S-E-B Sexualized Education for Boys

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Authors Note: Hello everyone, I’m back! I’ve been having trouble getting inspired enough to continue “My Trip to the Doctor” I’ll be honest. I wrote this story months ago and just recently revised it to a point where I think it is of good enough quality to share with you.


Ms. Rubenkoch walked by her classroom for the next hour, her sultry breasts swaying side to side as she walked. She looked upon all of the boys in the busy hallway; there were boys of all different shapes and sizes. Having been a teacher here for over 5 years she had seen it all. Here at the Richard Stroker Academy for America’s Male Youth where she worked things were done a little differently. This incredibly exclusive private boarding school for senior boys at the highschool level was one of a very small collection of private run S.E.B schools. Sexualized Education for Boys or S.E.B. for short was how school was taught at Richard Stroker Academy.

S.E.B. was the newest way of teaching boys in the American Education System. A study published nearly 25 years ago in 2017 found that when enticed with the prospect of sexual gratification, boys were more attentive in class and more eager to learn in the hopes that they would get to ejaculate. This information though widely acknowledged as factual had remained buried under mountains of antiquated societal norms for years. Then in 2028 Dr. Richard Stroker PhD. discovered the study and hatched the idea for a private school that would change the way America educated its male youth. 4 years later in 2032 the Richard Stroker Academy for America’s Male Youth opened its door. Only accepting the smartest boys in America and not believing in affirmative action, Richard Stroker Academy boasted the highest test scores of any school in America and a perfect 100% graduation rate. On a side note, who says that nerds don’t get attention from the ladies?

10 years later, in the present (which for your information is December 5th 2042) the boys who attend Richard Stroker Academy are teased sexually for 5 of their 6 classes, the 6th being PE. This nonstop tease and denial makes all of the boys nice and obedient as well as very attentive students. The desk that they sit at is their desk only; nobody else sits at their desks. Each boy is assigned a classroom and all of their classes are held in that one room. They get 25-minute breaks between classes and have an hour long lunch period. Other than that they generally spend their time in the classroom or in their boarding rooms hanging out with their friends. When in class though the boys are continuously teased and denied while learning the day’s lessons. In order for the education plan to work the students can’t be allowed to achieve orgasm at any point other than what is planned. In order to attain this near constant chastity the boys are allowed to ejaculate at the very end of their school day, when their 6th hour teacher presses a set of buttons on her desk that make the students in her class ejaculate. Other than that the boys aren’t allowed to please themselves sexually at any other point in their everyday lives.

Ms. Rubenkoch walked by her next classroom A55 and stepped into the private teachers lounge. Once in the room she heard the door softly click shut behind her. The other women in the room watched her walk over to the mini refrigerator and open it; she bent at the waist and reached into the little fridge, she pulled out a can of Cherry Coke and walked over to a chair. As she enjoyed her beverage she couldn’t help but think about her job. Her job was unorthodox and frowned upon in some circles, but regardless she loved what she did. Her horny students fawned all over her which was a nice confidence boost, She gave her students the best education possible and her classes continually boasted the best test scores and graduation rates in the nation.

Another part of her job that she loved was the control, she controlled their pleasure, she controlled their orgasm, the thing they craved the most. Because of the technology used to educate her students, she had total control over them like no teacher had ever before. It was an empowering feeling knowing that they hung on her every word and action. There were some downsides to her job, she hated ruining orgasms, the look of devastation on the students face after she punished them for something was always heartbreaking.

Having serious relationships was a bit of a struggle considering that her potential suitors had to be completely okay with around 200 18 year old boys staring at her nakedness during various different parts of her day. She taught 5 sexual education classes every day with 30 students in each class, plus because of her “athletic talents” she also taught physical education… or what passed as physical education in a school full of largely unathletic nerds. Usually her PE class was her students playing sports and staring at her large breasts shake in her sports bra as she ran around escort şişli with them.

Her PE class was the one class where she couldn’t be naked. Because it was the only class in the whole curriculum that had no sexual connotations what so ever she wasn’t to be seen nude… ever. She didn’t mind the PE class though because it allowed her to get to know a different side to her students other than that of horny teenagers being edged relentlessly for extended periods of time. She loved her students and took great pride in teaching them things other than how the body works and how to last a long time in bed.

