Silver Linings Ch. 01

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It wasn’t late – some time after 10pm. I rang the doorbell with one hand while using the other arm to prop up Julie.

We’d been out celebrating the end of our university exams – I was 18 years old, first year exams finished and now just waiting for the results. I’d gotten to know Julie when she was assigned to me for my chemistry tutorial – she was a second year student tasked with helping the freshers get through the build up to the first year exams. She was 20, average height, freckled face and shoulder length red hair. She’d moved to the city at the start of the year and kept to herself for most of the time while she studied, so despite spending quite some time together we weren’t much more than casual friends. Then out of the blue, the day the final exam finished she asked me out.

“Let’s get wasted and celebrate!” she’d said – coincidentally this particular Friday was the final exam for borh first and second year students. She was shy-but-cute and didn’t have many friends at college so I thought ‘why not?’

I was the shy type myself – I was at uni in my home town, had friends but they were all still away at their own colleges for the next week or two which left me at a loose end this particular night. I was still almost-a-virgin (having had sex once, with my older sister’s friend at a party, but barely able to remember it) and I will admit that after she’d suggested we go out I’d had idle thoughts all afternoon about maybe getting it on with her.

Though it seemed that wasn’t to be the case. We’d hit a few pubs, then bumped into a few guys I went to school with in the park who were drinking neat vodka. We’d shared a drink with them but it looked like Julie acquired a bit of a taste for the Russian stuff, and half hour later she was having trouble staying upright. So there I was – after getting her address out of her I stood ringing the bell while keeping her from falling over. There was no reply after nearly a minute and I was about to ring again when the door clicked open and stood 2 inches ajar with a woman’s face peering out from behind it.

“Er… hi. Julie had a little too much to drink…” I stammered.

The door opened further and she said, “Are you Mike?” to which I nodded. “Nice to see she picked someone gentleman enough to get her home safely! Come in.” The door opened fully and I helped Julie across the threshold and past her mother who was wearing a dressing gown.

“She told me she was going out with a Mike tonight… first guy she’s been out with since we moved here,” she said as we both assisted Julie through the hallway towards the stairs. The stairway was wide, just enough for us to support her an arm either side as we ascended. Nearing the top, she continued, “Did she have vodka?”

“Didn’t think it was all that much, but…”

“Damn, she should know better – last time she tried it we got the same result.” Right at the top step her Mum stepped-up ahead of me and turned around to face us, so she could pull Julie up to the landing. Bad timing – at that exact moment I lost my grip and Julie started to fall back. In drunken instinct she reached out to grab something, catching the belt of her Mum’s gown and opening the front of it.

I glimpsed lovely pert breasts with at least one piercing, a smooth flat pale-skinned belly and an absence of hair where her legs met. Then quick as a flash she’d leaned forward and grabbed her daughter, heaving her upwards onto the stairway landing. I regained my composure and again we were either side of Julie, moving towards a bedroom doorway. A sideways glance revealed her Mum’s gown was still open, but facing the same direction meant I couldn’t see anything. She caught me looking though, and in the second before I looked away she gave me a small smile.

We entered the darkened bedroom and laid her onto the bed. In the light being cast from the doorway I saw her Mum’s silhouette tying up her belt again. As we left the room and headed downstairs she said “I’m Becky by the way. Thanks for getting her home… I guess that’s messed up your night hasn’t it?”

“Don’t worry about it,” I said, “just glad she’s safe.”

“Least I can do is offer you a drink before you go – like a beer?”

I nodded and she led me to the lounge then disappeared through into the kitchen while I sat into an armchair. She returned holding two open Budweisers and handed me one before sitting on the large sofa opposite me. She was short-to-average height, pale skinned with very ginger hair at shoulder length. I’d already seen she was medium build when her robe came undone – not big but curvy – and I realised she looked a lot like her daughter.

“How was the final exam?” she asked, and while we drank our beers we talked about uni, the city and the trials of student lifr. We finished our drink simultaneously which was her cue to get us another each. When she returned and we both had a new beverage she sat and there was a silence. I always speak without thinking when there’s an awkward olgun porno silence, and so:

“Did the piercing hurt when you had it?” Oops! Probably shouldn’t have…

“Yeah but it didn’t hurt for long. Now it makes my nipple lovely and sensitive.” Another pause. “I’m still considering getting the other one done,” she said, “but like the asymmetry of just the one.”

