The Cambion Chronicles Ch. 03

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The alarm clock buzzed annoyingly, 6:15 AM. An aimless hand tapped on the nightstand, finally smashing it. The noise ceased, the woman went back to sleep.

Fast forward a couple hours and the same woman opens her eyes wide and lifts her head, realizing what had happened. The alarm clock now showed 8:26 AM. Samantha rolled off of the bed, falling on her knees and stumbling in a rush. She went to the bathroom, looked at her messy face in the mirror, scratching one of her green eyes and letting out a sigh as her vision cleared. She had a pale complexion, straight, raven-black hair. It was cut short on shoulder length, but had that “cyberpunk style”. The fringes were longer on each side, they fell slightly past her shoulders at the front. Then, the hair was cut progressively shorter on a perfectly straight line as it moved on the sides until it reached the back of her head where it became very short.

She washed her face the best she could, started applying some makeup. Sloppy shadows around her eyes, blood-red lipstick. Finally, she put on a necklace that ended on an inverted pentagram. Samantha put on her worn-out black leather pants and ankle boots. She didn’t even take the time to change her sleeping crop top, a band t-shirt that had been cut shorter, showing its age with the discolored “grey”. She put on her short leather jacket and just grabbed her very bright, green backpack, full of chains and other decorative stuff hanging from it. The girl rushed down the dirty stairs of the building, passing by partially broken windows, a lot of dust on the glasses, some holes were covered with glued plastic bags.

North Jefferson was a cozy, small town. A lot of its houses and buildings were regulated in their layout and architecture. Imposed height and style limits, endless rules for building new structures. This is why to expand in the speed that the modern world demanded they had built “The Glades”, as it was called. This neighborhood was full of buildings and popular, standard housing. It was also where most of the industry around the town was located. Samantha was used to it, after living a lifetime here. There was always some weird smell in the air, the occasional homeless person in the streets. An overall neglect of visual pollution and a very bland sense of taste defined the architecture at the Glades. Huge ad boards were everywhere, the light posts were filled with even more posters, and the buildings were nothing but functional, with very few exceptions.

She looked out the window of the bus as she rode to the main town. It took almost forty minutes to get there, central North Jefferson felt like a completely different place. The Glades were the price paid for preserving such a cute, hospitable village. Only the very rich could afford to live downtown, their maids and house servants most likely lived at The Glades. When Samantha got off of the bus by North Jefferson’s main station, she could already see her sister waiting for her, arms crossed and an expression she knew all too well, “Two and a half hours, Samantha!” Helen almost shouted at her sister.

One could barely tell they were related, as Helen was at least five inches taller and had bright, long, red hair descending to the middle of her back in soft waves. It was her natural hair color, a copper red that could rarely be replicated by artificial colors. She had the same pale complexion as Samantha, but with freckles on her cheeks, some on her shoulders, arms, and chest too. While Samantha stood at about 5’2″ with a tight, petite body, her sister was at least 5’9″, showing a much wider frame. She could easily have been some kind of athlete in her younger years, maybe still was. She wore a beautiful, black summer dress, down to the middle of her thighs with a loose skirt that moved with the wind as she walked. It was clear that she had a very different style compared to her sister.

Samantha just protected herself, raising her hands as she walked past her sister. “I’m sorry! The alarm didn’t ring!” she lied shamelessly, blocking the strikes from her furious redhead who swung her purse on her back and shoulder.

Helen stopped, taking a deep breath and adjusting a strand of hair, “Fuck it, whatever. You are hopeless anyway, let’s just get on with this. Did you bring everything?”

The brunette grabbed her green backpack and opened it as they walked, showing the contents to Helen. With a nod the redhead reached in the bag and grabbed a small pouch, Samantha did the same. The two girls turned a corner behind the bus station, stopping by a mostly isolated alley. Helen pulled an apple-sized crystal orb from her purse. She held it in her hand, the pouch in the other and took a deep breath focusing. Samantha used her free hand to wrap it around her necklace and joined her sister.

Closing their eyes, they spoke words in Latin, to any unsuspecting spectators it looked like they were praying. A soft breeze blew through them for a moment. Samantha opened her eyes and let go of her necklace. Instead of falling canlı bahis back on her chest, it began floating, as if it wanted to escape. She smiled, removing the necklace and holding the chain in her closed fist. The inverted pentagram hung free, it was pulled by some sort of invisible force, like the magnet in a compass. Helen smiled and nodded, “Alright, let’s find this bastard.”

