Big Changes At Home Ch. 12

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Chapter Twelve: The Bizarre Family Meeting

Very little was said as Richard and Taryn drove home that Sunday morning. Taryn felt scared and excited, as she glanced at her husband while he drove the car. She still could hardly believe the previous evening had turned out in the way that it did. What had started out as an evening that she dreaded, turned out to be a spectacular evening. Stranger still was the far-reaching effects, the evening was going to have on both their lives, though they both were happy.

Neither Taryn nor Richard knew what the future had in store for them, but they knew that they would face it together. A strange sense of togetherness bonded the usually distant husband and wife as they pulled into their driveway. They were about to tell Owen about the previous night, reveal Richard’s dirty little secret and leave the future in Owen’s hands.

“Are you absolutely sure you want to do this, honey? There’s no going back afterwards. So you must be completely sure this is what you want,” Taryn said, while holding Richard’s hand.

The car was parked when Richard turned the engine off, turned and looked at the worried expression on his wife’s face and smiled. He could see her genuine concern for him and that show of emotion touched him. It was a look that hadn’t been there for some time.

“It’s not only what I want, but what I need. Since I lost my former Mistress, I’ve been shaken, depressed . . . lost,” Richard said with a sombre look on his face as he remembered his recent pain.

“Yes, but to go this far? To put your life in your son’s hands?” Taryn asked with earnest, still having trouble believing Richard.

“We both know I’ve been a poor husband and father. Perhaps this is best for the family?” Richard said with a chipper tone, clearly trying to put the best spin on it for both their sakes.

“Well, as long as your sure,” Taryn said as she shook her head before she leaned in and gave Richard a peck on the lips. “Let’s get in there, Slave!” Taryn said in a playful tone of voice.

“Yes, Mistress!” Richard replied with glee as they both got out of the car.

Upstairs, in the Thompson home Owen and Rosina were cuddled up in bed. Breakfast dishes were stacked neatly on the tray, which were sitting on Owen’s dresser. Sweat covered both of their bodies in a light sheen as the pair recovered from yet another round of vigorous sex. Their arms and legs were intertwined so much so that it looked like a single body with two heads was in the bed, barely covered with sheets strewn askew. Both lovers had a dazed, yet happy look on their tired faces. It had been a long night filled with lots of hot sex and little sleep.

“Was that the car?” Owen asked as he turned an ear to the window.

“Not yet, Master, my poor little pussy is too sore right now,” Rosina mumbled in a dreamy state before she gave Owen a peck.

“No,” Owen chuckled. “That sound, did you hear it, I think they’re back,” he continued while straining to hear any sounds.

“I’m so fucked out, I don’t think I would notice a bomb going off, Master,” Rosina replied in a tired chuckle.

“We should get up, I think they’re home,” Owen said with authority as he started to get out of bed.

“But, Master, I don’t think my legs work anymore,” Rosina whined as she remained motionless on the bed.

Just then Owen heard the front door open up and two people enter. Owen gave Rosina a stern look and nodded in the direction of the door. Rosina groaned and fussed as she slowly rolled towards the edge of the bed and sat up. She scowled at Owen as she sat there, looking and feeling half-dead. Owen wiped that scowl off her face with a loving kiss just as Taryn entered the room.

“Just as I thought, still in bed. Honestly, did the pair of you get any sleep last night?” Taryn scolded in a light-hearted, teasing manner.

“Very little,” Rosina said with a cheeky grin on her face. “Jealous?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes,” Taryn replied with a smirk of her own as she winked at Rosina.

“How was last night?” Owen asked curiously as he embraced and kissed Taryn.

“It turned out okay, actually,” Taryn said with a heavy sigh of relief.

“So it wasn’t as bad as you thought?” Owen asked with a voice of hopeful concern.

“You two need to get dressed and come downstairs . . . we need to talk,” Taryn said with a serious tone of voice.

“About what?” Owen asked with a distrustful tone.

“Last night,” Taryn replied with a firm look.

“Uh-oh,” Rosina said in a troubled manner, her eyes wider than before.

“It’s not bad, but we all need to talk,” Taryn said in a comforting manner.