I wasn’t at all expecting what came next! Her shoulders slid out of the gown and it slipped to her waist, exposing her entire top-half. “What do you think?” Her breasts were small enough to not be dangling but big enough to give her a definite cleavage (at least if she was clothed she would have!). Her right nipple had a horizontal bar through it and her whole chest was covered in small brown freckles.

“Erm… very… I mean… lovely!” I think my mouth was hanging open!

“Do you think it’d look better with both pierced?” she asked with a sweet innocent tone to her voice. “Julie wants hers done too, I was going to take her to get them done next week as a reward for working so hard this year.”

Speaking of hard, there was something happening in my trousers…

“Is she having both pierced, or…”

Becky laughed then said “Look at us talking about Julie’s nipples! No, don’t be embarrassed… and no she wants just the one, like me.”

I couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed, I was turning just a little red faced! Though the beer helped – dutch-courage as they say.

“I got mine done a few years ago. Got another piercing just after I moved here… want to see it?” I nodded dumbly, and she stood, her robe falling to the floor. Completely naked, I saw the beautiful curves of her hips, her legs and her clean shaven mound. “You’ll need to come closer to see,” she said, “come sit here on the sofa.”

It was like I was in a trance – I stood, walked to the sofa and sat down. She turned to face me, still standing and inching closer to me on the edge of the seat. She stood with her legs slightly apart, her groin at my face level, her hand touching her belly then slowly sliding down until her two fingers reached the top of her delicate slit. She slowly ran her fingers between her lips and splayed them apart, revealing her glistening clit, complete with blue-gem stud through it.

“Do you like it?” I nodded. “Julie wants one of these too.” Then she stepped back, turned, and sat next to me on the sofa.

“She knows you have one?” I asked, surprised.

“Of course! We have no secrets… we share everything.” Her hand touched my thigh and slid along my leg to the bulge in my trousers. I throbbed under her hand and she turned her head towards me, leaning in real close so our faces were inches apart.

“Were you hoping to get laid tonight?” I couldn’t bullshit so simply nodded. She began to unbutton my jeans saying, “Me too.” My fly undone, she took hold of my cock and leaned in towards me, our mouths meeting and her tongue licking my lips. We began kissing passionately and my hand went to her thigh… she stopped and whispered “Come upstairs,” before standing and leaving the room.

I followed, watching her bare rear move as she climbed the stairs ahead of me and we headed for the room opposite Julie’s. As soon as we were in she pulled my trousers down, pushed me onto the bed to remove them, then pulled at my tshirt until I too was bare naked. My cock was solid and pointing at the ceiling. Without a word she climbed atop me, straddling my waist and guiding my erection towards her…

I felt her wetness on me, then around me as I slowly slid inside her. She was soaking wet so there was no friction at all to begin with as she pushed her hips downwards, taking as much of me in as she could. I felt guilty, how would Julie feel if she knew I was doing this with her Mum? But the guilt didn’t last long, as Becky began rocking her hips and as I watched her breasts move above me I sank into an ecstatic cloud of bliss. I was getting laid and that’s all I cared about!

I lay back and closed my eyes, feeling every movement as Becky fucked me. I didn’t need to do anything, she was on top and loving the control that came with it. The bed frame started to rattle as she increased her pace and I felt a growing warmth in my cock… I opened my eyes and watched her, with her eyes closed, concentrating on her pleasure. She was biting her bottom lip as if working hard on something but then began to moan quietly. From the corner of my eye I saw movement in the open doorway behind her. Half drunk and half fucked I realised it was the silhouette of a naked women who was starting to enter the room, laying down on the bed next to us while we engaged in our act. I felt her hand on me, caressing my chest, and I turned my head… and looked straight into Julie’s eyes!

She propped herself up with one arm and leaned over, her face above mine. She whispered “It’s ok Mike,” and then kissed me, before moving down to my neck and continuing outdoor sex the kisses until she moved further, reached my nipple and began to suck. Damn this felt amazing, the touch of two women at once drove me wild and suddenly I was moaning: “Fuck, fuck, I’m cumming, fuck yeah!”

