Anna Tries Hard to Please

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We had been back at her apartment long enough for her to put her things down and have a smoke when I told her to touch herself.

Dutifully, without missing a beat, she had walked into her bedroom, taken her clothes off, put on a nightgown, lifted it up, and leaned up against the wall with her legs spread apart, knees up, sitting on the bed. She looked at me as she put her right hand between her legs and started making little circular motions over her clit.

She hadn’t had an orgasm in three days, although we had been having a lot of sex. It didn’t take long before her breathing had quickened and there was a slightly pained look on her face.

“Maybe you should come,” I suggested. “It’s been a long time.”

“No,” she replied immediately, turning her head to the side and averting her gaze for emphasis.

“Why not?”

“I don’t need to come.”

“OK, maybe not need, but want? You’re so tense.”

“I don’t want to come.”

“You don’t want to?” I quoted her. “Wouldn’t it feel good?”

As I said “good” she stopped touching herself suddenly. She closed her legs together, squeezing her hands between her thighs, and the pained look on her face returned, but this time in a more pronounced way.

After a half a minute or so the clenched legs unclenched, and her hand drifted back towards her pussy.

“Can I ask you a question?” Her Danish accent was especially cute when she asked this question, for some reason. I nodded and she continued. “Did my not coming just now turn you on?”

“Very much,” I admitted. It would have been hard to pretend otherwise, given that I was presently taking my clothes off, revealing a pronounced erection.

“If I had come just now,” Anna asked, “how would you be feeling now?”

“Hm, that’s complicated,” I replied slowly. “There are different feelings. I’d feel glad that you finally came, because I care about you, for one thing.”

“And what else?” Anna asked.

“It might be relaxing for me.”

I was being honest, though I knew this wasn’t the answer Anna was looking for.

“Would it turn you on?” she asked.

“No,” I admitted. “The desire, the hunger for release is what’s so exciting for me, I mean in terms of me being turned on or not.”

Anna knew that already, which is why she hadn’t come in three days. But I was starting to worry about the mental and physical strain of holding on to all that tension, given that much of every day and night of the past three days and nights had been spent essentially provoking it.

“Then don’t make me come,” Anna said firmly. “As long as it’s not too much of a burden for you.” I looked at her quizzically. She explained. “That I’m here for your pleasure.”

As she said this she started touching herself purposefully, quickly getting closer to the edge, which was always pretty nearby, it seemed, after three days. She moved her fingers faster and then quickly stopped again, clenching her hands between her legs as she did the last time she stopped herself from coming.

The pained look on her face was gone, though, and she just stared at me, pursing her lips a little bit, as if to ask, what next?

I lay down next to her. She looked like she was warm enough now that she could remove her nightgown, so I removed it for her.

“Get on top,” I instructed.

She complied, quickly, mounting me and trying to get my cock inside her.

“It’s so tight,” she said, stating canlı bahis şirketleri the obvious.

“It gets tighter every day that you don’t come,” I observed.

She looked slightly defeated, still unable to get me inside her pussy. Her body was normally small and tense. She had legs like iron from all the bike-riding around town, and the soccer she played daily, in her work with neighborhood kids. But now it was a whole different level of tension.

“Lay down on me,” I instructed.

Anna lowered her gorgeous little body toward me, and her delicate little face was pressed up against mine. I ran my fingers through her wispy blonde hair, kissed her on the cheek, and on her lips, and then held her waist firmly between my hands, lifting her hips up a bit, to put her in a position where I could most easily angle my cock so it could push into her.

She was plenty wet, but the entrance was so tight, like trying to get a condom on that was too small. If I wasn’t as hard as I was, it wouldn’t have worked. But I was very hard, and, gripping her waist firmly, I pushed inside her.

Anna gasped as the head of my cock passed through the tightly-squeezed gates of her pussy. After that it was easy to push in further, though it was very tight every bit of the way in. Anna was far from relaxed, but at least in this position she was able to release the muscular tension a little bit more than when she was upright on top of me.

“You’re so tight,” I said, once again stating the obvious.

“Yes,” Anna said in a measured voice that clearly masked a lot of pain underneath.

“It must hurt,” I commented.

“Yes,” Anna said again, in the same measured tone. “Do you like to hurt me?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered, having accepted this truth only recently. To emphasize the point, I held her body with my arms tightly and thrust deep inside her, and then pulled back and thrust deep inside her again, and again, several more times.

Now Anna seemed more relaxed than she had a little while ago. Sort of. Like her muscles were tense, but her bones were relaxed. It was a strange sensation.

“Are you OK?” I inquired, lying still, deep inside her.

“Yes,” she said, gasping a bit for air, it seemed. “It hurt so much, I had to force myself not to move away. I couldn’t do anything about the tension in my muscles, but I told my joints to stay in the positions they were in, and it worked. Even though they were also screaming along with my muscles. To get away. From you.”

“Why do you want to force yourself to stay?” I asked, unable to hide the excitement in my voice at hearing her describe what was going on inside her.

“Does it turn you on if I stay, even though it hurts so much?” she answered with a question.

“Um, yes, a lot,” I replied.

“That’s why. I’m here for your pleasure.”

“Does it turn you on to be here for my pleasure?” I asked Anna.

“Yes. A lot.”

I pushed her up above me, so she was sitting upright, with my cock completely inside her.

“Move back and forth, slowly,” I instructed.

This was one of the ways I knew Anna would get the most sort of stimulation that could lead to her having an orgasm, as long as I didn’t interrupt the process by moving much myself. Or by thrusting in too deep, which was something that in her case would prevent her from coming, rather than encourage it. But I knew if I lay still, she’d get more aroused more quickly, canlı kaçak iddaa and that’s what I did. Soon she was near to coming.

“Do you want to come now?” I asked.

