A Teacher-Pupil Relationship

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Laura sat on the edge of her desk watching him laugh; she studied his face and watched him smile as he larked about with his mates. She contemplated the feelings she was having and sighed inwardly to herself.

Seemingly oblivious to her gaze he carried on mucking about with the others on the back row.


She found herself saying

“We have about 6 minutes before the bell goes, so you need to make absolutely sure you have completed all the work on the board”.

“Boys, James, and you Alex, have you finished?”

“Kind of Miss, not quite finished the notes yet” James looked sheepish.

“Sorry” he said.

Alex looked at his page.

“Miss could you come here a min please? I’m stuck on question two.”

Laura stood up and smoothed her skirt flat against her full hips. The pretty 25 year old moved across the room, manoeuvring between the chairs, as she approached she looked down at Alex. She examined his hair, blonde and short, and his well built shoulders hunched over his work, his form gave her pleasure, and stirred a longing she hadn’t felt for a while.

Suddenly he looked up from what he was doing and his gaze met hers, he smiled and she felt her cheeks colour.

She swallowed hard

“Right Alex, what’s the matter?”

As she talked she bent over the desk slightly to look at the textbook, she couldn’t decide how far it was safe to lean over without being too obvious with her cleavage.

She talked to Alex, and the eye contact between them seemed to linger, she was sure he was glancing at the top of her breasts as they talked, but mostly his hazel eyes stayed locked on hers, more so than was warranted by the conversation. He nodded occasionally and feigned interested response, but work was not what the conversation was about.

The lesson finished and she found herself standing gazing out of the classroom window, her head filled with inappropriate thoughts. Again she sighed, as she relived his exit from the room,

“Do you want a hand taking the books back up stairs?” He had queried, raising his eyebrow and giving her a smile.

She had dared not accept, dared not go alone with him to the store room, and dared not test her control.

Laura Richards had only been teaching for 2 years, and enjoyed the job but she found it tiring. She had suffered a bit of life crisis in the previous couple of months, splitting from her long term boyfriend and despite having good friends; she had begun to wonder if she would find something to give her life back some sparkle.

She had noticed Alex during the first lesson in September, 18, good looking, out going, popular and bright he had shone out from the others. She immediately took to him, in a teacher pupil sort of way, but as the months had worn on she realised he made her smile, made her look forward to their lessons and more importantly she was sure he was interested in her.

She knew the thoughts she had about him would easily lose her the job she loved, but she told herself that as long as they remained thoughts, then that was fine. The problem was that now, towards the end of the year she was not convinced they would stay as just thoughts. She also knew that an opportunity was fast approaching to test her instinct about Alex’s attraction to her; it both troubled and excited her.

Monday the 22nd June was to be open evening in the school, prospective parents coming and checking the school out. Each department was expected to look its best and provide displays and students to wonder amongst the parents.

“So any of you lot fancy volunteering to help me on open evening?”

She stood in front of her class and looked at them; the question she knew was unlikely to bring casino oyna a response from this age group, far too mature to want to help Miss. Yet she hoped…. No hands went up; she looked around, her eyes skimming Alex, no response.

“Oh, OK, never mind”

She sounded unfazed, but her mind was reeling, no response, he couldn’t be interested after all, if he had been he would have recognised this as a good opportunity to further their interest in each other.

Laura taught the rest of the lesson, Alex seemed to avoid eye contact and the others busied around not realising the disappointed ache their teacher felt.

The bell went and Laura collected the books, the class emptied of pupils and Alex stood up to pack his things. He packed very slowly.

“I want to take the books for you today Miss”.

His voice was firm, insistent almost. Laura looked at him, unsure what her response should be, she still held the textbooks in her arms. Alex moved across the room until he was standing directly in front of Laura, he put out his hands and slipped them underneath the books to take the load. As he did so his hands ran over hers, and paused, he brought his confident steady gaze to meet hers, and spoke softly.

“Would you like me to come to Open Evening Miss?”

She stared at him intently imagining what his lips tasted like, what his breath would feel like on the nape of her neck, how his hands would feel on her flesh.

