Ariana: the Beginning Ch. 02

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Daddy came home one evening with something special to give his baby girl for her 19th birthday. None of her friends were there thankfully–and bag in tow, he came around the hallway corner and knocked on her door. He really was a gentleman, after all.

The door opened after what seemed to be an eternity of seconds, and immediately all of that disappeared. The only thing he could feel was waist down right now; she was dressed up obviously to go hang out somewhere with her friends.

“Where are you off to young lady?!”

“The mall, dad-dy!”

Her bright blue eyes flashed through her semi-Gothic makeup and he grinned from ear to ear. Goddamn she looked good in dark lipstick. Her hair was blonde and straightened, but there was a streak of purple hair spray which ran down the front of her face. Daddy’s’ eyes ran down her body noting her more than questionably short jean skirt with black Gothic string tights and hardcore heels. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she wore another yet impossibly tight (decidedly not goth) dark purple top which left nothing to the imagination, whatsoever.

“Oh! C’mon now!”

Her shoulders hung out of it and you could see her bra straps–the long sleeves covering her arms and halfway up her hands. A sweet flowery perfume wafted from her body up to his nose, and he thought she had good taste in perfume for being so young and not having had a mom to teach her.

“WHERE did you get this outfit!?”

He was going to enjoy this. It wasn’t every day that she got a wild hair and changed her appearance. She smiled incredibly bright but it was reserved enough to know she was very pleased that he liked it while she unassumingly acted sultry as hell at the same time. How does she know exactly how to hit a nerve with him, he wonders.

“My friend Shasta. Do you like it?”

Daddy pushed his way through the door and closed it behind him almost too eagerly–he dropped his bag softly on the floor before he stepped closer to her, yet not near enough to touch her. If he was that close, he couldn’t help himself and he wanted to mess with her a little.

“Well, you’re not going to wear it out anywhere! But, daddy likes.”

His eyes mind fucked her while she felt her body shudder at the sight of his equally big blue eyes looking her up and down with voracity. Even though they weren’t blood related, no one could tell as they looked it. Her smile widened. She definitely knew she wouldn’t get caught dead going out of the house in this number–especially when he was the one who would have to take her to the mall in the first place.

“Well if you want it off, I’m not going to do it.” Her hands hugged her stomach and he could tell she wasn’t completely comfortable–but her body begged for him. He could tell she was conflicted between trying to be her envisioned version of a temptress, and his childish baby girl. A smile broke his face when he saw that her eyes turned down to the side, almost begging the question of whether bursa bayan eskort he would take her.

“Oh that girl,” Daddy thought to himself how this sweet little ‘innocent’ girl had just turned the tables on her all powerful Daddy.

“Are you going to suck my cock baby?”

“YES! Please and I would like, Daddy?!”

Her eyes glittered, twinkling in the light with glassy beauty. Oh this drove him up the wall and she knew it. Stepping into her reach, his hands ran down her curvy hips gingerly before he took them and tapped the insides of her arms with his.

Knowing what he wanted, Ariana lifted her hands above her head and he wrapped the her long sleeved skin tight dark purple top up and over her head with ease, without her gaze breaking eye contact with his.

“And what’s THIS?!”

His sweet innocent daughter was wearing a corset!? A fifty ton block hit him in the face while his mind soaked up this unbelievable visual while his pants tightened on his crotch. She was definitely too young to be wearing THAT!

Scooping her up to carry her, he dropped her onto her bed with enough force to make her giggle. Oh how she loved to do this to her daddy. Ariana had been planning this all week. She wanted to be as grown up as she could for him.

Secretly she’d hoped he’d pull it off of her telling her she’s not allowed to wear it– instead, she could hear her bangle bracelets chime when he jumped onto the bed on top of her; straddling her. He unbuttoned her leather gauged belt which was holding up her tight little jean skirt–the sounds of her zipper coming down making him as hard as he could be already.

Pulling down her skirt he groaned as he watched her creamy little legs–decked out in hooker tights mind you–slipping out of her skirt with his help. He didn’t even pause as he slid his pants down.

“Daddy, I’ve wanted you for so long!”

Ariana was unbelievably wet–she couldn’t hide the creamy stain that had formed on her thong. At least he knew she wore thongs before tonight, or this would’ve been too much for him to handle.


Just before he was about to just bury his cock inside her pussy, she got up onto her elbows–her bare hairless pussy just begging to get it.

“Yes, kitten?”

“May I?”

Now Ariana knew that this was like putting icing on top of the cake. She was sexually very, very aware of what she could do to him and she used her innocent facade to give the illusion that she didn’t. But they both knew that based on her actions–she knew exactly what she was doing. Arianas’ dark purple stained lips cracked a smile and the eyeliner around her eyes lit up her face like she was a goddess of some sort.

She scooted up the bed with her back up to the wall–her naked legs folded up to her chest and her delicious little pussy showing through between them.

