A Dancer Reborn Ch. 01

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Austin felt the wind brushing past him as he sprinted down the field with the ball in his hands. Sweat dripped from his brow as he reached the goal line and slammed the football into the ground gaining the points necessary for his team to win. As he slowed down and eventually stopped he heard his teammates roar.

Austin was by far the quickest of the players on the team, this could probably be attributed to his incredibly strong legs. He trained rigorously to keep them in shape, plus he was probably helped on by some pretty good genetics.

Austin trotted back down the field to meet his celebrating teammates. Everyone were high on the excitement of winning. Although it had only been a training match against one of the other local teams, we were jumping around and celebrating as if it had been a normal match.

A little later the entire team was sitting in the changing rooms and hanging out after a match well played. Austin was talking to his best friend on the team, Ben. Ben was the quarterback and star of the team. He was also the guy who had gotten Austin a spot on the team a few months ago. Ben himself had been playing on the team for around one and a half year now, he had met Austin and had quickly realized his talents and made sure coach got him on the team.

“Good job out there on the field today everybody!” Coach yelled as he entered the changing rooms. Coach then proceeded to talk about the match and praise them for their good work.

“And one final thing, we have all been invited to the yearly galla at the Chambre Ballet in the city next Saturday. As you know our main sponsor is also the owner of the Chambre Ballet and therefore we are always invited. I hope to see many of you! Now enjoy your victory and I’ll see you all for thursday training!” Coach finished off and walked out of the changing rooms.

Austin turned to Ben, “the Chambre Ballet, I have never heard of that”.

“Well, our by far biggest sponsor is also the owner of the Chambre Ballet, so we our team is also always invited to their yearly galla. It is pretty fun, nice food, drinks and of course a few good looking ballerinas to hook up with” Ben said elbowing Austin.

“Well doesn’t sound too bad, are you going?” Austin said with a grin.

“Of course I’m going man! Even though it is a mostly male ballet company there are some super hot chics in between, besides it is just a nice event.” Ben answered.


Austin and Ben stepped out of the taxi and gazed upon the grand building that hosted the Chambre Ballet and tonight the galla. They were both wearing black suits hugging their hulking bodies.

They walked inside and was met by music and the sight of a ballroom filled with people wearing suits and beautiful dresses and mixed between all of them were the ballet dancers. They were easy to spot as they walked around in their ballet clothing. The women were wearing tights, leotards, knee length skirts and pointe shoes. The men were wearing almost the same, leotards, tights and ballet slippers. All of the ballet dancers were wearing different colors making them easily distinguishable from the crowd of people. Austin was interested in what the male ballet dancers wore beneath the tights and leotards as their crotches on their tights were completely smooth showing no sign of any genitalia beneath it.

“There is Coach!” Said Ben grabbing Austin’s attention away from the ballet dancers.

They spend the next one and a half hours walking around talking first with Coach, then with some of their teammates and now they were talking to two male ballet dancers. Ben probably hoping that they would introduce them to some of their ballerina friends.

“So how did you two become ballet dancers?” Ben asked.

“Well I have been dancing since I was 7, and then when I was 11 I was introduced to ballet and found out I had a natural talent for it, and now I am here 14 years later, one of the head dancers. Xander here has a different story, 4 years ago he had never even tried dancing, he was actually a football player like you, by a strike of luck our owner discovered him at one of your matches when he was out watching how the team he sponsored was doing. He recommended Xander to try ballet, at first he was reluctant, but quickly he found out he was amazing at it, and now he is our best dancer!” Said one of the dancers. He was wearing light grey tights and a white leotard underneath tightly hugging büyükesat escort his athletic body leaving nothing to the imagination.

“Awww you flatter me Anthony, I’m not as good as he says, but it is true I once played on your football team.” Said the other dancer, who was wearing sky blue tights and a matching leotard.

“Cool, I’m gonna go grab us all four some drinks, I’ll be back soon!” Said Ben walking off to the bar leaving Austin with the dancers.

“And how did you get into football?” Xander asked Austin.

“Well, the usual story, I was spotted by my sports teacher for my strong legs and good techniques.” He answered.

“Understandable, I’m sure you would be fantastic at ballet as well with those legs” Anthony smiled.

“Haha I think I’ll stick to football” Austin laughed.

“But talking of ballet. I’m sorry this is a probably a weird question, but it has been bugging me all evening, what are you wearing beneath the tights? I mean it just looks so smooth, if I wear just my standard nike training tights I need to wear shorts on top or I’ll have a pretty saying outline of my genitalia” Austin asked.

“Haha no problem with asking, I was asking the same question when I started. Think of it a bit like a jockstrap or a thong, it’s called a dance belt and is shaped almost the same way, although it has a great deal of padding on the front making everything look smooth and making sure nothing comes in the way when you are dancing.” Xander answered with a smile.