Ms. Rubenkoch sipped her cherry coke and thought about her day so far. For the first time in several years she had needed to ruin an entire class’ orgasm. They were her least favorite class for good reason. The insolent little shits had been loud and inattentive for weeks, so finally she had to teach them a lesson and show them who was in charge, boy oh boy did they learn their lesson. She did feel bad about doing it but quite frankly they deserved it. She heard the tell tale ring of the 2 minute warning bell and quickly chugged the rest of her beverage. She stood up to throw away her can and then left the teachers lounge to go teach her class.

Upon entering their assigned classroom each student sat down at their desk and their body suit opened up exposing their anuses. This allowed the boys to sit down on their individually assigned pre-lubricated prostate massagers. After the massagers were firmly in place the boys’ body suits would expose their cocks, which would then be placed inside of the end of a special tube that would seal at the very base of their penis. Now that the boys were prepared, the desk would begin “priming” their cocks, this process got them nice and desperate to ejaculate. Once the brain wave scanners built into each of their bodysuits said that they were on the edge of orgasm the whole apparatus would edge them and keep them riding that delicate balance in perpetuity.

The teacher would then enter the classroom wearing nothing but black stiletto heels and a smile. Obviously this meant that the teachers had to be incredibly attractive and they always were. Ms. Rubenkoch for instance was a stunningly beautiful 30-year-old 6-foot tall blonde with a supple pair of natural 34E breasts. Her figure was reminiscent of a woman like Anikka Albrite, while her face was reminiscent of actress Amber Heard.

Ms. Rubenkoch looked at all 30 of her students, they were already moaning quietly and turning red as their desks stimulated their penis’ and kept them on edge the whole time until the teacher pressed the red button on her remote that would make every student ejaculate instantly. The cruelest part of this pleasure torture was that the students’ suits became affixed to their desks preventing them from moving in any way that could push them over the edge. Another cool feature on her remote was that if she pointed the remote at a sensor on any individual students desk and clicked a button the student would be rewarded with a burst of pleasure, not enough to make them ejaculate but certainly enough to make them notice. If she pressed the blue button on the remote, she could give every student a special burst of pleasure that would repeat every 2 seconds for a whole minute or until the student became overly simulated, then the desk would back off and calm them down before returning to edging them.

There was one other feature that the remote could do, if an individual student or the class as a whole was acting out she could press the green button in a similar fashion to the pleasure bursts, the only difference was that the desk would stimulate the cock to the point just milliseconds before ejaculation was achieved and then stop stimulating all together in order to produce a ruined orgasm, which to these boys was the most cruel punishment possible.

Ms. Rubenkoch said hello to all of her students who moaned a fragmented hello back at her, Ms. Rubenkoch smiled to herself and pressed the blue button four times and watched all of the boys cry out in pleasure as their desks pleasured them mercilessly for well over 4 minutes without letting any of them reach ejaculation.

“Okay boys, it’s time for 6th hour and you know what that means, sexual education! Today we’re going to talk about sexual reproduction.” Every boy in the room moaned, causing her to laugh lightly. “Alright well firstly we should talk about the separate organs involved with sexual reproduction.”

Ms. Rubenkoch pressed a button on her large wooden desk and turned to watch a massive screen descend from the ceiling and a projector lower from the ceiling in the back of the room. All 30 boys watched as their teacher walked over and turned off the room lights. The projector came to life and displayed an image of Ms. Rubenkoch holding a massive cock with her left hand while she stared up at it. Every boy was suddenly struck by pleasure as unknown to them Ms. Rubenkoch had pressed taksim escort bayan the blue button one time.

“Okay this is the male penis, when it is erect like you see in this picture it gets long and hard and the urethra at the top begins to leak a clear fluid like I suspect all of you are. Does anyone in the class know what this fluid is called?” In the back of the room a student raised their hand first; it was baby.