I felt my cock spasm and twitch, the orgasm flowing over me in a way that wanking never achieved, and felt my cum start pumping into Becky. She drove herself down, pushing her pussy as hard as she could into my lap so I’d be as deep inside her as physically possible. With one final push I was finished and I turned to look at Julie again, but she had slid herself down the bed now, her head alongside her mother’s knees.

In complete silence, Becky dismounted me and side-stepped using her knees until they were firmly planted either side of Julie’s head, nestling her dripping pussy over her daughter’s face! Julie raised her head, burying her face between Becky’s legs and clamping her mouth over her cunt. I looked on in amazement as this girl ate her mother out, licking and slurping every drop of cum I’d deposited inside!

They carried on in that position for well over 10 minutes and my amazement became post-orgasm arousal. Watching this woman down on this other woman, a live sex show I never dreamed I’d see for real. Knowing their relation just made it more horny – so many things that are wrong feel so good! I was starting to wonder how much cum there was left, when I realised that things were well past that stage by now.

Becky’s body writhed and her breathing became heavy, small moans preceeded her whimpering, “Yes baby, right there… there… keep going… oh…oh… yeah fuck yeah fuck FUCK!!” Her daughter had just licked her to orgasm!

Becky slumped onto the bed, releasing Julie who sat up. She still looked drunk but that didn’t stop her from turning to me and crawling across the bed until she was laying along side me, pleading in my ear “Fuck *me* now Mike.”

I felt in a daze… half drunk. Julie started to kiss me, and I felt a tongue running down the length of my shaft before reaching my end, circling it, and then a mouth devouring it. I craned my neck and looked down the length of my body to see Becky sucking my semi-hard cock. She was clearly well experienced, quickly making me rigid as she sucked and Julie returned to kissing me. I was lost in a fog of sexual energy, a little wierded out by the mother/daughter thing but incredibly turned on by the double attention I was receiving!

Julie swung a leg over me and pulled herself ontop. I felt her knees either side of my waist and a pair of hands – her mother’s – guiding my now solid cock into her pussy. It was so tight… She began to grind her clit against me then moved into a kneeling position, straddling me and almost immediately cumming as a result. She began to ride me and I watched her face to begin with, then the gap that formed in between us as she bounced up and down on me, fascinated by the sight of the shaft of my cock appearing then reappearing.

But then my eyes were drawn to Becky – sat on the bed alongside us, watching me fuck her daughter with an eager expression on her face. She was smiling but I also saw… lust? Hunger?

My attention returned to Julie – she was now a far cry from the shy student I’d known her as; she rode me like she’d been doing it forever. She knew exactly what she was doing as she worked my cock and worked it good, bucking up and down in my lap, her petit breasts barely moving with the motion. She really did look a lot like her mother (bar breast size) and I began to picture the scene I’d seen earlier – Julie down on her mother, bring her to orgasm…

It proved too strong an image for me, picturing tongue in groove sent me over the edge and as I was on the verge of climax she returned to laying ontop of me and rolled us both over, so I was now on top and… fuck… yeah… yeah!

I came deep inside her, felt her tightening around me as I did. As the final twitches ended I slumped on her but she rolled me off, onto the bed next to her. Legs still spread, she pushed down with her feet, raising her pelvis in the air. Her mother knelt between her legs and buried her face between them, then they slowly descended back onto the bed together.

Incredibly horny but a little bit terrified – I grabbed my clothes and got dressed on the way down the stairs. I was already regretting my decision before I arrived home – did I really just walk out on a threesome? Granted, it was a little – unusual? But then what would be a “normal” threesome anyway?

So I got home and fell asleep the instant my head hit the pillow. In the morning I got up and joined my Mum at the breakfast table.

Now my Mum – she was an ex-hippy, ‘talk about your feelings’ kind of person, which wasn’t my (quite shy) style at all. But I felt I had to talk about what had happened the previous night with someone, I couldn’t keep it in.

