That 69s Show Ch. 05

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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Episode 5.

In Which Our Hero has A Lover’s Tryst

Jackie was sitting at the Hub, by herself, for once. Alone perhaps, but not ignored. Everyone in the popular teen hang out noticed that she was there. And they were all looking at HER! She loved it!

She was the talk of the Hub! Hell, she was the talk of Pointe Place! How had pretty, but skinny, tit-less, Jackie become the town tit queen?

Her breasts preceded her every where she went. They arrived seconds before the rest of her did, was the joke. Almost the reality! In the privacy of her bedroom Jackie continued to monitor her growth daily.

Every morning she rose and measured her wonderfully large breasts. She enjoyed the steady growth that she charted each week. The larger her breasts grew the more she enjoyed it. She was getting so LARGE!

This morning, using a standard ruler pushed between her boobs she figured that there was almost twelve inches between her rib cage and the tips of her still pointy, yearning nipples! She was still getting larger. It didn’t seem possible. She was already SO BIG!

The tape measure didn’t lie, though. She was, in fact, a true Tit Queen! Her original 30-B bra’s cups were now barely large enough to cover her nipples and aureola. The bra was too small to encircle her massive breasts! When she closed the hooks and pulled the cups under her breasts they were not even large enough to support her boobs. Those massive, unimaginably big tits simply overwhelmed it!

And she loved it! She loved the attention from all the men watching her parade around town. In her skimpy skirts and tight, tight tops she drew the stares of all the men! If she didn’t display inches of cleavage, she showed off her tightly toned stomach left uncovered by her sleeveless sweaters. She wore tops with spaghetti straps that exposed the massive straps of her increasingly large bras!

She had started trying to expand her bust line in an attempt to get the attention of Eric Foreskin. After watching him fuck hell out of three women in one afternoon Jackie had realized that what she had been missing in her sex life was a COCK. A huge, rock hard COCK that could push so far up her cunny that she had trouble taking a deep breath. A massive, freakishly long, thick dick that would spew gouts of cum over her face, her hair and her titties.

But she knew that she would have to have a huge set of tits to attract Eric’s attention. Eric was only attracted to women with a big set of tits. D cup or better, it seemed.

And so she had used the ointment her Mom had brought back from Mexico to develop her bust. Bigger and bigger she expanded. She began with a pitiful 30-B cup rack. And she had expanded. She had gotten bigger and bigger.

She had first hooked up with Eric when she wore a 32 Double G bra. That had been the hottest sex she had ever had! And that had been several bra sizes ago!

She and Eric continued to get together to fuck each other. Each had what the other craved! She had tits that would satisfy any titman and his dick was by far the largest Jackie had ever seen or heard of and he fucked like a raging bull. She had had more orgasms with him than she could count and he was able to fuck her for hours on end.

And sneaking around made it even hotter, Jackie thought!

Her reminiscing was cut short when three guys joined her at the table.

Annoyed she looked up to find Hyde, Kelso and Fes looking at her.

“What’s up guys?” hoping to keep the conversation brief.

“We’ve been talking between ourselves,” said Hyde.

“Yes, amongst ourselves.” chipped in Fes.

Kelso was admiring his reflection in the napkin holder.

“So?” she asked.

“So, what or more exactly, who, have you been up to? We’ve compared notes and you haven’t been with any of us in a long time!”


“So, why the dry spell? What’s up with that?” Hyde wanted to know.

“Well,” Jackie decided to be direct. “The truth is that I’ve got a guy that’s twice the man you guys are! If you know what I mean!”

“OH, BURN!” chortled Kelso. “She burned you guys good! Good one, Jackie, hahahahah!”

“Don’t laugh, Kelso! My new guy is THREE times the man you are, Mr. Dinky Dick!”

“Oh, that’s so wrong. Come ON! Guys! I’m huge!” Kelso’s pride was hurt. He was as vain as Jackie had ever been. And in this case, self-deluded.

“Uh-huh” grinned Jackie as she measured out about five inches between her hands. “Huge!” she laughed! Kelso was in fact the smallest of the three friends and Jackie knew it!

“That’s so wrong,” Kelso threw over his shoulders and he headed for the door.

“Fes, we’re wasting out time here. Lets go to Foreskin’s basement and have a circle!”