Owen and Rosina got dressed while Taryn walked back downstairs. Owen wondered how his father had found out about what had been going on but guessed that was what they needed to talk about. Perhaps he wasn’t as clueless as everyone thought he was. How ever he found out, it was clear to Owen at least that Richard knew. Explaining bursa escort bayanlar to Rosina was one thing, explaining their unique relationship to his father was something else. When Owen walked into the living room two things struck him as odd. For one, his parents weren’t sitting together, his father sat in the loveseat and Taryn sat in another chair. The large chair was left vacant, and this was thing that struck him as odd, because the large chair was Richard’s favourite. One last thing that did not go unnoticed was Richard’s demeanour. He wasn’t his usual confident self, but rather he sat there with his hands in his lap, looking down. Rather than looking confident, he looked the opposite, he looked weak.

“Sit down, honey,” Taryn said to Owen as she indicated the large chair, usually reserved for Richard.

As Owen sat down in the large chair Rosina entered the room. Taryn silently directed Rosina to sit beside Richard on the loveseat. It was then that Owen realized that everyone was sitting exactly where they were sitting when Owen and Taryn talked to Rosina. The only difference was that Richard was sitting beside Rosina on the loveseat.

“We’re all here, Mom, what is it we need to discuss?” Owen said plainly, even though he found it hard to call Taryn, “Mom.”

Taryn took a deep breath and told the story of the previous night. She talked about the dinner, the dancing, and then the sex afterwards. Richard explained about his affair with Heather and that he needed a woman to dominate him. Taryn then explained about her domination of Richard and how much she and Richard needed it. She stressed that the urge to dominate had awoken in her last night and while she still needed to serve Owen, she needed to explore this need to dominate Richard.

“What do you think, Master?” Taryn asked with a hopeful tone of voice.

Owen remained silent as he tried to digest everything that he had just been told. Never would he have ever imagined that his father was a submissive male! Richard had always projected the aura of a calm, confident, successful lawyer. How could someone who was so confident in public wish to be dominated and humiliated in private? Owen’s shocked reaction he had to push out of his head, for he knew that he had to take charge of the conversation. He didn’t have the luxury to focus on how bizarre the story was, because the result of the story was his to deal with. Owen pondered for a moment on what the story meant and what to do about it.

Rosina sat there and the only thing that she could think of, was how messed up her family was. Not only were she and her mother Slaves to her brother, now her father was the Slave of her mother! The only phrase that kept repeating in Rosina’s confused mind was, “We are so fucked up!” She looked at her father and tried to determine, or rather hoped to see, if it was a joke of some kind. Richard sat there and reminded her of how she looked when she had that fateful talk with her mother not that long ago, he looked timid and scared.

“It’ll be alright,” Rosina said in a whisper to her father as she squeezed his hand.

“Thanks,” Richard whispered back and flashed his daughter an appreciative smile.

Taryn looked over at the loveseat and saw the exchange between Richard and Rosina. She smiled as she saw her daughter comfort Richard during this obviously stressful time. Everyone was waiting to see Owen’s reaction to what he had been told. Nobody knew just what Owen would say or do and the wait was excruciating. Taryn looked at her family sitting around the living room and took comfort in the fact that there were no secrets between them anymore. Whatever the future held for her family, it would be an honest one. Perhaps they could be happy as a family, once again.

Richard felt a mix of emotions as he sat there beside his daughter. He felt relieved that his family finally knew of his dark secret that he had held in for so long. He felt comforted to know that he was not all that different from his wife and daughter. At least now he didn’t feel like so much of a freak, amongst them he was relatively normal. Within his family he could now express himself as the humble submissive that he had previously only revealed to Heather. He felt a great weight lift off his shoulders and knew that the future was already looking up, with the days of secrets and deception behind him. The fear of the unknown still lingered as Owen hadn’t said anything yet.

“It’s not going to work,” Owen said with a firm, yet regrettable tone of voice as he let out a frustrated sigh.

“But don’t you see Master, it will work. You are my Master and I am his Mistress. He serves me, and I serve you. We can make this work, Master, please, let’s give this a try,” Taryn respectfully argued to Owen, the wrinkled forehead the only thing which betrayed her aggravation to the outside world.

“A Slave by definition is a possession. How can a possession own another possession?” bayan sarisin escort bursa Owen said with a slightly angered tone of voice, confident in his reasoning.

“But Master, can we please not try . . . it’s important to me.” Taryn pleaded with a wrinkled forehead of frustration.

