared from his chest and headed straight to his cock. “I’m your horny brat. Your cunt…licking…whore.”

“Yes, baby.” Mimi pulled him in, kissed him awkwardly. “You feel so good.” She said. “I want you to come, baby.”


“Come in me then get on your knees and lick up your mess, baby. You know how I like that.”

Sven mewled into her neck. He knew very well just how much she liked it, though fulfilling her request was something that he had a complex relationship with. On one hand, he found it awful; embarrassing in the extreme to lick up his own emissions and so, in that typically submissive way, because he knew how much she loved him to do it, it became utterly arousing.

After that, his desire to please her was agitated further when she slid her hand between them, began rubbing at her aching Clit as they fucked. They had talked about it before and though Mimi had reassured him that she liked it, there was still some acutely male, greediness that it was not him alone that was making her spasm with pleasure. He knew that his mouth had the desired effect, that she would curse and grip the sheets when he took his time and fucked her from behind or lay back and let her engulf him. Now, however, in the face of passion and gluttonous expediency she lay out and let him fill her, luxuriating in the way he felt against her, the comfort of his body against hers, pushing her flat against the crates.

Mimi urged him on, knew he was close because of the way his movements changed and, in kind, rubbed herself harder. Sven shifted against her and groaned loudly, moving faster now his hips slamming hard against her.

“Shut up.” Mimi whispered the words against his neck, flicked his ear in reproach. Moments after, she added a breathless litany of curses, her body shuddering beneath him, words lost to orgasm. It was her slick spasms that brought the same to him, his hand jammed into her hip as he bloomed lily white between the dark of her thighs.

For a few moments they lay still, Mimi grinning against his salt graced neck. “You’d better get on your knees.” she breathed. “You’re so good at that, I want another one. Your tongue this time.”

“Stop it.” Sven kissed her and moved, tucked his wilting member back into his jeans. “You don’t need to sugar coat it.”

“Oh?” Mimi raised an eyebrow, sat up on her elbows. “Have you changed your mind about this? Do you like it now?”

“You like it and I get to spend more time between those thighs of yours so,” he hesitated, pulled a lupine smile at her. “I guess that’s what I like.”

“Are you blushing?” Mimi leant forward, ignored the dampness between her legs. “You are!” she laughed. “Come here.” she pulled him forward, his face cupped in her palms. “I love you, baby.” she purred, her mouth meeting his. “So cute.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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