Succubus Summoning Pt. 03

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The second circle of the Inferno was surprisingly comfortable. A strong wind howled outside, so the denizens of Hell had carved and built themselves warm shelters of whatever metaphysical rock they could find. The one Thomas was sitting in was rounded, like a gentle hemisphere, with the domed ceiling painted with a variety of indecent images rendered in a shockingly realistic style. He almost swore that they moved. The rest of the room seemed somewhere between an office and the inside of some sultan’s seraglio; red silk cushions piled up against the walls beside exotic plants in ceramic urns. Lanterns of coloured glass and brass filigree hung from the ceiling. The candles inside had to be scented, because the air was full of an odd musk; pleasant but hard to place.

Thomas and Nymira sat on identical round chairs in front of a large mahogany desk and waited.

“So… is everywhere down here like this?” Thomas asked.

“Not everywhere. Um… I think the fourth circle is kind of close. The seventh is the worst, though. I hear that down there-” Nymira started, before a beaded curtain at one end was drawn apart.

“Sorry, I’m so late,” The woman’s voice was husky and mature, “I had a prior arrangement. A cute little thing going way out of her league.”

“That’s alright, it’s not a problem,” Thomas said, turning to the door and immediately feeling his cheeks turn bright red.

What else was he expecting? She was a succubus: of course, she was completely naked.

Well, not completely. Like Nymira, the woman was draped in jewellery and nothing else. Delicate gold chains and large gemstones hung on every limb, from her neck and a few even from her navel and -Thomas tried not to notice- her clit. When she walked, it tinkled and shook with her hips in an almost melodic manner. Nymira was a cute thing with a round face, small but perky breasts and an adorable amount of softness to her thighs and stomach. The succubus who sat behind the desk was exactly what you expected. Her curves and proportions were almost cartoonishly hourglass, with a massive bust, wide hips and a narrow waist. Everything jiggled and shook as she settled in. He was shocked not to see a penis. Then again, the only other demon he’d seen was Nymira, and that did colour his expectations somewhat.

“She was ever so pretty, you know. A singer too! And believe me, I knew just how to make her sing. It’s almost a shame she’s down here now. I’ll make sure her tongue still gets put to good use, of course, but it’s not the same. Ah, apologies, I’m rambling again! My name is Ortia, and I’ll be overseeing your pact,” She said, languidly reaching over to one of the drawers. Thomas gulped; the candlelight was making every inch of her tanned skin look, for lack of a better word, delicious.

“Um, I’m Thomas. And this is-“

“Nymira? Yes, I know her. I was one of her instructors.”

“Wait, really?”

Nymira nodded, “Ortia taught the legal side of things. We do have a lot of rules down here… it kind of made my head spin.”

“I had to really work you sometimes,” Ortia curled a lock of brilliant white hair around her finger, “Poor dear needed so much discipline to get her work done.”

“Discipline?” Thomas asked, immediately regretting it.

“Oh, if you’re interested… I suppose I could give you a little demonstration.” Ortia licked her lips.

“That won’t be necessary!” Nymira said quickly.

“Aw. Another time, maybe?” Ortia settled back, her breasts swaying gently. Thomas could have sworn she was squeezing them between her elbows. “But I guess we do have more pressing matters, don’t we?”

“Um, so… what exactly does this pact entail?” Thomas asked.

“I would have thought you’d know. It’s not a decision that’s made lightly.”

“I… might have agreed before I knew the whole story.” He admitted. He felt a small hand slide up into his palm. He curled his fingers around it, and he could see Nymira’s happy little squirm out of the corner of his eye. That put a smile on his face and a little warmth in both heart and cheeks.

Ortia looked less amused. mecidiyeköy escort “Oh, Nymira… You always were a romantic.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Thomas said.

“In our line of work -well, existence to be more precise- being monogamous kind of puts a damper on things. Not that I would mind having a little hundred-year fling with an adorable human like you,” She chuckled, tracing a finger down her cheek and then her neck. Thomas couldn’t help but watch it. “But a pact with a human this early in your career…”

“I-if I want to do it I will!” Nymira pouted, hugging his arm.

“You see what I had to deal with?” Ortia turned to him.

“I don’t mind,” He said, “It’s… kind of what drew me to her, you know? That and how adorable she was when we first met.”

“Oh? Do tell.”

“No! Don’t tell!” Nymira said.

“Well, um… I just thought her inexperience was kind of cute, is all…” Thomas admitted.

“He was your first, too? Oh, Nymira…” Ortia tutted.

“Shush!” She hugged Thomas tighter and pouted.

Ortia chuckled, lounging back in her chair. She snapped her fingers, and a ream of paper appeared in a puff of smoke, the edges slightly singed. At least, Thomas hoped it was paper. He’d heard things about human skin and blood for ink. There was a lot of text packed tightly on each page, some of which glowed ominously while others curled around occult symbols and magic sigils. Ortia flicked through it, humming to herself before dropping the papers on the desk with an audible ‘thunk!’