“Wait, you mean you met a man who’s twice içerenköy escort the man I am?” Fes questioned Jackie. “He must weigh over three hundred pounds! So fat!”

“No, Fes,” Hyde corrected as he dragged Fes away. “She means…” his voice faded as the door closed but Jackie could still hear Fes’s outraged voice yell.


Eric WAS huge, Jackie thought. And I’m huge too! She looked down with pride at the massive shelf her gigantic boobs made in front of her slender body. There might, there may be a bigger pair of tits in Pointe Place, she admitted to herself, but there was no one with a bigger breasts to body ratio than her!

Just then the bell on the door rang as another patron walked in. It was Eric. Without pausing, without acknowledging Jackie in any way he walked past her table. He dropped a slip of paper on the table as he passed which Jackie whisked out of sight as she gathered up her stuff and headed for the door.

The twosome seldom spoke to each other in public. It was part of Jackie’s attempt to keep their relationship private. Plus she loved the sneaking around! It made the sex even hotter for her.

Once in her car she unfolded the slip to read: “9 tonight. Behind O’Banion’s.” O’Banion’s was a deserted furniture store where she and Eric had first enjoyed each other’s company. Jackie figured that they would head out to Look Out Pointe as usual. Eric’s Vista Cruiser was large enough that the sex crazy twosome had plenty of room. They had used it often in the recent past, there were stains everywhere as a result of their passionate love making.

Hours later the Vista Cruiser pulled into a hidden spot at Look Out Pointe. They weren’t the only ones there but no one would bother them unless the police showed up. And that very seldom happened.

As Eric set the parking brake and turned off the engine Jackie removed her hands from his crotch. She had been playing with Eric’s giant dick since her ass had hit the seat. It stuck up from his zipper and if she hadn’t keep control of it it might have caused an accident if it got entangled with the steering wheel.

“You look terrific tonight,” said Eric as he turned to Jackie.

Her mouth claimed his for a long kiss before she drew back to let him take in all of her allure. Her legs were mostly exposed in the super tight mini skirt she wore. And she had them tucked under her. Her arm along the top of the seat was completely exposed as she was wearing another of her sleeveless sweater collection. She felt the sweaters showed off her improbable figure to the best. The sweater’s diamond pattern was stretched out of shape by the ridiculously large tits she proudly carried in front of her slender body. Even though she was wearing a bra tonight her boobs rode high on her chest, poking far out in front of her and projecting to her sides as far as the sweater would allow.

She was wearing her hair in pigtails on each side of her head. Some times Eric liked to grab her head and force her to stay down on his giant shaft as he was cumming.

“Thanks, Eric. You look good enough to eat!” They both chuckled. It was what Jackie alway said. And alway did. She loved sucking on Eric’s behemoth cock. With all the practice she had gotten over the past weeks she had become an excellent cock sucker. And she loved to do it for/to Eric. Some nights she had insisted on doing nothing but cock sucking and tit fucking that ended in more cock sucking!

For the next few minutes they exchanged kisses while their hands roamed over each other. Jackie stroked and petted his huge penis while he tried vainly to cup her bra encased tits in one hand. The other hand dove under her skirt and fingered her slit.

“Lets get you out of those tight pants,” Jackie urged while unbuckling his belt.

“Only if you slide out of that sweater,” he responded.

“Of course, lover! This is a new bra, you know.” she pointed out.

HIs ears pricked up at the news of a new bra.

“A new bra? Have you grown again?” His voice was eager. Her breasts and their expansion was of great interest to Eric. He was, above all, a tit man! Jackie had the biggest tits in Pointe Place and they were still growing as a result of her aggressive use of a breast expansion cream Jackie’s Mom had given her before leaving town. She had been determined to get Eric’s attention. She had succeeded!

“Yes,” she adopted a sad expression. “I’m afraid so! This one is a Double J cup Goddess Bra.” Her face lit up with pride as she spoke. She adored Eric’s mania for her ever expanding tits. She felt, correctly, that he loved her breasts and loved them more and more as they grew and grew.

The lovers continued to explore each other while slowly their clothes were discarded.

