Aphrodite’s Palace

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As Paige flicked through her psychology textbook, she grazed her nipple with her hand and felt it pop up. Thoughts of her hot hook up last Saturday night made her moan slightly. Steve had a big hard cock and knew what to do with it.

Her gaze diverted to the mirror in the centre of the room. She winked at her image. Paige liked herself. She was a siren and she knew it. Her and her roommates had developed quite a reputation for partying and hooking up. Each were equally as beautiful and lusted over by men wherever they went.

“Hey girlfriend, I received this absolutely amazing email I want you to check out,” Trixie said as she came through the door and carelessly threw her wrap onto the couch. “If it’s real, and not a hoax, it would solve all my money problems.”

Paige put her arm around Trixie’s shoulder relieved and happy to have an excuse to escape the tediousness of her studying. After a few moments the email popped up. The script was fancy and the web design was erotic.

You are cordially invited to Aphrodite’s Palace for a celebration of the most erotic kind. For your participation lovely lady, you will be given a large sum of money. The sum will be more than enough to cover your tuition and living expenses for your college education. RSVP to this address and airline tickets will be mailed to your home. Bon Voyage!

“Fuck, that so amazing Trix! I hope it’s for real.”

Trixie clicked on the email address given and gave a friendly reply. She was sitting and talking to Paige when she noticed there was already a response in her inbox.

We are very please to be informed of your upcoming attendance. We hope your roommates are also able to attend. The airline tickets will be mailed to your address. You will be flying to Croatia. A limo will pick you up from the airport and a helicopter will transfer you to Aphrodite’s Palace in the hills. Each evening there will be a party at the Palace.

“Wait ’til Amber hears about this,” Paige said as she texted Amber. Amber replied that she had received an email saying she would have her tuition paid and living expenses paid for.

“You mean it’s for real? Amber texted.

“So far,” was the reply.

The girls didn’t know how the person behind the email found their address, or why they were given checks for $2000 dollars each to go shopping with, but shopping they went. Teddies, slips, sexy corsets, bras, stockings, were all on the list. They each found four fashionable evening dresses that looked stunning on them. Trying on dresses for hours and finding just the right ones to suit their hair colours and skin tones was fun. Other shoppers couldn’t help but to turn to stare at the ginger, brunette and blonde with kick ass bodies who were trying on beautiful dresses and heels. Admiring each other’s beauty was something they rarely had the time or luxury to do.

The tickets to Croatia arrived two weeks before departure. The flight was uneventful. The limo was there to pick them up. It dropped them off right by the waiting helicopter that was preparing for takeoff. The girls tried to get information from the helicopter pilot but he was uncommunicative. He was a well trained professional intent on doing his job.

They arrived during the evening. The glow from the house was eerie and romantic at the same time. It was a solid limestone structure with overgrown ivy and small fuchsias growing all over it. Other little flowers that ornamented the structure were violet, and orange and red. Special lighting had been installed to accent and highlight the beautiful garden growing on the house. It truly was Aphrodite’s Palace.

A butler answered the door and escorted the girls to their rooms to freshen up. When they went back downstairs they found out that there were many other young men and beautiful women from different countries doing exactly what they were doing. escort şişli Each person was strikingly sexy in obvious ways.

The girls made friends quickly and found out none of the other guests knew any more than they did about the upcoming parties.

The girls decided to explore and discovered that, although the palace was enormous, the area they were all in was just a fraction of the space available. Several doors had strong locks on them. Soon those locks would come off and what existed behind the doors of Aphrodite’s Palace would be revealed.

That evening the guests, all dressed in elegant suits and evening dresses were standing in the main ballroom awaiting the start of the party.

At the door, there were stewards who asked the same question of all the guests, “Do you consent to participate in consensual activities with members of the “Aphrodite Sex Club?”

Paige looked at both Trixie and Amber and shrugged. Why not! They loved sex and they hadn’t come all this way to turn back now.

What they had expected to find was a bright, cheerful ballroom with tasteful decorations. That is not what they received. The doors were all opened at once electronically and swung open all along the very long hallway.

“Inside you will find various devices that may be sexually gratifying to your pursuers. Each of you will need to be creative and find a tableau to make yourself part of. Do not worry, none of the torture devices and guillotines are real; they are just there to enhance the pleasure pain dynamic.”

