A Bottle of Cris and…

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A Bottle of Cris and a Thousand Bucks

“Hey baby, why don’t you wear the tight red one from last Christmas’ party?” I said to my lovely wife as we were dressing to go out for another wild night on south beach.

“The red one? I can’t wear that one silly, you remember it got ripped on the side the last time I wore it, why are you playing?” she said.

“Oh shit, that’s right. How could I forget about that dress? Damn but that one looked so sweet on you that night.”

“Yeah it did, but we had more fun after it was off, didn’t we?” she replied.

Last Christmas…

“Yo, wassup brother?” I said to Marcos my best friend.

“Ah, chillin dog, hey this party is gonna be off the hook, the party boat is leaving from port of Miami at 8 pm and once we hit international waters, its on kid. Gambling drinking and dancing till we pass out and the boss got the boat just for us this time, they’re should be about 100 people on board not too crowded but enough room to play.” he said.

“Is Renee ready, cause me and Rosa are good to go, I’ll come by and scoop you up now and we can get there by 7.”

“Let’s do this son, I’ll have the Remy red on ice when you get here”

So off to the party we were, myself in an Armani exchange cotton pullover and slacks, form fitting on my 6′ 2″ frame of pretty well defined body if I might say so. Shit all those hours pumping and sweating better get me some good results. Rosa in her bad ass red Dior that I just bought her, accenting her petite and tight 5’4″ body. The dress was tight and low cut showing off her creamy brown back and plump C cup breasts and always-hard nipples.

We were a pretty hot looking couple together and even hotter when the club was playing some salsa music as we worked the rhythm of the music better than some dance shows could ever dream of. Marcos and Renee were another hot number themselves as we shared our love of dressing and dancing together. Renee was wearing a slinky little black number that night, and as usual no bra as she loved showing off her tremendously firm and perky b-cup breasts and incredibly shapely ass of hers. Yeah I gotta admit sneaking a few peaks at my buddy’s wife over the capa escort years. That long blond hair and white skin on his wife got me thinking what a lucky couple of guys we were.

We got to the party, and wasted no time getting down to business like true players had to. Straight to the blackjack tables we went with a bottle of Cristal Champagne on ice and quite a few winning hands in front of us. I soon found myself up about $1200 bucks and Marcos was about $1500 in the green. That was good enough for us we thought as we had better go find the women and get some dancing in before they go off and jump ship on us. So we searched for the club and found our ladies tearing up the dance floor to some new merengue jam by Oro Solido, they were dancing together and damn they looked good hip to hip and breast to breast. We quickly stepped in and took our wifes to tell them the news of our winnings and get us another bottle of the bubbly stuff. We sat and laughed and danced some more before we decided to head towards the cabins for the nightcap.

We got to the cabin and found it to be pretty comfortable for a mid size casino boat. Enough room for a close to king sized bed, and enough room to walk around in as well. That was perfect enough for us however the problem was that there was only one cabin reserved for the both of us with no more available.

“Fuck it kid, we just gonna have to share tonight”, Marcos said which elicited a giggling spree from the women.

“What’s so funny about that?” I said.

“Oh nothing”, they both replied.

“Well let’s open this last bottle of Cris and share that before anything else, whadda ya say?”

As we sipped on the champagne my head started racing and when that happens I can’t always control what I say or do, so when Marcos said , “Hey guys I don’t know about you all but I’m one horny motherfucka how bout I give you all $500 and you let us have this room for the rest of the night.”

I responded by saying “How bout I give you $1000 and you let me fuck the shit outta your wife?”

“What the fuck did you say, Carlos? You wanna give him money to fuck me. Are you stupid, give me the money and I’ll fuck you myself.”

“You topkapi escort liar you wouldn’t do that, would you?”

“Show me the money and you’ll see, and um Marcos you know you gotta take care of my girl here too. This ain’t no free show brother man. Lay down the cash for Rosa let’s do this shit.”

We looked at each other once and saw no problem on each other’s faces and said let’s do this then. Our wives actually made us give them the money as if they didn’t trust us before they would approach us lying on the bed. The ladies approached us slowly and began dancing and winding their hips in a most seductive manner as we lay on our backs in the bed. The girls began rubbing against each other as we found them earlier on the dance floor and slowly began exploring each other’s bodies and removing each other’s clothing. Rene pushed my Rosa on her back towards the bed, which caused Marcos and I to get up and out of the way and make room for our hot wives to get busy. Rene became the aggressor and lifted up my wife’s dress and exposed her clean shaven pussy to everyone in the room.

“Damn Dog, does her pussy always get that wet?” marcos asked.

“She gets wet, but damn that’s crazy.”, I said as I noticed the entire inside of her thighs down to her knees were glistening from the wetness.

Rene began rubbing her face between Rosa’s thighs and looked up at us with a shiny face full of juices. I watched as she began nibbling on her outer lips slowly and gently, pulling and tugging on them while opening her slightly more each time without the use of her fingers. Rosa was moaning loudly and the expression on her face was one of pure ecstasy. I had to wonder if this was their first time together??? All I knew was that I was paying for this shit and I didn’t pay to watch, so off came my clothes and Marcos’ as well. I stood behind the licking Rene and pushed back my wife’s legs towards her head fully exposing that beautiful pussy for her eating purposes. Standing above Rene, who was on her knees, my balls were just hanging above her head and Rosa reached down and began stroking my cock to full strength. Marcos got on the bed above my wife sariyer escort and began pulling her dress up and over her head exposing her full nakedness to the room. I quickly got onto the floor and layed on my back under sweet Rene’s sweet pussy as she sat on my face and began riding it without missing a beat on Rosa’s snatch.

Marcos leaned forward on the bed and with skilled hands spread Rosa’s lips apart and opened her hole for Rene’s tongue to delve into her pussy and explore her sugar walls. That was all it took to set my sweet baby past the point of no return and the impending orgasm grew and grew till the explosion was both loud and active. Rene began grinding harder as she reached a lovely orgasm on my face as well.

Marcos and I got up at this point and bent both of our wives over the edge of the bed ass up and face down and we both entered each other’s wives from the back as the girls turned toward each other and began kissing passionately. Marcos and I kept in sync with our strokes and he turned and said that he bet me another $100 bucks that he could make my wife come faster than I could his. I just laughed and began giving Rene the long stroke as I pulled out to the tip of my cock and banged in back in quickly before it could come completely out. The race was on and soon enough I had his bitch screaming on my dick as I began laughing in victory. “That’s a hundred black! Pay the man!”, I said. Rosa than reached her orgasm in a close second place behind his wife.

“Would ya’ll shut the fuck up and fuck us again!”, they both said in unison.

Rene pushed me on my back onto the bed and quickly sat on my face as my wife sat on and began riding my dick hard. Marcos came up behind her and pushed his cock into her asshole and stretched open from the double penetration. “Oh give it to me, more, more, fuckin fuck me harder guys”, she screamed as we wore her holes out with cock. The sensation was different as I could feel the pressure of Marcos’ cock pressing on mine through the thin walls of my wife’s ass and pussy. It soon set me off as I filled her pussy with hot cum as I ate Rene’s pussy. Marcos was not far behind as he too filled her up with spunk. We both pulled out and watched as Rene quickly dove down to eat all the juices out of Rosa’s two holes.

As she finished licking her dry the ladies turned to each other and said, “Not too bad for a thousand bucks, huh. Don’t tell them but I would’ve done it for free”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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