A Couple and the Guy Next Door

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Face Riding

On outward appearances, Kevin and his wife Linda seemed to be the typical couple in their neighborhood; a beautiful house that they now owned free and clear, thanks to Kevin’s successful business.

Their sprawling bedroom even had a Jacuzzi in it, a conversation piece among those who visited their home, where they entertained often and were a hit among most of the other neighbors, save for a few conservative, cranky ones.

But every couple has its secrets, and one of them was that though Linda was straight, Kevin was bisexual; much as he loved the mind-blowing sex he had with his wife practically every night, Kevin also had had affairs with men in the past.

Most women would have been turned off or totally disgusted by the thought of being with a bi man, but the first time she had seen her husband in bed being fucked by another well-built stud, it had aroused her immensely.

She’d already been in a few threesomes with both Kevin and a couple of his male lovers; there was something about having two hard cocks at the same time that really got her going in bed.

She and Kevin had brought a woman into bed with them once, but it wasn’t as hot to either of them as him doing his wife along with another guy.

Kevin always knew he was “different” from his early teens; while he still liked girls, he also found himself drawn to certain types of guys as well

He preferred dark haired men with good bodies and tight asses. In high school, Kevin would sneak peeks at guys in the locker room after gym class while they all showered; he did it discreetly as not to be caught and outed as a ‘fag.’

His secret attraction to both women and men continued through college until his senior year, when he and his roommate had gotten drunk one night.

Kevin had found Michael hot and often had had sexual fantasies about him, but never told Michael how he felt until they had tossed down a few shots too many at a New Year’s Eve party at their apartment.

The next thing Kevin had known, Michael had spilled his guts, saying he really liked men more than women before he and Kevin had begun rubbing each other and kissing passionately.

Michael had gone down on him, sucking Kevin’s cock until he exploded down Michael’s throat.

From there, they had gone into Kevin’s bedroom, where Michael proceeded to have sex with him, fucking Kevin with a vengeance before both of them shot off their respective orgasms.

They had graduated not long afterward and never saw each other again; by this time, Kevin had started his own business and had met Linda, a gorgeous calendar model and club hostess.

He never told Linda about fucking men as well as women, figuring she’d dump him if she ever knew, just like every other girl had.

For a long time, it would be a secret he didn’t share even after they’d gotten married.

They had been married for about five years when Linda had come in from a shoot and found Kevin in bed with Chris, a guy he had picked up in town.

They had been so much into the sex, Kevin enjoying the sensation of Chris’ cock pumping in and out of him, that Kevin hadn’t seen the shock on his wife’s face until Chris had cum.

Both men had then spied her, with Kevin remaining speechless and assuming his marriage was over, while Chris had grabbed his clothes and beat it out of there.

But he hadn’t been prepared for the reaction he did get.

He and Linda had talked for a long time, she curious about both his sexuality and why he hadn’t told her about it.

“You taksim escort mean you’re not turned off by me enjoying men too?”

No, she had told him. As a matter of fact, watching him with Chris had been the first time she’d seen two men together, and it had turned her on.

They had ended up having the most intense and best sex yet later that night.

The threesomes with her and a couple of his bi friends had followed not long after, and Linda had enjoyed those too, but they tried not to have much group action, especially with the busybody that lived next door at the time.

It wouldn’t have taken long for the old bitch to figure out what they were doing, and the couple wanted to keep this part of their sex life private.

The woman eventually moved out, and the house had remained empty for some time, before they found out a new neighbor would be moving in.

“Probably another nosy bitch that needs to get laid,” Kevin had snorted.

But that wasn’t the case; when the movers pulled up the following week, a minivan had followed.

It was what came out of the minivan that had caught their interest.

PJ was twenty eight, single, and had just come out of a relationship of his own.

Though he had been with plenty of women over the years since he was eighteen, he was what some would call “bi curious,” having passing thoughts now and then about what it would be like to do it with another guy, though he had never acted on it.

