Sharing My Mother’s Lover

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I was eighteen years old when my parents divorced. I didn’t know it at the time, but it turned out my mother had had several affairs. Since the divorce it wasn’t uncommon to see or hear her with different men almost every weekend.

While I led in bed at night, I would listen as some stranger fucked her senseless. Her bed would be banging against my wall as her drunken animalistic groans filtered through the house. Sometimes it would be over very quickly, other times it would last for hours.

In the beginning I hated her for allowing men to treat her in such a way. I would get upset as I heard some stranger calling my mother a dirty slut or a cheap whore as she begged him to fuck her harder.

I hadn’t had much experience with boys when all this started, but I knew enough to know that she was having the time of her life. I couldn’t help but caress my breasts as she groaned in the next room. I found it so erotic listening to two people fuck each other, even though one of them was my mother.

I would lay in bed praying that her lover would come into my room and do to me what he was doing to her. I would squeeze my breasts harder and rub my clit faster as their fucking got louder and harder.

I never let on, but I think secretly she knew that I enjoyed listening to her. Once I found a used condom in the bathroom rubbish bin. In the past I would have probably thrown up, but on this occasion it aroused me to find evidence of her latest conquest. I remember holding it up and squeezing the white fluid through the rubber material. It made me so horny to think that this thing in my hand had been tightly wrapped around some guys cock whilst inside my mother.

I took the used condom into my room and snipped it just below the knot. I hiked up my skirt and pulled my thong down to my knees. The cool air against my moist pussy lips made me tingle. I held the rubber between the thumb and finger of my left hand, while I rubbed my clit and pussy with my right.

With a clear head I would have thought this to be disgusting. But in my frenzied state of arousal it felt so right.

I spread my lips wide with two fingers and poured the contents of the used condom onto my pussy. As though electricity had passed through my body, I jolted as the cold sticky fluid landed onto my warm, wet pussy. I felt it slide down my lips and into my arse crack.

Immediately, I began to rub the sticky mess into my pussy. I closed my eyes and could hear the squelching noise coming from between my legs. It felt amazing, so naughty and so, so dirty. I didn’t even think about pregnancy as I slid two cum covered fingers into my soaking wet pussy.

It didn’t take long before I exploded into one of the most amazing orgasms Id ever experienced. Coming round from my sexual daze, I opened my hand to find the empty condom stuck to my palm. By now, I was so used to my mother’s antics that I would türkçe alt yazı porno happily go downstairs into the kitchen and get a drink, or make something to eat while she entertained her new “weekend friend”, as I grew to call them. I no longer dreaded the thought of bumping into them should they come out of her room.

This particular Saturday however, I went to get a drink not realising that she had come home early.

“I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to,” I heard a man’s voice say.

I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and turned around to go back to my room when I heard:

“They’re not as big as my daughters, but go on, feel how firm they are,” my mother giggled.

Like a peeping tom, I poked my head slowly around the door to find my mother topless on the sofa with a guy sat over her. The palms of his hands were massaging her breasts with circular motions. Pangs of jealousy shot through me as he took one her nipples into his mouth, forcing a loud moan from my mother. I became fascinated as I watched how she wriggled and twisted underneath him.

He lifted his head from her breasts, and they both smiled at each other. Moving closer to my mother, he opened his mouth and she accepted his kiss. There was no love in their embrace, but there was plenty of passion.

My pussy leaked its juices into my panties as I watched my mother reach for his belt and unbuckle his pants. My mouth suddenly went dry as he grabbed her wrists and pinned them down above her head. He pushed her skirt up around her waist and yanked down her thong, causing my clit to throb With my mother completely exposed, I watched as he climbed between her legs and rubbed her pussy with his cock.

I had experienced two real cocks by this point of my life, but not as big as his. My mother was still wiggling and twitching underneath him as he teased her with his large rod.

“Come on,” my mother snorted. “Fuck me!”

Her foul words excited me to the point that I wanted to be the one laying on that sofa. I wanted to be some bodies little slut, some bodies dirty whore, I wanted to feel his stiff cock filling my tight, inexperienced pussy.

My pussy practically gushed as I watched him slowly inch his stiff cock into my mother. As if it was so natural, her legs came up and wrapped tightly around his waist.

My mother let her head fall back and, as her head rested on the back of the sofa; she looked straight at me, and smiled.

My heart almost burst out of my chest as I jumped behind the door gasping for breath. I quickly realised my mother wasn’t bothered by my voyeurism, as she started screaming her usual obscenities.

Maybe she didn’t see me? I thought. No, she definitely saw me.

I listened behind the door for a few moments, but the excitement was too much to bear. I had to look.

This time I stepped into the hallway, determined türkçe ifşa porno to watch them fuck. I wanted to see the slut in her with my own eyes.

My mother was now lying on the sofa with her arse on the edge; her lover crouched between her legs, ramming his cock into her. Every time his cock disappeared inside her, my pussy would contract, as if taking those thrusts myself.

