Another Night Out

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Do not copy me – it’s not nice!

ADULTS ONLY!! If your not an adult, where the hell are your parents?

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Based on my life: Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Another Night Out: A Threesome

I live with two men. It’s not as bad as it sounds – okay maybe it is. I grew up in Detroit but about as far from the 8mile that Eminem talks about ask you can get, but I’m not stupid. What does this have to do with living with two men? My roommates are cheaper than a security system and less work than a German Shepherd.

This story is about one of them.

It was a Thursday night in February. I went to the club with a few of my girlfriends to have a few drinks and dance. Nine shots and two hours later, the four of us are taking a break from dancing and sitting at a table. “Who the hell is that with your roommate Lo?” asked my friend Lisa.

I looked over and saw my roommate Jack over by the bar talking to some girls. Jack was looking good as usual. He’s pretty much the typical hunk, except that he’s not just a beautiful empty vessel. Jack is brilliant, funny, and successful, not to mention kind – and oh yes I almost forgot – incredibly sexy. He is very big at least six five, built with pure rock solid corn fed muscle, with blond hair and dark blue eyes. The friend he was with, whom I’d never seen before, was handsome in a similar big way but with darker hair.

“That’s gotta be the friend from home he’s been talking about,” I mumbled as I slammed the last of my drink. Carrie quickly climbed onto her chair and at waved Jack and the stranger, motioning them to come over. “Carrie!” I exclaimed pounding my glass onto the table “Don’t call him over here!”

“Why?” Carrie said, speaking in her best tone of fake surprise.

“Last thing I want to do is hang out with my roommates!” I was irritated with Jack about something that night – I can’t remember what it was exactly, though, now. “That’s not even my cool roommate!”

“Oh, whatever,” Carrie said, rolling her eyes “Your too fucked up at this point to have a say in who we hang out with.” She handed me her drink. “Here,” she said smiling “Sit there look pretty and just be quiet…” She was right; I was drunk. Drunk to the point of really not caring if Jack was hanging out with my girlfriends and I. The whole “fun with just the girls” night idea had been thrown out the window the minute we walked through the doors of the club. There were six fem fatales counting myself that had gone out that night and by this time three had been accosted by their significant others, who’d “just happened” to have chosen this club to party at as well. Hmmm, simple coincidence? I didn’t think so either!

“Ladies,” Jack said pulling up a chair “This is Brandon,” he said, pointing to the cute stranger, “My buddy from home – come to visit me all the way from Indiana U…” He smiled and nudged Brandon, “This is Lisa, Lola and the notorious Carrie.” Everyone waved and Carrie gave Jack her usual middle finger- the classic Detroit greeting. “Lookin good, ladies!” he said flashing his sexy smile. He stopped and looked me up and down “What the hell are you wearing Lo?” Carrie had talked me into wearing one of her dresses. One of her tight, short, low cut, strapless black dresses. It was not something I would normally wear.

I rolled my eyes. “A dress,” I said, pulling the black material up higher over my breasts. I added, playfully grabbing his arm, “Don’t say a word!” He looked at my hand on his arm then back at me. I quickly pulled my hand away.

He stood up “You’ve been drinkin’?” he asked, looking at me. I smiled slyly up at him putting my hand on his hard torso, “Maybe you should start drinking, Buddy…” He looked really good that night, even better than usual; it could have been the drinks, but I doubt it.

He looked at me and bit his lip, then shook his head. “Gotta roll, ladies!” he said, nudging Brandon, “Meeting some people upstairs.” I felt a sex charge run through my body as he walked away. I turned and looked at my girlfriends, who were staring at me.

“What?” I said, smiling.

“Anyway…” Carrie laughed.

I don’t recall how, but I do know that I eventually ended up back on the dance floor. I love to dance, I love moving my body to music, feeling strangers bodies brushing against mine. It’s so arousing, all the grinding pawing and vibrating. Amidst the following hour or two of drinking, mingling, and rubbing against attractive strangers I became even more intoxicated and even more excited.

On the dance floor this stranger had grabbed my hips as I was moving to the pounding rhythm of the music. He grabbed me tightly swaying with me pushing his erection into my ass. I didn’t care, I liked his anonymous hands on me, and the pressure of his body tightly pressed against me moving to the raging music made my body vibrate with excitement. I felt his hands sliding over my body, the lights and music making his touch electric. I could feel him pulsing his hips into me his lips brushing casino oyna my shoulder. He spun me around to face him. Surprised by my own compliance I kissed him drunkenly. Our bodies were vibrating together to the music while his tongue explored my mouth and his hands went on a journey over my back and ass. I’m sure I must have been a spectacle, dancing and kissing this bold stranger, but his urges seemed to match my own. When he asked to buy me a drink, I of course agreed and that’s where that episode of Lola’s erotic drunken adventures abruptly ended.