Not only had Linda had found PJ ‘fuckable’ and even teased Kevin about “not minding having her a piece of that,” but Kevin’s cock also all but stood at attention at the sight of his new neighbor.

PJ was beautiful, right along the types of men Kevin liked: black hair that stopped right under his ears, six feet, flat abs, well-defined shoulders with toned arms and hairless chest, along with a firm, round ass and a mound between his legs that showed promise of a well-endowed cock.

Both of them couldn’t help but wonder what he would be like totally naked, preferably in THEIR bed.

PJ was a bit shy, yet totally spontaneous and funny, and it hadn’t taken long for him to become friendly with Linda and Kevin.

Kevin would also chuckle to himself when PJ would sneakily give Linda the once over when he thought neither of them were looking.

Even after ten years, Linda was still gorgeous and got stares from men; of course, Kevin didn’t mind. He was certainly thrilled that PJ had also been a little attracted to her, and she to him.

Little did he know her husband was turned on by PJ too; Kevin had sensed the sexual tension between his wife and PJ while keeping his own feeling under wraps.

During the winter months, like any other neighbors, they didn’t see PJ much though they did see some women coming to his place now and then, a few of them Linda had noticed that would leave after an hour or less, and one leaving the following morning.

She and Kevin had laughingly wondered if PJ was using call girls to get his rocks off, saying what a shame that he had to have a lay “delivered” to him like a takeout order when he could come next door and get all the sex he needed for free.

The trick was getting PJ over there and making it known to him, but that wouldn’t come until the following summer.

Kevin had been working in his yard on the project of building a privacy fence that he had started before his previous nosy neighbor had moved as Linda lay by the pool, both of them seeing PJ had beşiktaş escort been cutting his grass.

But with PJ now living next door, the fence hadn’t been such a big issue anymore; nevertheless, Kevin figured he’d better work on it anyway to keep the crabby neighbors from bitching about the ‘eyesore’ of the unfinished project.

Of course, PJ had come close to cutting his own foot off as he had caught sight of Linda’s 36C tits, her bikini top barely covering them when she had the straps off her shoulders.

Not missing a beat, the minute she had felt his eyes on her, Linda proceeded to tease PJ further, holding her top on as she flipped over, giving him a full glimpse of her ass, her thong bikini bottom disappearing into the crack.

PJ unconsciously let out a small groan, barely able to finish his lawn before going back into the house, not able to get Linda’s hot, toned body and firm tits out of his mind as he tried to control the raging hard-on in his shorts.

The only thing that had stopped him from going over there, ripping off her bikini and fucking her brains out was the fact she was married, and the last thing he needed was Kevin knocking the hell out of him for even thinking about his wife “that way.”

Unbeknown to PJ, both Kevin and Linda had wanted him ever since he had moved in.

That evening, Kevin had fired up the Jacuzzi, he and Linda getting the idea to invite their neighbor over to enjoy it with them.

PJ had accepted, though he had no idea how he was going to keep himself straight around Linda.

After seeing her nearly naked by the pool earlier, PJ had had a jacking off session to end all sessions before cleaning up and getting himself together.

To both of their delight, PJ had shown up wearing a pair of spandex trunks that had hugged his balls just right, showing that he certainly was gifted in that department.

PJ was amazed with the layout of the bedroom with the Jacuzzi in the corner, laughing that Kevin and Linda could hold a party in there, and soon the three of them were in the tub, drinking wine and chatting.

He didn’t know whether it was the booze, the Jacuzzi or Linda’s hand going up his leg–maybe all the above–but PJ soon found himself aroused.

Kevin didn’t miss what was happening and “accidentally” brushed his hand against PJ’s crotch, noticing that his neighbor had a huge hard on.

He then thought Linda should have the first shot at PJ. The bigger fun would come later.

Kevin excused himself for a bit, telling Linda to keep PJ company for the time being, winking at her.

She knew exactly what he meant and by the time Kevin had returned, Linda had PJ at the edge of the Jacuzzi, both of them naked and Linda giving him a blow job.

