The Black Bikini

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(Author’s Note: This story is based on a memory. I was seven years old and attending a family reunion on the Oregon Coast. I remember walking in the sand and seeing a tall, full figured teenager in a black bikini, I remember because at that time the suits were pretty much brand new and you didn’t see many, I also remember wanting to be much older and able to wear something like it when I grew up…

I also want to tell everyone who is a fan to be sure and check out the Review and Essays section for a poll I have posted there as to how to end The Perfect Pussy, I am suspending the series until such time as I have enough suggestions to make the most of what the readers have said they want.)


The ringing telephone made Teqi Watson frown as she worked on a cake that would go the local library for its annual fund raiser. She had three more already finished, but this one was special and she wanted to get it right the first time. Another sharp ring from the shop phone made her hand jump and she cursed as saw the letting become a mass blob of golden frosting. “Damn.” Wiping her hands, she reached for the phone and growled as she answered it. “TEQI’S CAKE SHACK. SPECIALTY CAKES MADE TO ORDER.”

“Teqi, it’s Jazz, we…umm…we can’t find Hopper.” Teqi’s older sister sounded frantic. “We’ve looked everywhere, Jimmy said he saw him about an hour ago, talking to some man on the beach here, then that was it, and no one has seen him since.”

The worse known fear a mother can feel clutched at Teqi as she took in the news her son was missing. “You lost my son!!!!!!! Jasmine, why weren’t you watching him, what were you doing…no don’t answer that, I forgot that Richie is with you.” That was her sister’s latest lover and of course Jazz wouldn’t be watching as closely as she should. They would be too busy swallowing each other’s tongues. “I’ll be right there, where are you?”

“Paradise Cove, right under that new house they built here last year. The owner gave us permission to come down and…”

God, Teqi groaned, not that place again. She had to have been the only person in town who cheered when a developer got the land somehow and threw up a number of expensive homes over looking it, pretty much cutting off public access. It seemed to be intent on causing her grief though no matter what. First pain and humiliation, the loss of her virginity and a man who had made her feel like something worthwhile. It had given her Hopper though, and now it threatened to take him away.

Pulling off her apron, she went to the front of the shop and looked at Mrs. Ames, her clerk. “Ann, I need to go out for a while, Jazz has lost my son out at Paradise Cove, and can you lock up if I’m not back by closing time?”

Ann Ames nodded. “I’m sure he’s fine Teqi, the water is calm there and since they built those houses no one goes in the old caves any more.”

No, no one went in the caves anymore. Once they had served as shelter for the sudden rain storms that came up on the Oregon coast, and for others they had become the only part of the cove to offer any hint of privacy for lovers. Thinking about it, she was sure that Jazz and Richie hadn’t noticed her son wander off because they had no doubt been in one of them. Honestly, she was going to kill her sister. Didn’t Jazz watch the news, read the paper?

Part of her wanted to panic while the more reasonable side of her told her that Hopper was a eleven years old boy with a good head on his shoulders. He knew what to do in almost any emergency and what to do if someone tried to snatch him. Still, she felt a fear that refused to go away. God, no, not Hopper, she was all he had. More then she had ever expected in her life. She had taken on the whole world to bring him life and she refused to let him be taken from her so easy.

As she drove memories flooded over her. Back over a decade ago to her eighteenth birthday; this was when Jazz had given her the black bikini. She had looked at her older sister like she was crazy, there was no way she was ever going to wear it, her sister might like showing off her over abundant body in things like that, but not her. She didn’t like being tall and full figured. Maybe if she had been older, had learned to accept what god had given her as Jazz had, but she hadn’t. It was bad enough that despite the body from hell, she was beautiful, as beautiful as Jazz and the rest of her female relation. No woman in the Watson clan was ugly at all. Their mother, a tall, slender woman with bright blue eyes and striking white blonde hair that showed her Viking heritage, had been born with perfect features. The well shaped cheekbones, the full lips, the long slender nose, and slightly almond shaped eyes. Her face had been kissed with a golden glow that lasted year round.