“No,” she said, breathing quickly, moving back and forth with purpose, pushing herself ever closer to the orgasm she was not planning on having.

“Because you know how much it turns me on when you stop yourself?” I asked.


“Do you find it satisfying to turn me on like that?”

“Yes. Very.”

“More satisfying than coming?”

At the moment I asked that question, Anna had reached the edge, and stopped suddenly, her whole body going rigid, like wood. Her face turned red. Her blue eyes were hidden behind tightly closed eyelids, and her hands were partially raised in the air, each one clenched into a fist. She had lifted herself up a bit from me, so her clit wasn’t touching anything, too.

For what seemed like a deliciously long time to me, and perhaps some kind of deliciously excruciating time for Anna, she remained gripped in that pose, unmoving. Finally she started gradually relaxing from quite that level of tension, to something slightly more pliable. From wood to a fairly stiff kind of rubber, like the sort they make tires out of.

“Sorry,” she said.

Momentarily I couldn’t imagine why she’d be apologizing.

“Sorry?” I asked.

She exhaled before responding.

“Sorry I was too busy keeping myself from going over the edge to answer your question.”

What a lovely reason to be sorry, I thought, before she continued.

“Yes. The answer is yes. Being who you want me to be is more satisfying than coming.”

“It looks painful and difficult,” I noted.

“Life is painful and difficult, generally,” she said, philosophically. “Being who you want me to be is liberating. To think of nothing but pleasing you, it’s like an anchor. There is nothing else to think about, to worry about, but that.”

“When you say things like that,” I said as I pulled her body close to me and wrapped my arms around her tightly, “it feels as good as fucking you,” I said as I pushed myself deep inside her, pulled back and thrust in again fast and hard for a couple minutes, until I needed to catch my breath.

She was even tighter now than she had been before she suppressed her last orgasm a few minutes earlier.

“How tight can you get before I can’t even get inside you anymore?” I asked, rhetorically.

“You might have to find out,” she replied.

“I will? Not us, together?”

I wondered if her phrasing had been accidental or not, what she was thinking.

“I don’t know if I could really participate in causing myself this kind of pain, actively. It’s all I can do to stay still and take what you give me.”

More of those maddeningly sexy words. I fucked her hard again, thrusting deeply in several times.

“Do you want to take all I have to give you?” I asked, wanting to hear her speak more, regardless of what she might say, probably.

“Yes,” she said, clearly having trouble getting the word out.

“Do you want me to hurt you?” I asked, not knowing what she’d say.

She paused. Which was notable, because usually she seemed to know just what she wanted, right away.

“If you like it,” she eventually replied.

“I do. Does that mean you like it then?” I asked.

“Yes,” she answered, this time emphatically. It felt like I had canlı kaçak bahis found the way for her to answer yes to this question and mean it now, and I could feel in our bodies how much we both liked that.

“Then tell me to hurt you,” I instructed, as I lay still beneath her.

She breathed a couple of times. Two breaths, but it seemed like an entire meditation. She was clearly collecting herself, preparing for the inevitable.

“Hurt me,” she whispered.

I held her tight while I fucked her hard and fast, deeply thrusting in and pulling out again and again, until I was again out of breath, and stopped, relaxing, feeling the wonderful combination of stimuli – the rush of endorphins from working up a sweat, the sexual arousal from knowing that with each thrust, Anna had to use great force of will to stay still and prepare to accept the next one. The warmth of Anna’s lithe little body lying lightly on top of mine.

After a while of us lying still like that, breathing, Anna sighed.

“You OK?” I asked.

She didn’t answer my question, but she did speak.

“Hurt me more.”

I did. Once again catching my breath, lying still with Anna, both of us sweating profusely, after I fucked her actively, hard and deep for several minutes.

After a while I pushed her upright again. She winced, but sat up.

“Getting sore?” I asked.

“Yes,” she whispered, as my hands guided her hips to start moving back and forth slowly.

“I think it’s too sore to even get close to coming now,” Anna said. “But I don’t want to come, anyway.”

She kept moving back and forth, and wincing occasionally as she did.

“Should I come inside you?” I asked.

As I asked the question, I could feel her pussy secreting a creamy fluid. I could feel it making a little puddle where her clit touched my body.

“That’s what my pussy is for,” she said, quietly, with great certainty.

I suspected she’d like that. There was no more wincing. Just movement, back and forth.

“Is that my pussy?” I asked her. My favorite question.

“All yours,” she replied. My favorite answer. “For your pleasure,” she added.

I came inside her, as she continued to move back and forth. It was a long orgasm, with a long series of spurts of come that made my stomach jolt a little each time.

Anna kept moving, now, it seemed, with a different sort of purpose.

“Come,” I instructed.

Her eyes were wide open now, her lips making the shape of an o. Then her expression changed, like she had just seen something she was afraid of. She stopped moving, and lifted her body up above me a little. Her face was wincing now again, and it seemed her whole body was wincing with it. After a little while, she exhaled before speaking.

“No,” she said, as she slowly pulled herself off of my cock.

Anna walked into the living room, and came back with her rolling tobacco. She and I both placed the little European filters into the papers, then pulled out little bits of tobacco and spread it along the papers, rolling our cigarettes, each licking our papers at about the same time. She lit mine before she lit her own, and we leaned against the wall, sitting on her bed, with an ash tray sitting on my leg for us both to use.

“Let’s take a shower,” I said, after we had finished our cigarettes.

I stood up, holding Anna’s hand, to bring her with me. She came with me willingly. I noticed her legs seemed a bit shaky, and then I realized that mine were, too. I wished she had a bath tub, but there was no such thing in her little Copenhagen apartment. In fact, the shower was too small for two adults to reasonably fit in at the same time. But we made it work.

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