“Ye.. yes”.

She stammered.

“I would like that very much”.

“Good, I hoped you would”.

With that he turned and took the books upstairs.

The days seemed to crawl by for Laura; she busied herself with her work and preparation for the department, trying not to let her thoughts linger on what Monday might bring.

“I mustn’t be disappointed if nothing happens”.

She told herself on a regular basis, a knot of anticipation tightening in her stomach at the thought of anything occurring at all.

She wrestled with her principles, weighing up the pleasure and the consequences in her head. Eventually she decided to let the evening run its course, if Alex made a move she would respond, if not then no harm would be done, except perhaps to her emotions.

Finally Monday arrived; Laura had told Alex to turn up at about 6, an hour before the parents were due. She had mumbled something about needing help setting up the class room with displays of pupils work. Alex had looked at her intently as she had spoken to him, his eyes had searched hers, and she sensed he was looking for some kind of definite sign from her. She hadn’t given one, and had managed to remain composed for the duration of the conversation; her exterior though did not reflect the pull she felt inside or the churning of her stomach.

6pm, she glanced at the wall clock and stood in the silent classroom. She had chosen a knee length black skirt, low cut black top and calf high boots, she had made a compromise between parental sensibilities and her need to look good this evening.

Laura stood sorting through some work books, her back to the door of the room, her mind deep in thought. She glanced up at the clock,

“Hmm, five past, where is he?”

As the thought entered her mind, the door opened and Alex walked in his usual confident way, he was dressed in a blue T-shirt and washed out jeans. He stood and looked at her as if drinking her image and savouring the taste.

“What would you like me to do Miss? Is the room ready, or do you need help?”

Bloody right I need help Laura thought, to herself.

” Erm, no I think we’re OK in here Alex, but I could do with a hand to move some of these old files and boxes upstairs to the store room”.


He canlı casino said, grabbing a load and making off out the room. Laura followed carrying some files.

“Just put them on the shelf as you go in, I’ll sort them later”.

She followed him up the stairs, watching his trousers tighten on his gorgeous butt, she felt an overwhelming urge to reach out and touch, but she restrained herself. Just.

The door to the store room was open, Laura could see as she reached the top of the stairs that Alex had already gone in. The room though was in darkness, and she could no longer see where he was.


She entered the room and lay the files on the chair just inside the door. As she put them down she felt Alex standing very close to her. Without speaking he stepped behind her and bent forward, gently he kissed the back of her neck as his arm wrapped around her waist.

“Oh God”

Laura whispered. She let her head fall forward slightly so that he could work his way around her neck. He had pulled her closer against him, and although gentle she could feel the urgency in his body.

“I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted you”.

He spoke softly as his kisses past her ear

“I’ve felt the same, you must have…”

Her words trailed off as Alex spun her round and pressed his smooth hot lips to hers. She kissed him back, passionately, needing him to respond. He pushed his teacher back against the wall of the darkened room and intertwined his fingers with hers, he could feel all his want for this women surging to the surface. He’d waited so long, suffered so many jibes from his mates about fancying Miss, he’d lost count of how many nights he’d seen her face as he lay awake fantasising about her.

He stood staring into her eyes.

“Are you sure about this?”

She looked at him.

“Alex, I know this is wrong, and nobody must know, otherwise we will both be in a lot of trouble, but I can’t help myself.”

With that Laura ran her hands down his chest and up under his T-shirt, she could feel his firm body become taught, and his breathing became more rapid as she brought her hands down his body to his belly.

She led him to the back of the room, the light was faint, but she knew there was a large table there. She sat down on the edge and pulled him to her.

Slowly Alex ran his hands up his teachers legs, over her hips and then under her black top. He savoured the feeling of her react to his touch as he reached her breasts. His hands slipped round her back, Laura new this was the point of no return, she could feel him reach for her bra fastening. She took a deep breath and reached behind to undo the clasp.

“Alex is this your first time?”

“Is it that obvious? I’m sorry.”