From their father Tony, they had gotten his height as well and his bulk. Jazz and Teqi both had his striking black hair and their skin tone was a shade paler then his, making their violet eyes stand out even more. The two of them büyükçekmece escort were almost twins despite being born five years apart with a brother in between. Jazz had always been more out going then Teqi and still was. She had been married twice, had known more lovers then her sister cared to count and was raising three sons from three different men. Teqi knew her sister’s goal was to have a girl, and wasn’t going to stop until she did.

Teqi would have liked to have a daughter, but she didn’t mind having a son. Hopper was tall and slender for his age, and more like his missing father then he was like her. Andy had been tall like her, and slender but with broad muscular shoulders and they tapered down to a pair of nicely narrow hips that had fit between her thighs quite nicely. She had liked how his sandy colored hair and bright green eyes fit his freckled face and his mouth had felt on hers.

Catching where her mind was going Teqi frowned. This was not the time to be remembering how good he had fucked her that first time; making her loss of virginity more like a celebration of life then anything else. She preferred to remember at night, when the air was still and quiet and she lay back in her bed, naked while her fingers explored her in the way his had. Remembering how he had sucked on her nipples until they were hard little rocks and he had put his hand between her legs and stroked her throbbing clit until she had felt like she would go mad. How as she had cum for the first time while he had licked and sucked her clit over and over while his long fingers pumped in and out of her wet pussy.

She could still feel at times how his long, slender cock had felt as he slammed it past her barrier and took it away for ever. In the throes of cumming with more power then anything she had ever felt; the pain had been nothing. Instead she had wrapped her long legs around his waist and started to fuck him back as if she had been doing it forever. After wards he had just held her until they were both ready for more and spent the entire night in that cave making love.

After he had left like other summer visitors to her town, she had thought how funny it was that he had been the one who she did it with. After all, her whole summer had been ruined by his sister and a group of her friends. Just two days before, she had gone to the beach with her sister and while Jazz went off with her current boyfriend Teqi had laid on a blanket trying to work on her tan. His kid sister and her friends had made sarcastic remarks about the bikini and her size every time they went by, which had been nothing new in her life. Especially from girls like them with perfect bodies and the sun bleached blonde California looks.

The worst of it had come when she fell asleep lying on her stomach. One of the girls had crept up, untied the sides to the bottom of the suit, and then untied the top at the neck and back. Then they had put cut out letters at the middle of her back and laid them out so they would stand out. When Jazz had come back to the blanket two hours later, it had been her roar that woke Teqi up, causing her to startle and come up to see what was wrong, her suit had fallen off her, and so had the letters “FAT ASS” now burned into her skin. Jazz’s boyfriend had been the only one with sense enough to throw a blanket around her, and the laughter of the girls had been all Teqi heard as she ran to the car.

Teqi had refused to go back to the cove for almost a week after that and when Jazz had finally wore her down, she went dressed in jeans and a t-shirt even if the weather was in the nineties. She had been glad to see the girls were gone but been surprised when Andy had come and sat down beside her. He had been the best looking man in the world to her young eyes, and he had actually been smiling at her.

“I came to apologize for what my sister and her friends did to you the other day. They have been shipped home and put on total summer grounding. My mother was so embarrassed, and I never saw my dad so mad in my life. We tried to find out who you were and where you lived, but no one would tell us, the girls seemed to have pissed off a lot of the locals with their little stunt.”

That hadn’t surprised Teqi when she thought about it. The local folks were all close knit and stuck together against the summer crowd who invaded them. “Well, tell your folks I appreciate their concern, but it’s nothing new, I didn’t want to wear the damn thing anyway. But telling my sister Jazz no is like trying to tell a seagull it can’t eat fish.”

“Well, still, I liked it. It would have never happened if I hadn’t left to go have a couple beers with a guy I met fishing down at the pier. I’m Andy, by the way, Andy Montrose, and you are…?” He held out his hand.

“Teqi Watson, my folks own the bakery in town.” They had shook hands, and Teqi had felt a reluctance to give his back, not that he had seemed to mind.

“Teqi, fatih escort that is a cool name, but I’ve never heard it before…”

She had smiled shyly then. “Its short for Tequila, mom swears the night she got pregnant with me was the night her and dad were at the bar drinking Tequila Sunrises. So, hence my full name is Tequila Sunrise Watson.”