“Actually, why don’t I just show you, I mean the costume rooms are close by!” Xander said grabbing Austin’s arm and tugging him along.

Austin willfully followed Xander through the large crowds of people. What he didn’t notice was as they left Anthony behind, he quickly moved around them fetching another dancer and disappearing through another door.

They came to a door at the side of the large ballroom. Xander opened the door unveiling a long corridor and beckoned Austin through,

“Hey by the way, what about Ben? How will he know where we have gone?” Austin asked as they walked down the corridor.

“Anthony will make sure he finds us” Xander answered, knowing fully well that Anthony had left the ballroom as well and that Ben wouldn’t be able to find any of them.

After having walked past many doors and windows, Xander finally stopped at a large door with a sign above it which read “Costume rooms”.

“Here we are” Xander said opening the door. He quickly entered and turned on the lights. Austin followed through the door and looked upon the large room filled with rows and rows of vividly colored ballet clothing.

“Wow, that is a lot of clothing” Austin said with astonishment.

“Yup, we have a lot of ballet dancers and therefore a lot of clothing and costumes. To the left is the female outfits, and to the right is the male outfits.” Xander said gesturing first to the left then to the right.

“Of course there is a lot more to the right as we are a mostly male ballet company. Now let’s go down the right and find the dance belts” Xander said pointing down between the rows and rows of clothing.

Austin begun walking down between the racks of different colored costumes. The first few rows were a mix of different costumes, which he figured were used for the shows. Then came rows of racks with leotards in wide variety of colors. Then came rows of racks with different colored tights hanging on them. Next cam a few rows of shelves filled with different sizes and colors of ballet shoes. Then finally came baskets of different dance belts and just beyond them was a large area filled with makeup tables for when the dancers had to get ready for a show.

Xander walked over to a basket labeled ‘Extra Large – coffee’. He reached down and picked up af light brown dance belt and handed it to Austin.

“See, a little bit like a jockstrap” Xander said as Austin lifted them up in front of him. Feeling up the padded front of the dance belt and looking at the thin strap meant to go in between the butt cheeks of the person wearing the belt.

“Yeah I can see what you mean, it makes sense that you would wear this when dancing” Austin then said.

“Why don’t you try it on? Then you can really get the feel of how nice they are to wear” Xander suggested with a slight smile.

“Nah, it’s okay. But thanks for showing me, now let’s cebeci escort go back and rejoin the others” Austin said holding out the dance belt for Xander to take. But Xander didn’t take it.

“Hmm, I suspected that you would say that” Xander said his eyes moving to look at something behind Austin.

Suddenly Austin felt a jab of pain the neck, he turned around and was met by a smiling Anthony standing with an empty syringe and behind him another dancer with olive skin and blonde hair.

“What the flrkp…” Austin said his last words disappearing in his throat as he lost the ability to speak. He felt a warmth spread through his body as his muscles relaxed and he became almost unable to move.

“And therefore I prepared. Don’t worry it won’t harm you, it is just a strong muscle relaxant.” Xander smiled devilishly

Austin felt to sets of hands hold him up. As he was now almost unable to stand by himself. He could barely move anything but his eyes.

“You see our owner was at one of your football games recently and there he spotted you. He saw the your potential and picked you, just like I was picked. You see, our owner likes football, that is one of the reasons he sponsors you. But he loves ballet, and especially the male dancers, and that is the second reason he likes football, it is easy to find males with strong legs, to join his ballet company.” Xander said as he stepped close to Austin and slowly begun unbuttoning his suit and shirt.

Austin felt one of the guys behind him reach around him and unbuckle his belt and then pulling down his pants. Then Xander tugged his suit and shirt off leaving him in only his underwear and shoes. Austin could only look on in horror as he was slowly stripped by the dancers. Xander then untied his shoes and threw them away. Then his underwear was removed and he was now standing completely nude with to guys holding him up and Xander admiring his body.

“I must say, you have a great physique. A bit burly, but our training program will make sure you will become perfect for ballet. Now, let’s do what we came here to do, try on the dance belt” Xander said holding up the dance belt, then kneeling down and lifting Austin’s legs into it. Then he pulled it up Austin’s legs and fitted it around his cock. Austin could feel the thin back piece of the dance belt riding up in between his ass cheeks.

“Now to make sure nothing jumps around or gets damaged when you dance you have to adjust your privates” Xander said reaching down the front of the dance belt.

Austin could only look on with shock as he felt Xander’s hand grab his cock and balls caressing them. Austin could feel blood rushing to his cock as Xander felt him up. But before he could get hard Xander pulled everything upwards making sure everything was held in place by the tight dance belt.

“See, much better. Now nothing can move around and you won’t get no awkward bulges” Xander said feeling up the smooth outside of the dance belt, Austin feeling nothing through the padding.

“But now that we are starting why not try on some tights as well?” Xander said quickly walking off down towards the racks of tights. Shortly after returning with a pair of sparkling white tights.

