A Movie Night

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I invite you over for a movie. We cuddle up together on a couch, you are settled against my side, with your head leaning softly on my shoulder.

During the movie you lie down, with your head nestled in my lap. I begin to run my hands through your hair, eliciting a small moan of approval from your lips. I look down and see your eyes half closed and a small smile on your face.

I run my fingers from the roots to the tips of your soft hair as the movie begins to draw to a close. I slide my right hand tenderly along the side of your face, brushing my fingertips along your cheek. “Your hands feel nice,” you whisper to me.

“Oh do they?” I caress your cheek again, then trail my fingers down your neck and continue along your side towards your hips. I slide my hand under your ass and give it a small squeeze. “You feel nice,” I tease with a smile.

You sit up, and climb onto my lap facing me. I look into your eyes, and admire the features of your beautiful face. You take my face in your hands and lean in. Our lips make contact, sending a jolt of electricity down my spine.

Your tongue darts between my lips, and withdraws just as quickly. I moan softly, enjoying the passionate kiss. I place kisses along your jaw, then string them down your your neck as you lean your head back.

I reach my hands down and grip the hem of your top. I pull it up and over your head, quickly canlı bahis unveiling the frilly bra concealing your wonderful breasts. I pull my shirt off just as quick.

We stand up, then I lay you down on your back and climb over top of you. I place kisses on your collar bones then the fabric over each breast. I reach around and fumble with the clasp of your bra, eventually managing to undo it. You slide it off and unveil your magnificent breasts.

I grab one breast in each hand, feeling and squeezing. I lean my head down and place my mouth around your right tit. I suck lightly on it and bring a moan from your lips.

You put your fingers into my hair, and pull my head harder against your chest. I let the right one go to move to the left. I slurp it into my mouth, and bite lightly on the sensitive skin. You arch your back with pleasure and let out a groan.

I pull my head back and let the tit fall from my mouth. I stand up and quickly drop my pants to the floor, while you pull your pants off as well.

I climb back over your body and give each breast a lick. Then I plant a string of kisses down your stomach to your panties. I bite the top of your panties and pull them down with my teeth.

I brush my fingers lightly over your pussy. A shiver runs through your body. I slide my finger from the top to the bottom of your slit, then back up to the top.

I bahis siteleri bring my fingers up to my mouth. I taste your arousal and coat them in my saliva. You watch as I lower my hand back to your pussy and slide one finger in.

You begin to play with your tits as you feel my finger exploring your wet slit. You twist and pull on your nipples, and squeeze the flesh between your fingers.

I begin to slowly push my finger in and out. I find and massage your clit in small, slow circles with the thumb of my other hand.

I add a second finger to the one already inside your sex and increase the tempo. I begin to make faster, rougher circles with my thumb. Your cum begins to drip out of your pussy.

“I need to feel your cock inside of me”, you plead, feeling an orgasm slowly beginning to build. I stand up again just long enough to slide my underwear to the floor, then kneel on the couch straddling your body.

I reach down and collect the wetness from around your pussy to coat my stiff rod. I line up with your hot sex and slide all the way in with one motion. Your breath comes out haltingly.

I start to fuck slowly. Your eyes close, and you begin to moan softly with each thrust. I look down at your face and see the expression of pure pleasure. My eyes travel down to your boobs, which roll up and down in time with my thrusting.

I place a thumb on each bahis şirketleri wonderful tit, and begin to massage them in circles. I squeeze and pinch your nipples as I pick up the pace.

Your moans get a little louder. “Mmm … mmm … mmm” with every thrust.

I slow down, then pull my cock from your pussy. “Turn over. I want you from behind.”

You roll over onto your front, then climb up onto your hands and knees. I stand behind you and guide my dick into your dripping pussy. I begin to thrust into your wet cunt, ramming your body forward with each powerful thrust.

“Yes! let me fuck your pussy,” I breath. I slap your round ass cheek with my hand, then again. I lean over your body, and reach my hands around to your tits. I give them a rough squeeze.

I lean back up and grab onto your hips. I pound against your sopping pussy harder and faster.

You drop to one forearm. You reach back to massage your clit with your other hand, attempting to reach the peak of the building orgasm.

I drive my cock deep into your cunt. Your pussy clenches around my cock as your body explodes into orgasm.

Yours triggers mine, and I shoot sticky strings of cum deep into your clenching pussy. I lean down over your back again while keeping my cock buried deep inside.

I bite your neck softly, then kiss it. Your orgasm finally begins to fade as I draw my spent cock from your soaked hole. A stream of my cum follows my cock, and you can feel it begin to drip from your pussy lips.

You roll over to slump back on the couch, your hand idly playing with the gooey mess left on your crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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