Andy had nodded. “I like that, it’s totally original. What is Jazz’s?”

“Jasmine Wildwood Watson, we have a brother name Whiskey Sour and a sister named Southern Comfort…my folks drink a lot…” She had seen him laugh at that, and had thought it was the most wonderful sound in the world.

They had spent the afternoon talking and she had discovered he was in his third year of college at UCLA. He had spent seven years in the Army before he had decided not to reenlist again, and had started college after a year of becoming unmilitary. “So,” he had told her, “that means that I am twenty nine years old. The oldest of four kids and not inclined to play stupid games.”

No, he hadn’t been and when Jazz came back with her boyfriend from exploring one of the caves, it had been close to dinner time. Andy had taken them out for burgers and afterwards they had gotten beer and gone back to the cove. He had been curious about the caves and armed with flashlights and the beer the four of them had went to the one Jazz preferred. They had built a small fire and settled back to drink beer and just relax, it had gone that way until Jazz and Phil had decided to start to play and they had not been very private about it.

She had been young but not stupid and when she saw the bulge in his jeans, she knew Andy was getting horny. The problem was so was Teqi. So, she had settled closer to him and let her hand accidently slip down to the bulge. That had been all she needed to do, he had looked at her with a smile and closed his hand over hers. As she had rubbed it softly, he had bent his head and kissed her slowly.

At least it had started out slow, but it had become more heated and more demanding from both of them. Soon her tee shirt and bra had landed somewhere else along with his shirt, and they had been as bad as Jazz and Phil, uncaring of anyone nearby. He had kissed her over and over while his hands explored her breasts and the rest of her body in a way that no boy had done it before. Over and over he had whispered how gorgeous she was and how he loved the feel of her body under his hands. He had sucked her nipples and licked and caressed them while she had felt her lower body flood with juices from her pussy. When he finally got her jeans off, he had groaned with pleasure at her moisture.

“My god Teqi, you feel so hot and wet, it’s like a rainforest down there, all hot and steamy.” Trying to swallow her tongue, he had run his fingers up and down her slick slit and run his thumb over her clit. At the same time she had been stroking and caressing his swollen cock and more then once she had dipped her head to taste it and take it into her mouth. Now, he had looked at her and the unasked question had been in his eyes.

She had sucked him while his fingers worked at her pussy and more then once she felt his fingers probe at both her pussy and her ass hole. She had wanted to tell him he could pop her cherry if he wanted, that she had no need for it around here, but instead he had been easy and gentle with her as she swirled her tongue over his cum filled balls.

Suddenly he had gripped her head and put his cock back in her mouth and began to pump in and out. “Oh God Teqi, I’m going to cum honey, I can’t wait anymore. I got to cum in your mouth or go crazy…” His first shot had felt like a bullet hitting the back of her throat but she had swallowed him quickly and each shot after that. When it was over, she had expected all of it to be over; instead he had laid her back on the blanket and opened her legs to look down at her pussy. “Hmm, so sweet looking, I need a taste of that. I love sweet pussy Teqi.”

She had needed it as well as he got his thumb working on her clit while he used his other hand to send his thumb into her pussy and a finger into her tight ass at the same time. Soon he was fucking her with one hand and sucking and biting at her clit like a mad man. Her moans grew louder and louder as she felt the tension in her build. Then as if she had been hit by a strong ocean breaker, she began to cum, the lava flowing out of her she had cried out not caring that her sister and Phil could hear. “Oh my God, Andy, I’m cumming, yes, I’m cumming and it feels so fucking good, don’t stop Andy, please, don’t stop.”

He had; but only long enough to slam his cock into her and fuck her almost senseless through more cums and hard, relentless fucking. Over and over her cries had echoed in the cave and each time had seemed to drive him on even more until his balls released another full load of cum. “Teqi, I’m cumming honey, I’m cumming in your hot, steamy esenyurt escort pussy. I can’t stop baby, I can’t stop and I don’t want to. Fuck me baby, fuck my cock slam your cunt up to meet me baby. I’ve never fucked a woman like you before, so hot and wet and as hungry for me as I am for you, never dreamed of it being like this with anyone!”