“We will deal with that in a moment. For now, there is a larger issue to deal with,” Owen said to Taryn before he sat up straight. “Slaves, kneel before me,” Owen commanded in an unambiguous manner.

At that, Taryn and Rosina scurried to their feet and feel to their knees before Owen, both kneeling beside each other. They both were sitting on their haunches, had their hands folded in front of them and had their heads bowed. Almost instinctively they knew how to show their proper respect to their Master. Owen looked over at Richard who hadn’t moved yet, and he had a conflicted look on his face. Obviously he didn’t know what to do, what he should do.

“Cat, Red, you are not to move or speak until I tell you to,” Owen ordered and both women stiffened up, but did not speak or move a muscle. “In this position, how can you possibly dominate Richard, Red? Do you feel the slightest bit dominant? At this moment, do you feel like his Mistress, or my Slave? Answer me,” Owen said with a calm yet firm tone of voice to Taryn.

“Your Slave, Master,” Taryn replied meekly, not moving a muscle as she answered.

“Exactly, a Slave owning a Slave won’t work, not in my house.” Owen said before he turned his attention to Richard. “As for you, Worm, are you deaf or are your legs broken? I ordered all my Slaves to kneel before me, so why are you sitting there!” he growled as he looked at Richard with fury. “KNEEL BEFORE YOUR NEW MASTER!” Owen shouted as he pointed to a spot of floor beside Rosina.

Ten years of service to Heather were not wasted on Richard, as he knew how to serve and when to obey. Richard rushed to the floor and knelt beside Rosina in exactly the same manner as she and her mother were kneeling in. Richard’s mind was blank, not focusing on what was happening, only on what he was being ordered to do.

Owen looked at the three people kneeling before him and smiled to himself as he then knew that he was the man of the house, he, Owen was the head of the family. The dark feeling of power within him seemed to swell and was elated at this elevation of status. Owen held in a chuckle as he knew that it was time to claim what was up for the taking. Owen knew that he had to take the title of the head of the family away from his father, officially.

“Slaves, strip and pile your clothes there,” Owen commanded in a firm tone of voice as he pointed to the floor to the right of where he was sitting.

Immediately, Taryn, Rosina and Richard got up and removed their clothes as casually and calmly as they could. The presence of Richard made Rosina a little uncomfortable and in turn, stripping in front of his daughter made Richard self-conscious. Neither of them dared to refuse Owen’s order, and complied without any outward question or delay. When they were done removing their clothes, the trio knelt down in front of Owen like they had been before they started stripping. Owen was pleased at their compliance, including Richard’s

“Red, what are you?” Owen asked Taryn firmly.

“I am your Slave, Master,” Taryn replied respectfully, not looking up from the floor.

“What is your sole purpose in life, Red?” Owen asked Taryn with a slight growl in his voice, his feelings of power coursing through him.

“To serve you in any way you wish, to see you pleased with me, Master,” Taryn replied in an earnest tone, still looking down at the floor.

“Cat, what are you?” Owen asked Rosina with the same commanding growl in his voice.

“I am your Slave, Master, to serve you any way you wish in order to see you pleased with me,” Rosina said with fervour and devotion to the man she loved, knowing full well it was the complete answer he was looking for.

“Excellent, Cat,” Owen said with a pleased smile and Rosina flashed a loving and gratified smile up to Owen before she looked back down. “Worm, what are you?” Owen asked Richard, in a commanding tone of voice, looking at his father and waiting for an answer.

“I am my Mistress’s Sla . . .” Richard started to answer before he was cut off in mid-sentence.

“YOU ARE MY SLAVE!” Owen roared as he leaned in towards Richard who vibrated slightly at the angry outburst.

“But Mistress has claimed me. She hasn’t given me up, I still serve her, Sir,” Richard replied meekly, not sure how to answer but knowing he was right.

“Red, I want your Slave, give him to me,” Owen said to Taryn in a quick yet stern manner.

“I humbly give you Richard, Master, he is yours now to do as you wish,” Taryn said with an ever so slight tremble of fear in her voice, fear for her husband.

“What are you now, Worm?” Owen asked Richard with a commanding growl. bursa evi olan eskort

“I am your Slave, Master, to serve you any way you wish in order to see you pleased with me,” Richard replied, remembering exactly what Rosina had said, knowing this was what Owen wanted to hear.

