Cathy’s Wrong Honeymoon

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Hi folks,

To new readers, I remind everyone I’m not native English speaking, so even if I tried to do my best I apologize in advance for any grammar errors.

This is my second story, involving big tits and lesbian seduction like the first one. I don’t mean the story to be likely, and I’m sorry if real lesbians will feel offended by the way I write about lesbianism. They’re just fantasies.

I usually find extremely exciting in a story the construction and development of the seduction, before reaching the final erotic situation, so it’s not a story where sex starts immediately, it starts slowly and gradually get hotter and hotter, in an increasing of exciting situations.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, as much I liked writing it.


That wasn’t real, that place was too beautiful to be real.

They had just arrived on the island of Nadallaa and she could not believe her eyes. Crystal clear water, a long white beach and picturesque bungalows hidden among palm trees. She and her husband Paul had chosen that Maldives island for their honeymoon, and it seemed that the pictures of the travel agency’s catalog were truthful. In fact, the beauty of the place far exceeded the promotional photos.

Cathy took off her shoes and started to happily run on the white beach. Everything in her life was going according to her dreams. She had a job she liked, she finally got married with the love of her life, the wedding had been wonderful and soon they would have many beautiful children. She felt Paul’s arms hugging her from behind, placing a sweet kiss on her neck.

“I love you, my love, I really hope we will enjoy the holiday!”

“I love you too, darling, it will surely be the most beautiful holiday of our lives!”

They entered the bungalow to place their luggage. Their room also turned out to be beyond all expectations. They had a large double bed facing a large sliding glass door, overlooking the ocean. The sound of the waves crashing on the shoreline would cradled their dreams for the next few nights. “This place is so beautiful, I can’t believe it’s true!”

“It is really wonderful… we have dreamed of this trip for a long time!”

Cathy was so excited she couldn’t decide what to start with.

“We will have more time afterwards, to better explore the island and use this beautiful bed… but now let’s get ready, in a while there going to be a welcome gala and presentation of the staff, according to the program!” said Paul.

Cathy chose a simple white tunic, which matched the light color of her skin. She had long blond hair, large blue eyes and a slender, thin body. She was 28 years old, but she could very well be mistaken for a twenty years old. She had always been very beautiful, of that pure and innocent beauty that few girls manage to maintain over the years, but Cathy was still fresh and spontaneous like the water of a mountain spring. Paul was also a handsome guy, not particularly well-built but tall enough and with a nice and intelligent face. His ability to make her laugh was what had made Cathy fall in love with him.

They had a good sexual activity, and they still looked for intimate moments with a certain regularity, although their relationship had never been based on sex. They were together for six years now, and for sure the passion was greater at the beginning of their story, but Cathy had always been quite chaste and demure about sex, and even Paul had never insisted too much in spicing up their relationship. After all, their love did not need sex, their understanding was so great that it was enough to be together and doing anything of any to be happy and satisfied.


The welcome gala was in the so-called “arena” of the tourist village, nothing more than a clearing between the palm trees, with a bar counter at one end under a canopy, and a raised stage where in the evenings would have been performed concerts and variety shows.

The island was quite small and exclusive, so there were not more than forty guests, almost all young couples like them, in honeymoon or looking for a romantic holiday. The guests were greeted by the local staff with a welcome cocktail, while under the palm trees a local group played tribal music with drums and flutes. The staff was lined up on the raised platform, there were about ten people. The village chief made a short welcome speech and then began to introduce the various members of the village staff. There was the Italian chef, four young entertainers who would have diverted the guests with variety shows every evening, a DJ who would have been responsible for the musical entertainment, a scuba diving and windsurfing teacher for those who were passionate about water sports, an athletic trainer who was in charge of the village gym and of organizing various sports tournaments, a marine biologist who would have answered every naturalistic curiosity of the guests and organized trips to discover the incredible aquatic fauna of the islands, and finally an instructor of yoga and oriental Casibom massage expert.

