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DISCLAIMER – At the time of writing we were all consenting adults over the age of 18.


A Triathlon is a non-stop swim, ride and run event that is all about pushing one’s limits – otherwise you don’t finish.

I’m Will; (180cm high, and a lean rangy 90kg body) and I compete regularly in all 3 categories (short, medium & long course) as part of my preparation for Ironman qualification. (1 mile swim, 100mile bike, followed by a 26 mile marathon to finish.)

Aside from the varying range of competitor’s athletic bodies, that reflect their level of fitness and endurance; there are also a certain number of very attractive male who also quite openly ogle the lean fit lycra-clad bodies mingling around the finish line after an event – and provide an avenue for competitors to release pent up sexual tension.

During the bike-leg in a previous event I had come up behind a very attractive lycra-clad female backside ahead of me; that caused me quite a bit of discomfort as I fantasised about possible after-race outcomes.

We shared a brief greeting before I pulled ahead.

After the event I caught up with Kim; and found out that she was a single mum who had gotten into the sport to help get her pre-pregnancy body back. I complimented her on her tight body She was impressed with my Ironman goal. When she found out that we lived reasonably close to each other, she raised the possibility of training together.

We’d had a couple of “getting to know you” swim, bike and coffee afterwards sessions; during which I had openly admitted that my initial attraction had been sparked by the sight of her sweat-dampened backside as I came up behind her on the bike leg. She in turn said that she had become increasingly interested the way the bulge in my bike shorts changed shape.

We both admitted that we were not looking for a relationship; but were not averse to having sex on a regular basis.

So; we had met at a local vegetarian/vegan restaurant last Friday night preparatory to coming back to my place to consummate our ‘friendship’.

The consummation was a physical event in which we virtually ripped each other’s clothes off the moment we walked through the door; before orally checked each other’s bodies out, preparatory to repeated pressure-testing of her pelvic flooring, and associated musculature in a wide variety of different positions.

The last thing I remember was snuggling up together after we had mecidiyeköy eskort both collapsed.

I got nudged awake around 6AM to see her on her knees and elbows beside me; legs spread, waving a wet pussy in the air and being told… “WAKE UP!! I need to be FUCKED before I go home!”

“Grab hold of my hips; shove that beautiful big fat cock in me as far as is will go, and pound my pussy like there is no tomorrow, until I feel you emptying your balls inside me!”

I was instantly awake; with my cock standing to attention.

I did just that! I grabbed hold of her hips; slid the head of my cock just inside the entrance to her very wet pussy – and rammed it in until I hit her cervix.

She shrieked! I groaned!

So, I paused momentarily; then withdrew most of the way back out, before ramming it back in again.




This was no longer a passive fuck! The thought that we may wake the entire neighbourhood never occurred to us. We attacked each other like there was no tomorrow.

She yowled like crazy when I came and smothered me with kisses when I collapsed onto the bed beside her.

A short while later she was up, dressed and out the door; with the promise to ‘be in touch”.

I got up and, because of the time, headed over to the local pool to do 10Km in their 50M outdoor pool, before hitting the books and bringing all my work up-to-date

This morning (Sunday) I did my usual out-and-back 100Km bike ride.

I got back just after lunch. I had only been back for about an hour, had had a shower, and because it was Sunday with nothing planned; was sitting with a towel wrapped around my waist, while I had something to eat and watched the TV.

All of a sudden there was this insistent knocking on my door.

Checking in the security peep-hole; I saw Meg from the unit immediately above mine; standing there wearing a very transparent nightie, hand raised, about to knock on the door again.

The moment I cracked the door; she was in like a flash, saying “You and I need to have a very serious talk!”

Totally mystified; I ogled her lean trim body; bald pussy; 6-pack stomach and small, very firm up-tilted breasts, whose nipples were trying to punch holes in her nightie.

For the record; Meg is around 30; is approx. the same height as me; has a lithe, lean, narrow- hipped, wide-shouldered, “A” cupped gymnasts escort bayan type of body.

“What’s going on?” I queried.

Leaning over; she pulled the towel off, and tentatively took hold of my cock.