It was Carrie, and in her normal ever-impatient manner, she smacked my cheek hard enough for me to feel it, snapped her fingers in my face, and told me to focus. “Were going now, okay?” she said waving back to a woman with dark hair I’d never seen before. “Go home with Jack,” she said slowly, hoping I’d understand. I didn’t.

“I live with Jack!” I laughed, leaning against the guy who was holding my now paid-for drink, “I live with Ira and Jack!” I laughed hysterically at myself. I dunno – it seemed funny at the time…

Carrie looked at me and then at the guy who was holding me up, likely giddily thinking of ways to take advantage of my inebriation. “Oh, for Christ’s sake!” Carrie shouted, her hands briefly raised in the air. She grabbed me by the arm and yanked me away from drink-buying guy.

She mumbled curses at me as she dragged me up the metal stairs of the club and to the booth where Jack and Brandon were sitting with some women I’d never met. Carrie pushed me into the booth next to Brandon and looked at Jack. “Take her drunk ass home with you!” she said as I landed with a thud on the seat.

“You’re the one who got her all fucked up in the first place, Carrie!” Jack complained.

“Just take her home and don’t be a dick!” Carrie snapped, walking away. She stopped and turned around and added, “If you leave her here, I’ll kill you!”

“I wouldn’t do that…” Jack said rolling his eyes.

Carries face softened and she smiled, blinking her big brown doe eyes. “I know,” she cooed at Jack leaning over the table touching his cheek. “Have a good night!” she said sarcastically to the women sitting at the table – who were now very put out by my presence.

I sat there and shifted around in the booth, trying to get comfortable. I’d assumed I was doing this silently – then I looked up and realized everyone was staring at me. Drunk but not socially retarded, I smiled as professionally as I could and said something like, “Hi, I’m Lola.”

I felt the female hostility coming from across the table. I just smiled and looked at Jack, who was smiling at me, shaking his head. I don’t know how long we stayed there talking with the women; I know I didn’t say much, but ordered a few more drinks. Jack was making his typical med. student jock moves on these stupid girls and they were totally swooning. The ladies LOVE Jack, it’s a known fact; these two simpletons were no exception. I sat there squirming in my seat, every one once in a while I would lose my balance and fall over onto Brandon, who was sitting rigid beside me. After falling into him a few times I finally gave up and propped myself up against him.

“Having fun?” he said smiling at me. I saw his eyes travel down to my lap where my already too short dress had slipped up almost obscenely over my thighs.

“Yeah. You?” I said, pulling it down.

“Lots,” he replied winking. He put his arm around me and I rested in the stability of his shoulder.

“You smell good,” I mumbled, smelling his cologne.

“Thanks,” he said giving my waist where his hand rested a quick squeeze. I smiled, resting my head on his shoulder, and looked across the table. Jack was watching me. I smiled at him as seductively as I could and winked. He looked even better than usual, he’s so hot sometimes it hurts to look at him, and this was one of those nights.

The girl next to him shot me a dirty look. As subtly as I could I asked her to stop looking at me like that. Jack says I called her a “Fucking cunt” but that just doesn’t sound like me now does it? (You can stop laughing now…)

I am not sure what trouble ensued from my ever-so-polite suggestion, but the next thing I knew Jack was pushing me into a cab. We’d all drank too much, but as usual I was drunk bastard of the group. When we are all finally in the cab, I immediately crawl onto Jack, straddling him. I press my inner thighs against his legs, feeling texture of his jeans, I squeezed his thighs rubbing my cheek on his neck. “Jaacckkiiee..!” I whined, playfully, as I began rubbing breasts against his chest. He was laughing, his big hands on my waist as he pushed me back.

“Knock it off Lola,” he laughed.

I was giggling. I lean in and kiss his neck, biting it gently, my hand slip under his shirt and I run my nails down the skin of his stomach gently. I feel his skin twitch on my palms. “I need you to do me a special favor…”

“No! Absolutely not!” he said, shaking his head no and laughing.

I know he’s trying to be good. I know he’s thinking he’d be taking advantage of me. canlı casino He can say no all he wants, but I feel his cock, very hard, rubbing against the fabric of my panties as I playfully grind on his lap. “Please Jack, I neeeed you fuck me!” He shakes his head no again, laughing.

