Dominant Warfare Pt. 06

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This was originally titled Quicksilver Messenger, but based on some ideas from readers I have made some changes and retitled the series. In addition, I have a new editor that helped clean up some of the speed bumps in the story. Thanks to Glenn514. It is still the same basic story and the changes are not massive, but to me it is enough to warrant a new version. I hope you enjoy the series and please give me feedback.


Chapter 16

They had only known each other for two days, but it felt as if she had known him all her life. He knew her desires, her thoughts, her angst and the edge of her boundaries. He built her passion to epic proportions, soothed her fears and calmed her panic. He tested her limits, but knew how far to go and seemed to know her thoughts before she did. He had disarmed her the first time they met and no one had ever done that. Now she wanted to feel, let herself go and give herself to him unconditionally.

April snuggled hard against his neck and almost like she couldn’t believe it’s true she repeated seductively whispering, “You. I belong only to you.”

Steve walked over to the bed and leaned over until April’s back was touching the duvet. Even though she didn’t want to give up his skin touching hers, she released her arms and legs so that she lay naked on the duvet. Steve stood for a second admiring the stunning woman who was giving herself to him.

For Steve he had run out of adjectives to describe just how much this woman affected him. With her sexual scamp released, she just glowed with a sexual heat that’s hard to describe. She was the personification of Aphrodite, radiating love, sex and passion. It was hard to believe she was the same woman he had met yesterday. The emotional transformation was simply astonishing, with her body language being joyful, open and accepting. Her face was softer with a genuine beguiling smile and her eyes lovingly watched him, showing him her heart.

April was having a similar reaction. As she lay on the bed open and vulnerable she didn’t even feel like the April Hunt everyone knew. She was a sexual being in love with the man hovering over her and trusting him with her heart, mind and body. She was proud of what she was with him and was breathlessly waiting to feel him inside her. Submitting to him was an emotional act of love and trust. Outside she was still April Hunt, but here and now she was Steve’s wildest fantasy come true and he was hers.

Steve pulled a long leather strip out of his bag and leaned over tying her hands together. When he attached it to her headboard, her hands were firmly tied above her head. Being bound released April’s sexual devil and her womanly folds were practically dripping as he tied her hands above her head. She felt liberated and eager for Steve to use her as the embodiment of all his sexual fantasies.

When Steve finished tying her hands April’s eyes were practically smoking with desire. She kept licking her lips hungrily as Steve moved towards her, and her face was joyfully tense with anticipation. She was practically begging Steve to use her anyway, he wanted. So, he did.

Steve laid the riding crop, flogger, and wand vibrator on the bed next to April, but then his hunger got the better of him. He began ravenously kissing her face while returning to her lips every few seconds. April lifted her face into his greedy kisses, eagerly sacrificing her face in his mouth.

As Steve started to pull back from her lips, April threw her head forward and captured his lips, continuing to devour them in a soul-searing kiss. As they both poured their love into each other’s mouths, Steve slid his hand down her taut, silky body. His finger slid through her swollen pussy lips and into her slick, tight pussy. April’s whole body quivered with her back arching off the bed. As she broke the kiss and threw her head back, she moaned lustily, “Oh, God, Oh, God, Steve!”

Steve grabbed the flogger and methodically covered her breasts to her knees with little red stripes. The stripes across her body were more psychological and a symbol of his dominance and her submission. There was enough pain to bolster her sexual excitement, but not enough to hurt. April arched her back into the lash in a silent plea for more.

Steve laid aside the flogger and picked up the riding crop. April was eagerly watching his every movement with her face adorned in loving anticipation. As he gently stroked the riding crop’s flapper over her skin, April preened with loving the feel of the slick leather over her skin. After the caress, he would generally follow it with a lite pop on the skin. The smacks on her skin sent intense, red-hot ripples through her very core and made the rest of April’s body burn with need.

