The Party

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Lauren had met a man on the Internet. They had chatted for several days, each having similar interests, they decided to meet. However, she was skeptical about meeting him for the first time. Dan happened to live in a small college town about four hours away. He was planning to have a small party at his house, just a few of his tattoo clients and other friends. Knowing her friend Catherine had once attended the small college, she asked her to ride with her and go to the party. She was excited at the chance to relive some of her wild college days and accepted the invitation excitedly.

It was a long drive and the closer they got, the more nervous Lauren became. They stopped at a local grocery store to pickup some beer and Smirnoff Ice and continued with the directions to Dan’s house. Parking in front of the house, they took a deep breath, gathered their overnight bags, alcohol, and walked up the front door. Lauren was greeted by Dan’s familiar face and she introduced Catherine to him. They walked into the house and were greeted by a room full of people.

The party was in full force, the room full of laughter. The variety of music was great, everyone taking turns of his or her favorite type of music. Everyone was dancing and the alcohol was flowing liberally. Lauren and Catherine had a bit of making up to do, wasting no time they opened their bottles. Dan took Lauren on a tour of the house and to find a quiet, more private place to talk and get to know each other better. Catherine, on the other hand, looked around the room at the other people in the room, taking a sly inventory of the men. She sauntered over to the couch, sat down, and joined in the conversation.

She saw him from across the room. He looked young, but he was very charismatic in his conversation about music, but he had a devilish twinkle in his eye that she found irresistible. She walked over and introduced herself; his name was Jack. They quickly picked up a witty banter and the more they chatted, she found out that he was 19 years young, but wise beyond his years.

Jack and Catherine spent the next few hours talking, laughing, and dancing. After a while they noticed the room had cleared out and they were the only ones in the room. A slow romantic song was cued up on the stereo and he took her by the hand for yet another slow, embracing dance. This dance was different though; their eyes met knowing instantly what each other desired.

Jack led her to the bedroom, canlı bahis closed the door and lit a single candle. He turned, faced her, and pounced on her. It happened so quick it was almost primal. Their lips met and they wrapped their arms around each other. Her arms worked their way up his shoulders and around his neck. Her fingers ran up the back of his neck and into his hair. She made a purring noise as he moaned into their kiss. Their tongues danced freely, each enjoying the taste of each other. His hands slid down to the small of her back and pressed himself against her. His hips gyrated against hers; intensifying the increasing need they both felt growing between them.

Jack gently lowered Catherine to the bed both still intertwined. He lifted off her only long enough to divest himself of his shirt. She ran her hands down his bared chest and looked hungrily at him once again. She nibbled on each nipple making them hard. Jack moaned softly, rolled back over onto her, and gazed down at her face watching the candlelight reflect in her eyes. He leaned down and caught her bottom lip with his teeth, teasing her lips, and kissing down her soft sweet-smelling neck. She purred softly as she moved her hips, grinding against him, feeling his cock grow stiff. Her hands reached around him and moved down to his lower back, pressing his cock against her aching clit. Jack made quick work of removing Catherine’s clothing; she now lay bare beneath him. Her hands proceeded down to unbutton his jeans and lowered the zipper, sliding her hands over his tight ass. She grabbed his tight cheeks in her hands, kneading the flesh, and pulled him tightly against her once again. Catherine moved her hands towards the front of him, feeling his hard cock now throbbing between them. She gasped in amazement at the length and girth of him, she was giddy with excitement. She silently prayed that his youthful stamina would also be as impressive.

She took his long, hard cock and rubbed it against her swelling clit. He moved around on her, into the infamous 69, and began licking her clit as she moved to take his cock in her mouth. He put his arms around her upper thighs so that he could keep her spread wide and still for his tantalizing assault. Using his fingers to spread her lips as his tongue teased the swollen bud. Catherine gasped and tested the restraint of his thick arms, unable to move she just moaned in delight. With his hard cock in front of her, she began her own bahis siteleri torturous adventure. She licked up and down the length of his hard cock, suckling on his balls before she finally took him in her mouth. She licked his swollen head and blew her warm breath against it. She knew this had the desired effect as she felt his body stiffen. She slowly moved her lips over his head, her tongue licking around it a few times before she swallowed his hardness. Jack began to fuck her mouth slowly careful not to rush her. She could hear Jacks muffled moans vibrate against her wet clit.

