Because We’re Bad Ch. 02

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“So I’ve been thinking….”

It was amazing the sheer range of emotions simple words like those could evoke in me when they came from Kristin. Predominantly concern that she had yet another scheme to get us into trouble, but also a curiosity as to what it would be. It wasn’t like all her ideas turned out badly after all. Case in point, our current relationship had come about largely do to her having the nerve to initiate things I never would have. If she hadn’t started anything we never would have ended up having sex on a regular basis and, even though a lot of people would never understand, I wouldn’t reverse the clock on that for anything. Kristin was simultaneously the best thing in my life, and the most dangerous.

I turned to my sister who was sitting cross-legged and completely naked beside me after another of what were becoming regular midnight encounters. Being sneaky was unfortunately just a necessary part of our relationship.

“Okay, I’ll bite,” I said. “What have you been thinking?”

“You know how we’re going to be finishing high-school soon?” she asked.

“We still have a couple months to go, it’s not that soon.”

“Right, but after that we won’t be going back ever.”

I was getting a little confused at Kristin’s seeming concern for leaving school behind. If anything I would have expected her to be getting excited.

“You’re right, we won’t be going back. Assuming you show up to your exams,” I said.

“Hey, I’ve been doing better recently,” she said with a pout. “I’ve been going to all my classes and everything. I’m not going to get stuck there without you, that would just suck.”

Admittedly Kristin had been putting more effort in once I pointed out that if she had to repeat a grade I wouldn’t be there with her, and neither would any of her friends. If she thought school was Hell now, going back another year would be even worse.

“Alright, I’m sorry,” I said. “What were you going to say?”

“Well, I want to do something a little crazy, something that I wanted to do for a while but never had the chance.”

“And that is?”

“Have sex in a classroom. During school hours, not like breaking in at night or anything.”

“In a classroom,” I repeated slowly.

I briefly considered that Kristin might be joking, but I didn’t think she was. And really, it wasn’t like it would be the first time she’d been interested in doing something risky. The thing was I didn’t really know if I liked the idea.

“We’d have to be careful about how we do it of course,” she continued, as though reading my mind. “I know we can’t actually let anyone catch us. I’ve been working on a plan, I just need to sort out a few details.”

Some of my concern dissipated as I realized Kristin wasn’t talking about just finding an empty classroom and hoping for the best. I was going to need more convincing than that however.

“So, what’s this plan then?” I asked.

“So far what I’m thinking is getting a teacher to hand over their class when they have a free period,” she said. “If we lock the door and close the curtains and everything we should be perfectly safe for the better part of an hour.”

“Yeah, should be. What happens if this teacher decides to come back early, or someone else with keys decides they want in for whatever reason? And how are we going to convince a teacher to let us have the room to start with?”

“Well we’re going to need a lookout, I already thought of that. And I think it’s probably going to have to be Shannon since she already pretty much knows what we’ve been up to.”

“That… sort of makes sense I guess,” I said. “You think she’d do it?”

It wasn’t just a matter of whether Shannon would take the risk of getting caught with us, or the skipping class that this plan was probably going to require. There was also the issue of how she was going to feel about basically helping Kristin and me have sex. She’d certainly been supportive of our choice, or at least she hadn’t had any obvious problems with it, but up until now we’d been pretty discreet about it around her. This would be practically shoving it in her face.

“Not right away, but with a little persuasion I think she would,” Kristin said. “I know it might be kind of awkward in some ways, especially since you two almost… well, there was almost a thing between you.”

“Do you think it bothers her that I chose you?” I asked.

Shannon had encouraged the choice, but I still sometimes worried that she wasn’t quite as happy with it as she let on. Kristin probably had a better idea of that than I did.

“Maybe a little, but she never said anything,” Kristin said, biting her lip in thought. “I don’t think it’s that big a deal.”

“I hope you’re right,” I said.

Kristin traced a finger idly across my chest in the brief silence that followed, drawing invisible pictures on my skin.

“Just think what it would be like though,” she said eventually. “Right on the teacher’s desk if we wanted, in the middle of the day. It’d be awesome.”

“Or it could all bursa eskort bayan end in tears,” I countered.