At last, Eric naked, Jackie gazed at her lover. Eric’s massive dick stuck kadıköy escort out more than a foot in front of his groin. The tumble from the water tower those months ago had screwed up his pituitary gland leading to the incredible growth of his cock. But not just his dick was affected. As he sat in front of her she could see that he was much more muscular than before. Still slender, he looked like a gymnast or swimmer in the peak of condition. He never did a push up or worked out. (Other than all the fucking he did!) But he was blessed with muscles on top of defined muscles. She reached out to stroke across his rock hard abs and then up and down his arms. He felt awesome to her questing fingers.

Suddenly no longer willing to wait for him she pulled him into the back seat and knelt between his legs. Smirking up at Eric she pulled his dick to her mouth and began to suckle lightly at the tip of his fourteen plus inch cock. Eric smiled down at the excited girl. She was a Size Queen he knew. If he didn’t have a giant penis she wouldn’t have given him a second look. But he did have a giant penis. So large that she had found a way to get his attention. To grow her titties from little titties to the gigantic flesh mountains that now hung proudly from her slender rib cage.

And those softly firm breasts were indeed MASSIVE! So massive that they brushed the floor boards as she leaned over his groin. She had grown so large in an attempt to get Eric to notice her and to get him to fuck hell out of her perfect little pussy. She had succeeded! Eric had indeed fucked the hell out of her. Many times. And now here she was. A petite little girl with the biggest tits in Pointe Place, kneeling between his legs and giving his amazingly gigantic prick a blow job few could match!

Eric watched as her boobs shivered and shook while she worked on his massive cock. Double J, Eric thought. Double J! A 32 Double J cup! Even what’s-her-name from the mall with the 48 inch bust line would be hard pressed to compete with a 32 Double J cup brassiere! He realized that Jackie was damn close to being the perfect girl friend. She didn’t even object that much to his fucking other women. Not that he bragged about it, but she had to know that she wasn’t the only horny, big titted woman that he satisfied with his gigantic, constantly hard fuck stick!

Eric relaxed back in the seat watching as Jackie gradually took more and more of the biggest, hardest dick she had ever heard of deeper and deeper into her throat.

The last time they had been together, in Eric’s room, they had shaved each other. Jackie had insisted on measuring him at the same time. Over 14 inches long! Almost 10 inches around! This, she knew, had to be the biggest dick she would ever get her hands on! That so excited her!

“Oh, God! You are the best! SO wonderfully good, Jackie. You suck the best cock! Your Mom should take lessons from you! She never could do what you’re doing with that amazing mouth of yours!”

Eric’s praise, comparing her to her Mom, made her glow with pride. Growing up she had thought her Mom a prissy ice queen. She had discovered that she was wrong. Watching, from Eric’s closet as Pam and Eric had fucked for almost an hour had shown her that her Mom was a SLUT! A big breasted SLUT that would beg to be covered in cum by a boy with the largest dick Pam had ever imagined!

And now here Jackie was, with that boy. That boy who’s dick now exceeded 14 inches in length! She could orgasm just at the thought! And she was! She was CUMMING! Being careful not to bite the dick which was most of the way down her throat, Jackie backed off while her orgasm swept over her in a wave of ecstasy.

‘This is so exciting,’ she thought to herself as she rested, panting in front of Eric. Resting her head on his thigh she looked up into his smiling eyes and then resumed her efforts. Eric’s eyes remained focused on the shivering tits that filled every cubic inch between Jackie’s ribs and the car seat. They bounced and quivered as she forced her mouth and throat down his shaft.

Down and down she went. She reached the farthest extent she had ever gotten on his gargantuan, more than wrist thick dick and paused. Then, with a determined effort she pushed her head down the final inch and a half that had always eluded her best efforts! Her lips were JAMMED against his hairless groin. Her chin resting on the sack that held his immense gonads. His balls could produce more cum than Jackie could easily consume!

“Oh, FUCK, Jackie, FUCK that’s good! SO good! You’re gonna suck the cum right out of my dick! You took it all! All of it! FUCK!” Eric shrieked as his dick started to pulse and flex in Jackie’s throat. As the cum rushed from his balls his, dick swelled, filling with the fluid Jackie craved so much.

Quickly she pulled back so that only his dick head kartal escort remained in her mouth. She wanted to taste it! She needed to savor the flavor before she swallowed his huge load of cum!