The girls walked through the dimly lit corridors in their beautiful, short sexy dresses. As they walked they saw wax figures in gruesome tableaus. Paige shuddered but felt strangely turned on. The idea of her making herself available to a complete stranger in a compromising position, made her clit jump in anticipation.

In the distance they watched one the guests position herself under a round table with a huge silver platter on it. It was the kind normally used for serving food. Being curious, they walked over and lifted the lid. The girl’s beautiful face appeared in the middle of a silver platter with fake blood around it. It had the appearance of severed head. The girls knew that many cocks would enter that pretty little mouth of hers.

Paige knew the right place for her the moment she saw it. It made her tremble and excited her. She slowly lowered her sexy body onto the thin padded exercise bench. Her legs were spread and she put the leg restraints on that were located at her feet. As she laid down the fake guillotine loomed over her. It looked so real with what appeared to be blood smeared on it. Paige wanted to touch it but found she couldn’t. She cursed herself for not touching it before fastening the leg restraints. She fumbled with the restraints and couldn’t find a way to loosen them. There was no key in sight. She was trapped.

“I’ll be okay,” she told herself. “We’ll all be okay.”

After around a half an hour the lights started to change and flicker. They went from yellow to red to blue, back and forth. The yells and excited cheers of the men in the sex club echoed through the corridors. They had been released into the wild and they were definitely excited and willing.

Two men found Paige. One put his cock in her mouth before she even knew what was happening.

He put his cock on her forehead, around her face, then down her throat saying, “Suck it bitch, suck it you dirty little whore, you hot sexy slut, suck it.”

Paige swallowed the hard cock presented to her and struggled against her leg restraints to change her position, but to no avail. She was stuck and at the mercy of the men before her. He rammed her mouth roughly, gagged her with his cock, then sprayed his hot cum on her face, hair and cleavage.

“That guillotine looks real, doesn’t it baby?”

Paige şişli escort bayan looked up and saw it through different eyes.

I’ll lower it so you can touch it,” the man in front of her said with a sadistic gleam in his eye.

He lowered it ’til it was two feet above her. She reached up and shuddered when she felt the cold steel.

The strong heavy set man in front of her said,” You’re going to do everything I ask you to do, okay Paige?”

She nodded, “Yes.”

“You’re going to take both of our cocks in both your pussy and your sexy ass, right bitch?”

Paige knew she could do little else but nod.

The man grunted his approval as he lowered his pants and took out his huge cock. Paige looked and his engorged member, then at the guillotine. She didn’t know if she could take all of him but the shadow of the guillotine imposed itself on her mind. He pulled up her sequined evening dress then took a knife and slit her panties off her. His control over her was complete when he pushed her back so she lay exposed to him, for his use. Paige couldn’t help but be incredibly turned on.

Music slowly built in the corridors now, easing its way into the room she was in – wild erotic fucking music that strippers dance to, filled the air. The man stepped astride the bench where Paige was anchored and leaned into her, putting his big hard cock deep inside Paige’s hot little cunt with a grunt. As she looked up over his heaving shoulders, the guillotine swayed. He pumped her harder while she watched the guillotine sway back and forth.

The man that had cum all over her face was undoing the restraints. Using a remote he raised the guillotine. His fellow club member was busy filling Paige with long deep strokes of his huge cock but he knew what they had agreed on. Lifting Paige’s small frame he rolled back so that she was impaled and on top of him as he lay back on the bench. The other man now had the open vista of her petite derriere. He pushed her legs apart as he straddled the bench behind the entwined couple and leaned forward to push his hard as rock cock deep into her spread cheeks.

“I’ve never…” she started to say.

The man cooed in her ear, “Its’ okay darlin’. I’ll be gentle; I won’t hurt you, too much,” he said with a wild laugh. He was obviously pleased to be breaking in her virgin little ass with his big, hard, cock.

The man spit on his hand and rubbed his cock. It was thick and hard and big and fat. He held it at the entrance to her tight little hole. The other man was steadily fucking her wet pussy as he slowly slid his cock in a little bit. Paige screamed.

“It’s okay baby, work through the pain.”

He pumped her in and out just a little, repeatedly, pushing in deeper and going further and further into her tight little ass. Immediately after he made way past her tight sphincter he felt the stroking rhythm of his partner in her other hole.