“You’re such a pessimist. You should focus on the upside, like getting to have sex with your sexy, amazing sister.”

“Well I can’t say I don’t enjoy that,” I said.

I grabbed Kristin’s wrist and pulled her on top of me, loving the feeling of her bare skin against mine. She giggled and kissed me before raising herself to her knees and straddling my waist.

“I’ll probably be really horny if we do this you know,” she said. “You’ll definitely have a good time.”

“Again, assuming that we can get access to a classroom,” I pointed out.

“As a last resort I’ve got a favour I can call in, if it comes down to that,” she said with a shrug.

I struggled for a moment with what she could possibly be referring to before giving up.

“Do I even want to know what that means?” I asked.

“It’s not a big deal, I just kept a secret for someone and if I need to I can remind them of it. It’s a little tacky, but it might be worth it.”

With Kristin on top of me and grinding ever so slightly I almost let it go at that. We really needed both clothes and at least four feet of separation for me to conduct a proper interrogation, my thoughts kept getting interrupted by how much I’d rather be fucking her again.

“Hang on, who exactly are we talking about?” I said.

“Miss Reid. We had her for English last year remember?”

“Yeah I remember.”

“Well I had to see her after class one day and she was late and her laptop was open….”

“And you snooped,” I finished.

“Yeah, I found some naughty things on there. You should have seen how embarrassed she was when she came in and found me looking through it.”

“Not that you had a lot of moral high-ground, you shouldn’t go through people’s stuff like that.”

I’d had enough trouble keeping my sister out of my things, and I had more influence over her than most anyone else. An open laptop and no one around made her story more than believable.

“I know, I was kinda bad. I couldn’t help it though, it was just sitting there and I got curious. Somebody really needs to teach me to do better.”

“Mm-hm, but how could I possibly do that? I could try spanking you, but you’d probably just enjoy it.”

“Uh-uh,” she protested, though a giggling fit gave her away. “You wouldn’t do that anyway. Not to your poor, innocent sister.”

“Like hell.”

I pushed Kristin off of me and rolled on top of her, pinning her arms above her head. She made no real move to resist, though she did struggle unconvincingly underneath me. Despite how recently I’d cum I was starting to get hard again from the continued presence of my naked sister, as well as her current antics. She knew exactly what she was doing and her wriggling brought her into contact with my growing erection far too much for it to be coincidence.

“Ooh, no please not again,” she said in an incredibly fake display of unwillingness. “No I promise I’ll be good, don’t put your dick in me again.”

“Cut it out or I’ll put it somewhere you actually might not like,” I growled.

“You mean my butt?” she said, dropping the act instantly. “‘Cause if you’re going to help me I’d totally let you. It could be like an early reward.”


It had been an idle threat more than anything, but I shouldn’t have been too surprised that Kristin would take it as more than that.

“If you want to. I’ve never actually tried it before and it might be fun,” she said.

My cock had grown hard enough that it was poking at Kristin’s pussy and when she rocked her hips it slid along the length of her wet slit. It was more than a little distracting.

“I don’t know,” I said. “If you’ve never done anal we’d probably need to take it slow and build up to it.”

“Why, you think you’d hurt me?”

“Pretty sure we don’t have any lube lying around, so yeah I think I’d probably hurt you. Even with lube I don’t know how well it’d go.”

“Hm, oh well. Maybe some other time then.”

The tip of my dick was just beginning to push its way inside Kristin’s pussy, aided by her constant hip movements and careful positioning. I was tempted to give in and just fuck her like she wanted, but I had something else I wanted to try now that she had me thinking about it.

“Flip over,” I said, pulling away from Kristin a little.

“‘Kay,” she said unquestioningly.

She rolled over and lifted herself onto her hands and knees, wiggling her butt at me as though assuming I wanted to fuck her from behind. She was right, but there was more to my request than that.

Without offering any explanation I ran a finger over her pussy lips, then gently pushed it inside. As I expected she was more than wet enough for my purposes and my finger came out covered in her juices. When I pressed it to her asshole she finally turned her head to try and see what I was doing.

“What are you up to back there?” she asked.

“Just trying bursa otele gelen eskort bayan something,” I said.