Brandon’s hand is gently touching my calf as he’s watching the spectacle I’m making of myself “Holy shit man, fuck her!” he laughs. His hand moves up my calf to my thigh. Jack slaps it away

“She’s trashed dude!” he snaps at him. He picks me up and slams me back down on my seat. “Knock it the fuck off, both of you!” he shouts. Now I like being thrown around and Jack tossing me back in my seat just makes me hotter, but his yelling almost hurts my feelings. I’m about to pout but the cab finally comes to a stop.

We’re home. I recall giddily half falling out of the cab, but one of them caught me.

I have no idea how I got up the steps of the house or how we made it up to my room. I wake up in my bed, likely only a few minutes after getting out of the cab, still in my dress but missing my shoes. I sit up quickly, startled by my new surroundings. I throw off the sheet that was over me and stumble out of my room across the hall into Jack’s.

Jack was changing; he was in his boxers and was pulling off his shirt when I stormed in. Brandon was on the computer, still dressed, and drinking another beer. I stood there in the door way for a moment; Jack looked at me with his shirt over his head but not off and Brandon frozen in some emotion, beer in his hand. I took a step in the door and smiled naughtily.

At this point Jack gave in (like he ALWAYS does), grabbed me, and lifted me up, saying something about how I’m the devil. He tosses me down on the bed and kisses me passionately.

He kissed me, holding me down with his big body, forcing me like only he can to submit to him. To admit, just by kissing him back, that I have equal passion for him. His tongue violates my mouth confidently while my own searches around his softly. As he kisses me he pulls my dress up over my hips; at the same time my hands are busy pushing and pulling at his boxers trying to get them off. His hands reached my panties and he smiled, pulling them down roughly. He pulled them over my feet and then with a wicked grin he grabbed my thighs, jerking me forward and began to eat my pussy.

Something about the way Jack uses his tongue on me drives me insane. I began to cum immediately as he sucked on my clit, flicking his tongue back and forth over it. My hips jerked up pulsing as I came, but his big hand was on my stomach pinning me down. “Jack! Jack! Jack!” I gasped as hard multiple orgasms ripped through me.

My first orgasm never seems to count when Jack is fucking me with his tongue. Just as I was coming down from the height of my orgasm, I notice Brandon sitting in the chair eyes wide mouth open looking at us. Our eyes meet momentarily and I smile at him. Just at that moment Jack slid one of his big rough fingers into my pussy and I cried out in pleasure, my eyes clamping shut involuntarily.

I opened my eyes again and I saw Brandon rubbing his cock through the thin material of his pants. I can’t stop myself from smiling at him, and running my hands over my breasts whimpering softly as Jack continues drive me crazy with his tongue.

I look at Brandon rubbing his cock while watching me. He’s so cute, so nice and big. I wonder if all big Indiana country boys can fuck like Jack. I want him. I want him to come and join us but I know that these country boys are usually as homophobic as they are big so I’m aware that my hopes of a threesome have no real value.

“Hey man…” Brandon said.

‘Finally! About fucking time you say something!’ I scream in my head.

Jack looks up at me from between my legs, arching his eyebrows in question, kissing my labia lovingly. I roll my eyes at him, nodding yes, eagerly; he already knew my answer though. He shakes his head at me and waves Brandon over. He continues to eat my pussy knowing he’s almost murdering me with his amazing tongue.

I’m still a bit drunk and the room is spinning and now there is another big sexy country boy with his hands all over me. Jack continues to lick me while Brandon strips down to nothing in a matter of seconds. He climbs onto the bed with us, kneeling over me. He pulls my dress down over my breasts leaving it bunched around my waist. I moan as his hands find my breasts. I reach up and grab his hard cock as it sways inches above my face and stroke it roughly. Brandon groans as he leans over taking one of breasts into his mouth, his hot grainy tongue encircling my hard nipple as he sucks. As he leans over me I take his cock between my lips and into my hot, wet mouth, hungrily.

“Aahhhgghh!” he groans sitting up, allowing his cock to slide deep into my mouth. I begin to suck him harder, as he strokes my breasts. I’m in heaven with Brandon ‘s cock in my mouth and his big hands on my chest, but I feel Jack suddenly stop eating me. It was only a second later that I feel his familiar big rough hands pulling my dress kaçak casino down over my hips. Now naked, I feel the head of Jack’s giant cock rubbing back and forth over my wet slit. I hear him muttering some sort of X-rated warning.

I’m moaning and Brandon is thrusting his cock down my throat when Jack slams himself into me. As all of Jack’s cock thrusts into me and hits my cervix I cry out.