“Don’t be intimidated,” She said, “Most of this is just legalese. But we do have to be careful. A lot of humans think they can outsmart us, so we have to do our best to cover everything.”

“I… see,” Thomas said.

“I’ll just give you the abridged version, okay? Then you just need to sign a few times, and you and Nymira can go back to the mortal world and hold hands, or whatever it is you plan to do with one another.”

Nymira’s cheeks puffed out as her pout intensified.

“But before we start I have to make sure you’re of sound mind. And I have to say you are looking very… nervous,” Ortia said with a wry smile.

“Nervous?” Thomas asked.

“You’re sweating an awful lot. I’d hate to be the one to force you into a… oh, what’s the human term? Shotgun marriage?”

“It, um… is a little hot in here,” Thomas admitted.

“Is it? I barely noticed.” Ortia stretched her arms over her head, her chest thrust forward. “Though, it might be the pheromones.”


“Well, you are in the second circle. Lust is kind of our thing. Most boys who come in here end up harder than rock after just a few minutes. It’s so fun to watch them struggle with the embarrassment and the urge to rip off their clothes and just…” She bit her lip. “Ah, nevermind that. If it’s too much for you, feel free to slip into something more comfortable.”

“But I don’t have anything else to wear.”

Ortia smirked.

“Oh. I… I’ll be fine.” He said quickly.

“Well, this could take a while, so if there’s anything I can do to help you relax, just ask. A drink, something to eat, a quickie…”

“A-a what!?”

“A quickie.” Ortia leant over the desk, her breasts swaying beneath her. “A little fuck to clear your mind. We do want to make sure you’re thinking with the right head, after all.”

“I…” He swallowed, unsure where to look; the expression on her face and the hunger in her eyes was probably lewder than her bare chest.

“Oh, it’s no trouble at all, really. You wouldn’t even have to do anything. I’m more than happy to show you how an experienced succubus handles things.” She licked her lips. “I promise I won’t steal your soul. Well, unless it’s a particularly tasty morsel.”

Thomas stammered and spluttered, his cheeks burning brightly as Ortia walked her fingers across the table. Getting closer and closer, her eyes moving down his body to where his cock was straining in his trousers. The air around her was thick; like an invisible fog laced with spices vip escort istanbul and musk. He wanted to bury his face in her neck and breathe it forever. Her mouth was open ever-so-slightly, and his head filled itself with the thought of what her tongue could do to his hard, twitching cock. He was so desperate… maybe just a quick little-

Something darted between him and Ortia. He snapped out of his trance as a pair of hands clawed at the buttons on his trousers.

“Nymira? What are you-!” He squeaked as the chestnut-haired cutie yanked his trousers and underwear down in one go. Before he could get another word in, her lips were wrapped around his shaft, and her head bobbed furiously in his lap. His hands gripped the armrests of his chair as her tongue swirled around his tip, a free hand cupping and rolling his balls in her palm.

“Well,” Ortia chuckled, sitting back in her chair, “I suppose that’s that sorted. Now, let’s start at the beginning, shall we? The duration of the pact…”

“Huh?” Thomas tried to pull his attention away from the warm, wet mouth around his cock. Nymira’s frenzied sucking and licking were making it hard for him to think straight, sharp jolts of pleasure shooting down his cock and right up to his brain.

“… now, typically, these are lifetime commitments, though there are grounds for ending it early, which I’ll discuss in section 12…”

His ears kept tuning into the sloppy smacks coming from his lap, mingled with the little hum in Nymira’s throat that sounded almost like a growl. Thomas bit his lip as she swallowed him down to the hilt, her tongue pushing past her lips and swirling over the sensitive skin of his sack. His hand curled around her hair, his eyes closing as he relaxed into the-

“Thomas? Are you paying attention?”

“Oh, y-yeah!” He said quickly.

“I do hope you’re not too distracted,” Ortia said, “I would hate to have to invalidate your contract.”

“No, not at all.”

She smirked, “Then I guess little Nymira isn’t doing her job right, is she?”

Thomas gasped as Nymira’s upped her pace, swallowing around his cock. His hips bucked upwards like his body was trying to fuck her throat. She’d never been this aggressive before, never quite this wild or desperate to please him. He tried to keep his breathing level -tried to focus on Ortia’s droning explanation- but it was almost impossible.


“Y-yeah, I was listening.”

“Oh? Because I stopped speaking a minute ago.”


Ortia sat back and laughed, her chest a jiggling distraction. “Poor thing. You’re in absolutely no condition to be making a pact like this.”

“You’re not going to stop us from signing, are you?” He asked. Nymira stopped sucking with a frightened little squeak.

