Cleopatra Rises Again

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The transformation of an Egyptian girl brought up with traditional values and ignorance into a modern emancipated woman.

As part of the research for my studies in archaeology and Alexander the Great I decided to spend some time in Alexandria, Egypt. The fact that my name was Alexander was not coincidental. He was my hero. There are enormous areas close to Alexandria which are still being dug and investigated. I was happy to go to Alexandria because it was distant from Cairo and seemed to have none of the disruption caused by the recent riots in Cairo.

As part of my preparation to go I spent a fair bit of time on the Internet trying to find out about Egypt and what I discovered surprised me. I scarcely know where to start. For a start the Internet is censored in Egypt and you cannot get everything you want.

What surprised me most was the fact that some 93% of all females in Egypt had been exposed to FGM. I thought that was the case south of Egypt but I was wrong. I discovered that there is no sex education in Egypt and the ignorance level is unbelievable. There were at one time sex education classes but the teachers, especially the female ones, were so embarrassed that they virtually taught nothing. Young women who had been promised in arranged marriages had to get special classes to instruct them in preparation for their marriage. It seems that virginity was highly prized both for men and for women.

Some women were so terrified of sex that they developed vaginismus. Sexual harassment occurred to 98% of all foreign female tourists who came to Egypt and also to some 65% of local women. What were the men thinking? I had always imagined Egyptians to be something like inhabitants of the West except with a lower standard of living but in fact there was a whole new dimension that I could scarcely comprehend.

In theory women were equal to men but in practice they were very much under male domination and control with very little regard for the feelings. With that knowledge it never occurred to me that I might find a woman to dally with in Egypt. I accepted that I would be celibate in Egypt.

I organised accommodation in a cheap hotel for a few days until I could get myself organised into an apartment. On my first day I turned up at the office which organised all the excavations and was met by the manager who had been in charge for quite a few years. He introduced me to his assistant Mona, mainly because of her knowledge of English. Communication with others in the office was not very good.

I was aware that everyone in the office was looking at me in a special way but I had not noticed that one in particular was looking at me in a ‘special’ special way. Mona was around 20 years old and dressed in the typical female clothing of Egypt — a headscarf, a long dress down to the ground and a sweater and cardigan. Mona was also a university student working during the holidays. Nobody could have any idea of what she looked like underneath all those shapeless clothes. Her skin colour was a light brown, and her hair very dark. Her brown eyes were very dark and sparkling bright. Her fingers were delicate and well-shaped.

At meal breaks it always seemed that Mona was at my side. I cannot describe what her body looked like because I could not see her body. It turned out that she had been in England for a few weeks learning English and wanted to practice conversation. I was actually surprised at how good her English was. I asked her about getting accommodation and she said she could help.

Apparently her father was very well off and owned a few apartments. He had apparently made a lot of money from government contracts. The rent was expensive for Egyptians but very cheap in English pounds and I took it. Fortunately, it was quite close to where we were working. Every time we sat down for a meal she sat down next to me.

A few weeks after I arrived she suggested that we go to Cairo to see the big Museum. Apparently we could not be seen together so we took two separate trains to Cairo and met there. We took the train back early to avoid the peak hour crush. Mona told me to go back to the apartment and she would come separately after buying some food for dinner. A few minutes after I got back she entered with her own key.

It was then that I found she was living in the same block. This in itself was an event of enormous significance. I had not realised that Mona would never have allowed herself to be alone in a room with an Egyptian man. She could not and would not trust them.

After a tasty dinner we sat down and talked sitting on the couch watching TV. Mona was trying to explain what was happening but it was very difficult. She went back into the kitchen to wash up and I went to help. Mona gave me a special look.

She stood very close next to me and I was aware that her hip was touching mine all the time. It could not have been an accident. I realised that Mona had other ideas beyond the dinner. As we washed the dishes together she looked into Şirinevler escort my eyes with a loving look and held my hand.

It was unexpected because I had no idea there was any possibility of this in a country where reputation and virginity were so highly valued. I had not realised that a major barrier had already been passed — Mona was alone in a room with a man for the first time in her life. She could see that I enjoyed her company and she trusted me because I had not tried to take advantage of her in any way. I had the feeling that something could happen between us but no idea how things like that worked out in the Moslem world.

We sat down on the couch while she still held my hand and talked. For the first time she talked about how wonderful it was to live in London learning English and dress in Western clothes without a headscarf. She loved the freedom. She loved the sense of freedom that allowed young people to do what they wanted without the close supervision of their parents and family.

Apparently her two older sisters were married to two local men and they complained to her that their husbands treated them badly. They never discussed sex because nobody did that in Egypt. Women had few rights and Mona had decided that she was going to leave Egypt and live a better life. It was all becoming clear that I was part of her plans to become a Western woman.

What Mona hadn’t told me was that she had been thinking about her virginity ever since she came back from England. She wanted to try sex. It seemed that it was only important to keep it so that you could get a husband but she had no intention of finding an Egyptian husband. It followed that it was only valuable to the Egyptian husband and not to her. If that was the case, why keep it?