Baby was the nickname of a student named Peter McCullough; though he was an 18-year-old senior like all of the other students in his class he looked much younger, much to his own dismay. He was the shortest and scrawniest student in the class and often got bullied for his appearance at lunchtime. Baby was a personal favorite of Ms. Rubenkoch’s; he was a good student who always got high marks in all of his classes.

“Peter do you have the answer?” said Ms. Rubenkoch’s, he nodded yes and spoke in a timid voice.

“The fluid that leaks out of the urethra is called in slang terms precum and yes it’s probably leaking out of my penis right now.” Ms. Rubenkoch laughed at his answer and slowly sauntered over to Peter’s desk.

“That is correct Peter, the fluid is called precum.” Ms. Rubenkoch stood in front of his desk and leaned over dangling her tremendous cleavage in his face. She smiled to herself as she pointed her remote at his desk sensor and pressed the blue button twice. Peter moaned loudly as his penis was stimulated almost to the breaking point… almost. Peter stared blankly at the sight in front of him. Ms. Rubenkoch’s massive breasts swayed back and forth in front of his eyes as his penis felt better than it had in as long as he could remember.

“Good boy Peter, you did such a good job.” Ms. Rubenkoch turned around and walked back to the front of the room, her luscious figure tantalizing all of her students.

She returned to her desk and sat down again. Ms. Rubenkoch began to speak again.

“This fluid is used to clear out the urethral canal in preparation for the semen and sperm to pass through it out of the penis and into the female vagina.” Just then the screen displayed a picture of a blond females vagina, the vagina was clean-shaven and glistened with wetness. At this moment Ms. Rubenkoch pressed the blue button on her remote another 2 times and watched her students moan and pant as their tortured cocks received the most pleasure possible without achieving ejaculation.

“This is the female vagina, mine to be exact. As you can see it is very wet in this image. This is the female bodies way of preparing for sexual penetration by the male penis. The fluid that leaks from the vagina is very similar to precum.” The image being projected onto the screen changed again to an image of a penis ejaculating. “This is what is called ejaculation,” every boy moaned at the sound of the word that they knew so well. “You boys want to ejaculate so bad I can see it on your faces. Anyway this is ejaculation, when properly stimulated the pelvic muscles flex rhythmically and force semen and sperm to rush out of the testicles up through the urethra in pulses known in slang terms as ropes. I bet you boys want to shoot some ropes of your own, don’t you?” The students all said yes at once. “Well it’s not time yet so try not to think about how wonderful it’s going to feel to ejaculate.” Ms. Rubenkoch pressed the blue button a staggering 10 times and sat down and watched the boys twitch and moaned in tortured ecstasy for well over 7 minutes as their desks stimulated them to new sexual heights without ever letting them ejaculate.

After all of the boys were done being stimulated by the pleasurable pulses Ms. Rubenkoch stood back up and returned to teaching.

“Wow that looked like it felt good, I though you guys were going to pop any second, before we get to the fun part of the lesson we need to backtrack and cover a few more details.” Over the next 49 minutes Ms. Rubenkoch went through the intricacies of sexual reproduction all while continuing the tease and denial routine. Finally she had reached the apex of her lesson.

“While inside of the female vagina the male partners penis will be stimulated by the walls of her vagina as he humps her faster and faster. Humping is when the male moves his pelvis back and forth in a thrusting motion. Eventually this stimulation simply becomes too much and the male ejaculates inside of the woman sending his sperm cascading towards the eggs inside of her vaginal canal that await there for fertilization. Eventually 1 sperm will fertilize 1 egg and the female will become pregnant.” Ms. Rubenkoch pressed a button on her desk, the projector turned off and both the screen and the projector retracted back into the ceiling.

Ms. Rubenkoch pressed the blue button once again while she walked over to the light switch.

“Watch your eyes.” She turned and looked at her class as they moaned. “Okay class the lesson is over, which means that it’s time for me to make all of you achieve ejaculation.” escort beşiktaş All of the boys perked up a bit and watched their teacher sit down on top of her desk, she crossed her legs and reached back to press the button labeled step 1. All of the boys flinched as they felt their prostate massagers squirt several ropes of a warm tingly lubricant into their anuses.

