Staff Development Meetings Ch. 1-4

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As a school teacher at an elementary school in a well-to-do neighborhood, Allison had always felt lucky to be able to do something she loved and have a work schedule that allowed her plenty of time to enjoy herself and, when the time was right, plenty of time to raise her own children.

In fact, the only problem initially had been the lack of other younger teachers. Her husband Randi worked long hours and traveled often, leaving Allison alone to entertain herself. For the first few years out of college, it was difficult for Allison because her coworkers were all twenty to thirty years older than she was. However, the last few years had seen dozens of retiring teachers replaced by new ones that were Allison’s age.

Since then, Allison had formed a close bond with a group of about ten other teachers and the often went out after work on Thursdays for what they called “Staff Development Meetings” or SDMs. With plenty of angst and a lack of adult contact teaching young children all day, these get togethers often became displays of public drunkness or x-rated conversations at one of the teacher’s houses.

After a year, the group had nicknamed themselves the “Sexy Drunk Mommas” after the acronym for these Staff Development Meetings and the fact that they were all young women, almost always drunk at these affairs and often became quite flirtatious, especially the married teachers.

Of course, Allison had never let her husband know what happened at the parties beyond “a few drinks and a lot of blowing off steam.” Of the ten teachers that made up the core of the SDMs, seven of them were also married or dating and all of them were equally delinquent with their spouses in relating the whole truth about their Thursday night activities.

After a while, each of the women had done enough and said enough at these get togethers that there was an unspoken promise to keep what happened a secret. The actions of others had also emboldened many of the women to do more than they might have if not for seeing others having “a little too much fun” and admitting to all kinds of wild things.

This is the story of four very special Thursdays and how they changed several marriages forever.

Chapter 1

“And don’t forget to bring back your permission slips,” Allison said as her class of second graders fled out the door. “Otherwise, you’ll be spending our field trip in the principal’s office.” As the door closed behind the last child, Allison flopped into her chair and laid her head on the desk and reached for the phone.

“Are you ready,” Allison spoke into the phone to her best friend Karen, who also taught second grade.

“Ready, willing and available,” Karen, a single and very attractive 29-year-old said. “Everything you said except for the available part,” Allison responded, thinking to herself though how problematic kağıthane escort her love life had become and how nice it might be to be available.

“How about slightly available,” Karen asked, as if reading her mind.

“No way, Jose,” Allison said, blushing deeply about the thoughts she had just been having. “I don’t think you can be a little available.”

“We’ll see,” said Karen, impishly. Surprisingly Allison let that slide. She knew not saying anything would egg Karen on to have men hit on her tonight and she wondered why she didn’t say anything. Of course she knew why but she still knew that she would never let anything happen. In all the years they had been going out, “something” had only happened twice and it had never gotten too out of hand, although she could never let Randi find out about what she liked to think as little bits of nothing.

“Hello. Earth to Allison. Come in Allison,” came over the phone. Allison came back from her daydreams.

“Pick me up at 6:00,” Allison said and with that, she hung up the phone and headed home.

When she got home at 5:30 after running some errands, she found her husband Randi’s car in the driveway. Since he usually got home between 6:30 and 7:00 she wondered what was up, especially since he hadn’t said anything about coming home early.

As she opened the door, she heard the shower running. She peeked her head in and said, “Hi honey. What brings you home early.”

“Hi,” Randi said as he rinsed off his soapy body. “I thought I might come home and ravish my wife.”

“Oh that sounds nice,” Allison said. “Too bad I have to get ready for girls night. Maybe when I get back.”

Randi immediately was crest fallen. “Fuck,” he said. “I forgot it was Thursday. Damn. And you are always too tired when you get back. Are you sure we can’t have a quickie?”

“No, Karen is picking me up in fifteen minutes.”

“She can wait…or maybe she’ll join us,” Randi said in one of his frequent allusions to threesomes or other wild fantasies he had and wished the two of them might live out.

“No to the first part and yuck to the second,” Allison replied.

“So what am I supposed to do, jack off again and go to sleep,” Randi replied “You’re always either too tired, too busy or not in the mood.”

Allison shrugged her shoulders, sending Randi into a terror. He turned of the water, stormed out of the bathroom and took just long in enough to throw on some shorts and a tshirt and shout Fuck You before slamming the door and leaving. The phone rang just as the door shut.”


“How’s it going available,” asked a very happy Karen.

“Great, I have a pissed off husband, I’m in a horrible mood and I don’t have anything to wear tonight.”

“Fuck him..or better yet don’t fuck him,” came the replay. “Snap out sarıyer escort of the bad mood and go naked if you have to but I am not letting you ruin my plans to see you spend some time with a nice understanding hunk who will not only not be pissed at you but will buy you…and hopefully me…drinks all night trying to get in your pants.”