I went back a couple times to make sure I had plenty of Kristin’s girl-cum for lubrication, I didn’t know how easy this was going to be. Even when I thought I had enough her butt still seemed really tight and I had difficulty even just getting my fingertip past the entrance.

“You gotta relax a little,” I told her. “I have no idea how you thought sex was going to work.”

“You should know by now I can be a little impulsive,” she said, making a good point. “And it’s hard to relax when I’m excited. Maybe you should just fuck me first and try it after when I’m all calmed down.”

“I won’t feel like bothering with it afterward if we do that,” I said. “Although….”

Kristin might have something there, if I got her concentrating on sex she wouldn’t be focused on her ass so much. It was worth a shot.

She moaned appreciatively as I guided my cock into her pussy and immediately angled her body to make penetration easier. Even before I was fully inside she was rocking back against me in time with my thrusts, quickly establishing a rhythm with me. I’d long ago tired of jokes about how we should be able to read each other’s minds since we were twins, but when we were having sex sometimes it felt like we actually could on a sub-conscious level. We just moved so naturally together despite being relatively to new to this particular phase of our relationship.

I kept my finger pressed against Kristin’s tight butt, waiting for it to loosen a bit and eventually it did. Slowly, almost reluctantly, her muscles relaxed enough to let just the tip of my finger inside before clamping down again when she realized what had happened.

“It’s in, isn’t it,” she said.

“Yes it is,” I confirmed.

“Feels a little weird, not too bad though. Doesn’t hurt.”

Kristin’s movements had become hesitant as she processed the new sensations, then slowly returned to normal as she got comfortable with the idea. Before long I was able to push my finger farther into her butt and started gently finger-fucking it.

“Mmm, okay that’s feeling kinda good now,” she said. “Kinda sexy too.”

“You think you’d like doing it for real?”

“Yeah, I definitely want to try it. I’ll have to work on that.”

She was losing any self-control she might have started with and rocked back against me with increasing force. I had no idea anal-play would be so much of a turn-on for her and she probably hadn’t realized it either before hand. There was no doubt in my mind that it would be more than my finger in her butt in the near future.

Only moments later her pace reached its most frantic level and her pussy squeezed my cock hard. I loved the feeling of my sister cumming, and as was not uncommon my orgasm followed close behind hers. I could rarely resist the sensations she produced when she came while I was inside her.

Kristin gradually slowed as her orgasm finished and my the last of my semen emptied into her. She rolled onto her side as I finally pulled out and smiled at me a little tiredly. I lay down facing her and we watched each other in silence for a minute or two.

“So we’re really going to resort to blackmail are we?” I said eventually.

“It’s not blackmail,” Kristin protested, though her heart wasn’t in it enough to make a convincing denial. “We’d just be trading favors. I didn’t tell on Miss Reid, she lets us borrow her class. Quick and easy.”

Under different circumstances I probably would have taken advantage of Kristin leaving herself wide open with her last comment. She’d get that it was a joke of course, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t retaliate out of principle. I wasn’t really in any position to get out of arms reach quickly enough, nor did I have the energy to fend her off.

“Pretty sure that’s still blackmail,” I said instead.

“So you don’t want me to do it then?”

Kristin delivered the sentence in a completely neutral tone, but I could sense that this one of those moments where she was giving me the decision. If I firmly told her not to proceed, she wouldn’t. She’d be disappointed though, she had clearly put enough thought into this plan that it wasn’t just a spur of the moment thing.

“I… just be careful okay?” I said. “I don’t want anybody getting hurt over this.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not actually going to threaten her or anything. Everything’ll work out.”

My indirect approval was enough for Kristin who seemed happy that I wasn’t shutting her down. As she snuggled up to me I wondered if that was truly the right decision on my part, even though I also realized it might not matter. As much as I tried to keep her out of trouble, it was just part of who she was and I didn’t want to take that away from her even if it meant leaving my comfort zone sometimes.


A couple days later Kristin invited Shannon over, presumably to bring her in on the plan. My bursa eve gelen escort sister hadn’t even filled me in on all the details, but she assured me she’d been working on it and she seemed confident everything would work out. I was skeptical that it would be as easy as she thought it would, on the other hand I didn’t have all the information that she did.

After a little while locked in her room with Shannon, Kristin came to find me with a grin on her face.