Mona was not exactly aware of the details but knew that the husband wanted to be the first to insert his penis into her vagina — she had no idea why that was important. Could he tell if he was the first? How would he know? In London it didn’t seem important and everybody seemed happy enough. Mona was determined to find her own husband and not be part of an arranged marriage.

I don’t think she had any plans to get married to a Westerner but just to live a life of freedom. She wanted to be liberated and I was going to liberate her. She looked into my eyes and then she pulled my head towards hers and we kissed. I was certainly surprised and I think she was too, at how forward she had been.

This was a totally different situation to anything I had ever experienced in the past with my girlfriends from the University in England. We understood how the game would be played and had a fair idea what the next move might be from my partner at the time.

It was totally different here — Mona had never had a boyfriend in her life and was totally inexperienced in every way. I think she knew it was her destiny as a woman to have sex but I don’t think she had the first clue as to how this might happen. I was quite happy to kiss her as any young man would have been. I moved her headscarf aside so that I could nibble her earlobe — something I always did.

It was the best way to get a girl in the mood and once started she would generally willingly proceed to the next level. I could immediately sense that Mona was becoming relaxed and even laughed when I licked her ear. She was totally ignorant of the mechanics of having sex. My hand ended up resting on her breast and I tried to tweak her nipple through the clothing.

I did this for quite a while in silence and I could feel that she was enjoying the experience very much. My hand tried to find its way through her garments but I was totally unfamiliar with her clothing. There was certainly a great reluctance for her to remove any clothing and expose her body. It had never occurred to me the extent to which modesty had been a part of her upbringing.

Mona did not actually resist too much but nor did she help. She held my hand to control it but finally let it find its way under her clothes. At the very least you could only say she was a reluctant participant in a game that she had never played and yet wanted to play at the same time because of the pleasure she was getting. I found one breast and Mona purred with contentment as I gently massaged it. I manoeuvred her around so that she was leaning backwards into my chest while both my hands eventually were able to cover both her breasts.

She was definitely becoming aroused and I could feel her nipples harden. In a surprise move she stood up and removed all her upper clothing and bra revealing two very nice, neat rounded breasts with very small dark nipples. I was transfixed. I was still lying on the couch when she sat down and casually put a hand near my erection

Whether this was an accident or there was just nowhere else to put her hand I do not know. This was a situation in which all the girls that I knew would have known what to do instinctively but here was an innocent girl Ataköy escort who expected me to make the next move. With one hand I moved her hand onto my erection and with the other hand I pulled her towards me and we kissed. You could see the excitement in her eyes and her expression of delight.

Mona: This English boy is so nice and gentle. I never kissed anybody on the lips before and it is so nice. He put his hands on my breast and played with my nipples. That is so nice too.

We had sex education at high school but the teacher was so embarrassed that she told us nothing. I got the idea in England that sex was pleasurable but how could I even know what that word meant in this context if I had never experienced it. I am sure he would like to see them. I am taking my top clothes off.

I thought I could detect excitement and terror all at the same time on her face as she realised that barriers firmly in place from her earliest upbringing were about to disappear. Her breasts had not been exposed to human sight for years. Mona’s natural instincts were taking over her mind. The natural steep slope of touch, excitement, increasing pleasure, and touching of more exciting parts had well and truly started.

The erotic arousal she was enjoying allowed me to explore her body even more. I couldn’t get into her mind but I had the feeling that her overarching determination to be a free Western-style woman conquered all her inhibitions. In actual fact the assault on all her pleasure centres was so great that she could not think straight. The thought that convinced Mona to go ahead was that nobody was ever going to find out.

I must confess I hadn’t thought about being with Mona or any other girl in Egypt for that matter. There seemed to be such a barrier for sexual interaction. I’d never even thought about it until it was happening. My fingers returned to her breasts and tweaked her nipples which were getting harder by the minute. I think Mona was so surprised by this that she even felt them with their own fingers.

I moved my head down and sucked her breast. Mona purred and ruffled her hand over the back of my head as I gently nibbled her nipple. Mona was very well aware of the arousal between her legs which she had never experienced before. I felt by this time that she must be well and truly wet.

It was my experience that once you got a girl sexually excited it was very easy to move onto the next step and Mona was no exception. I think she was waiting for me to take care of the itch that was growing down below. An Egyptian man would have been much more aggressive and demanding of what he thought were his rights to her body but I wanted Mona to take her own pace.

Mona thought: Why didn’t anybody tell me that doing this could be so enjoyable?

My hand lifted her skirt and rubbed her mound. It was obvious she was getting very excited. I moved to lower her long skirt like garment so that I could see her better and get my finger between her legs. Mona stood up and pulled her skirt down and then another garment until she finally stood there in red panties that went right up to her waist.

I wondered if G strings had arrived in Egypt. I could see small tufts of black pubic hair poking out through the sides. Mona seemed incapable of pulling her panties down by herself — it was the last barrier remaining for access to parts that even she was unfamiliar with. Only a husband should see her naked and Alexander was not her husband. Mona was aware that once they were down there were no physical defences left.

This was the first step in sharing her pussy with another man for the first time. It would be a defining moment. Nice Egyptian girls just didn’t do that. They didn’t even think about it because they didn’t know about it. I decided to take my chances and pulled her panties down to the floor.