Allison smiled. Karen was always trying to set her up for some “harmless fun.” Allison chalked it up to the fact that, out of all the girls, she had been the most restrained of all the girls at these benders. Allison was pretty sure of the rest of them had slept with another guy other than their husband or boyfriend at the time and knew that they had all gone farther than she had.

“Don’t worry about picking out an outfit,” Karen said. I’m right outside so I’ll do it for you. Besides, since you’re my bait for free drinks tonight, I should decide how you’re dressed anyway.”

“Who said I was your bait,” Allison asked, “and why don’t you get your own drinks. Why do I have to be the one who has to get hit on all night.”

“Because you want me to make you,” Karen said and hung up.

Chapter 2

“That’s the last time I let you pick out my outfit,” Allison said as she got in Karen’s BMW.

“Oh come on, it’s obvious you haven’t worn that outfit in a while,” Karen replied. “Think of it as getting your money’s worth. Randi would be happy you are being so responsible.”

“This is not responsible and Randi would not be happy if he saw this,” Allison said. “This” referred to a very short dress that Allison had bought years ago when she was in a sexy mood and a top that she had only worn underneath jackets because it was a little too sheer.

“Okay,” Karen said. “Here’s the deal. Enough talk about Randi. Every time you say Randi’s name tonight, you have to drink a whole drink. If you say his name less that five times tonight, I will correct your homework for a month. Agreed?”

Allison was about to reply yes when Karen modified the bet, “And you can’t buy the drink nor can anyone you know. You have to get a stranger to buy it for you.”

Allison thought about it, knowing what Karen was up to but also knowing that she would probably win the bet anyway and that nothing would happen.

“Agreed,” Allison said.

Chapter 3

Thursday “Staff Development Meetings” always started promptly at 6:30 p.m., usually at a bar no closer than twenty miles from the school. At 6:30, the bars were usually deserted and the girls could have some fun talking basically amongst themselves.

By the time things started picking up, the girls were usually buzzed and ready to have some fun. Tonight, the fun was getting Allison to have to drink by saying Randi’s name. Allison had called foul when Karen told all the girls about the bet but they sefaköy escort had all pointed out that all was fair in love, war and drinking bets.

Allison made it fifteen minutes before Allison slipped, saying Randi’s name. With almost no one in the bar, Allison decided to hit the bartender up for a drink. She told him it was a dare and he very kindly let her off the hook, making her a very strong margarita.

Two hours and five drinks later, Allison knew the bet had not been a good idea. She was heavily intoxicated as the girls began talking about sex. It was now nearly nine o’clock and the bar was starting to fill up.

“Wierdest place you have ever made love,” Sarah, a deceivingly mousy teacher asked.

The answers ranged from the tame to the wilde and included “In his parents bed.” “In an elevator.” and “On a plane.” Karen didn’t answer. She didn’t want to share that she had once done it with Randi in a department store dressing room.

“In a department dressing room,” Karen said. All of the girls oohed. “Oh not me, Allison did it. I figured she had her mouth full and that’s why she wasn’t sharing.”

Allison had forgotten that she had once told Karen the story.

“Are you holding out on us, Allison” Sarah asked. Allison felt all of them preparing to gang up on her and have some fun now that she had been “caught” not being honest. “We all agree that we have to be honest and share everything here. How do we know we can trust you with our secrets if you are holding back.” “I am sorry,” Allison said. “I forgot about that. That was years ago that Randi and I did that.”

All of the girls squealed in unison “Drink” as soon as Allison said the magic word: Randi.

“Please,” Allison begged. “I already lost the bet. Haven’t I had enough to drink. Shaking heads told her she wouldn’t get out of the bet that easily.

“Come on, I’ll help you,” Karen said, dragging her out of her seat and pulling her over to a couple of cute guys who had come in the bar about fifteen minutes before.

Chapter 4

“I’ll bet you a drink that you can’t guess what color bra I have on,” Karen said to the men as they approached. Both of them were stunned by her boldness.

“White,” the shorter of the two said. Both were dressed in jeans and button down shirts; a dead give-away that these were probably nice guys with good jobs who wanted to have some fun and hopefully get lucky.

“Wrong,” she said and called the bartender over. “Care to go for double or nothing? I bet you another drink I can tell what color underwear your friend is wearing”

“You’re on.” It was obvious that both of them were warming to Karen’s wild antics. In fact. Karen was almost always wild, especially when she had been drinking. She thought nothing of showing her breasts, kissing and fondling strangers and talking openly about sex.

However, even Allison was surprised when Karen stepped between the taller guy’s legs, quickly unzipped his pants and inserted her hand. A second later, her hand came out with blue fabric from the man’s boxers.

“Blue,” she said as the man’s face reddened. “And you have nothing to be embarrassed about,” she added looking the guy right in the eyes. “What are your names?”

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