The two sisters wandered the streets of North Jefferson. Samantha kept her hand with the necklace in her jacket pocket, pulling it out discreetly from time to time, to see where it was pointing and follow the directions. They wandered, having to go back from dead ends and discuss alternative routes to follow the general direction indicated by the necklace. By the end of the hour, both girls were approaching North Jefferson’s main catholic church. The necklace was almost flying out of Samantha’s hand as it was pulled towards the open entrance of the church. “No way!” Samantha exclaimed in disbelief.

Helen had the same confused look on her face, looking around the front garden of the church and up the building’s facade, “You think it can even hide here?”

Samantha shrugged, “Demons are smart, maybe it figured it would be the last place we would look?”

As they talked they heard steps from inside the church, a tall figure walked out of it. It was a black woman dressed as a nun. Both sisters could see her big curves under the habit she wore, which she somehow managed to make look tight around her hips and breasts. The nun was bringing some kind of vase outside, placing it in the garden. Samantha raised her fist again, the necklace followed the movements of that woman perfectly as she paced around the front garden. Both siblings glanced at one another realizing the situation. The nun approached them with a smile, Samantha quickly shoved her hand back in her pocket trying to hide what she was doing.

“Can I help you, girls?” the nun’s voice was sweet, it almost didn’t match how tall she was. Significantly taller than Helen even.

“Ah.. we are… we are just doing some sightseeing… didn’t want to… bother and all,” Samantha said nervously.

The nun kept her expression intact, clearly not buying it. She looked at Helen to see if the redhead had a different, better answer. Nothing for several awkward seconds.

“Can you give us a moment to talk?” was all the redhead could think of saying, pulling Samantha by the arm a few feet back and away from the nun. They began whispering to each other, unaware that Kristanna could hear every word they said.

“That can’t be the Nabassu that escaped! She is a fucking nun! A big, voluptuous nun, for sure… Still a nun!” Helen remarked, trying to be discreet and failing.

Samantha shook her head, looking at Kristanna with the corner of her eye, confirming she was just standing there, waiting with a puzzled expression, “I don’t know sis, do you think it possessed her or something?”

The redhead shook her head, “It’s got a body already, that’s our biggest problem, remember? It wouldn’t sacrifice its true body to possess anyone. You must have fucked-up the tracking spell!”

Samantha frowned, “You fucked up! I did everything right!”

Their conversation was interrupted as the nun spoke, “Excuse me, why don’t we start this again. I’m sister Morgan, who are you?”

Samantha tried to smile, it was horrible, “S-Samantha, this is my sis, Helen.” The redhead waved with a smile that managed to be even faker than her sister’s. Samantha continued, “We don’t look very much alike, different fathers. Our mom is an adventurous spirit.”

She was almost knocked away with the punch Helen landed on her shoulder, widening her eyes in disbelief, “Why do you have to say that every single time!” The redhead looked at Kristanna, “You’ll have to excuse my sister. She has a few loose screws. We are new to town, we heard so much about the North Jefferson church and wanted to see it. Very beautiful!”

Kristanna could see through their obvious bullshit, especially having heard their conversation. Who were those girls? How did they know about demons and spells? “What’s a Nabassu?” Kristanna asked, cutting the crap.

The sisters were disconcerted for a while, they looked at each other, then back at the nun. Samantha let out a frustrated sigh, “Ok sis, we’re blown. Just glamour her and let’s redo the tracking spell, this is pointless.”

Helen raised her crystal orb and looked at Kristanna. She spoke a few Latin words, the same breeze from before blew her red hair slightly. Kristanna’s heart raced for a while, they were doing something to her! But then she felt nothing. The look of surprise on the girl’s face turned to fear as they stared at the nun. Kristanna barely understood what was going on, until she noticed the familiar feeling in her eyes. The pleasant warmth that emanated when she had her true nature exposed. Those women had forced her to show her true eyes, molten in color, lizard-like pupils. Kristanna gasped in surprise, covering bahis siteleri her face with one arm to make sure people around didn’t see anything. Her other hand tapped on the top of her head checking for horns, at least that wasn’t out, nor her tail. “What the fuck are you doing!” she asked as the two sisters slowly backed away.