Pushing up to her closer as he did, her Daddy spread her legs bursa evi olan escort slowly and he pulled her bra off of her, too–flinging it across the room as he wasted no time finding her hot little snatch with his lips. He held off everything he had, just barely tease her little pussy instead of ramming it.

“This will let her know whose in charge here,” he thought.

Blowing his hot breath and slight vibrations onto his little girls’ clit–he watched for wetness seep out from between her pink little lips. Then the glistening sweetness showed itself for him and he couldn’t help but taste it. He could hear her cooing up above him, her arms gliding around her body and her legs spread wide eagle now for him.

His raging hard-on couldn’t wait anymore and he sat up onto his knees with her head all the way against the wall and his cock sitting right at her lips.

“Suck my cock, baby girl.”

Before he finished his sentence, Arianas’ lips were properly engulfing her Daddys’ hard thick dick.

He was presently surprised to get some wet relief for his fiery passion. It felt too damn good to have himself inside of her sweet little lips–she even looked up at him with her blue eyes contrasting the thick black eye-liner she was wearing. He could see silver sparkles accenting her eye lids and black eye shadow highlighting the edges of her eyes which were getting wet with her tears and beginning to make her glassy eyes sparkle, too.

Pulling on the back of her head, he rammed his cock into her without mercy–knowing his naughty little girl could take it. And take it she did, the best her small little mouth could.

It always amazed him how well she could hold her gag for her daddy–like she would die if she showed any signs of it? Making him hotter for her because he knew she wanted it so badly and enjoyed his cock in her mouth–he started to hip fuck her sweet face as her inexperienced tongue rolled over his shaft.


Daddy couldn’t stand this, he had to cum! But it felt so good, he was conflicted as to what to do here–cum or wait and let this experience go on longer?

He halted his thrusts and let her begin to softly suck on his jizz-covered dick as she began licking her Daddys’ shaft like she knew he liked. He’d told her exactly what he liked over the years, and she knew very well how to please him. She knew what to do, but not why. And it made his abdominal muscles tighten. Sucking on her Daddys’ cock like a Popsicle, Ariana moaned all over it while her fingers rolled around him–holding him like one would a hot dog before eating it with both of her hands.


He looked down at her and couldn’t help but take a picture of the scene with his mind–her C cup breasts heaving and glistening with sweat and spit and his juices!

“Daddy, please!”

Ariana lost her composure now. He was her daddy–her all powerful authority–and she bursa rus escort wanted him to show her how much he loved her by entering her! He always could make her feel like he has in the past–like the lost little lamb that she was and him: her shepherd. All of her thoughts of wanting to take care of him like a woman fell through her mind into a deep chasm of shyness.

What was she doing? She actually just put a corset on for her daddy. She felt uncomfortable and her entire body blushed. Not because she was ashamed but because she was afraid. Afraid of changing that hot submissiveness he put her into–she so very much wanted to be his little girl forever and didn’t feel comfortable being in this role now..

Feeling the switch in her mood, daddy picked her up and put his legs off the side of the bed while he caressed her in his arms like a doll. He held off his need to cum to take care of her while she adjusted her mind for just exactly what was happening–making her feel safe in his hold just like he’d done so many times before.

When her hips began to move again, he sat her up on his lap–straddling him.

“Daddy loves his little girl.”

Ariana couldn’t believe he was saying it–he’s such a good daddy! He spoils her incredibly and she loved it. That feeling of being taken care of by him made her want to take care of him back and she used her fingertips to guide her Daddys’ cock into her hot wet flower of desire.

His lips attached to her shoulder blade and began sucking hard on her soft peachy skin and her mouth began kissing her Daddys’ forehead as he slammed his cock inside of her with unbridled vigor.

Through thrusts as he rammed his girl–he could see through the tiny holes in the blinds that the driveway was empty, still.


Daddy looked down at his cock as it rammed her sweet little shaved pussy and he could see his amazing hard on slide in and out of her bare, pretty kitty. Groaning out while at full bursting point he moaned at the top of his voice,

“God-damn Ariana!”

Her arms were wrapped on each of his shoulders and her hips swayed on him like he was fucking a wave. He was cumming soon, he knew, and just fucked his little slut harder and harder.

“DADDY! Please cum inside me!”

She flexed her pussy muscles tight, and he could barely breathe at the sensation he was feeling..

For a minute he felt light headed before he felt waves of cum shoot out of his cock from deep within and he wasn’t sure–but he thought his little girls’ pussy was throbbing again on him. He slid in and out more and more slowly until he felt her muscles stop massaging him and he left himself inside of her as he lay down beside her. He held her tight in his arms and they lay there for a long time just enjoying hearing each other breathing.

“What made you wear that?!”

“I don’t know daddy, I don’t know.”

“Well, it was hot. But I don’t think you’re ready for that yet, are you?” He watched her eyes burn into themselves and he could tell she might cry.


“No what, baby girl?”

“No Daddy, I’m not ready to not be your baby girl.”

His fingers ran down her sweet cheek, and he kissed her lips so slightly that it was unbelievably special to her.

“Oh you’ll always be my baby girl, kitten.”

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