When he had shot his final bit, he had collapsed on her and together they had worked hard to regain their senses. Not that they had stayed sane for long, over and over through the night they had shared the hot sex and loving aftermath until near dawn they had fallen asleep.

She had woken alone, Jazz and Phil still sleep but Andy had been gone. A piece of paper left behind to even tell her it hadn’t been a dream.


My dad came looking for me shortly after the sun came up. I didn’t want to leave but we had to head for home today. Vacation time is over love, and I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again. I know you may not believe this, but I fell in love with you last night. Not a lust — love kind of thing, but something I’ve never felt before. So I hope I do see you again and that someday we can be together for more then one night. I’m putting down my name, phone number and address. Call me, write me, and tell me you feel the same. I’ll miss you and if we never meet again, know I will always remember and love you.



She had cried then, cried until there was nothing left. Shoving the note in the pocket of her jeans, she had gone out of the cave and into the water of the ocean. God, her night had been so perfect, it had almost felt like a dream. She had known then that no one but Andy could ever make her feel the way he had.

For days she had written him letters, intending to mail them all. But when she had gone to find his note, all she had found was a ball of paper that had gone with her jeans through the washer. A call to UCLA once she discovered she was pregnant had revealed that yes he had been there, but a family emergency had caused him to leave school. No, they couldn’t give her his home address or phone number for privacy reasons. No, they didn’t know if or when he would be back.

So it had gone for the last twelve years, she had kept Hopper and raised him even while she went to the local college and learned business management, when her grandparents passed away, she had been left enough to start a small business and in the last five years it had done well. The Teqi Cake Shack had a prime spot on Main Street and while she would never be a millionaire, she was comfortable.

Over the years, she had met men, even dated, but none of them had ever come close to how Andy had made her feel that night, and she had never once regretted keeping his child. Now her sister had misplaced him. She felt that same rage and fear in her now as she pulled up behind Jazz’s SUV. But where were the police, the Coast Guard? Why was her sister standing on the porch of a house smiling so big and brightly? And where the hell was her son?

Even as she climbed out of the car, a tall, slender body came running from behind his aunt. “Mom!”

They met half way to the porch. “Hopper, where were you? What have you been told about running off…?” Even as she hugged him, her fear made her yell at him almost. “Oh god baby, you scared me half to death.”

He looked up at her with beautiful green eyes. “I’m sorry mom; it was Aunt Jazz and Andrew’s idea. They wanted a good reason for you to come here today.”

“Andrew, who the hell is Andrew, and what do you mean they wanted a good reason…what the hell is going on Jazz?” Her sister was walking toward with a grin on her face.

“Just a misunderstanding sis, come on in though, you have got to see this house. It’s gorgeous. Come on, you should be glad Hopper is safe and not in the hands of some pervert.”

Teqi wondered what the hell was going on. “I need a drink…” The words slipped out of her mouth even as she crossed the threshold into the most beautiful house she had ever seen. Who ever Andrew was, he had to be rich. Maybe he was a rich pervert.

“Did I hear someone say they needed a drink?” A male voice came from behind a room divider and it was one that sounded oddly familiar to Teqi. Before she could move, a tall, well built man in his late 30’s or early 40’s appeared in front of her holding a tall glass with a twist of lemon on the edge. “Will a Tequila Sunrise suit you, or will a Whiskey Sour do instead…?” His bright green eyes sparkled as brightly as his son’s. “Hello love…”

“Andy?” She looked at him in disbelief, “you’re Andrew?”

He nodded. “I plead guilty Teqi, but come on in and sit down before you fall down, you look in shock.” He took her arm and led her into a huge living room that overlooked the cove. “I’m sorry we gave you such a fright, but Jazz told me how hard you work and that you would never come out here without a good reason. Hopper was the one who suggested it actually. He is my son isn’t he?”

She nodded. “Yes, I tried to get in touch with you as soon as I knew, but they said you left school.”

He nodded, looking saddened for a moment. “Dad had a major heart attack at work right after we got home. Threw us all into a state of shock, he passed away right after school started up and I had to take over the family business.”

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