However, the pops against her breasts, nipples, pussy or clit were like someone touching her with jumper cables. They were always high-voltage jolts of searing desire and sent her brain spinning into her fantasy zone. It was a place that only Steve could kağıthane escort take her and he was the only one allowed to go with her. Steve laid down the crop and his lips again moved to cover hers in a deeply passionate kiss.

Steve’s lips moved down to her nipple and sucked it into his mouth. As his finger began to slide in and out of her swollen slot, he continued to suck and nibble on her thrusting nipple. April’s whole body was trembling with the dual assault. She was gasping for breaths as she felt Steve’s passion focusing and directing her body’s desperate need.

Steve lay down beside her, started kissing April’s face lovingly, but then his hunger took over. His lips moved to her neck and ears, beginning to kiss, lick, nip, and suck on her leaving little nips and suckling bruises over her neck. Then those voracious lips moved to her breasts where his hunger increased, becoming more aggressive. April began to tremble and shake as she felt his love and passion for her escalate, driving her passion before her, leaving little nip and suck marks all over her breasts. Her nipples were engorged and distended, begging for more and her back was arched, pleading for his love to sweep her away.

April felt him pour his love and passion into her as Steve hungrily ravaged her taut body that was beseeching him for more and more. As Steve bit down on her nipple, April started trembling violently and pushed agonizingly close to her cum. She could almost see it, taste it and she was frantic to feel it. All this did was fuel his hunger as Steve aggressively moved to her other breast and started building the hurricane-like intensity of her furious ecstasy. April was rapidly going mad with the need to cum and began screaming her anguish.


As Steve’s lips started leaving love marks all over the bottom of her breasts and her taut belly, one of his hands stayed behind to keep wreaking havoc on her breasts. Meanwhile, his other hand slid two fingers deep inside her and began to devastate her pussy. His urgent need to possess April was driving him mad and Steve felt as if he had to show her the depth of his desire. April was on an endorphin high with his out of control passion. Steve’s need to conquer her boiled over as his mouth and hands teased her unhindered. He became obsessed with taking and claiming his woman with all the love in him. He felt as if he had to prove his deep commitment to this spectacular woman.

One hand was on her nipples with the other teasing her hips. April was going wild and felt like his hands and lips were everywhere. Powerful waves of emotion pounded through her body. Some waves were heart rending and emotional, while others were stormy heat. However, they were all agonizingly intense and she couldn’t think, only feel.

Steve’s lips and hands moved down her body leaving no inch of her skin unloved. By the time his lips reached her feet and began their way back up April was going crazy. Her skin was hot and red glistening from a combination of perspiration and the remnants of Steve’s sloppy kisses. Inside she was even hotter with her body wound tight ready to explode.

April had been moaning and whimpering from the very beginning, but as Steve reached her inner thigh her pleas became more ragged and desperate. Her lips spasmed open and closed as she breathlessly tried to beg for his cock, but her inner fire robbed her of any speech. Her hips were squirming and bouncing off the bed trying to find anything that will end this erotic torture. Steve saw the huge wet spot of April’s nectar on the bed, and knew April was on the ragged edge

His mouth moved to her cleft and as Steve claimed her clit, her body exploded into a backbreaking arch derived from her earth-shattering cum. April’s body tried to jump to the stars as her whole mind and body exploded. With the unrelenting light show in her brain, April couldn’t see, she forgot how to breathe, and the rapturous insanity robbed her of all reason. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. All of her desires were wrapped up in this single moment.

Every muscle in her body clinched in orgasmic rapture as Steve continued his assault on her clit and pussy. He felt all of her tightly knotted muscles begin to quiver and tighten even more. All the muscles in her arms and shoulders were knotted as she pulled against her bonds. The tendons in her arms were stretched tight, popping like cords in relief against her skin.

Likewise, her neck was a weave of veins, muscles and tendons shattering in relief against her skin as she screamed out her bliss. Her head thrashed wildly with her mind exploding in wild consuming rapture. Her hair swarmed over her face in its own way of trying to get in on the action. Her cum continued and she wasn’t coming down as her extended orgasm kept battering her on a sea of bliss. An exhilarating tsunami with powerful waves crashed over her elit escort istanbul not giving her time to recover from one cum before the next stole her reality.

