An Auntastic Birthday: The Beginning.

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This is my first story hope everyone likes it, criticism is welcomed 🙂 Let me know if I should continue.

My aunt Tiffany she was 9 years older than me and was my only aunt but things were complicated as she was my mom’s half sister. Well things were going to get more complicated soon with the proceedings of this story. This all happened when I was 9 years of age well on the day I got to be 9…well I was growing then and I had started my hormonal change over a year ago. So as to say my dick got hard on the very least amount of sexy stuff I saw. It was not big at all most it was 4 and half inch to almost 5 inch. But it was pretty big for my age.
It was my birthday and my mom and my aunt Tiffany threw me a birthday party and everyone came too some of my friends and my grandma. We had a lot of fun that day but the most fun part was going to happen later that night. After everyone went away it was only me and my aunt, my mom had to leave for her work. Tiffany stayed back to help clean up after the party. She cleaned the living room and then the dinner table and finally the kitchen. Then she poured herself a big glass of drink and sat in the living room sofa across me.
We were making small talk while I showed her what I got for my birthday and that included a video camera from one of my friends. I turned it on and started to take pictures of my aunt. She didn’t protested much so I kept taking them and slowly got closer to her and closer and then I tripped and fell on her spilling her drink on her.
“Oh now look what you did Kay kay!! Now I got to clean myself”
She put the glass down in the kitchen and walked towards the bathroom to the end of the hall. I walked behind her apologizing “Sorry Tiffany I just tripped while I was taking your pictures”.
“It’s okay Kay I will be fine” saying that she entered the bathroom, she just pushed the door closed but it didn’t close fully as I was standing there and my foot got stuck and left it ajar. After this what happened changed my life at 9 I felt like 19. I saw my aunt Tiff move in front of the mirror then slowly took off her blouse then her blue jeans skirt. She was standing there half-naked in just her pink bra and her black lacy underwear. She mixed it up well I thought made her look sexy and that what started a problem I got hard.
My hard-on started to hurt a bit but then I remembered I had my camera in my hand and slowly pry open the door a little more so I could take the pictures, I snapped of a few and then slowly moved away from the position and went to my room. I put down the camera on the table and went into my own attached bathroom because I need some release. Yes even at nine year old I knew how to do it. I went in locked the door and started to masturbate.
While I was doing that my aunt cleaned bayan escort gaziantep up and came to look for me in my room she didn’t see my but saw my camera and she picked it up and went in the living room with it and started to see what pictures I took of her. She went through all of them…even the ones in her bra and panties. I was caught I just didn’t know then. After like 5 minutes I came out of the bathroom all deflated and clean, came out and went to my table to get the camera and transfer all the pictures to my computer only I didn’t find my camera.
I got nervous, where in the heck did it go. I slowly walked in the living room to find that my aunt was sitting back at the sofa drinking her wine. “Hey Tiffany have seen my camera I seemed to have put it in my room but it’s not there”
“I have the camera Kay…was looking at what pictures you took of me. Found some interesting photos.”
Yes then I knew I was caught, the one time I ever did it I was caught. I felt stupid then how could I been so careless that leave that there and go “Oh I can explain it!! Just don’t tell mom” I begged her.
“Don’t tell mom about what Kay?”
“You know about the pictures I took of you undressing…I am sorry I was there and the door didn’t close and I saw you taking them off and I well I stayed and then what came over me I took pictures.”
“Oh I see so you fancy your aunt huh?”
“I well…well you’re the only I have seen like that and yeah I do kinda fancy you I guess”
“So you want to see more of your aunt Tiff? Maybe snap some pictures maybe?”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, was it a trick that if I say yes she is gonna call me a pervert and tell mom all about it. I was very much confused and it showed on my face too. My aunt walked up to me stood in front of me she wasn’t too tall just 5 feet 4 inches but she was quite well developed she had 36D breasts and nice round ass with a very beautiful face. I was 4 feet 8 inches moderately built for a 9 year old. So she came over to me hold my chin and looked into my eyes. “So do you want to see more or not?”
Well this was a once in a life time opportunity so I said “Yes! I would really like to see more and take some pictures too if you like”
“Okay then”
Then the most amazing thing happened, Tiffany started to shed her clothes. First she took her top off slowly revealing her 36D breasts which were hold up by the cups of her bra, barely holding they looked almost bursting out of them as they really wanted out. Then she took off her pants revealing her sexy panties. Her ass looked like they were begging for some air. She looked at me “So what are you waiting for are you gonna take the pictures or not?”
As she told me that I picked up the camera and started to take pictures of her from all the different kind of places and poses, then after a while “Hey Tiffany could like take off your bra?”