Her cries of pain blended with, and were soon overcome by, her moans of pleasure which stimulated him to fuck her even deeper, pump her even harder. Soon both men were fucking her like wild animals as she moaned her orgasms to the beat of the loud music. The man in her pussy started to cum inside her as he felt the steady thrusting rhythm of the two cocks invading her. His hot jizz welled up to an intense explosion. The man fucking her ass signalled his close orgasm and the two men moaned their release as they pumped simultaneously into her sex. Paige, feeling their spasming cocks throbbing inside her walls, felt her own orgasm take over in ripples of pleasure as her soft flesh was dragged and pushed in and out in unison. Her own orgasm sent chills through her and clamped her lower muscles on the two invaders. The guy in her ass circled round n round maximising the contact through the thin membrane that separated the two members şişli eskort as he came. He stretched her tight ass fully. He filled her sexy ass with his cum, then lifted himself off the sex sandwich and slowly dragged his cock from her grasping ring. He pulled apart her cheeks to admire her gaping hole. Sliding two fingers inside, he pumped her then shoved his fingers in front of her mouth to lap up the succulent juices on his fingers. Paige did so eagerly. The aroma of his cum filled the air. He moved his glistening cock up to her lips and watched her clean him up enthusiastically while she rode the last bit of wet cum from the cock that filled her cunt. Sucking hungrily on the cock she lifted to release the cock below her, hoping to suckle both juice-coated pieces of meat.

Her desires were interrupted as a buzzer sounded and the lights went on. Soon the well fucked guests made their way to the main ballroom. The beautifully dressed men and women looked very much different now. Clothes had been torn and ripped, hair had been messed up. Cum dripped off the faces of many a beauty. Cuts and scrapes were evident. Puffy lips, sexually satisfied smiles and bow legged walking was the tableau in front of her now.

Paige wondered what other wild opportunities lurked in the dimly lit corridors. She made a mental note to explore the corridors even further before she made a decision where to position herself. The weary, exhausted, well fucked guests all went to their bedrooms and en suites. Hot soothing baths and ointments were needed. They needed to rejuvenate for the next evening.

By the next morning the girls were ready to talk about their experiences. They all described the most electrifying orgasms of all time and how having the freedom to choose the location enhanced the adventure.

Amber had chosen the stocks. The wooden structure encased her hands and head so she was helplessly stuck in that position. Amber liked the idea of getting gang banged and was not disappointed. Cock after cock entered her mouth and ass in a succession of men that never seemed to stop. Her pussy was swollen from being fucked and her ass was stretched out and pleasantly sore as a reminder of how well she was used.

“Cum is still dripping out of me,” she said with a far away smile.

Trixie had chosen the cage. She had no idea it would be hoisted up high and that the spotlight would be fixed on her with men and women watching her get fucked. She was told by the man entering the caged dome with her to resist him, to fight him, to pretend she wouldn’t let him fuck her. They entered the dome together and stood still as it was elevated. The audience looked up and the spotlight signalled the start of the show. Her long blonde hair had flew around her in a beautiful display as the strong beastly man tracked her down, tamed her, spanked her and fed her his cock while she resisted. The music and flickering lights made the vision even more spectacular. He then released her again and chased her. This time he pinned her against the wall of the circular cage. Her gorgeous big tits pressed against the hard cold steel as his hard cock penetrated her tight little pussy. Every hard thrust made her tits squeeze into the steel bars. The harder he fucked her, the louder the yells of the audience became, until she found herself becoming a sexual puppet to the whims and sexual desires of the observers. Her orgasms were plentiful.

“I could see you from where I was,” said Amber. “You looked so hot, absolutely beautiful. You flew around that cage like a lost schoolgirl while he tracked you down and forced his cock in every hole. I came while watching you getting fucked,” she confessed.

“I’m looking forward to tonight,” sighed Trixie.

“So am I,” echoed Amber. “Ahh, look at my manicure. My nails need some serious damage control before tonight. Can you help me out with that Trixie?”

“Sure beautiful, let’s fix each other up.”

Paige thought of what it would be like to service a glory hole. She felt her clit start to jump.

The girls looked forward to the evening ahead with sweet anticipation.

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