It was the latter that captured Cathy’s attention. When the village chief introduced her, he said she was called Jasmine and that she would be available every morning to do yoga classes in the gazebo on the beach, beside offering fantastic massages to all those who needed to relax their muscles. She was a lady in her mid-forties, not exactly beautiful, but with something charming that immediately attired attention. She was tall and thin, had a mocha complexion, long black hair and an interesting face with Persian features. She had high cheekbones, a slightly aquiline nose, which vaguely gave her the air of a witch, but of a sexy one, and beautiful red lips. She had deep green eyes with long eyelashes. There was something indefinably exotic and sensual about that lady, Cathy thought. At a certain point it also seemed to her that the woman’s gaze rested right on her, among all those present, and that she gave her a warm smile. Cathy, without a reason, looked away quickly.

The dinner was buffet style, and both Cathy and Paul were amazed when they saw the quantity and variety of all the food available. There were so many options that they didn’t know what to choose. They had just sat at the table, which they had chosen in the corner for more intimacy, when a warm voice distracted them from their conversation.

“Do you mind if I sit with you? It is habit for the staff to mix with guests during dinner to socialize and entertain them. I would like to have dinner with you, if you agree.”

Cathy and Paul looked up and were amazed to see the woman, who had just been introduced as the yoga instructor, standing in front of their table with a plate full of food in her hands.

“N-no, of course not, on the contrary, we would be very pleased, wouldn’t we, Cathy? Please, have a sit.” Paul answered, after a momentary hesitation. Cathy actually would have preferred to remain alone with her husband, it was their first honeymoon day after all, but she didn’t know how to refuse without being rude. So she nodded slightly, quite annoyed, but the woman seemed not to notice and sat down with a smile.

There was also another thing that had bothered Cathy, actually. The lady wore an elegant long evening dress, dark blue, with a light burgundy silk scarf around her neck, and Cathy noticed Paul’s eyes run for a moment to the generous neckline of her dress. Damn men, Cathy thought, they are all the same, they just need to see a nice pair of boobs to lose control. “Our honeymoon has just begun and he already looks at other women!” Cathy thought. She would make him pay for it later, in private, she decided. But she couldn’t blame her husband too much, Cathy had to admit. In fact, Jasmine’s cleavage was really impossible not to notice, and she herself couldn’t help but give it a distracted look. In fact, Jasmine’s dress highlighted her large natural breasts, which seemed even disproportionately large on her thin body, but also full and soft under that light evening dress. Jasmine probably worn at least a DD cup size, if not an EE cup, Cathy thought with a touch of envy, due to her modest BB cup. She didn’t mind her own firm little boobs, and she didn’t understand how curvy women managed to carry all that stuff, not to mention how they could practice sports with all that bulk, yet, ever since she played volleyball and take shower with her teammates, she had admired more than once the big breasts of her most curvy mates, and had always felt an inexplicable envy and curiosity towards them.

“Let me introduce myself again, my name is Jasmine, and I will be at your complete disposal for all your stay. If you are interested in yoga or you need a massage, you know who to talk to.”

“Oh yes, a nice massage would be just what I need. Working every day in front of the computer made my shoulders and neck to be very stiff.” said Paul.

“Well, then come and visit me one of these days, and I’ll see what I can do for you. Even if, to tell the truth, my real specialization is the female body… don’t you need a massage, dear…?” Jasmine replied, smiling in the direction of Cathy.

“Cathy, my name is Cathy, and he is Paul, my husband. We just get married.” replied Cathy. Without knowing why, she have felt slightly embarrassed by the comment of Jasmine, but didn’t have time to reflect on it, because Jasmine continued: “Well then, tell me a little bit about yourself, you are such a beautiful couple, so young. I see the wedding rings at your fingers, let me guess, are you on honeymoon?”

And so, after some hesitations, they began chatting amiably about their lives. In fact, despite Cathy’s initial distrust, Jasmine turned out to be an exquisite and delightful person to converse with. She was very nice and cultured, she laughed often and asked them a lot of questions: how they had known each other, how long they were together, why they didn’t have children yet, etc… Actually, Cathy at times found Jasmine’s Casibom Giriş questions a little inappropriate, but that woman always knew how to encourage their responses with a joke and a smile, and at the end of the evening Cathy and Paul felt completely at ease in telling their life to that charming woman. However, when Paul in turn asked some personal questions to Jasmine, she kept a mysterious reserve, and they could not find out much, apart that her family had emigrated to the United States from Lebanon when she was still young, that besides yoga and massage therapies she had studied Arabic poetry in college, and that she had never been married. More than that they could not extort her, Jasmine always managed with a joke to avoid explicitly answers to their curiosities.