“Excellent answer, Slave, it appears that ten years of experience has taught you something. I expect great things from you, Slave,” Owen said with a pleased tone of voice as he smiled at Richard, who was still looking down. “Red, suck Your Master’s cock,” Owen ordered, keeping his eye on Richard.

Even though Taryn felt a little strange sucking off Owen in front of her husband, she moved immediately to comply. Taryn walked on her knees towards Owen and reached for his pants when she was near enough. She had only unbuckled his pants and unzipped his fly when he ordered her to remove his pants. It wasn’t long before Owen sat there nude from the waist down.

Richard watched as intently as he could while keeping his eyes down. He watched with his peripheral vision as his wife leaned forward, grasped the base of his son’s cock just before wrapping her lips around the head. His eyes bugged out and his cock throbbed as he watched his “vanilla, conservative” wife begin eagerly sucking their son’s cock. Richard couldn’t believe the considerable girth of his son’s fat cock, nor could he believe that Taryn had no trouble deep-throating it.

“That’s enough, Red,” Owen said to Taryn after a moment of the blowjob had passed. “Cat, your turn, suck your Master’s cock,” Owen said to Rosina.

Taryn had to swiftly dart out of the way in order to avoid Rosina crashing into her. Rosina’s passion and eagerness of the fast-paced blowjob stunned Richard almost as much as seeing his “sweet little angel” sucking off her brother. Rosina bobbed her head up and down on Owen’s cock twice as fast as Taryn had, and her cheeks were hollowed out from her hard suction. Rather than being repulsed by what he saw, Richard was turned on by the sexual act between his kids.

“Enough, Cat, sit back where you were.” Owen said casually. Rosina complied, though she silently let her displeasure of stopping known with a dirty look. “Your turn, Worm, suck your Master’s cock!” he sternly Ordered Richard in an unambiguous way.

Three sets of eyes went wide and looked at Owen in disbelief. Richard’s mind froze; this was not an outcome he expected. He never wanted to ever have any kind of sex with another man. It was an uncomfortable stretch of his desire to be dominated to allow himself to become a Slave to his son. While he was repulsed by the thought of sucking off his son, his new Master, he couldn’t leave. Richard couldn’t bring himself to comply, nor could he refuse to obey a direct command by his Master, he was torn.

“What’s the matter, Slave! Why do you not comply?” Owen ordered sternly, as he glared at Richard.

“I . . . I don’t w . . . want to, Master,” Richard said in a shaky and confused manner, the fight that was raging in his head evident on his face.

“What are you, Worm?” Owen asked calmly.

“I am your Slave, Master,” Richard replied quietly, while looking at the floor.

“As my Slave you are bound to obey my every command without question, are you not?” Owen asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, Master,” Richard relied in a defeated tone.

“Your Master has given you an order and you have this one last chance to comply,” Owen said and then watched Richard intently.

Richard hated Owen at that point for making him do what he knew he had to do. What was it about Owen that could easily drain his will to resist? With revulsion in his stomach and a desire to puke, Richard crawled forward. He never looked up from the floor as he approached his, Master. When he saw Owen’s feet before him he knew he was in position. Raising his eyes only as far as Owen’s crotch, he got an up close look at Owen’s substantial cock, a cock that he was about to suck. Richard leaned in, reached out and grasped the thick cock at its base. He opened his mouth wide and even though his mind was screaming to leave, he was powerless to stop himself. With only inches between Richard’s lips and Owen’s cockhead everyone in the room knew this blowjob was going to happen.

“STOP!” Owen shouted.

Richard quickly let go of the cock and sat back, great relief washing over him as he did so. Taryn and Rosina were also relieved to know that they wouldn’t have to witness the troubling act between father and son.

“I believe that you were going to comply, Slave. That is enough. You have passed the test and have earned the right to call me ‘Master.’ You are indeed my Slave. Go back to where you were,” Owen said in a calm and soothing manner.

“Thank you, Master,” Richard said as he returned to his place beside Rosina.

“That makes it complete, I am the Master of everyone in the house. As such that makes me the Master of the house, the head of the family. I hereby claim my rightful place as the head of this family, any objections?” Owen said in a stern and serious manner. “Taryn?” Owen asked calmly, looking right at Taryn.

“No, Owen,” Taryn replied with a proud smile on her face as she looked up at her son.

“Rosie?” Owen asked as he looked at Rosina,

“No, Owen,” Rosina replied with a loving look at her brother.

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