So I told her public agent porno about Julie getting drunk, taking her home and being seduced by Becky. I left out the part about Julie joining us and what they did together though! Mum was sympathetic to Becky – “us older women have needs too,’ and even, “good for her” was said.

I started to feel a bit better about the whole thing – even though I hadn’t told her everything that happen she’d helped rationalise the evening’s events and I felt more normal. I thought no more about the conversation with my Mum, but then on the Sunday I got a phone call. It was Becky, she’d gotten my number from Julie’s phone book. Julie was out, would I come round to talk?

Feeling a little uneasy I agreed. When I arrived she greeted me at the door fully clothed and led me into the lounge. She was just pouring some tea so I accepted a cup. It tasted a bit odd – Earl Grey maybe? After an uncomfortable silence she said, “So last night… I hope you don’t think that’s normal for me – seducing my daughter’s boyfriends.”

I felt relieved, she wasn’t some man eater after all!

“But I did say we share *everything*… that wasn’t the first time we’d shared a man, though usually we do it together – consensually. You probably guessed it wasn’t a first when Julie…” She paused, then continued, “We both practice pagan rituals, she got into when she was 18, I’ve was practicing a long time before that. The act of a mother and daughter cleaning each other after sex goes back millennia. She became sexually active two years ago and eventually asked me if we could try it. We never did anything, erm, together before then.”

I must have been giving off a vibe, so she said “Hope that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. I’m not going to try and jump you again!”

“Though you’re obviously a very sexual guy… you did enjoy last night didn’t you?” I didn’t speak but she read my expression. “Well Julie’s not here and I’ve already promised not to try and jump you today… but I’ve got something for you though, call it a ‘thank you’ for last night,” she said. Oddly, I felt quite relaxed and when she stood up I followed. She led me upstairs once again and into her room. On the bed, wearing a full head Halloween mask was a naked woman, maybe late 40s. She must have been up here the whole of the fifteen minutes that we were talking downstairs. “She’s wearing ear plugs and a blindfold so can’t hear us. An old friend of mine… I told her I’d recently had an encounter with a younger man and promised I’d ask him if he’d…” her voice trailed off. The woman was older but in good shape, hairless except what was (presumably) on her head under the mask.

At rhe time I swore that Becky was some kind of witch with some kind of special sexual power – as I don’t even remember getting naked. All that talk of pagan rituals… My next memory of that afternoon was being ontop of that woman, throbbing cock pressed between her legs and slowly entering her. She let out a small moan as I did, gripping the cheeks of my ass at the same time, pulling me towards her. She felt very wet but her pussy was incredibly tight, there was something familiar about her – did she remind me of Becky? I started to plow her, building up quickly to fucking her hard. There was something about her… sure I’d had fun with Becky and Julie but this felt – animalistic?

There was something so very base-animal about what I was feeling, like my body and hers were designed to fit together, like this was the sole purpose for either of us. Our bodies locked into a rhythm together and she came within minutes – clearly trying to muffle her moans, but a definite orgasm. And again minutes later, finally a huge but muffled cry of ecstasy which pushed me over the edge, and I came too. My cock pumped my cum inside her as waves of pleasure began at it’s base and emanated throughout my body, a more intense orgasm than I’d ever felt in my life. I wished I could kiss her but the mask prevented it so I just lay there on top of her and kissed her neck instead as the final twitches of my member squirted the last drops of my seed inside her.

I half expected what came next – as I rolled off into laying alongside her, Becky (who I suddenly realised had been sat on the chair in the corner) stood and then all but dived on the woman and hungrily lapped at her slit, licking and sucking my cum from her. It seemed to send a shiver down her body with each mouthful, and ended within a few minutes with her rolling over onto my legs with an almost high smile on her face.

“You two taste good together,” she said dreamily. Then she seemed to descend back to reality and said, “You’d better go, this is more fun if you don’t see each other’s faces!”

Feeling a little dazed I quickly dressed and went downstairs, the urge to go home somehow stuck in my head. And so I did – returning to an empty house, I took a shower then switched on the TV and settled on the sofa in the main lounge. Our house was pretty big, when dad left he at least left us with the house which was really big enough for two large families – two houses part way through being converted into one big house. We still had two kitchens, several bathrooms and two lounges along with 6 bedrooms.

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