Brandon’s cock leaves my mouth because I’m sure he thinks I’m going to bite him. Jack is on top of me fucking me, my arms and legs wrapped around his back clinging to him tightly. I scream, moaning in pleasure; my nails dig into the skin of his back. Brandon is stroking his cock watching us. Jack kisses hard me as he pounds into me. All I can do is hang on to him, my heels digging into his ass as he rams his cock into me with quick violent thrusts, moaning my name. My eyes well up in ecstasy and tears stream down my face as I cum again. I cry out helplessly, but Jack kisses me again, muting the sound.

A few minutes later – which felt like an eternity – Jack finally cums and pulls out of me, kissing me hard. He’s still laying on me and we’re both watching Brandon stroking his cock. Jack looks at Brandon, then at me “Are you sure?” he says hesitantly. I give him the “are you crazy? Of course I’m sure!” look. He rolls his eyes “Okay man” he says getting off of me

Brandon giddily jumps off the bed and on top of me saying how hot I am – bla, bla – while Jack hands him a condom (I don’t know this guy… had to be safe!)

Jack sits down on the edge of the bed pulling me into his lap. I rested my shoulders against his chest as Brandon positioned himself between my legs and lifted my hips up to him. Jack holds me tightly against him, one arm and hand crushing my breasts and the other just above my navel securing me against him. I feel his cock hard again against my back as Brandon finally pushes his cock into me. “Oooohhhh ddaaammmnnn..” he moans as he slides in. I feel my pussy shivering pleasure on his cock. I whimper biting my lip, pushing my cheek against Jacks big shoulder.

Brandon fucks me, slowly, sliding his cock almost entirely out of me, then pushing it back in, slamming his hips into my pubic bone. Jack pulls my hair from my face kissing me as he holds me against him. Brandon continues to fuck me, painfully slow, as if he was savoring every minute. “Ahh… goddamn… you feel so good…” Brandon mutters as he pushes himself into me. I wonder how he can feel anything with that rubber on. Brandon’s cock, despite its latex cage is making me crazy!

I’m so wet its pathetic; I realize how wet I must be getting as Jack starts to rub his cock around my ass making us both moan, using my own cum juices as his lubricant, while his pal keeps fucking me – still going painfully slow. Jack slowly slides the thick head of his cock around my asshole using greater pressure, forcing me to cry out softly. My pussy spasms around Brandon’s cock making him moan again “Ohh God!” he groaned.

Brandon leans in and begins kissing me. I kiss him back, our tongues playing gently together. Jack pulls my face away from Brandon and kisses me. I feel the irritated glare Jack is giving to Brandon despite my eyes being shut. I kiss Jack slowly lovingly, then reach over to Brandon pulling his lips to mine kissing him gently, my eyes never leaving Jack. He smiles and kisses my shoulder in a silent truce. I leaned back against Jack letting Brandon ram his cock into me more, using my thighs as leverage.

I reach up pulling Jack’s face to mine and kiss him softly; I feel him still rubbing his cock around my ass. “You okay?” I whisper softly into his neck. He grabbed my breast, caressing it gently pinching and tugging on my nipple and nodded yes. Then he began pushing his cock around my ass more.

I kiss Brandon, one arm around his neck, the other behind me around Jack’s and I feel him lift me up again and positioning his cock directly over my asshole – this is it, no more messing around!

I gasp in pleasure. Brandon grabs me, lifts me up by my ass to help Jack get his big cock in me, all the while still in me. Jack finally gets the head of his cock in my ass, we both moan loudly. My legs wrap around Brandon’s waist so tight I’m sure I am cutting off circulation to his legs, but I still feel his condom-clad cock throbbing deep within me. Jack is no stranger to fucking my ass, so he knows he has to start off by entering me slowly.

Brandon leans me back over toward Jack. He holds my hips up, slowly lowering my ass down on to him. I’m silently gasping, biting my lower lip, my face in Brandon’s shoulder. Jack lowers me down onto his cock slowly, gently sliding in and out of me.

I’m whimpering and Brandon tries not to move in me. I begin to adjust to Jack’s cock in my ass and he starts to move it in and out again, slowly moving deeper in me, his cock getting harder with every thrust. Brandon’s cock stays motionless, still buried deep in my throbbing pussy. It hurts so bad and feels so good that beads of perspiration form on my back, I can feel my body throbbing and shuddering and I can do nothing to stop it. Finally, Jack slams me down onto him; his cock buried deep in me, my ass resting on his pelvic bone. I can finally scream, and I do, roughly, my nails piercing the skin on Brandon ‘s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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