A New World

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“Oh! H-H-Hi. I’m…I’m…I’m here to see Bill?” I stammer out as the person who opens the door isn’t who I thought it would be. At once my face flushes and a wave of embarrassment comes over me. This feels weird as I can’t remember the last time I felt like this. I’m a 35 year old professional male who heads up his own team at work. I rarely get flustered or embarrassed.

“Ok,” the 20-something woman says with something like a shrug. She had opened the door just a crack to see who I was. Once I say this, she opens it more to let me get a better look at her.

“He’ll be right back, had to run to the store,” she says and opens the front door of the house all the way to invite me in. When she first opened the door she had a concerned look like she might be worried I was a criminal or something, but now she brushes all that off and treats me as harmless.

She walks back into the house going down the front hallway as she looks at her cell. Before I follow, I take a deep breath. Am I really doing this? Do I want to do this? This would be a good time to back out. All I would have to do is turn and walk back to my car.

My name is Devon, and I’m doing something today I’ve never done before. It’s something that most would say is dangerous. Well, it is dangerous. You see, I’ve had plenty of sexual experiences with girls, dozens in fact…but none with a guy. Now, I don’t think I’m gay or anything, not even bisexual, but I am curious. I find myself aroused by guys at the weirdest of times. And so I thought to solve this, I would have a brief sexual encounter with no strings attached.

I posted on Reddit about how I was feeling. From there and the responses I got, I decided to post in my town’s subreddit. From there plenty of guys reached out saying they were interested in giving me my first time with a guy. Most didn’t really listen to be honest. They just wanted me to perform oral on them, and never responded to questions so I had to ghost them.

And then there was one guy that stuck out. His name was Bill. He explained how he knew what I was feeling as he felt the same at one time. He explained how he believed sexuality was more like a percentage than anything solid. The way he told it, he said he was 30% gay, in which every blue moon he would want to do something with a guy, but the rest of the time he wanted women.

He listened to me and even asked questions. Unlike the others he wanted to know what I was after, and what I didn’t like. He understood a lot that I didn’t even say, such as how I liked the idea of being with a dominate man as I tend to be dominant with women. That I don’t mind if it gets rough, but that I want it to start gentle and so on.

From our exchange we decided to meet and, well, you know, have a session together. He suggested his house to make me feel more comfortable as I could leave and he would never know anything about me, such as where I lived and whatnot. I sort of wanted a hotel room, but the thought of people seeing me go in with another man was a bit intimidating, so I decided to go to his house.

“What you want with Bill?” The woman asks as she sits on the couch in the living room. She again is looking at her cell and not at me. There’s two couches in the living room, both looking at each other.

There’s something about her that seems special. Granted, looking at her doesn’t really do anything for me. She’s an average looking woman. She’s white, a little thick with long blond hair. She wears a tshirt and shorts, which look sort of like lazy clothes. Yet something about her makes her stand out, but I can’t say what.

“Oh, n-n-nothing,” I answer, too embarrassed to say something like, “he’s going to show me the world of gay sex.” I’m also embarrassed to say this because, well, I think I’m kinda attracted to her. She’s not my normal type, but something about her and how thick she appears is very hot. That she is in proportion, just a bit larger instead of overweight.

My answer must seem odd to her because she looks up from her cell to look at me. Her brown eyes look directly into mine, saying without words that she doesn’t like my answer. She continues to stare at me, wanting more. This worries me as what if she decides to kick me out?

“We, ummm, we met on Reddit. Just going to hang out for a bit, you know?” I say now, thinking this is a better answer. Make it vague and vaguer until it is the vaguest.

Her face tightens for a moment as she thinks about this. Then suddenly she nods as if completely understanding. She even gets a bit of a smile.

“Ahhh, friends with benefits,” she says and goes back to looking at her cell. This sort of hits me in a weird way, making me feel extremely vulnerable. A friend with benefits? No. That’s not what we are at all. Hell, I don’t know what we are, but I would say it’s more of a one-time stand thing.

“First time, right? Yeah, it’s your first time,” She asks as her fingers type away at her cell. I nearly ask what makes her say this, but don’t as I know. Sincan Escort It’s clear to see as nervous as I am. Sure some guys can act confident no matter what, but that’s not me. Sure, at work I can BS my way through anything, but not in a new world of sexuality.

