Anthony’s First Love Ch. 01

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My name’s Anthony, and this is the story of how I lost my virginity.

There were five of us living together – my parents, me, my twin sister, Tracy, and our cat Jake. We lived in a reasonably big house – enough for me and Trace to have our own rooms and to be comfortable, but not a mansion or anything. I had recently turned 18, was 5’11”, with brown hair and medium build. Nothing special, but attractive enough in my opinion. For the past couple of years I had been getting seriously interested in girls, and some of the ones in my year at college were mega-hot. There was one who sat next to me in geography called Charlotte, who was unbelievably sexy. She was 5’9ish, and had long blond hair that looked like it was made of gold. Her tits were perfect – big but not huge, and perked up just the right amount. I’d also (although I’d never admit it to anyone) noticed just how hot my sister was. She was only just shorter than me, with long brunette hair and beautiful B-cup breasts. And fantastic blue eyes, that I’d stare into all day long if I wasn’t scared of someone noticing me checking out my own sister.

In spite of my reasonable looks and interest, I’d never had a serious girlfriend.

Over the college break, my parents decided to go on a cruise round the Bahamas, and left us at home to fend for ourselves.

Trace and I decided to take advantage of this, and invited a few friends over for a party. The day before, we went shopping to get some booze and food for the party. We were walking through the clothes department and she decided to get something new to wear to the party. She picked out something and went to the changing rooms to try it out. I wasn’t in the mood for a load of shopping and nearly went home. She emerged from the cubicle wearing the most unbelievable top ever! It made her look as sexy as a goddess. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and I could just see her nipples through the material, and it made her figure perfect. My hormones had gone into overdrive, and my ever-growing erection was pressuring my boxers as I gawped at my sister. Suddenly I realised what I was doing.

“Pull yourself together!” I thought. “You can’t stare like that at your own sister!”

I tried to look away, feeling embarrassed. Thankfully, Tracy seemed to not have noticed me gawping at her beautiful figure.

“What do you think?” She asked. I was lost for words. My mouth opened and closed a few times but nothing came out. I finally managed to say something.

“That looks great sis” I tried to say it without too much enthusiasm.

“It’s not too tight?”

“No no” I replied instantly.

“Hmm. Yeah, I think I gotta have it” She announced.

My dick was still straining at my jeans – I was amazed no one seemed to have noticed the significant bulge between my legs. The rest of the shopping trip passed as a blur. As we were getting some snack foods and alcohol, the image Tracy in that top was playing over in my mind again and again. As we walked home, all I could think of was her beautiful body.

When we got through the door, I told her I was going to have a shower before the party started.

“Make it quick, its only 30 minutes before people will start arriving.” I practically ran into the bathroom, ripped off my jeans, and dropped my boxers, leaving my fully erect penis sticking horizontally out from my body, throbbing slightly with my heartbeat.

I gently took hold of the end, and started gently rubbing all along its shaft. It had never felt this good before – I was in some sort of hypersensitive state. As I masturbated I played through the pictures in my mind. Tracy wearing that top. Then my imagination moved it on. This beautiful brunette standing before me, wearing just her panties. My hand was a blur as it worked over my cock. Then the image of her completely naked, standing in front of me, with her hand moving to her pussy. Having completely lost any reservations about her being my sister, I brought myself to orgasm, and ropes of cum, far more than I usually produced, rocketed over my own belly. I looked at my watch. 10 minutes of the 30 had gone by already.

“Shit, I’d better get ready for the party” I thought.

I showered, cleaning the spent semen off my stomach, and changed into some Levi’s and a Quicksilver shirt. As I descended the stairs, hair still damp fro the gel I’d used to style it, the doorbell rang.

“How’s that for perfect timing!” I joked to Tracy. She had changed too, into that top again, and was still wearing her jeans. I could see that she still wasn’t wearing a bra underneath it. The familiar feeling came again between my legs.