“It went well I take it?” I said.

“I think she’s in, except she hasn’t technically said yes yet,” Kristin said, waving it off as though it were a minor detail. “She might need some convincing.”

“Dare I ask what kind of convincing?”

“Nothing you wouldn’t enjoy. Come on, I’m gonna need you too.”

I let Kristin drag me to her room where Shannon was idly toying with my sister’s computer. She looked a little surprised to see me come in as well, but not bothered by it.

“Alright, let’s get some things straightened out,” Kristin said, gesturing for me to sit down on her bed. “First off, Shannon you know about me and Kyle already and I appreciate you being okay with it. It makes things a lot easier not having to hide it from you.”

“Hey, it’s not like it’s my job to police your life,” Shannon said with a shrug. “And you guys seem happy enough.”

“Mm-hm,” Kristin agreed, sitting down in my lap.

I wrapped my arms around my sister’s waist as she leaned toward me. She was watching Shannon closely and I wondered if she was trying to get some kind of reaction.

“So anyway, explain to me why exactly you feel the need to have sex in the middle of school,” Shannon said, sticking to the topic at hand rather than taking the bait.

“Because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while but never really had a chance, and now I’m running out of time. It wouldn’t count if I did it when I wasn’t a student anymore. It’d hardly even be worth it,” Kristin said.

“So this is what, some kind of fantasy for you? Because I’m not sure it’s really worth the risk,” Shannon said.

“Maybe, but what’s the point of going through life not doing the things you want to do?”

Shannon didn’t look like she was going to argue that point, but she didn’t seem completely convinced either. Unlike me she probably wouldn’t go along with whatever Kristin wanted just because she was asked.

“Come on,” Kristin prodded. “It’ll be fun and you’ll always be able to look back and remember that you helped your friend do something stupid and completely awesome,” Kristin said. “Everyone needs memories like that. And besides, if we need to I’m sure we can make it worth your while.”

Shannon raised an eyebrow and seemed intrigued by the offer at the very least. Like me, she was probably wondering what exactly my sister meant by that.

“After all,” Kristin continued, “you’ve got access to a brother and sister who are way too naughty for their own good, and we’d owe you. You can’t tell me there’s no temptation there somewhere.”

Without waiting for a response my sister turned and kissed me, pulling my head toward her slightly so she could reach. She held the kiss longer than strictly necessary to make her point and by the end I was getting short of breath.

I didn’t know whether my sister intended to play more toward Shannon’s feelings for me, whatever they might be at this point, or some perverse fascination in a sibling relationship that had gone far, far off course. Personally if I were in Shannon’s position I was confident I wouldn’t immediately dismiss the idea due to lack of interest.

It seemed that our display had at least made Shannon think. She chewed on her lip seemingly considering the possibilities, shifting her gaze rapidly between Kristin and me. My sister noticed it too and that faint upward curve of her lips that signified triumph appeared on her face.

“So if I wanted you two to do something…” Shannon said carefully.

“We’d probably do it,” Kristin finished.

I wasn’t all that surprised that I didn’t get a say in the matter. Kristin would just assume that I’d be okay with it and the fact that my cock was starting to poke into her butt would give me away if I tried to protest. Not that I was planning an escape just yet; it wasn’t exactly the worst thing in the world to be stuck in a room with the two girls I’d most recently done something sexual with, even if I didn’t know what was coming.

Shannon, with a little more consideration for my feelings, made eye contact with me before speaking again. I shrugged slightly and gave a slight nod, hopefully enough to convey that I was not an entirely unwilling participant in the proceedings.

“What about, like, if I watched you get Kyle off?” Shannon suggested.

“Any particular way, or do you just want to see me playing with his cock?” Kristin said. “You just want to make sure we’re actually doing what you think we are? ‘Cause we definitely are.”

Kristin didn’t really look like she cared one way or the other what her friend’s motivations were and happily hopped off my lap onto the floor. She wasted no time undoing the front of my pants and fishing out my cock, encircling it with her fingers and stroking it gently.

“Fuck, you’re really gonna…” Shannon started. “I mean, I thought you were but I didn’t really… I don’t know, it’s just kind of weird to see for real.”

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