As I did so she spun around so that all I could see was her behind. Her hands covered her bush and she turned around slowly and removed them. It was then that I had a delightful vision. She had a perfect triangle of untrimmed pubic hair which was so thick that you could not see any skin through it.

This was an unexpected delight and heightened my excitement, if that were possible. My primitive instincts were aroused even further. None of the girlfriends I had been with in England had been nearly as visually stimulating. Their light-coloured and relatively thin pubic patches were not nearly as exciting. The ones who had nothing at all had never excited me.

Mona was looking at me to see what my reaction would be as she was very uncertain of herself. Her natural instinct was to be ashamed of how she looked but she could see that I was looking approvingly.

She knew that her panties were the last barrier to those unknown places and once removed would be a sign of her consent. I told her that she looked beautiful and she relaxed a little more. She was vaguely aware of how other women looked and did not see herself as being anything Bakırköy escort exceptional. It was I think just an example of the fact that Egyptian women see themselves as second-class citizens.

I placed my hand on her stomach and moved it around in circles finally getting closer to the lowest point of the triangle. There was no hint of her slit to be seen but I knew it was there and my finger moved along up and down between her thighs. Her reaction was to close her thighs even more tightly. I moved very slowly, much more slowly than with any girl I had ever been with. Eventually my finger slipped into her slit and touched her clitoris.

Mona thought: My father would kill me if he walked in right now but it’s so nice. The pleasure is taking over my mind and I am losing all sense of resistance. The little button in my slit is getting harder and I can feel I am getting wetter.

Mona’s pussy blinked. She would forever remember that frisson of exhilaration as my thumb and forefinger squeezed her clitoris for the first time and gently massaged her clitoral hood back and forth. Nobody had ever touched her there before and seeing that masturbation was a sin in her religion, she probably hadn’t touched it before for the purpose of pleasure. When she had touched it, it was soft but now it was hard.

Her vulva was well and truly lubricated and my finger slid up and down quite easily. Mona just looked at me in amazement as her excitement level grew and she could feel the increasing pleasure bring on thoughts of what I was about to do. I could see her eyes were glazing over and decided that it would be better if she was in a sitting position. I eased her down onto the couch so that her head was close to mine and her legs were at right angles over my stomach.

My finger kept moving inexorably and I could feel her crack becoming decidedly squishy. I separated her knees so as to expose her cleft. I was relieved to be able to see that she still had her clitoris intact. Seeing is believing.

I had obviously felt it but I was conscious of the fact that 93% of Egyptian women didn’t. I would have been really lost if it wasn’t there. It was her advantage to being part of a wealthy family where such practices were now considered primitive.

As I rubbed I could feel it becoming slightly harder. It was great to know that she felt just like and looked the same as every other girl I had been with. Mona’s breathing was getting faster and faster. She was looking into my eyes wondering what was happening to her. I don’t think she had ever heard of an orgasm before or had had one.

Egypt was the country of origin for cats and here I was now looking right at an Egyptian pussy. Now that her pussy was wide open my finger could slip down into her vagina and as it entered she began to spasm uncontrollably. I pushed it in and out and tried to locate her G spot.

Her stomach heaved uncontrollably and she seemed to stop breathing. It seemed like it went on for ages but in fact it was only a few seconds and when it was over she looked at me wide-eyed and smiling at the same time. Her fears had been so great that I don’t think she had ever associated having sex with pleasure. Now she understood some of the whispers from other girls she knew.

She knew that the whole purpose of cutting in Egypt was to stop women enjoying sex but she had never considered that if she was not cut, that she would enjoy sex. Nobody ever spoke of such things. She raised her head to mine and gave me a big kiss. She had gone from almost total ignorance about sex to an orgasm in such a short time.

I sat her up and lifted myself to pull down my pants. I knew that Mona would never dare do anything like this. I placed her hand on my underpants and she instinctively gripped my erection with her tiny fingers. Her fingers moved trying to gauge the size and shape of this totally new object. I think at this moment she began to realise that what she held in my hand was soon going to penetrate her most secret and hidden place.

I pulled my underpants down and my dick sprang to attention looking at her. I don’t think she had ever seen a grown one in the flesh before or even in books or websites or anywhere. She had certainly seen little ones on very young boys but nothing my size. She just stared and stared.

Mona thought: The last time I saw a penis was when Omar was one or two years old but it was nothing like this. Omar’s was a tiny little button — I wonder if his penis grew as big as this. Are all men’s big like this? This is huge.

I think he is going to put it inside me — I have no idea how or even precisely where. No wonder they keep them hidden from girls — we would be terrified. I want to look more closely. It has such a strange shape — a bit like a dog but a dog’s penis is wet all over and this is dry but it’s got the same pointy tip. It’s so pale in colour and the little curls are so pale compared to mine.

I gingerly led her hand to wrap itself around my dick and watched her as she did something that she had never even contemplated. It was simply beyond her imagination. She wanted to take it all in visually. When her breathing had calmed down she moved her hand and gripped my penis. She kept looking at it, wondering what she should do next.

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