“No, God, no don’t be. I just hoped it would be”.

He stared into her eyes and let his hands wonder up and over her breasts; he kissed her tenderly and teased her nipples in his fingers. Suddenly he reached down and stripped Laura’s top up and over her head he bent down and flicked his tongue around her nipples, first one and then the other.

Laura could hardly believe what was happening, she was sitting half naked in the store room with the gorgeous object of her desire licking and caressing her breasts.

She reached out and found his belt; deftly she undid the buckle and undid the buttons on his fly, his jeans slipped to the floor. She heard him take a short sharp breath as she found his dick in his shorts and ran her hand up the length of his shaft. She had imagined his cock many times, but the reality of it aroused her almost unbearably.

Alex took this as his cue and ran his hands down her skirt and then across. He parted her legs and moved kaçak casino his hands slowly and carefully up her thighs, his thumbs pointing down. He reached the top of her leg and brushed her panties with his thumbs. He felt her shudder at his touch and his cock throbbed with her attention. She had had her head forward resting on his chest, but now as he gently rubbed his thumbs over her panties she sat back and moaned softly.

Alex pulled the material obstacle to one side and slid two fingers into her. She was already wet, and he moved his fingers in and out easily.

Laura was trying hard not to cum, the assault on her senses was intense and overwhelming. She could not remember anything feeling this good ever.

Alex stopped what he was doing and slipped Laura’s panties down her legs; he pulled her forward on the desk and pushed her skirt up around her waist. Quickly removing his shorts, he positioned his hips between her legs and brought his cock to her entrance. She looked down and reached gently to guide him in, the tip of his cock parted her and she kept it there momentarily savouring the feeling, the danger. Alex pushed himself forward and his cock slid inside his teacher, she felt delicious. He fucked her slowly, pulling nearly all the way out before imbedding himself once more inside her. Laura whimpered she felt full; she had not expected that, neither had she expected the restraint he showed. Slow, rhythmic strokes of his cock, kisses, caresses, she felt tenderness from him that she had only experienced in relationships. She could feel herself building to an explosive orgasm.

“Alex, fuck me faster”.

She whispered. Alex pulled her harder onto him swung her around onto the desk so she lay on her back and re-positioned himself inside her.

“Laura I can’t believe we are doing this”

Alex spoke with short ragged breaths as he quickened the pace; he knew he could not last much longer.

Laura heard Alex use her Christian name for the first time and it added to her arousal, she could feel herself on the brink of orgasm.

“Alex I’m going to cum”

As the words left her lips she could feel him trembling and he thrust deeper into her body, taking her breath away.

She could feel his hot seed pumping into her, and it sent her over the edge, Laura shuddered and thrust her hips to meet his, her hand curled up and into his hair, she pulled his face down to hers and brushed her lips on his. Her body felt on fire and Alex’s body pressing down on hers heightened the flood of elation that gripped her body.

She opened her eyes and looked into his, not wanting the moment to end.

Alex looked down at her, his hazel eyes taking in her expression of satisfaction.


She said, stroking his face with her hand. Are you sure you haven’t done that before?

“I think I would remember! I swear you are my first”.

“Laura, this won’t be just a one-off will it? I mean, you do have feelings for me don’t you?”

Laura stared at him. She couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“Alex, do you mean you want to have a relationship with me? It will be difficult you know. I mean the age thing not to mention the fact I’m your teacher! If this gets out, I will be sacked, you know that don’t you?”

Alex looked sad.

“Oh, I see. Well I ..”

Laura saw the hurt in his face and it cut deep. Alex no, I didn’t mean I don’t want to, I just meant we need to be careful. I want to be with you more than anything, you need to realise that.

“You’re sure? You don’t have to.”

“Alex I’ve never been surer of anything, we’ll work it out, don’t worry.”

He kissed her again softly.

“Shit is that the time?”

Laura’s watch said 6.50. Hurriedly they re-dressed and attempted to organise each others dishevelled state.

“I’ll never look at this room the same”.

Laura muttered as she closed the door and followed Alex down the stairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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