In a kinky way it was like their desk was cumming inside of them, she knew for a fact that her students loved the feeling of the massager squirting inside of them. They always got a sexual thrill out of that sensation from the massager. This lubricant enhanced the pleasure they felt in their anuses and caused several of them to whimper as their penises twitched and trembled in anticipation.

“Oh my you certainly felt that. Did your penises quiver and throb form me?” Ms. Rubenkoch pressed the button labeled step 2 and watched as all of the boys eyes shot open and the sudden lose of stimulation on their penises. The tube that was fixed around their penises widened and the inside quickly changed shape from an inside that was a tight texture good for a vibration like edging technique to a new texture. This new texture was like a thousand fingertips; this was achieved by the simple application of soft rubber nubs that would surround the penis.

This new texture suddenly tightened back up around the boy’s penises instantly surrounding them in a thousand fingers rubbing their penises as the nubs rotated and spun around their shafts. She always liked to linger at this point for a moment because it was the only time that the soft rubber nubs would get to stimulate the head of the boy’s penis. She knew that this sensation was unbelievably intense and usually caused the boys to have a rather short fuse from there on until she let them ejaculate.

Ms. Rubenkoch pressed the button that read step 3 and smiled, this is where things got interesting. Suddenly the penis stimulation tubes dumped a large amount of warm tingly lube onto the boy’s penises. There was so much warm tingly liquid in the tube that the nubs simply floated around the shafts of their penises rubbing them teasingly, coaxing them towards a massive climax. All of this new stimulation had caused the volume of the boy’s moans to increase dramatically. She watched as the boys struggled to maintain their composure as their penises were bathed in liquidy soft goodness.

Ms. Rubenkoch reached back and pressed the button that read step 4. At that moment a special smaller tube inside of the penis tube descended upon the head of the boys’ penises. This new tube engulfed just their heads in a different texture and sealed around the bottom of their penis heads. A small vacuum flushed out any liquid in the newly formed chamber. The inside of this inner tube made their penis heads tingle intensely and caused every boy to moan and whimper. They knew it wouldn’t be long now before Ms. Rubenkoch would press the last button and they would all be stimulated until ejaculation was achieved.

Feeling mischievous Ms. Rubenkoch decided to do thing differently today, she press the button that she usually skipped over. Step 5 was one of the shocks to the system tools that she could use to coax a bigger ejaculation out of her class. These boys had yet to experience this next step this school year. Suddenly their desks stopped simulating their penises completely, bringing them back from their pleasure-induced trances. All of the boys began to fuss over the loss of pleasure.

“Relax boys you’ll still get to ejaculate, still get to squirt hard for me. It’s just going to take a little while longer today.” At that moment the desks began to stimulate the boys again, because of the pause in stimulation the boy’s penises had relaxed a little bit, allowing for a longer buildup of pleasure.

The sleeve was spinning in the opposite direction of before and was spinning faster now.

“Boys, who is your favorite teacher?” the boys all moaned out some variation of “you are” causing Ms. Rubenkoch to smile.

“And who is about to make you ejaculate? Who is about to make you all pump your hot semen all over the inside of you stimulators?” the boys replied similarly as before while their penises again reached that point of constant edging.

“Are you ready to make a big mess? You ready to fill up that inner tube with the sperm that I know is just going to burst out of the tips of your penises? Are you ready to ejaculate?” the boys nodded as they tried to focus only on the pleasurable feelings that their penises were currently experiencing.

“Okay boys, one more thing and then you can all squirt your hot goo all over that soft tingly inside of the inner tube.” Ms. Rubenkoch had one more secret trick up her sleeve that she hadn’t done to her students yet this semester.

With out any further warning Ms. Rubenkoch pressed the blue button on her remote. When the desks are in ejaculation mode the blue button doesn’t cause pleasurable vibrations of the penis like before, instead it causes the prostate massager to vibrate more intensely then before and rapidly squirt lube into the boys’ anal cavities. Every boy cried out like they were just seconds away from ejaculation, this caused Ms. Rubenkoch to smile a big smile

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