“Oh now you want to see what is under there huh?” slowly pulling on her bra straps.
“Yeah I would much like to see it”
“Okay then just cause it is your birthday, don’t wanna make you sad today”
Then she slowly opened the hook and slowly slipped off her bra which led to her awesome large boobs to hang down. They were big and hanging and looked really tasty, don’t know what but I wanted to taste them. So I started to snap some more pictures while moved near to her boobs. I was quite close to them now, don’t know what came over me I reached for one of them and touched them lightly. I thought I was gonna get a slap from her but nothing happened which in turn made me more confident and then I kept the camera down and took both of her boobs in my hand and started to feel them up.
“Enjoying yourself Kay?”
“Yeah I sure am aunt Tiff” I softly pressed them and then pinched on the nipples and then went closer for lick them. First I sucked them a bit and got them moist and then started to lick them, first around the areola then her nipple head and flicked it with my tongue few times. She was quite enjoy herself as well because I could see her nipples getting hard and she was getting warm and radiating heat.
“Mmmmm keep doing that Kay don’t stop”
Didn’t need to tell me twice as I licked them breasts I started to explore a bit more and reached for a very hot spot on her body that was her vagina. She was hot and wet at the same time there and started to feel there over her panties. “Having a hard time there? Want some help?” Saying that she slipped them off leaving herself totally naked, “Now it is not nice that I am totally naked and you still have your clothes on is it?”
Saying that she took of my shirt while I unbuttoned my pants and took them off and there stood my five inch dick proudly pointing at her. “Wow Kay that is pretty good hard on do you think I can touch it?” Then she took on my hard on in her soft warm hands and started to rub them a bit. Then she kneeled down and took my member in her mouth and started to give me a blow job. My first ever blow job was from my sexy hot aunt! I couldn’t believe it. She was quite good at it but kind of sloppy I guess, “I am not that good with sex you see I am a virgin too like you. You will be my first Kay”
Wow I am the first!!! This just keeps getting better and better! She put my dick back in her mouth again and started to pump just after two minutes I couldn’t take it much more and I cummed in her mouth. She didn’t spit it out but drank all of it, “Mmmmm that was tasty…wow look at that hard again huh?”
Me being 9 and seeing sexy things makes me hard so I got hard again. “Well we gotta take care of that too then but first you get down on your knees now”
I kneeled in front of her not knowing what is going to happen next, she shoved her pussy in my face “Lick it” and I started to do what I was told. I started to do lick it as I was working with the breasts but this time I took my tongue in her hole and turn them around like I am making space. She loved it.
“Mmmmmmm oooooo mmmmm keep going nearly there…lick the clit” she pointed a place for me to lick and I attacked it with my tongue. After a while of licking I could see some kinda thing poking out of there so I softly bit it and the flicked it with my tongue which made my aunt get an orgasm and she cummed over my face. It was so sexy and hot I cummed just like that but that didn’t do much difference cause I was hard again.
“Okay now let us get on that couch”
My aunt went on the couch and laid down on it and then pointed me to be where I should be, “Now slowly take your penis and take it near my vagina and then push it gently in then pump slowly take it slow okay?”
“Okay aunt Tiff”
I lined up my dick on her pussy and slowly pushed it in her and then started to pump away. “Now don’t worry to cum in me I got it all covered and you can go a little faster”
That was a relief, now hearing that I started to pump away faster. She started to moan and then her moans changed to cries of ecstasy. Me too couldn’t hold it in and started to moan. She felt great on my dick, she was tight and was gripping me but there was something that didn’t let me get in through all then one sudden time I push in a bit harder and broke something and then let me get in more.
“Owww! Looks like you popped my cherry there Kay” she told me and she smiled. I bend down and kissed her on her lips and we started to make out while I kept on pumping then after a while I cummed in her. I took out my semi-hard dick from her pussy dripping with my cum and her juices then my aunt took my dick in her hands and took it in her mouth and sucked off the cum and her juices just making them hard again. “OMG! Your hard again! Okay we gotta take care of this problem. Lay down now”
I did as I was told and laid down in her place while my aunt straddled herself on my dick and started to ride it hard, moving front and back. I was in pure heaven this was the best birthday gift ever. After a few strokes with her pussy I was cumming again and so was she. That last one exhausted me totally, I stood up shaking and went to the bathroom with my aunt where we cleaned up and took a shower while making out in the shower and I again fucked her from behind in the bathroom. After that I fell in bed and fell asleep.
Later that morning I woke up found a note on my table, kept down with my camera. “Meet you again later Kay will take some more pictures of me ;)”
Last night was the best night of my life!

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