Blast after massive blast landed in her mouth. She held as much as she could and then started swallowing. As fast as she swallowed Eric was cumming just a little bit faster. A small stream of jism leaked from the corner of her mouth to drip onto her jiggling titties.

After finishing up drinking Eric’s sperm Jackie massaged the excess into her super firm, super large, Double J cup breasts.

Watching as the little girl with the giant titties worked his fluid into the skin of her breasts Eric found himself regaining thickness and solidity. Using one and then both hands he stroked up and down watching her work. She was sucking on her nipples, something that always got him worked up.

“Now what do you think I should do with this?” Eric asked. “I’ve gotten all hard again watching you play with your gigantic titties. It’s your fault you know! You need to do something about this!” His cock was waving in the air as he gripped it’s root with two hands.

“I’ll take care of it, Eric!” the overly excited girl announced as she raised herself up enough to enfold his dick between her beyond massive tits.

“I think I love to tittie fuck almost as I like to fuck this big dick! Almost as much as I love to suck this big dick! Eric,” she exulted, “I took it all! I was able to swallow all of your rock hard pussy pleaser!”?”You sure did, Jackie! You took it all and it felt so good! No one has even come close to doing what you just did!”

“I loved doing it!” she crowed as she continued pumping her vast tits up and down his amazingly stiff prick.

“Now for something else that I love to do,” she exclaimed. Sliding up his body, being sure to let him feel her tits rubbing on him as she went, she put her feet to either side of his hips while she crammed her tits into his face. Her cunt was just able to reach his upright dick. She slowly sank down and down onto his immensity. More than wrist thick, inch after inch sank into her sopping wet pussy while she wailed her triumph!

“So much,” she crowed again. “So deep into my poor little puss puss! You’re SO much more than anyone else could be!”

She pulled away from him briefly, her gargantuan tits hanging between them, shivering and quivering in excitement. While he watched she pulled her massive left tit to her sucking lips and then the other one.

Acting on instinct he pulled the unoccupied boob to his mouth and sucked her nipple as hard as he could. She was bouncing up and down, forcing more and more of his thickness into her greedy cunt! It felt so good!

Her orgasm hit with out warning. She wailed in pleasure while grinding her pelvis and her clit against his muscular body. He was such a GOOD fuck, she thought to herself again! I can’t be expected to live without this! I just can’t! It would be unfair.

Their hairless groins moved against one another as the couple ground the last few millimeters into Jackie’s spasming cunt! She was cumming and cumming. One orgasm following another in an endless stream. She struggled to hold onto her consciousness as the fucking kept going!

Ten minutes later, Eric groaned and dumped a huge load of cum into Jackie’s spasming pussy. His second ejaculation came as she was crashing through her fifth or maybe fifteenth orgasm.

Panting and groaning in happiness and excitement they rested next to each other for a few minutes until Eric’s searching hands and lips started to worship her titties again. He couldn’t ignore the largest tits he had ever seen as they quivered and shook! As they reacted to every movement she made. Even the act of breathing caused them to quiver enticingly atop her so slender body.

At Jackie’s request Eric shoved his now hard dick back and forth between her Double J cup titties while she smiled up at him and cooed her pleasure.

Moving downward then Eric drove himself to the depths of her cunt, pushing her to orgasm after orgasm. As she reached her third consecutive mind bending climax of this fuck he pulled out and spurted all over her tits while she milked his massive dick with both her hands.

Slowly, the two lovers regained their breath and got dressed for the ride back to Pointe Place.

“That was amazing, Jackie! You keep getting better and better!”?”And bigger and bigger, too!” she bragged! “I’ve got the biggest tits in Pointe Place. And they go great with the biggest cock in Pointe Place!” Her hands were caressing him as she spoke and she was using her arms to squeeze her tits together to emphasize how big they were to his staring eyes.

“Yeah, all of that and more, too! Now quit fooling around, we really should get back. Besides, I think you wore me out here, you Tittie Queen!”

“Hah! I don’t think you can be worn out! Besides, I’m not just a Tittie Queen, you know. I’m also your Size Queen and your Cum Queen. As long as it comes from you, I’m going to love it!” Gently she kissed him and slid back to her side of the car seat. Of course, she left her hand on his dick!

She might want to suck another load from him as he drove!

End of Episode 5

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