Chastity Training

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My husband and I have done a lot together; everything becoming more exotic and kinky. How far could we go, how much could I make him do. We have played with chastity and strapons. I love the power over him, bending him to my will.

I always had fetish for cum. I loved swallowing it. I wanted to give him that experience. Every time after he came on or in me he lost interest. I wanted him to savour and love the taste as much as I did.

I was going to make it happen. I waited a few days, I kept him locked up. I wanted him to have lots of cum. On that special night I unlocked him. I sucked on him just enough to get him fully hard. I bent him over and put my strapon on. He was bent over and ready to go. I fucked him a bit, his cock hard and throbbing with a little bit of cum leaking out.

I took my strapon off while he was still on all fours. I grabbed his cock and pushed his legs together. Rubbing it up and down. Stroking it harder and faster. He was getting close but he wasn’t there yet.

I started bursa escort taunting him, You like being bent over like a slut, you want to cum like a bitch, go ahead you sissy slut, cum. I could feel his cock throbbing, he let out a moan and I let his cock go and placed a small bowl under his cock and watched as all his cum dribbled out.

I walked around him and offered him the bowl and he immediately started licking it up, his hot creamy sticky cum. He swallowed it all.

His cum was drained without orgasm and he was still so desperate and horny. I locked him back up in his chastity even though he was begging for more. I laid down and spread my legs and he was licking me before I had a chance to get comfortable.

Was that a one time thing or could I do it again. I waited a couple of days again leaving him locked. I sat him down on the bed and unlocked him. He immediately began to get hard. I was on my knees in front of him wearing my bra and panties. His cock locked so good. I grabbed bursa escort bayan it, sucked on it, slapped it on my tongue, kissed it. Looking in his eyes I sucked and stroked his cock.

He was getting excited and into it. I scratched and kissed his thighs and took my bra off.

I had him sit on his hand as I continued to suck and stroke his cock. It’s easy to tell when he is about to cum, his cock swells, his breathing changes and there is normally a little groan just before.

I stopped sucking and stroking, putting my hands at the base of his cock and pressed down, he spurted once, on my chest and the rest of his cum just dribbled out on my tits. They were so hard and perky and looked so good coated in his cum. I stood up swaying my chest in front of my husband. He gently pull me close to him and began licking and kissing my tities, swallowing and tasting his own cum. It was so hot watching him do it, I felt myself moisten as he was doing it. He made sure they were spotless before escort bursa he stopped. I kissed his lips so I could have a taste of him too. So hot and creamy, I love the taste of cum. I laid down on the bed next to him, I just gave him a little smile and he was licking my already wet pussy. I came and squirted many times. His cock was hard and ready again, I told him I had enough and to lock himself back up and cuddle with me.

Okay I did it twice, I wanted to make sure I had it mastered and he would do anything for me. So the next time after a few days in chastity, I laid him down on the bed and unlocked him. I straddled his legs and began sucking his cock. I could tell how desperate he wanted to cum already. It didn’t take long, sucking and stroking it didn’t take long until I feel him swelling in my mouth and just after he goans I stop all stimulation, I pointed his cock into the palm of my hand where I watched one spurt and the rest of cum and orgasm dribble into the palm of my hand.

I poured it into his mouth and he swallowed and licked it all up.

To drive it home I said “Such a good sissy swallowing all that cum, now go lock your clitty up, put your panties on and you may lick me after”. It was done and his tongue was inside before I knew what happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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