A conversation with Dee Ch. 05

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Dee plucks up courage.

(Several days passed without contact with Dee. Finally, when we were together again, no sooner had I connected with Dee than she had to go into a meeting. I had already told her about my chat with Emily May whilst she had been away.)

‘I’m back! You ok Sarah?

‘Better now your back.’

‘Me too. Missed you.’

‘You’ve been a busy lady this last week.’

‘Very. How was your gf? Did she cum?’

‘Over the top – me too. Oh – you mean the 18 yo? Wow!!’

‘Yes, Emily May. Oh you bad girl, did you enjoy her?’

‘She is insatiable. Are you wet already? Shall I re-acquaint my fingers with your wonderful, beautiful pussy?’

‘Anticipation is killing my poor pussy. Thinking about you two. Are you wet as well? Oh Sarah, I want you between my legs.’

‘I do remember the delicious taste, and the heady scent of your gusset. Who could ever forget it?’

‘Eat it my darling. I’m all yours.’

‘Sucking the whole bunch of labia into my mouth, chewing and rubbing my nose against your clit, big and swollen with desire.’

‘Playing with your nipples. Feeling them grow. So wet. Panties off.’

‘Desperate for your touch again. Sticky fingers probing your bum, head between your thighs enjoying the taste and the aroma.’

‘Oh baby, yes. I love the idea of that. Wanting to suck your nipples while I play with your pussy. Sucking your gorgeous tits. Use the carrot Sarah.’

‘Mmmm – how did you know I had a carrot in my bag??’

‘You always have special tools for me. Can we face each other, sitting. Pussies facing.’

‘I can spread apart your lips to expose the dilated bursa escort vagina, oozing with your delicious juices, and slip the large 10″ carrot into the secret passage – slowly – watching your lips close over the shaft.’

‘Oh yes. Kissing you as you fuck me.’

‘Deeper and deeper – in and out. Fuck me Sarah.’

‘Deep and slow, my pussy pressing on your knee.’

‘Oh baby. Omg. Kissing you. Ride my knee. So wet.’

‘Grinding against your leg, ready to cum on you.’

‘Oh baby. Close. Ride me.’

‘Carrot fucking you faster, faster and deeper, my pussy riding your leg.’

‘Rub that pussy Sarah. Fuck me darling. Use that f word. Omg.’

‘Fucking you – Fucking you – Fucking you.’

‘So close. So wet. Fuck me. Yessssss. Aaagggghhhhhh.’

‘I can see the plentiful juices on the carrrot.’

‘Baby I want you so much – Ohhhhhhh.’

‘I’m putting the carrot against your mouth to lick. Smearing it over your lips – then kissing you.’

‘Sucking it, we are both sucking it. Kiss me. Aggghhhhh.’

‘Squeezing those wonderful tits, rolling your nipples between thumb and finger, erect and hard, cumming to a delicious climax.’

‘Suck themmmmmmm – Ooohhhhhh.’

‘Cumming with you – sitting on your face, grinding my pussy against yout mouth and nose. The carrot stuffed back into your vagina. Fucking you hard with it.’

‘Babyyyyyy. Cum darlingggggg. Omg. You are so hot. OMG. Licking your juices. Play with my tits Sarah. Eating you. Sucking your clit. So big. So wet. OMG baby … Oooooh Aaaarrgh! CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING.’

(A pause while we regain our bursa escort bayan breath.)

‘Wow Dee – just as fantastic as ever. Still breathless.’

‘You and me both. Licking my little penis. Sucking it … out of this world.’

‘Mmmm your big clit is a little penis Dee. I shall always suck it til you cum for me. phewwwww!!!’

‘Omg Sarah, that was soooo hot. Missed you.’

‘Was that a big one – or two?’

‘Two actually, one small and one huge. The f word turns me – now blushing. Did your hubby make you cum?’

‘Well, with a bit of help from my fingers.’

‘Lol. How’s Sue? Have you seen her in the week.’

‘As lovely as ever. Tuesday coffee break!! As usual. Probably see her in church on Sunday. But we are very careful to behave in public – be ‘normal’.’

‘Must be hard. Did you fuck her?’

‘Oh yes – and she me, for about an hour.’

‘Is either of you dominant?

‘Take it in turn!!’

‘Omg – I wish.’

‘Mmmm … how’s your gf? Have you still not suggested sex?’

‘She’s good, thanks. We still chat about your stories, but no sex yet.’

‘Oh – is she into reading them? I hadn’t realised that. And what does she say?

‘She does like reading them and she squirms. I want to put my hand on her thigh while she’s reading, but haven’t yet. Thoughts?’

‘Why not do that? Just rest your hand there and give her a soft kiss on the neck – ask her if she’s feeling horny.’

‘I wish I could.’

‘You know her best. If she’s not game, she’ll just brush it off.’

‘That would be wonderful, I may try that. bursa sınırsız escort Ok. Omg I’m so turned on now.’

‘If she gets excited reading them, I would think she’ll be open to your advances. Just encourage her.’

‘I will. Wish you were there to encourage and guide me.’

‘You’ll be OK – courage! Have you asked her what she thinks of my stories?’

‘No not yet. I will today though.’

‘Have you expressed your own thoughts to her?’

‘I’m too scared for that. But – what the hell – I’m determined to do it. She’s coming for coffee this afternoon. I’m finishing work soon. You make me so horny.’

‘If all is silent between you after reading the conversations, I am pretty sure she’s just waiting for you to make a move – ok – I’ll send you a PDF of my chat with Emily May. Then you can show it to her. Think positive. She can’t eat you – well, perhaps she could, and that would be so nice!’

‘Omg. I’ll try.’

‘Do let me know what she says. Good luck. Go for it darling!’

(That was Friday. On Monday, a victorious email … )

Hi Sarah darling,

What a wonderful Friday afternoon, omg. I pretended to be in the bath when Pat arrived. I came down with my hair wet and a towel around me. I told Pat to wait in the lounge, make a coffee etc but also said I’d had the note from you and it was on the table if she was interested. I waited a few minutes and crept down the stairs and peeked into the lounge. She was reading your note, BUT she was touching herself as she read it, it was such a turn on.

I went back up and put on my sexy french knickers and a silk robe. My nipples were so erect. I went back down, and as I got into the lounge Pat was still reading and playing with her boobs. I set opposite her and started chatting, then casually asked her if she had read the note, she blushed and said yes. She was looking at my nipples….. OMG … I’ll fill you in on the rest when we chat…

Love you

Dee xxxxxx

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