She Ankara bayan escort opened that door to let the first of our guests, a guy called Dan, in. The guests were still arriving 20 minutes later, and they’d all come in and made themselves comfy. Music was blaring, and chatter was going on all over the place. I heard the doorbell ring again, and went to answer it. Charlotte was standing there, looking (if possible) even sexier than Tracy. My mind slipped to my trouser as I felt the blood-flow to my penis increase for the third time that day, and then I realised that I was keeping a guest standing outside in the cold.

“C-Come in” I stammered, forcing myself to not stare at her.

“Thanks” She replied. I followed her back into the main room, and sat down to chat.

A couple more guests arrived, and the alcohol started flowing. Despite the drink, the party was relatively uneventful, and people started to leave for home. At about 11.30, there were only me, Trace, and Char left.

“Charlotte’s staying the night, if that’s ok with you. She lives a few miles away, and can’t get a lift back.” I couldn’t believe my luck, stuck in a house with the two most beautiful-looking girls on earth.

“Yeah sure” I said, trying to sound as laid back about it as possible, even though I could feel that familiar swelling in my trousers for what must have been the fifth time that day.

“She can sleep in my room” Said Trace.

“I’ve put the spare mattress in there so it won’t be a problem.” Ah well. It looked like I was just going to have to remain a virgin for a little longer. We all cleared up a bit from the party, but were too tired to do much. The girls went up to bed, and I trudged up just after them, turning all the lights off as I went.

I had stripped down to my boxers and was just getting into bed myself when I remembered something.

“Shit I forgot to feed Jake.”

I wasn’t sure if Trace had fed him or not, so I crossed the landing over to her door, knocked gently, and walked in. But the question I had been about to ask died in my throat.

Trace and Char were both on Trace’s bed, completely naked, and kissing passionately. Char was on top and had just begun chewing Tracy’s right nipple when suddenly my sister noticed me.

“Woah fucking hell Ant why don’t you knock?!!” She yelled.

“I did, and you didn’t answer so I though I could come in. I was clearly wrong about that last bit.” I said, trying not to look at her but completely fascinated by the two of them together. I wished that I could control my penis better, for yet again it had begun to swell, and was very noticeable since I only had my boxers on. Char had obviously looked up to see what was going on now too, and said,

“God your brother’s fit Trace”

“I’m not worried about that at the moment! Get out!” She yelled.

“Hang on a sec Trace, why should he leave?”

“He knows about us.”

“Yeah, but making him leave won’t change that will it? Plus, look at him.” Her voice was soft and soothing.

My sister’s eyes wandered down my chest and stopped at my boxers, where there was a quite visible boner desperate to be released.

“You and I have talked about wanting to take on a penis, and there’s an obviously willing tool just there to help us along.”

“How many girls have you fucked with that thing Ant?” She said, motioning to his crotch. I faltered for a moment.

“None” I admitted.

“Well, that makes all three of us in this room virgins then. I think it’s about time we changed that, don’t you, Trace?”

My sister was still staring at my boxers, transfixed by what lay within. She looked back up to Charlotte, straight into her eyes, and, without saying anything, planted a long French kiss on her lips.

I was stood by the door awkwardly, wondering what to do next, when my sister spoke.

“You wait just there, Ant. I’ve got an idea.” She looked into Char’s eyes and said,

“We can have a competition, like a duel, to win you. The first one to orgasm loses.”

“Hey, no fair!” Said Charlotte. “That means if I lose, you get everything and I don’t get anything. It should be that the winner gets to fuck your brother, but the loser gets to suck him off first.”

All this talk had made my dick feel like it was going to explode.

“Deal!” Said Char. “You OK with that Ant?” She looked at my straining crotch. That was enough for an answer.

“OK, you’re the ref.”

I stood there for several seconds, waiting for them to start, feeling impossibly aroused.

“Well go on then, you’re supposed to start Escort bayan Ankara us off!”

“Err…Go!” I said, still feeling a bit uncomfortable.