“Let’s try these on you!” Xander said slipping Austin’s legs into the tights and pulling them up.

Austin could feel them tightly caressing his legs as Xander slipped them over the dance belt hiding it and making sure the tights rode up between his ass cheeks.

Now Austin’s legs were covered, but no muscles were hidden because of the tightness of the white tights. The front of his crotch was now just a plain white surface showing no sign of any male genitalia.

Xander eyed Austin’s body hungrily his eyes looking like they were looking at an all you can eat buffet.

“You can leave us now guys, just put him over on the makeup tables, I’ll do the rest of the conditioning myself” Xander said pointing to one of the large makeup tables.

The two dancer dragged Austin over and putting him down on the table. Austin now stood with his ass on show, nothing hidden because of the tights and his stomach on the table his face looking right into the large mirror enabling him to see behind him and seeing how exposed he was.

The two dancers walked away and left the costume room, leaving Austin alone with Xander.

“We now you won’t become a ballet kolej escort dancer just like that, and that is why it is lucky that our owner is also one of the higher ups in a company called ‘the God Complex’, there is not much you need to know about it except that they specialize in the mind. And they have given us a device to make sure you change your mind about being a ballet dancer.” Xander said opening a drawer and picking up a device and placing it beside Austin on the table, it looked like a headset and some sort of vr goggles combined.

When Austin looked up into the mirror again he was shocked to see Xander taking off his own sky blue tights.

“I see your shock. But that is the second part of your conditioning, you see it works best if the mind is shrouded with pleasure while it is being reprogrammed, so that is my job. To make sure you are primed for conditioning” Xander said smiling as he dropped the tights on the ground and begun taking off his leotard. Revealing his athletic body, with perfect abs and muscles.

He now stood in only his dance belt, which he quickly dropped unveiling his already stiff cock. He then walked over to Austin and caressed his exposed ass.

“You have a perfect bubble butt Austin. So sad you haven’t used it yet. At the same time I am happy that I will be the one to pop your cherry.” Xander said again smiling devilishly as he pulled down the white tights unveiling Austin’s ass and opening a drawer in the makeup table, pulling out a bottle of lube.

Austin felt the cold goop cover his ass, then he felt Xander’s lube covered finger enter his anus. He twitched slightly and mustered a groan.

“You are tight. But do try to relax, it’ll make it easier for both of us.” Xander said as one, then two more fingers expanded his sphincter. Austin looked up into to the mirror straight into Xander’s green eyes with his own pleading eyes.

Then Xander leaned over and grabbed the headset.

“Now enjoy yourself, and I’ll see you on the other side” Xander said smirking as he placed the headset over Austin’s eyes and ears.

Austin now looked into a spiral swirling around making his head spin. All sounds had been blocked and he could now only hear a soothing deep voice beckoning him to give in. Meanwhile he felt Xander’s hands run over his body, caressing it.

The voice beckoned him to look deep into the spiral. To give in to his urges. To give up football and become a dancer.

He felt Xander lift the piece of cloth from the dance belt between his ass cheeks, and then he felt the tip of his cock rest at his entrance.

The spiral swirled around making him more and more disoriented.

Xander pressed forward and penetrated Austin. Slowly pushing forward.

The voice told him of all the things he would have. Of how he would long for them.

Xander slowly begun pushing in and out of Austin, slowly making his way deeper and deeper.

The spiral called to him, it showed him the way.

Then it hit. Xander had found Austin’s prostate. Austin moaned and his mind begun breaking.

The voice told him of his desires. Of his desire for ballet… and men.

And he listened.

Xander was now pistoning in and out of him, continuously hitting it and every time a new fragment of his mind broke apart, and was remolded by the voice and the spiral.

And he loved it.

And he moaned.

And he gave in.

Xander continued pistoning in and out, in and out. Until he finally came and Austin’s mind broke and gave in to the new reality.


Austin awoke in a foreign bed in a foreign room.

No wait.

It was his bed in his room. He remembered.

As he got up from the bed he felt how sore his ass were. And he remembered.

How Xander had drugged him, no, he had seduced him. Once everyone else had left the costume room they had kissed. And then Xander had fucked him. He had shown him the way.

His room was a small studio apartment, bed, kitchen, couch, dinner table, bathroom, closet and not much else.

He walked over to the closet and looked at himself in the full length mirror, the only thing he was wearing was his dance belt.

He opened up the closet. It was full of ballet clothing, leotards in an array of colors, matching tights, a collection of dance belts and ballet shoes. Nothing else. Why would he need anything else? His life had become ballet, no need to wear anything but ballet clothing then.

He picked out his outfit for the day, a white leotard with black tights.

As he was sliding the tights up his muscular legs he heard a knock on the door and Xander’s voice.

“Ready for today’s practice?” He said. Austin smiled, he hoped it would be more than just practice for them today…

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