Their hips were slamming into each other, over and over again. I knew this wasn’t making love, it was raw sex, and I was jealous.

Suddenly, their thrusting stopped and he gave out a loud groan. I watched him tense up as my mother screeched with pleasure. At that moment I knew he was cumming, cumming inside my mother. I had never experienced bareback sex, but I ached to have him fill me up, the same way he filled her. What would it feel like to have a cock shoot lots of hot sticky cum inside me?

I felt the inner walls of my pussy pulsate as he withdrew his cock. It looked hard as ever, but slimy with cum dangling from the tip.

“Did you enjoy watching us, Sophie?” my mother asked, as if I had just watched them dance at a party.

I couldn’t speak. I felt no shame for standing there watching them, but I couldn’t react or say anything. I could only feel the fierce heat between my legs.

“You’re mother asked you a question,” the stranger said, walking towards me. I was so tense I couldn’t say anything; I just couldn’t open my mouth. My mother sat on the sofa smiling as she lit a cigarette.

“She asked if you enjoyed watching us?” he said, repeating her question. “You look a little hot and bothered there, Sophie.”

“Don’t be shy, Sophie,” my mother said, she then stood up and walked towards us. “You can tell us, you were turned on just then, weren’t you?”

The stranger kept his eyes on me. “Yeah, don’t be shy Sophie.” The way he stared at me made me nervous. He raised his hand and held my chin tight.

“Tell your daughter to relax,” he told my mother.

“Come on, Sophie. Relax, he’s nice. He’ll make you feel good.”

The stranger smiled at me, then released his grip on my face and had my t-shirt off and over my head before I knew what was happening.

My breasts were nearly bare, only my flimsy bra was covering them. He slid his hand over the smooth curve of my breast. I bit my lip, and my nipples hardened as I stood quietly in front of him while he undressed me.

“Join in if you want, Helen. I’m sure you’d like a threesome with your daughter.” He chuckled.

“I love threesomes.” My mother smiled.

He lifted his hand and planted it firmly over one of my breasts. I let out a groan and grabbed his shoulders. His fingers explored my breasts, cupping my soft mounds and lifting them out of the bra cups.

The stranger ran his tongue across his upper lip. “Awesome tits, Full and round, just like vivid porno they should be. And bigger than your mothers.” he said.

He weighed both of my breasts in his large hands, and then squeezed them roughly. My mother came up behind me and pulled at my thin bra straps, then removed the flimsy material.

“That’s better, now I can see you properly.” He grinned.

He pushed my breasts together hard, flicking his thumbs across my nipples until they hardened like bullets. My mother tugged at my track suit trousers, pulling them down my legs. I was left standing in just my thong.

I was led to the sofa and pushed onto all fours as he stood in front of me. He then grabbed a handful of my hair and raised my head from the sofa and his thick cock banged my face. His tool was now inches from my face as I watched it, hard again, bouncing around. His cock poked my cheek before he grabbed it and rubbed it across my face to my mouth. It was still slimy and smelling of sex.

My lips opened as I gasped. I tried to get up but my mother pinned me down, keeping me in place. The stranger edged his thick cock towards my mouth and the head slipped smoothly between my lips. This was the first time a cock had entered my mouth.

“Look at that juicy pussy, Helen. Just aching to be eaten.” He grunted.

I heard my mother giggling as she stood at the back of me and grabbed my cheeks with two hands. She gently ran a finger down my crack, smoothing over my puckered hole and pussy lips. I couldn’t help but moan as she buried her fingers inside my pussy.

“How deliciously tight,” she said. “I wish I had been this tight at eighteen.”

“That’s what you get for being a slut, Helen.” He said.

His laughter quickly turned to groans of pleasure as I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock. My mother mirrored the action of his cock in my mouth with her fingers, probing and pushing as many fingers as she could into my soaking pussy.

I opened my mouth wider over his cock, then closed my lips tighter and started to suck. His cock filled my mouth as he held my head still and slowly thrust it back and forth.

With every thrust of his hips, I felt my mother’s fingers go deeper inside me. He began to jerk back and forth, grunting like an animal, and nearly choking me with his last few thrusts. Then, he let go of my head and grabbed two handfuls of my hair as he pumped his cock into my mouth as fast as he could.

I didn’t know what to expect. I knew he was going to cum inside my mouth, but I didn’t know how to prepare myself for it. Suddenly, it was too late. The first jet went straight to the back of my throat, and I instinctively swallowed. I didn’t have time to decide whether I liked the taste, because jet after jet of salty hot cum kept landing on my tongue until it filled my mouth.

For the first time in my life, I was swallowing thick salty spunk. As my mother brought me to an earth shattering climax, he pulled his cock from my mouth and shot the last jet of spunk onto my face. As the last ripples of pleasure went through my body, I collapsed onto the sofa.

“Sophie, are you ok?” I remember my mother asking.

“Of course I am.” I whimpered.

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