About a minute goes by as I stand here, not sure what to do. A part of me wants to sit on the couch opposite of her, but that feels wrong. In a way, I don’t want to get any closer to her as I’m scared she might react bad, or that I’ll come across as a creep. So I stand behind the couch, trying to look as if I’m interested in looking at the bland, middle-American decor of this house.

“Well, you might as well take off your clothes,” the woman tells me while taping at her cell. This dumbfounds me and I stare at her thinking I misheard. Did she tell me to remove my clothes? Surely not. I must be that freaked out by all this I heard her say such an off the wall thing.

“I’m s-sorry, what?” I ask, a bit taken back. The woman keeps looking at her cell as she taps her response or comment or whatever it is. When finished she lowers it and looks at me.

“Your clothes, take them off,” she tells me, but says it in a manner that implies I might have a learning disorder. There’s that hint of annoyance from her that I’m not getting what she is saying.

I clearly heard her this time. And normally I would love it if a woman tells me to remove my clothes but this time it scares me. Not scares me like I think she will kill me, but that whole thing might be a mistake.

“I…I…I…I’ll w-w-wait, if you don’t m-m-mind,” I stammer out, in utter disbelief. Feeling like I’m in the twilight zone, I feel my cock get very hard in my jeans. It was already headed that way, but her unexpected demand pushed it far over the edge.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been told to remove my clothes. A couple of times it was while in a hospital, but the rest was with a lover. Despite being experienced in sex, this isn’t a demand my lovers would make. And hearing her make it is far more arousing than I thought could be possible.

“Oh please,” she says, waving my concerns away with her hand. She again gives that feeling that I must be slow for not just doing as she wants. I think what adds to this is that she acts as if this isn’t a big thing at all, which means she must have seen Bill have tons of, well, sex partners. That it is a common, normal thing.

“You want to be sub right? Bill only dances with subs or wannabe subs,” she informs me. Her saying so casually what is so huge and important to me deflates me in a manner of speaking. Figuring out that I liked a guy being fierce and dominate with me was a big thing for me. Something that took me months to come to terms with. Yet she treats it as if it is a normal, common thing, no different from saying that the sun is shining outside.

“He’s going to parade you around naked anyway, might as well get ready for him. Probably will make him happier,” she mentions and then looks back down at her cell. My heart has started to pound heavy now, and the urge to run out of here is high. Yet another part, the part making my dick throb, is far too curious to ever leave. So curious that a gunman could appear and I wouldn’t want to leave.

“N-N-Not to be r-r-rude, but…who are you?” I stammer out, finding I really, really, really want to know. She of course doesn’t look at me. She just taps at her cell to do whatever it is that she is doing.

“I’m Gina. Bill’s roommate or housemate, whatever you want to call it,” she answers while looking at her cell. I blink at this and figure that it makes sense. The two of them sharing the house, paying for it down the middle and all that.

“We’re friends and both bisexual, so sometimes I join in with Bill’s adventures. Sometimes not,” she adds on. When she does, I get the feeling this is to attract me. That she says this thinking I might hope she does play with us. And I admit, it’s working. I’m in a sort of arousal where it doesn’t matter what person is on the other end. To be honest, I think I would give her all the money in my bank account if she did end up playing with us.

“You going to take those clothes off, or not?” She then asks, only this time there in an air of finality, like she’s not going to ask again. This time I stare at her face, feeling so many conflicting emotions.

I then discover I do what to take off my clothes, I really do. I like her, hell anyone telling me what to do. It makes me aroused in a new way, in a way that I really, really like. A way that I want to discover.

“O-O-Ok,” I tell her, signaling that I’ll do it. As these words come out, I can’t believe I said them. I really can’t. What the hell am I doing? This isn’t what it was supposed to be like at all. Gosh I feel so submissive.

“I’m waiting,” she says after about a half minute of me standing here and panicking. At this I shake my head to snap out of Etlik Escort my trance. She still doesn’t look at me, but I think that’s the point.

So I grab the bottom of my t-shirt. I wore clothes that I didn’t care what happened to them, for obvious reasons. I was so paranoid that I have 2 sets of clothes in my car just in case I had to leave the clothes I was wearing. And thus I lift up my shirt to reveal my stomach, and then my chest. Soon enough, I peel it over my head to remove it completely.