“Oh, not at all. It would be a shame to separate two… ‘adorable’ lovebirds.” Ortia said it with something between disgust and pity. “But at least one of you has to be paying attention, or I could just slip a brand new contract in front of you. It would be such a shame if a cutie like you were to accidentally become my living dildo for all eternity, wouldn’t it?”

Thomas opened his mouth to protest, but before he could say a word, Nymira had popped off his cock and climbed onto his chair.

“Hey, what’re you-?” He managed before she grabbed his cock, held it straight and dropped her arse down on it. Thomas’ head pressed into the back of the chair, his back arching and his hands gripping the armrests as the warm, tight hole completely enveloped his saliva-slick cock.

“I’m listening,” Nymira said to Ortia as she sat back and settled against him.

“Nymira, you don’t have to…” He petered out as she brought her legs onto the armrests and slowly bounced her hips. Fuck, she was good. Her hips rolled, and her hands held him tightly as she rode him, keeping her eyes firmly on the busty succubus behind the desk.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to start again, won’t I?” Ortia smiled, “I can only imagine how distracted you were before. Let’s see… ah, yes. The duration…”

Thomas sarıyer escort brought his hands to Nymira’s hips, keeping a gentle grip on her soft skin. He barely registered what either was saying as the pressure in his cock grew, his breath short and shallow. His hands twitched. His legs started to shake. It wasn’t enough…

He licked his lips and forced her hips down faster.

Nymira squeaked a little but kept going. She bounced and rolled while Thomas set the pace, his hips thrusting upwards as she fucked him. He groaned, eliciting an amused chuckle from Ortia, and before long, his lust had gotten the better of him. He moaned aloud and grunted as he thrust up into Nymira’s tight arse, and she slammed down on him, making her chubby little cock bob in front of her. The girl’s voices grew louder, competing with the slap of flesh meeting flesh. He still couldn’t tell what they were saying anymore; nor did he really care. He just wanted to fuck his succubus’ cute little butt in peace.

“Thomas?” Ortia said, “I need you to consent to-“

“Fuck, yes! Whatever!” He growled.

“Ooh… I can see why you like him,” She purred, “Are you sure you don’t want the sharing clause?”

“I’m… hah… positive!” Nymira said, taking Thomas to the hilt and swirling her hips with a little moan. He kissed her neck, and she shook against him, leaning back to kiss his forehead.

“If you insist.”

The rest of the conversation faded into the background as more and more legalese was worked in. The pressure was mounting at Thomas’ base, desperation bubbling in his mind. He wasn’t even thinking about Ortia; the only person he could think about was Nymira. Her squeaks, her shakes, her little gasps as he pressed the button deep inside her arse. He kissed her shoulder as his pace turned wild, random spurts of speed mixed with slow, deep thrusts. His arms burned, and his legs quivered. Just a little bit…

He pulled Nymira down and thrust his hips up as a flash of white exploded in his mind. Incredible pulses ran up his cock and ropes of cum followed, flooding Nymira’s hole with raw heat. Thomas shuddered with each one, the pleasure washing over him again and again. The last wave came with an added heap of exhaustion as he slumped back into the chair. He rubbed his forehead and let out a content sigh, fully aware of the sweat and cum staining his trousers.

They were still talking. Even as Nymira settled back onto him, his cock still up her arse, she and Ortia were talking like he hadn’t just fucked himself senseless right in front of them both. Nymira’s hips wriggled slightly as she sat on his lap and he was frankly amazed by her willpower.

He kissed her neck and laughed as she squeaked.

“So that’s your weakness, huh?” He whispered.

“Sh-shush!” Nymira whined.

“Are you done, Thomas?” Ortia asked with a smirk.

“Oh, yeah…” He rubbed the back of his head. “What about the pact?”

“Luckily for you, Nymira has been paying attention.” She pushed a small pile of papers across the desk in front of him. “I just need you to sign this.”

“That’s it? I don’t have to do it in blood, do I?”

Ortia laughed. “We’ve moved on a bit since the Middle Ages. No, a ballpoint pen will work just fine.”

“So with this, Nymira can stay on earth with me?” Thomas asked, pulling a pen from his pocket.

“For as long as you live. And I do mean that as literally as possible. No take-backs. And when you die, you get to spend eternity down here on the second circle where you will hopefully be reunited. But that’s a bridge you’ll have to cross later,” Ortia smirked, “Some of us can be very… selfish when it comes to souls.”

Nymira snatched the pen and scribbled a signature, glaring daggers at Ortia.

“That’s one. And you, Thomas?”

Thomas took the pen and looked at the contract. He couldn’t understand a word of it, and he had no idea what kind of crazy clauses the two of them had worked in while he was ‘distracted.’ But then again… He wrapped an arm around Nymira, pulling her close. She smelt of sweat, but the underlying smell of her was still there. He wanted to wake up to that every morning. Wanted to hear those cute noises every time he embarrassed her. See her blush at every compliment.

Who cares what nonsense they’d slipped in? He thought as he signed the paper.

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