A Young Womans Bath

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It was an early Sunday evening, all she could do was watch the television and wonder if he would ever call. So Meredith decided instead of waiting around all night for him, she would take a relaxing soak in the tub.

Meredith closed the drain on the tub, and turned the water to a steamy setting, adding a few drops of body wash to make some suds. Knowing no one was in the apartment, she went to the living room and found every candle she could and lit them each in the bathroom, one in her bedroom. She turned the television to a soft rock music channel that she remembered listening to when making love to him a few weeks before.

Meredith stepped back into the bathroom to see the tub hardly full. She removed the pants she had been lounging in all day, she was wearing white satin thong and watched as it fell down around her delicate ankles. The tank top she was wearing was tight enough to hold her large breasts in place, as she removed the top her breasts fell to a more natural position, her nipples soft.

The bath by now was ready for her, she bursa escort bayan set one of the candles on the edge, and stepped over. The water was almost too hot, but really just right. She relaxed her tight bubbly ass into the water, the tub filled naturally – she shut the water off. The suds were perfect, the music was peaceful, and the room was lightly fluttering with candles. “This is so relaxing,” Meredith thought to herself.

As she sat, she soaked her loofa with water and suds, and ran it over her bare body. The water ran over her nipples, around her neck, and back down. Meredith felt compelled to lean back against the tub, and let her long brown hair float in the water. As she lay, she bent her knees, and moved her feet up to the wall .. the water gushed over now open pussy, and Meredith let out a moan. Feeling her nipples become hard, Meredith touched them. Her breasts were large, men loved them – she normally did not, but at that point she did. They sent a wave of sensation throughout her body as she started to görükle escort lick and suck on her own breasts. Closing her eyes, she let her hands roam over her stomach and down her thighs, moving one hand back up to her breast for more of that pleasure. Grabbing her loofa again, she picked up more water just to run over her hard nipples. A puddle formed in-between her breasts and started to run down her chest onto her neck.

Meredith again let her hands roam, this time touching her hairless pussy. She rubbed her breast, and allowed a hand to softly glide along her soft cunt, guiding her fingers along her clit, she moaned again. Her moans started to get harder and her breathing heavier as her fingers slid inside of her. She could feel her body relaxing more, and her legs opening further – her nipples were still hard, and her clit was aching to be touched. She moved her fingers out of her and lightly rubbed her hard clit, opening her eyes to see the candle sitting along side the tub – and watching it flicker. She moved her finger bursa escort bayan to the pattern of the candle, imagining herself being licked by a man. Closing her eyes again, she rubbed her fingers around her clit, making circular motions and then dipping them back inside of her.

Letting out moans, and closing her eyes, she felt herself wanting to cum. Her ass started to lift, and her clit was exposed to the cold air. As she brought it back under the water a feeling never felt before occurred, she almost orgasmed just from the gush of water coming back over her. She began to finger herself harder, rubbing her clit more rapidly, lifting herself in and out of the water, squeezing her nipple with her free hand, she began to scream out in ecstasy, “oh God, yes!” She began to climax, and slowed down her rubbing to make the erotic feeling prolong itself. She lightly rubbed her thighs and legs, allowing her feet back into the, now warm, water. She relaxed herself back into the tub, let her fingers roam over her body – feeling every ounce of herself tingle after this amazing orgasm.

Meredith continued her bath, then stood to wash herself off. Turned off the water, reached for her towel, dried her soaked body, blew out the candles, and returned to her bed to fall asleep to the music. She had never experienced a more relaxing bath, or overwhelming orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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