When her body finally remembered to breathe, it came in huge gulps of passion-laden air. Almost immediately, her body followed with a banshee like scream. In the back of her mind April wondered where the screaming was coming from, because she didn’t do that, but it was her voice. Steve had freed her to feel anything and everything. She opened her mind and heart and was now feeling things she never even dreamed of, so yes the scream was indeed her. Joyfully, as her breath came back she screamed again.


Steve couldn’t stop. He was in a feeding frenzy and April was on the receiving end, immediately blasting into an even higher level of orgasm. Steve continued to pour all of his unrelenting love into her pussy, forcing her to cum, her body racked with tremors and spasms. Finally, April’s screams of passion broke through his unrelenting lust. He looked up at his beautiful April and the devastation he had wrought brought him to his senses.

April looked exhausted and all her muscles were spastic with the intensity of the orgasms and with fatigue. Her body looked as if she had been in a muscle building competition with every muscle pumped and popping against her skin. Her stomach muscles were taut and cramped from the hard, unrelenting orgasms. Her skin marred with his nips and bites, glistening with perspiration.

Steve looked at the woman he loved, the wreckage on her that he had wrought and he shouted. “Oh my God baby, what have I done?” Steve quickly climbed off her and began to unbind her from the bed as she shouted shaking, her teeth chattering.


Steve looked into her love filled eyes pleading with him that she wanted this; no, she needed this just as much as he did. With their eyes still locked in a loving gaze, Steve slid back between her legs and started feeding his cock into her still spasming pussy. She was extremely tight as he started feeding his cock into her. At first, she had a look of distress on her face as she felt him stretching her, but as he popped through her inner lips, the look of bliss covered her face.

April’s breathing got deeper and more ragged as she felt cock filling her up. April had always wondered what a massive cock would feel like filling her pussy and oh, God, it felt so incredibly wonderful. The stretch was magnificent, as he slowly rocked in and out. The constant motion against her G-Spot sent searing chills of desire rippling through her sexual core. She had never felt so stretched and it filled her with intense fiery craving for more. The deeper he sank inside her, the more intense the rapturous tingling inside her. It was everything she dreamed of and more.

She had fantasies of taking a massive cock inside her, and she wondered how it would drive her wild with the deep sensual stretch of her pussy. As Steve methodically made her fantasy come true she found it harder to breathe, moaning and whimpering the deeper he went. His cock seemed to reach deeper and deeper inside of her, wondrously filling her. April began to wonder how much more of him there was and could she take all of it? The feeling was indescribably and excruciatingly delicious; like nothing she had ever felt.

Steve kept rocking in and out slowly, feeding more and more of his cock into her tight clasping pussy. April’s head was thrashing back and forth with her chest heaving as she gasped for superheated air. She gave in to the blistering heat inside her, letting passion’s wildfire consume her. Her mouth was opening and closing in silent declarations of the rapture scorching her body. April had never even imagined anything like this. Having him inside her was at the same time exquisitely electrifying and agonizingly rapturous. All she knew was she didn’t want it to ever stop and now she knew what it was like to have a real man make you his woman.

Steve knew his large cock could be painful in the beginning as he filled this tiny woman, so he took it slowly as his cock inched inside her. However, April had all the slow consideration she could stand. She couldn’t stand waiting any longer with her craving intensifying each second. She needed to feel his cock all the way inside her. She wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling until she felt his cock hit bottom. As his cock nudged against her cervix, Steve felt April’s body tremble with her stomach knotting and her legs starting to shake as another orgasm barreled through her.

Steve stayed still while she became used to this large cock embedded inside her. He also stayed still to try to get his orgasm under control. It felt like a satin vise was squeezing his cock. With her spasming pussy rippling up and down his cock, fatih escort he was gritting his teeth to keep from coming inside her. He looked in her eyes and he could see tears flowing. He became concerned that he had hurt her, so he passionately whispered. “Are you okay Baby, did I hurt you?”