“It didn’t work! It didn’t fucking work!” Helen said in disbelief. Samantha swallowed, her heart racing. The nun was, in fact, a demon. “We are so dead! Fuck! FUCK!”

Kristanna took a few seconds to gather herself, her eyes slowly lost their glow turning back to their human appearance with the hazel color. She watched the sisters with confusion, realizing they were about to break out and run. If they did that Kristanna couldn’t chase them. It was already hard enough to walk around concealing her massive cock and balls, let alone run, “Hey, look. I don’t know who you are, or what you did. But I think we should talk, ok? Please, don’t freak out, let’s talk about this.”

The sisters stopped backing away, they looked at each other, then Samantha looked at Kristanna, “You want to talk?” There was a lot of skepticism in her tone.

Helen continued their inquiry, “A demon that wants to talk? What kind of demon are you?”

The black nun cringed as they talked out loud about this, too loud for her taste. She looked over her shoulder, afraid that Father Falon would have heard the altercation and could come out any second, “I’m a Cambion, ok? Look let’s talk somewhere else. I can answer your questions, just… just not here.” The two sisters showed no reaction, they just stared. The nun began to walk back towards the church, “Meet me for lunch around twelve at Mancer’s Diner, it’s just two blocks down that way. I gotta go.”

As Kristanna walked back in the church, the two sisters rushed away. Helen was losing it, “Nope! Not meeting anyone!. Let’s go home, she knows nothing about us yet, sis! We could just disappear! That was not who we were looking for!”

Samantha pondered, she seemed much calmer than her sister, “I don’t know, Hel. We were looking for something much worse than that, we should be glad we didn’t find it. Full-on claws, soul-sucking, possibly flying demon? And you are afraid of the nun? She said she was a Cambion, maybe she could help us.”

Helen couldn’t believe those words, she turned to her sister, clearly upset, “Help us? You want to make a deal with a demon now. You know those never end well, mainly for the party that isn’t a fucking demon! What kind of demon Cambion even is? I never heard of it, you’re the demonologist in the family. But I know it can’t be good!”

Samantha nodded slowly, sure of herself, “Yes, I’m the demonologist. Which is why I think she can help us. Cambions are only half-demons, I don’t think she can steal our soul with a deal or anything. We just need to find out what her other half is, she didn’t seem to know much about her kind and its reputation for… you know, being demons. This is an opportunity, sis! Besides, now we have hit a dead-end anyway. If we use our tracking spell again it will likely lead us right back to her. It was already hard before, but now that she is interfering with it we will never find the Nabassu.”

Helen hated how right Samantha sounded, she always did that! There was nothing to add besides irrational fear now, “But… what if? And if we… Fuck, ok. Let’s give this a chance. But if she sucks the souls out of our bodies it’s on you.”

Samantha chuckled, “Relax, it’s a diner. She won’t do anything in such a public place.”


Samantha and Helen sat across Kristanna. Their nails taped on the table, some country music played quietly in the background of the diner. There was an awkward and tense atmosphere in the air. The place was mostly empty, only a few locals having lunch, minding their own business at faraway tables. Kristanna switched her gaze from one sister to the other, trying to read them. “You are witches, aren’t you?” she just said out loud.

Samantha nodded sarcastically, “Are you sure you are just a nun? I think you might be Sherlock Holmes.” Helen punched Samantha’s shoulder hard, but her sister didn’t stop, “No seriously, great deduction skills, I’m impressed.”

The redhead let out a sigh shaking her head at Samantha. She promptly turned to smile at Kristanna, “Yes, we are witches! Please don’t mind her, she has no manners… Mrs… demon.”

Kristanna held back the laugh, her eyebrows raised as she let out a soft smile, “It’s fine, I like sarcasm. I admit I am not the most versed in this world of witches and demons. Which is why I wanted to talk. You seem like you know a lot. I want you to tell me what you know, I want to learn.”

The petite brunette looked at Helen, then back at Kristanna, taking the charge of the conversation, “First I’d like to know what is your demon half. You said you’re a Cambion, but many types of demons can make Cambions. Which one are you?”

Kristanna stared at bahis şirketleri them for a moment, they were already teaching her things, even if they didn’t realize, “I’m a half-succubus.”