Now, that she had a better look at her, Cathy realized how beautiful she was. It was not a classic beauty, like all those perfect but fake models on TV, but there was something incredibly fascinating in Jasmine’s face. She had traits that vaguely remembered George Clooney’s wife. Even if her face began to show the first signs of age, with some small wrinkles on the sides of the eyes, her tanned skin seemed still elastic and smooth, and some imperfections, such her aquiline nose, did nothing but increase charm to her traits. Her hair was long, smooth and black as a night with no moon, while her mouth was full and red, drawn by perfect soft lips always bent in a smile. Her eyes, marked by perfect eyebrows and long lashes, dark green like Indian emeralds, had the power to magnetize anyone’s gaze. All in all, Jasmine seemed to come out of one “One Thousand and One Nights” tale, and had the face that Cathy would have attributed to a Persian queen.

When they finished eating the dessert and were about to return to their respective bungalows, Paul apologized and got up to go to the bathroom. The air of the night was surrounding Cathy and Jasmine, warm and full of oriental scents, who remained alone at the table. Cathy came from the city, she was not used to those exotic smells and to the warm, humid air that stuck to her skin. Maybe because of this, and maybe because of the abundant wine they had drunk during dinner, her head was spinning a little, and she felt alone without Paul.

“Cathy, my dear, it made me very happy to meet you tonight. I confess that it was no coincidence that I chose this table for dinner. I had noticed you before, during the gala, and I immediately felt the urgency to know you better. I really hope we will have the opportunity to know each other even better, in the next few days. In fact, why don’t you start attending my yoga class? I’m a very good teacher, I guarantee you… “

“Well, actually I don’t know, I’ve never done yoga before, I don’t know if it’s for me, and after all it’s our honeymoon, I would like to spend as much time as possible with my husband, and I’m quite sure that he is not interested in yoga classes.”

“Oh, come on Cathy, you’ll love it, I promise! And you’re on holiday, you have to take care of yourself too. Don’t worry about your husband, he will find something else to do and will be happy for you, I’m sure. By the way, men are so boring and clumsy, don’t you think? You will soon get tired of them, you’ll see!” Jasmine said, bursting out laughing as if it were a joke. Cathy didn’t know what to reply, it seemed to her quite inappropriate words to say to a newlywed bride, but then she started admiring all the jewels that Jasmine was wearing, distracting herself. Jasmine had long Arabian-style earrings, with a red stone set in the middle, and her beautiful hands, with long and tapered fingers, with red enamel nails, were adorned by many rings of all kind of shapes and dimensions. One of Jasmine’s hands was fiddling with a long gold necklace, and Cathy’s eyes were captured for a moment by that movement, before realizing that in this way she was staring directly into the generous neckline of Jasmine, which offered a good view above a large amount of those fluffy breasts. As soon as she realized it, Cathy immediately looked away, but Jasmine must have noticed something, because she took Cathy’s hand from above the table and started to look at the wedding ring she wore. Then she took it between her fingers, and looking into Cathy’s eyes, she began to pull it off her finger.

“Can I?” Jasmine asked with innocent eyes.

Cathy was taken aback: “W-what?”

But by now Jasmine had slipped the ring from her finger and started to turn it over in her hands.

“I never understood why wedding rings are such ugly rings. They are so simple and banal, there are much more beautiful jewels around, don’t you think? Do you ever want to take it off, maybe to put something more stylish on your finger?”

“N-no, of course not! I like it, and it reminds me of the sacred bond that binds me to my husband. It has a very deep meaning for me.” She was feeling kind of naked without her ring. Jasmine laughed at those words, as if she didn’t believe Cathy. “Well of Casibom Güncel Giriş course, you’re fresh out of marriage, but it will pass quickly, I told you. In fact, I want to make a bet, I bet that before the end of your holiday I’ll manage to removed it from your finger again. Are you in?”