Not sure what to do, I put the shirt on the back of the couch in front of me. I know it’s just my shirt that I’ve removed and I’ve done it a thousand times, but it feels different this time. Makes me feel more naked. Like being topless in church or something.

Now I remove my tennis shoes. Once I am out of them, I remove my socks to become barefoot. With my bare feet on the tile floor, I get nervous and scared again as there’s not much more for me to remove before something is really seen.

My hands tremble as I unbutton my jeans. As I do this, I feel my extremely hard member begging to be released underneath. When I pull my jeans down just a bit, my cock does spring out, tenting my boxers. Thankfully I’m behind the couch so she can’t see this bit. It feels really embarrassing.

I bend over to pull my jeans all the way down, then remove them completely by stepping out of them. A moment later, I’m in just my boxers, putting my folded jeans on top of the couch. This entire time she hasn’t said anything nor reacted to me undressing. A part of me thought she might start laughing and say something like, “I can’t believe you did it,” but she never does.

Now I put my hands on the waistband of my boxers. This is it. The time to go through with this. It’s now or never. I wanted this after all. Therefore, I have to do it. I have to do this, even if scared.

I look at her as she looks at her cell. Then with a deep breath, I pull down my boxers. They fall to my ankles after clearing my hard member with a soft rustle of clothing. Just falls slowly down to pool around my ankles.

I’m naked now, my cock exposed. Since I’m behind the couch she can’t see it, but she must know. I’m naked. Naked in front of her. Naked in some stranger’s house.

In a daze I step out of my boxers and place them on the couch as well. My hands move downward where I so badly want to cover my manhood, but I think that’ll be impossible as I’m so hard at the moment. If I was normal and not aroused at all, sure, but at the moment don’t think I can.

“Good boy. Now he normally likes it when you sit on the couch. Hands behind your back,” she tells me after a few moments of me standing naked. I hear her say this and then realize how I’m feeling. I’m feeling not just vulnerable but powerless. Not sure why I feel either as I know I could make a run for it and get out of here. Yet I feel as if she and Bill have some new power over me.

Feeling embarrassed and humiliated, I move around the couch, naked as can be. With a red face, I sit my bare ass on the couch with my hands in front of my crotch in an effort to hide it. Once I sit, I move a little bit to get comfortable, not that I really can. Then, with another deep breath, I put my hands behind my back.

I’m sitting now, naked as can be on this couch. There’s nothing covering or hiding any part of me, and my hard cock stands up, clear as day. There’s no way not to see it if I’m looked at. In fact, the way she told me to sit is to make sure that I know it can be looked at.

She then glances at me. I see her as I stare forward, not believing I’m doing this. Her eyes look directly at my face, and then down. There I see her look at my cock, which makes it twitch. Humiliated by this small movement of my dick, I look to the side as I find I can’t look at her any longer. She doesn’t say anything at this.

“Hey, I’m back,” a man’s voice proclaims as the front door is opened. My eyes widen at this sound as that must be Bill. Oh dear, what’s he going to say? What will he do when he sees me like this? Will he get freaked out and scream at me to leave? Or will he be surprised? What if he calls me a freak and tells me to get out before he kicks my ass.

“Damn Gina, got him started that fast?” Bill exclaims with something like a laugh as he enters the living room. I heard him coming but couldn’t look in his direction out of embarrassment. Instead, I turned my head and looked the other way as he entered, not sure I wanted to see his reaction. But when he reacts like this, beyond happy, my dick twitches yet again.

“I’m taking it you want to take part? Or want to watch? Or were you just getting him started?” Bill asks her as he stands behind the couch I am on. I’m surprised by what an open friendship these two have if he’s asking such a personal sexual question. Don’t think I could ever ask any roommate something like this, ever. Yet these two have no issue at all.

“Meh,” Çankaya Escort Gina replies with a shrug. She lowers her cell to look at her housemate now. When she does, I can see she’s completely relaxed, as if this is just something that happens here.

“Guess I can watch. He’s cuter than most,” Gina mentions, pointing at me as if I’m not here. I would take this as a compliment, but the pair of them treat me as if I’m not here. That I’m so low it doesn’t matter if they talk about me directly or not.