In a quivering voice full of passionate awe, she whispered. “I’ve never felt anything so exquisitely wonderful before. You’re so deep inside me; you stretched me, filled me, and made feel like a real woman … your woman. I’ve never felt anything so excruciatingly perfect and I feel more beauty and more love than I have ever felt. Oh, God. Steve, keep making love to me and never stop fucking me.”

Steve started pulling slowly back to her pussy lips and back down, bumping her cervix, April started moaning, whispering his name and trying to express the bliss, she was feeling. Her eyes stayed glued to his letting him see the love in her eyes and the rapture in her body. When he sped up and slammed against her cervix, April’s body arched off the bed as she succumbed to yet another mind-numbing orgasm. Steve flicked her clit with his finger. As her body spasmed in response, her eyes flew open and her mouth was slack jawed, still not believing what she felt. He leaned down kissing her neck. He felt her pulse drumming against his lips as he continued to slam his cock in and out of her clasping pussy.

Steve suddenly remembered all the toys that he had laid next to her. With his cock still deeply embedded inside her he got to his knees between her legs. Now as he slammed his cock inside her, he thought about using the riding crop to pop one of her nipples, belly or clit. He watched April whimper, moan or scream each time his cock slammed into her. This was making love to each other and it was all they needed.

For April, all the deep jolts of his cock were gilding the lily. She was already cumming so hard her body couldn’t accommodate much more. She loved his attention and the way he whipped her body into a passionate frenzy. However, for her, each stroke was like adding a lightning storm to a tornado. Lightning was beautiful with all the bright explosions in the sky, but the orgasmic tornado was creating the damage, wreaking havoc throughout her body.

Steve thought for a moment about using the vibrator on her as well, but one look into April’s eyes told him that she just wanted him. He leaned over, began driving his cock deep against her cervix, and watched everything through her eyes. Steve could see it each time the almost painful bliss took control of her body, but in between cums her eyes revealed her open and trusting heart.

April moaned loudly between her chattering teeth as her quivering body lifted off the bed, reaching for more of his cock. Steve looked into those loving eyes, begging him to take her and he felt his heart overflow with love again. As he kept pounding into April, her trembling body wrapped around his and her legs folded around his waist, pulling him deeper.

Steve felt himself loving this woman with everything he was and when he was fully seated against her cervix, the madness took over. Steve began to pound into April and with every thrust, displaying his love and claiming her as his. April was lost in her unending bliss and she had no idea how many times she had cum. Her body was no longer hers; with Steve, controlling her body’s scorching passion. April screamed once more as her orgasms were again controlling her body.


April completely lost control of her body as every muscle had different ways of interpreting the passionate bliss traveling through her like an unstoppable tsunami. Her whole body was shaking in a convulsive fit as the erotic rapture took complete control. As Steve continued claiming his love with every thrust, he leaned down and began kissing her shaking and trembling face. He whispered to her, “Who owns this body, this heart? Who do you belong to?”

In between hard passionate breaths and whimpering moans of delicious unrelenting passion, April whispered, “You … My heart … belongs to you! This body … is for you! Take me … use me … possess me … anyway you want … I belong to you!”

Twice, Steve thought he saw April’s eyes roll back in her head with the intensity of her orgasm. However, it was only for a few seconds because she was quickly back staring at him through lust-glazed eyes. As Steve was whispering into her ears, he could see April’s mouth trying to respond but she didn’t have the breath. Her massive cum had her shaking too hard to form words, but her eyes were telling him how much she loved him.

Steve felt his cum boiling to the surface and arched his back, buried his cock as deeply against her cervix as he could. He started firing hard ropes of cum against her cervix, battering it, trying to break through to her womb. Steve looked down and April eyes had a glazed faraway stare, but her body didn’t know it as it continued to spasm and shake. As Steve started trying to pull out of her, he felt her pussy grabbing him, trying to pull him back in. He persisted pulling out of her before he pulled her shaking and spasming form into his arms.

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