“What? No I’m not, it’s a stupid bet, I’ll would never take it off, especially during the honeymoon! Give it back now, indeed!” Jasmine snorted, smiling mockingly at Cathy, and listlessly returning the ring.

After a few moments of embarrassed silence, Jasmine arched her back, massaging the end of her spine as if it was hurting, and thus bringing her full chest to lean forward even further. “Uff, my poor back, it has to bear the weight of these two all day and in the evening it starts to hurt. But you can’t understand, you have such a beautiful body, so young and athletic, what do you want to know about the aches of an old lady! “.

Cathy, taken aback, replied without thinking “Come on, don’t be silly, you’re still a beautiful lady, I would like to manage to keep myself as beautiful as you are, along the years. And then… well, I understand that it is bulky, but after all your breasts…” Cathy stopped, looking for the right words to say.

“Yes?” Jasmine encouraged her, looking intently at her over the table and smiling.

“Well, I just wanted to say that a breast so… so… important, it will certainly also have some positive sides. I mean, it will certainly have given to you a lot of advantages with boys… It’s… it’s really difficult not to notice it… I saw how even my husband glanced at it before…”

Jasmine kept staring at her, smiling in a strange way: “You’re right Cathy, I wasn’t complaining about my breasts indeed, it’s definitely a weapon that has been very useful over the years, and not only with boys…” Jasmine added, winking at her, and stretching over the table taking Cathy’s hand in hers. Cathy had her head confused by all the wine she drank and by Jasmine’s behavior, and wasn’t sure how to interpret her last words. Fortunately, Paul returned just then, so Jasmine released Cathy’s hand after a moment and got up from the table.

“Well, sweet lovebirds, I’ll leave you to your first honeymoon night, I’m sure you can’t wait to shut yourself in the bungalow… but don’t be too late Cathy, I will wait for you tomorrow for the first yoga class! It’s at 10 in the gazebo, at the end of the pier, don’t miss it, I count on it!”

And so saying she left, blowing a kiss towards Cathy, before turning and walking away.


Paul and Cathy almost ran to the bungalow, so much was the desire to be finally alone. They didn’t even take their clothes off before throwing themselves on the bed. Paul was immediately on top of her and began to kiss her intensely. Cathy usually didn’t like all that typical male impetuosity, usually she needed long foreplay to warm up, but that night she also felt particularly excited, perhaps because of the wine, or due to that exotic and sensual atmosphere. Moreover, with all the stresses associated to the wedding organization, she and Paul had not made love for at least two weeks, so she understood all the ardor of her husband. Soon Paul was inside her. Cathy had always liked his penis, she hadn’t had many other boys, just a couple, but Paul’s penis was the perfect size according to Cathy, not overly large but not too small neither. The only problem was that Paul had the tendency to climax too early, so she didn’t always manage to reach the orgasm. But not that evening. Cathy somehow felt very horny, and soon, in tune with Paul’s panting, she felt she was not far from climax.

She was lying on her back on the bed, with Paul above her with his face buried in her hair, murmuring sweet little words in her ear. They had forgotten to close the window and to draw the curtains, and so a pleasant sea breeze came in from the beach and blew over their sweaty bodies. She had her head raised by the pillow, and in this way she was able to look out the window overlooking the Indian Ocean, her eyes half-closed with pleasure. The combination of the feeling of her husband’s penis between her legs and that splendid vision was ecstatic.

Suddenly, just as she was about to reach the peak of pleasure, Cathy saw a lonely figure walking along the beach, entering her field of view. It was night and therefore it was impossible to distinguish the face, but the silhouette of the person stood out clearly against the moonlit surface of the sea. It could not be anyone but Jasmine who was walking along the beach in the moonlight. The bungalow was about fifteen meters from the shoreline, but even from that distance the outline of that massive chest stood out clearly against the surface of the sea. It could only be her. She even turned her head in their direction and smiled, it seemed to Cathy, even though it was impossible to clearly distinguish in the dark, and it was at that very moment, with Jasmine’s vision and the profile of her tits in front of her eyes, that Cathy climaxed with incredible intensity and violence. She clung firmly to Paul’s back closing her eyes, and when the orgasm finally passed she opened them again, almost scared, not knowing what to expect. But Jasmine was gone, like a ghost.

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