With PJ fully buried in her mouth, Linda was rubbing his balls with her hand and stroking him at the same time.

PJ grunted and sighed, his hands in her hair while fucking her mouth, telling Linda what a great cock sucker she was.

Kevin saw that PJ wasn’t going to last much longer and soon he blasted his load down Linda’s throat.

She tried to swallow it all, but some of PJ’s cum slid out of the corners of her mouth and dribbled down her chin.

Kevin had found the entire scene a total turn on and it got him very aroused.

Spying him at last with his own healthy erection, Linda told him not to just stand there as she got up to dry off and beckoned both men to the bed.

As PJ watched, Kevin climbed behind her, putting etiler escort his cock into her pussy in one push.

As Kevin proceeded to fuck his wife, Linda grabbed PJ’s semi-erect prick and began to stroke him.

Watching her play with their neighbor’s cock had really gotten him going, and he pulled out, turning Linda onto her back.

Soon PJ was between her legs eating Linda’s pussy while Kevin’s cock was in her mouth; between the great head she was giving him and seeing PJ eat her out, it was a wonder Kevin hadn’t cum right at that moment.

As she sucked her husband, PJ climbed on top of her, slamming his cock inside Linda, giving her a good, hard fucking before she came. Her body went limp and she fell back, twitching.

When she recovered from her orgasm, Linda pulled away until PJ was completely out of her pussy, removing her mouth from Kevin’s dick and flipped PJ onto his back, working her way back onto his cock.

Kevin watched as Linda had her hands on PJ’s chest, driving herself down on his hard cock.

Soon, she slowed down and looked at Kevin, knowing damn well what he wanted and encouraged him to join in as she continued to slide up and down on PJ’s manhood.

PJ flipped Linda over, his dick still inside her, until she was underneath him, continuing to fuck her nonstop, his ass going up and down as if to tease Kevin enticingly.

Kevin grabbed a bottle of lube out of the drawer beside the bed, covering his own hard cock, before moving in behind PJ and placing a few lubed fingers into his ass to loosen it up some.

PJ gasped for a moment, making Kevin panic a little that he wouldn’t have this hot specimen of a man after all, when in fact, PJ was enjoying the sensation of Kevin fingering him.

Now knowing PJ didn’t object to the ass play Kevin had been doing to him, he then placed the head of his cock to PJ’s tight ass and pushed slowly, working the head in gradually until Kevin was all the way in.

PJ had bit his lip at first from the initial pain, then a moan of pleasure escaped his mouth and he felt very full as he continued to fuck Linda.

It didn’t take long for PJ to enjoy the feeling of having sex with his hot neighbor lady as her husband’s own dick pumped in and out of him at the same time.

As PJ thrust in and out of Linda, Kevin grabbed his hips, fucking PJ good and hard.

It didn’t take long for Linda to have another orgasm, which sparked PJ’s own climax.

“Linda, I’m going to cum now,” he grunted he was thrusting in and out.

“Do it, PJ,” Linda answered back. “I want you to cum in me while Kevin fucks you.”

Within seconds, PJ let out an orgasmic grunt, filling Linda’s cunt with hot jism.

Hearing her orgasm and the thought of PJ’s sperm filling Linda’s pussy set Kevin off; he couldn’t take it any more and he pumped in and out of PJ with fury.

His final thrusts pushed his cock into PJ all the way and it stayed before Kevin blew a large load of hot cum into his neighbor’s ass.

PJ slowly let his body down to relax on top of Linda once the final shot of cum streamed inside her. Kevin followed, never taking his softening cock out of PJ until it fell out, before both men lay flat on the bed on each side of Linda.

All three were so exhausted from their new sexual experience that it was only natural that they asked PJ to spend the night and they fell asleep cuddled together shortly after.

Each had been totally satisfied; Linda and PJ had eased the sexual tension that had built up between them over the last several months, while both Kevin had realized his fantasy of having PJ and PJ own bi curious thoughts became the deed.

All three couldn’t wait to get another taste of each other, perhaps this time by the pool once the privacy fence was finished…

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