“Hey Devon,” Bill then says as he walks around the couch. He’s dressed in a muscle shirt which shows off his well-defined chest. He also wears a pair of shorts that go down to his knees. He sent me his pictures when we were talking, but that picture made him look like a young professional. The man I see in front of me looks more like, I dunno, a club going, gym rat.

“I see you got started without me. Good! I’m glad. I know how nervous you must be. Now, as we talked about, not going to make you do anything you don’t want to do, and you can go at any time, alright?” He greets very friendly. Still in this weird sexual daze, I find myself nodding my head to show I understand.

“Gina’s a friend. She’s clean. You mind if she gets involved at some point?” He then asks, pointing back at her. I nearly remind him that she said that she was just going to watch, but stop myself. He probably knows her very well, which means he might believe she will get involved.

I shake my head NO to answer, not believing I am. Am I really ok with this? With possibly a guy and girl doing sexual acts with me? After all, this isn’t like a threesome. At least I don’t think it will be. This is more like, hmmm, him ordering me around and letting me experience sex with another man while she does…something.

“Great!” He exclaims. He even claps his hands together to show his excitement. Something about this makes me feel better, as he’s not just willing to do this, but is really excited. He then bends over some to make us somewhat on the same level.

“Now, you need to sit there and keep your hands behind your back. Gotta keep them there, or I’ll have to tie them down, ok? Ok?” He says the second OK sternly, showing he wants an answer. Being quiet, I again nod my head to show I understand.

Without saying another word he stands up all the way. In slow motion I see him bring his hands to the waistband of his shorts. Then he pulls them down.

His hard cock springs out as his shorts are pulled down. Well, semi-hard cock. Not that I have experience at looking at other men’s cocks, but I can tell he’s getting hard. That he’s already started feeling it and it’ll keep growing.

Grabbing it in one hand, he steps forward. When he does, that cock gets dangerously close to my face. Freaking out some, my eyes widen as I see this. This is really happening.

“Let’s show Gina how you look with my cock in your mouth,” Bill comments. He then takes hold of the back of my head with his other hand and holds it. I take it he does this as it would appear that I’m going to pull back. So he pulls my head while stepping forward with his cock out.

There’s a cock pressing against my lips now. My mouth is closed, but he presses it lengthwise against my lips as if wanting me to feel what it feels like. To feel what it is like to have a cock on my face. Where you feel the heat of it, the hardness, even the throbbing of it.

Bill doesn’t say anything as he uses his hand to move his cock about. He pulls it back and then slaps it on my right cheek. After, he rubs it there, making it move back and forth like a windshield wiper. Then he puts the head against my lips, where he starts to trail it over my lips.

The entire time I feel my heart pounding. I mean, there’s a cock on my face. A cock slapping me. I can’t believe this. And I can’t believe how humiliating and awesome it feels.

“Open up Devon. Time to suck your first cock,” Bill says in a singsong tone. Embarrassed and humiliated, I spread my lips at his words. When I do, he slowly puts his cock in my mouth, entering slowly to not freak me out.

My eyes widen and there’s even a tear that forms as I feel him enter my mouth. My heart feels like it is in my throat and I ring my hands together behind my back. There’s a cock in my mouth. Another man’s sex organ is currently in my mouth. Oh gosh.

My lips close around it softly and I lightly suck on it. When I do, I’m very surprised by how it feels. Not sure what I was expecting but thought maybe it would be hard like steel, you know? But it’s not. It feels very flesh-like. Furthermore, that’s how it tastes; fleshly. I mean to say that it doesn’t have a taste. It’s like when you hurt yourself and suck on that part. It’s just the taste of skin.

He moves his manhood back so it trails against my lips as he pulls it back. Then he moves forward, to push the cock into my mouth more. When it comes in again, it brushes over my tongue, letting the roughness of it wipe over the roughness of his cock. It’s going so deep into my mouth.

“Look at Gina. Let her see how pretty you look sucking a man’s cock,” Bill says, brushing my hair as if I was a pet. Despite not wanting to do this as I feel ablaze with humiliation, my eyes instantly move to look at her. That’s when I find she was already watching.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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