I stood transfixed as the two of them started kissing passionately. Char moved quickly down to Trace’s tits and began sucking and chewing them, twisting them with her fingers and nibbling gently at them with her beautiful mouth. Tracy let out a gasp which showed she was clearly enjoying herself.

In response to this movement from Char, my sister reached down to her perfect shaved pussy and started to rub the lips, massaging the entire area with her hand. Char started moaning into Trace’s tits in response to this, and, even though the aim was to orgasm second, she started forcing herself further onto Trace’s exploring fingers.

Still getting finger-fucked by my sister, Char turned round and buried her face in Trace’s hairier mound.

“Mmm you taste as good as always Trace!” She half-said, half-mumbled around her mouthful of pussy. Tracy pulled herself round so that her tongue could get to Char’s slit. She was about to dive in when Char’s expert fingers and tongue reached her clitoris, and she cried out loud,

“OH FUCK CHAR THAT’S GOOD!” She glanced up at me for a moment, and was clearly spurred on to win this battle of the sex-titans, because she plunged into Charlotte’s sex, her well-practised tongue flitting in and out of the pussy in front of her.

Char’s reaction was instantaneous and amazing. She jerked up, as if she had just been electrocuted, arching her back and screamed out,


The two girls kept working over each others’ pussies, with constant moaning and groaning coming from both sides.

“Hang on a sec!” Said Trace suddenly.

“But that means you get time to recover!” Complained Char. Tracy pushed a finger against Char’s lips gently, causing her to be quiet. She opened the bottom drawer of her bedside table and pulled out a double-ended vibrator.

“I figured since we’re both near climaxing, this’d finish the loser off fairly.”

“Nice idea. Now get it working quick – I’m so horny I feel like I’m going to explode!”

Tracy flicked a switch on the side and it started juddering in her hand. Then she jammed it into Char’s pussy, and wormed the other end into her own. Both girls were almost instantly moaning, and Char was visibly squirming round on the end of the long length of pulsating plastic. This was going to be close. By now, both girls were gasping for breath as the blue plastic penis jammed into their pussies vibrated mercilessly. Char was the first to go. Just. She screamed and arched her back as multiple spasms sent her quivering onto the bed covers, gasping for breath. The fake penis was still bouncing around in Tracy’s cunt, and seconds later she collapsed on top of Charlotte, panting like crazy as she reached down and turned the vibrator off, pulling it out of her dripping pussy. She rolled over and looked into Char’s eyes. They kissed passionately for about half a minute, and then Char looked up into Trace’s eyes.

“Fuck that was good,” she said, still slightly out of breath, with her head resting on my sister’s magnificent breasts.

“Well, it looks like I won,” proclaimed my sister.

“I guess that means I owe you one blowjob” said Char, glancing at me.

“It looks like it” I replied. I still couldn’t believe that this was happening.

Char came over to me, and then knelt down on the floor right in front of me. She took hold of either side of my white boxer shorts and pulled them down really slowly. She got them to my knees, and then they dropped to the floor. She watched my slightly pulsating penis bob up and down sticking out in front of me, and giggled.

“This is so weird,” she said. How could something this beautiful have never seen a penis before? I thought to myself. She took hold of my manhood and I gasped out loud. It just felt incredible. Then I looked down and saw that it was the most stunning blonde in my year doing this to me, and the feeling of sexual intensity quadrupled instantly.

She looked up at me, and then looked back at the dick in her hand. She moved her mouth forwards, and then very gently kissed the head. This sent jolts of electricity like lightning bolts. I moaned softly, as she very slowly enclosed the head of my dick in her incredible lips. It was warm, and I could feel her tongue working over my head. Then she moved down the shaft, still working her tongue around the whole of my penis. I had to be careful not to cum in her mouth there and then. She started Bayan escort Ankara to work the shaft with her hand now it had been lubricated by her saliva, and concentrated on the head with her tongue and lips. I was getting jolts through my body every few seconds from this angel kneeling before me sucking on my penis like there was no tomorrow!