Samantha tried to hide some of the excitement in her eyes, but failed, “Oh! The kinky demons! Ok, alright…” Helen elbowed her again, she didn’t even care this time, just proceeding, “So here is the deal. We were tracking a Nabassu, nasty demon. Very smart, big claws and such. But instead we found you, and now we are at a crossroads, pun intended.”

Kristanna just sat back, the demon pact reference probably flew right over her head “The things we know, they are precious to us. A witch deals with secrets and information. We are as powerful as what we conceal. Now, if you want to know these things you’ll have to give us something in return. Me and sis here are risking a lot just talking to you openly about this, you know?”

Kristanna already liked this girl. They certainly shared the pragmatic business sense. The nun nodded softly, “I see, makes sense. I guess it would depend on what you’d want me to do. I’m just a nun, after all.”

Samantha narrowed her eyes, she knew better than to underestimate a Cambion. “Just a nun my ass,” she thought as she looked at Kristanna’s “attributes”, visible even under her loose habit. She was barely passing as a nun with that body. And that wasn’t even the scariest thing about her. It was in the eyes, there was something about them. A depth, a cunning evil. The small flash at her true eyes back at the church came to

Samantha’s mind again, sending a shiver up her spine. “Righ, sister Morgan, is it?”

Kristanna replied promptly, “You can call me Kristanna, or Kris, for short.”

Samantha replied with skepticism in her voice, too approachable, “Right, Kris. We need your help tracking the Nabassu. Better yet, send it back to hell. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it was summoned a few months ago. Something thinned the veil between worlds and it managed to crawl in here while we were performing a harmless ritual.”

It was more than clear that Samantha chose her words carefully, revealing only what she wanted to. Emphasis on “harmless”, which probably was the biggest lie in that whole story. Kristanna listened patiently as Samantha continued, “To a human, Nabassus can be deadly. I mean, we were tracking it but we honestly had no idea how we were gonna kill it. We are just happy it wants to stay here in this world so bad that it has been very discreet so far. If you agree to help us find and kill it, I agree to teach you all I know about demons.”

Kristanna took a few seconds to process all that before she replied, “And do you think this Nabassu demon won’t be so deadly to me? What makes you think I am even capable of helping you?”

“I know it won’t be so dangerous to you. We tried to glamour you back at the church, remember? It’s a simple spell, makes people forget their short term memory, we get to plant something else with a little story. Like that little thing in MIB, know the movie?” Kristanna seemed clueless, the witch continued, “Anyway, it didn’t work on you. Instead, it seemed like your demon half came forward to guard you against the spell. That’s what we don’t have going on for us. You see, me and sis here, we’re just humans. Yeah, we have some tricks, but ultimately our chi is limited. It will take us a lifetime to develop the kind of power it takes to go face-to-face with a Nabassu. We just had no choice since it was our mess to clean.

“Now, if I’m not wrong, you can drain chi, right? You can cheat the system, cast spells without a focus, do things we can’t. You’d be our muscle and I’d be your teacher.”

The nun seemed a bit puzzled, “When you say “chi”, you mean sexual energy, right?”

She could almost hear Samantha and Helen’s brain working, connecting the dots. Both of them blushed a little bit, “Oh… right. Of course, that’s what you call it! You’re a succubus. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. The name is not important, chi, energy, soul-essence, vital force, juice, ju-ju… It’s within all of us, certain activities have the power to elevate it, like sex… other activities drain it, like using spells. Witches work very hard to increase their chi, make sure we have more of it, learning how to increase it temporarily and permanently to power our spells. You on the other hand just have a lot of it by the very nature of your being. And you can drain it with a touch! I can show you much more if you agree to work for us. What do you say?”

The black amazon looked around, then back at the two witches. Helen was sweating, swallowing dry, she didn’t say a word all this time. She was visibly scared, and that was a good sign. It meant Kristanna was capable of much more than she ever realized. She wasn’t aware of how dangerous she could be, and not only in an intimate context (that much she knew).

“Ok, we have a deal. As long as you teach me everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! I want books, I want lessons, I want to read scrolls. No bullshit. And you’ll have to prepare me to face this demon you are looking for too. If I notice you are stalling, the deal is off and good luck with that Nabassu… thing. Whatever it is.”

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