Both close to their first orgasms, and both wanting to prolong the ecstasy, Jack repositioned himself in the missionary style. Catherine took his slippery cock and guided his throbbing shaft inside of her. He slowly entered her until he was buried deep inside her and remained motionless. The tight fit of his hard cock almost made her cum at that point. He leaned down and whispered in her ear “how’s that feel baby, damn…you’ve got a tight pussy.” Catherine could feel her eyes roll back in her head and felt a warm sensation rush down her back with his warm breath against her ear. Her pussy clenched onto his cock, holding it tight within her. She could feel Jack’s hardness throb deep inside her. Jack slowly started sliding in and out of her tightness. At one point, just when he was about to exit her dripping pussy, he rammed it back in quickly making Catherine’s head buck off the pillow and dig her nails into his back. Seeing the desired reaction to his hard thrusts on her, he pounded her tight, wet pussy a few more times. Bringing her once again to the brink of a cataclysmic orgasm only to once again change positions on her.

Jack rolls Catherine’s heaving, breathless body over and pulls her hips up. He leans down and starts licking her dripping pussy from behind. Paying particular attention to circling his tongue around her clit and nibbling on it. He runs his hand up and down her pussy lips and firmly taps her clit. Jack smiles as her body jerks in reaction to the love tap. He takes his cock in hand and drags it up and down her moist slit. Jack reaches for a hip to hold onto and positions his cock at the entrance her heated pussy and with a quick thrust, buries it once again deep. Catherine screamed into the pillow grasping the sheets in her hands. He fucks her hard this way, reaching up and grabbing a fistful of hair in one hand pulling her head back towards bahis şirketleri him as his other hand reaches and pinches a nipple. She felt him lean against her back, biting her ear, breathing heavy in ear. She could feel his cock stroking her g-spot. Catherine at this point is whimpering and moaning loudly. Each forceful thrust bringing her closer to the soul shattering orgasm that is about to overtake her, Catherine screamed at her release not caring who could hear.

Panting, she fell onto the mattress, wincing as he grabbed an ankle and flipped her on her back once again. His cock slipped back inside her throbbing pussy, he leaned back far enough so he could watch her tight pussy lips swallow him back inside. He watched as his cock stroked in and out of her, lifting his hips just so that his shaft would make contact with her swollen, throbbing clit. Jack reached around her right leg and lifted it over his shoulder, pounding her once again with force. She writhed under him, lifting to meet each deep stroke. Jack leaned down and suckled on her ample nipples, biting them. He grabbed her hair once again and pulled on each side her head, using it to give himself leverage. Catherine’s arms wrapped around his lower back, pulling him to her tight, and once again milking his cock with her pussy muscles. Arching her back off the bed, his cock kept up the steady pace as she once again screamed out in ecstasy.

Jack, feeling his own orgasm imminent, withdrew from her and straddled her chest. He pointed his cock to her parted moist lips. He ran his head against her bottom lip making her open her mouth in a reflexive response. Catherine moved her hands around his ass cheeks…holding them…squeezing them. She slid her hands between his legs to fondle his balls. She anxiously awaited his seed as she felt his balls harden. She was ready for him. Her mouth opened and her tongue licked her lips as the first drop of cum was shot into her awaiting mouth. She swallowed, licking her lips, lifting a bit to lick his glistening head. She took his semi-hard cock in her mouth and milked it for every last drop of his tasty seed.

Jack collapsed on top of Catherine. Both could feel their hearts racing and neither could talk over an audible whisper. They lay in each other’s arms and waited for their breathing to return to normal. He stroked her arm and kissed her on the forehead and asked what she was thinking. She responded with an evil grin “I’m thinking I would like to fuck this 19 year old once a week”

They both giggled and realized that neither had seen Lauren and Dan in a very long time. Both Jack and Catherine drifted off into a blissful sleep, both completely relaxed and spent.

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