“I needed to see it to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.”

Despite the sexual potential of the situation; I balked!

I roughly pulled her hand off my flaccid dick; grabbed the towel and wrapping it back around me again, and went and stood in the doorway, with my arms crossed.

“Talk to me!”

“I need answers!”

“You need answers!!”

“I need answers!! You come barging into my place half-naked; strip my clothes off and grab my cock – without so much as a ‘by your leave’.”

“Talk about an invasion of privacy!”

“That might work with your friends; but you’ve picked the wrong person to play your games with.”

“30 seconds – and you’re out the door!”

Her reaction was shock – written all over her face!

“SORRY!! SORRY! SORRY! She yelled; as she raced over and grabbed my arm.

“I’m so sorry!”

“I wasn’t thinking!”

“Please let me explain!”

“I know we sort of know each other because our units are so close; and it probably would have stayed that way – but for the fact that my bedroom windows are immediately above yours; and, apparently we both had them wide open around 6AM yesterday morning”.

“Try and picture it from my perspective. I’m usually horny first thing in the morning.- but you weren’t to know that. Anyhow; there I was in a horny half-awake state; when I hear this screaming woman demanding, “WAKE UP! I need to be FUCKED before I go home!”

“Now I was completely awake!”

(So were my nostrils and cock as I began to smell her arousal.)

“Then I hear her say, “Grab hold of my hips; shove that beautiful big fat cock in me as far as it will go, and pound my pussy like there is no tomorrow. until I feel you emptying your balls inside me!”

“Picture it; if you can! I’m lying there; horny as all Hell by now, with my mind working in overtime trying to picture what is going on just below me.”

“Then I hear, “FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” “DON’T STOP!!” “FASTER!” followed by what I can only suppose were wet fucking sounds, interspersed with associated moans and groans, until she yowled, and you yelled, as you both came – a sound I don’t get enough practice in”.

“Forgive me for barging in on you unannounced.”

“I originally bayrampaşa escort came down with the intention of thanking you for the best orgasm I have had in a long time. I hope it’s still not too late.”

By now her scent was very strong and my cock was making a mound in the towel.

Moving away from the door; and dropped the towel’ letting my cock spring to full attention.

“D’you think that losing the nightie might help?”

It was off in a flash; and then she launched herself at me.

“Absolutely!!” she said as she started to kiss me.

We explored each others mouths for a long minute; before I steered her towards the sofa; where she placed one of my hands on her already sopping pussy, and started teaching my fingers her rhythm. Her other hand was busily exploring my nude cock & balls.

“Yesterday morning you gave me the best orgasm I have had in a looong time. Today; I’m hoping that you might be able to find another one hidden away somewhere?”

The kiss slowly changed direction; until it was completely focussed on my cock which was now being swallowed by a very enthusiastic mouth and throat.

Grabbing her hips I positioned them directly above my mouth; and buried my face and tongue in my favourite alternate food source .

After a bit; the speed with which she was fucking my face changed. It was also about the time that I started to get that pre-cum feeling in the bottom of my balls; so I let her know so she could do whatever she wanted.

She stood up; spun around, and sank down onto my cock until her pubes were tight against my naked groin.

She sat completely still for a couple of seconds, then began fucking me like there was no tomorrow.

That changed everything!

We both made very loud noises as we came. It felt like my whole body was trying to come out the end of my cock,

When I lifted her off the sofa when I thrust upwards as I came; she screamed, and I felt her momentarily pause before she shuddered – and soaked my groin with cum.

“THAT is a first,” she said, collapsing onto me and nuzzling into my neck, as her pussy pulsated around me. “I didn’t even know that I was capable…”

We lay like that for a long time until my dick slipped out with a slurp.

Then we slowly started all over again. This time we made love for a long time, much longer than I am used to. My excitement built up to heights I had never experienced. I could sense the same in her. Just when I thought I could not stand the intensity of feeling any longer the dam burst.

I think we both dozed off because it was starting to get dark outside when a kiss on the cheek preceded the question…”What are our plans for tea?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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