Then I stood and watched as her right hand wandered away from my cock, down her body and to her own pussy, where it started rubbing backwards and forwards against her lips. Watching her masturbate as she sucked me off made me feel even more incredible than before.

I could already feel the familiar pressure building up in my balls, and I practically yelled,

“I’m gonna cum now!!” Instantly, she took it out of her mouth and said,

“Cum all over me Ant, I want to feel what its like and see how it tastes.”

I happily complied, and jettisoned my load all over her face. I’d never felt so amazingly high on adrenalin in all my life. She took my still swollen member back into her mouth and sucked all the juice out of it, as if she couldn’t get enough of it!

“Holy fuck, Ant, you taste nearly as good as your sister’s cum does!” Exclaimed Char.

“You’ve never done that before?!” I exclaimed. “Fuck that was awesome!”

Just then we both looked over as my sister started shriek out loud. Obviously she’d been aroused by the sight of her partner sucking off her brother, and had picked up the double-ended dildo she’d used in her assault on Char’s pussy, and was working it in and out of her own with amazing speed. She collapsed on the bed after her second orgasm of the evening and lay there breathless for several minutes. Then she looked at me expectantly and said,

“Well come on then! I didn’t win my duel with Charlotte for nothing, you know!”

I walked over to her, still lying on the bed, and sat down on it next to her.

“I’ve never done this before,” I said, “So – ” She grabbed me and planted her mouth on mine before I could say any more. We kissed overpoweringly, and then I withdrew, snatching a breath, and just exclaimed in a hoarse whisper,


My feelings towards my sister were now more than lust, they were passion and love. I felt amazing. Instinctively, I moved down to her tits and started to suck on them. I could feel her squirming underneath me as I worked over them one at a time, sucking them and then gently nibbling the nipple, making her gasp.

“O cut the crap Anthony and stick your cock in my pussy!” She yelled at me. “I can’t take any more of this teasing, I’ve wanted you for months!”

Spurred on by my sisters words, and even more aroused by the fact that she’d been lusting after me before now, I wasted no more time. I grabbed my dick, and rather awkwardly pushed the head very slowly into her pussy.

“Ooooh that’s good,” I moaned. I got a few inches in and then withdrew.

It felt weird to be doing this. I’d wondered what it would feel like, and now I was here actually fucking someone. My own sister, nonetheless.

“Is that all you’ve got?” My sister whined, obviously desperate for as much cock as she could handle. “Go deeper, I know you’re longer than that!”

My cock’s not huge – about 6½” in total – but I’d push it all the way into her willingly any time at all.

“You sure you want it all? You want more cock?” I teased.

“Yes, fuck YES!!” She squealed back at me.

“It’s quite long, are you sure you won’t –” and then I rammed my entire rock-solid member in at once, balls deep, to catch her by surprise.

“AAAAH SHIT!!” screamed Tracy. I could only guess how she was feeling, but I felt like I was soaring in heaven, and was pretty sure she was soaring with me.

I started pounding in and out of my sister’s cunt again and again, brutally forcing my stiff dick all the way in every time, until I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft.

“I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm!” She whimpered, with not even enough energy left to scream. She jerked and juddered under me, and her muscles spasmed out of control around me, wrenching my dick into orgasm too.

“I’m cumming too sis, I’m cumming inside you!”

“Make sure there’s a lot of it, I want you to fill my pussy with your sticky sperm!” She gasped back, breathless at the violation her sex had just suffered.

I let rip, spewing what felt like gallons of my gooey semen into my sister’s eagerly waiting pussy.

Now it was over, we lay in each others’ arms, and I realised that I had just lost my virginity to my own sister. She still looked so utterly beautiful.

“That was fantastic! Phenomenal, even!” I panted at her.

“You were just awesome Ant.” She answered, breathlessly.

We kissed gently, and it was then I realised that this was the start of a wonderful, loving relationship with my sister.

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