Control Ch. 05 – Daddy’s Home

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No one in this story is under 18!


My pussy freshly shaven, I didn’t put on any panties. I did put on a white wife beater. This had become my favorite shirt because my huge tits stretched the fabric extremely taut, making it virtually invisible, yet the shirt hugged my small waist.

I looked like a slut in it, and that is exactly the way I wanted it.

I put my hair up in a pony tail and pulled it tight, securing it with a scrunchy. I added a black band around my neck. It had a small heart in front.

I gave my tits one last squeeze, then another, and then a tweak of my nipples.

I couldn’t wait for Daddy to get home, but I would have to stay in my room until he was home. My Mommy would make me put clothes on or we would have a bad argument. Could I shock her anymore? I hoped so.

I puttered around my room, listening to music, and let my mind wander to the only place it ever wandered lately. I thought of fucking Daddy in the shower, fucking both my brothers in their bedroom last night and the large group of cocks that I let use me and humiliate me earlier.

I went by the mirror and gave my tits a little squeeze, positioning them a little better in my shirt. Yes, my nipples were visible through the thin fabric. Good.

Then, I went about doing the things that everyone does, except I was doing them almost naked. I made my bed. I cleaned my room. I got out my computer and went online. I checked my email. I looked on an online store for dildoes and sex toys. I ended up where I always ended up, however. I was looking at porn.

I looked at incest porn. I looked at gangbang porn. I looked at public sex porn. I loved it all, and the dirtier and more taboo or slutty it was the more I liked it.

Then, I heard a Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort truck pull in the driveway. I ran to the window and looked out to see my Daddy’s red Ford pickup. I waited for the front door to open and then I bolted down the stairs. I bounced across the dining room to my Daddy’s arms.

I grabbed him before he could put his lunch box down and put my arms around his neck and kissed him. He kissed me back and his tongue found my lips before Mommy came out of the kitchen.

“STOP” she yelled at the top of her lungs. I had never heard her raise her voice to Daddy. He didn’t like it.

He dropped his lunchbox where he stood and strode purposefully to my Mother. His hand flew as he backhanded her hard on her cheek.

“Come here, girl” he directed me.

He grabbed me brusquely, pulled me close and began to kiss me as my mother, on the floor from the force of the smack, watched us. Having my mother on the floor watching Daddy and me emboldened me.

I pressed my chest against him and kissed him more passionately, letting my hands wander to his already swelling cock.

I stroked it through his pants and my Mother dared not say a word. I looked her in the eye and smiled as I pulled his magnificent member free and took it in my mouth. I maintained eye contact with Mommy as I took him as deeply as I could and then forced it deeper little by little.

My eyes were watering and my throat was already getting sore from the sheer size of his cock.

None of the dicks at the porn store were nearly as large as Daddy’s. Soon, I had his balls against my chin and I pumped it gently, lovingly while I stared into Mommy’s tear-filled eyes.

“Fuck me, Daddy” I said as I stood up and sat on the edge of the dining room table.

Instantly, his cock was inside me. He pounded me hard and mercilessly without a word. I felt the wonderful pressure as his cock touched the edge of my wet pussy. I felt him invade me with the first magnificent thrust.

He was relentless and he filled me so gloriously. The longer he fucked me the more my Mother cried.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him in deeper.

And suddenly, I felt the pulsing of his cock as he shot stream after stream into me. I wasn’t close to cumming, but that had not been my goal. The hunt turned me on.

I looked back at Mommy and dropped from the table to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked its length. I licked up and down the shaft to the balls. I cleaned it off thoroughly. Then I had an idea.

I went to Mommy. She was as much a slut as I was. I knew it. I had seen it. She had been fucking my brothers since they turned 18 and she couldn’t go to jail for it. She had had her turn. Now it was mine.

So, I pressed my cum soaked lips against my Mommy’s. She refused, but I pressed on. My tongue circled her lips. Daddy was watching intently and Mommy finally gave in.

Her lips parted and I attacked her mouth with my tongue. The thought of her tasting my Daddy’s cum mixed with the fluids from my saturated pussy from my mouth and knowing she had had to watch sent me over the top. I had a massive orgasm kissing my mother.

My hand explored her chest as I molested her mouth. I pulled the bottom of her dress up and touched her pussy through her cotton panties. She was as wet as I was.

I hadn’t learned to be a slut by chance. My Mommy was as big a slut as I was.

“God help me” she whispered between sobs.

I reached inside her panties and found a huge unkempt bush. I searched through it until I found her swollen clitoris.

“Do you want me to stop Mommy?” I asked. “I will. I will stop right now. Daddy will be all mine. So will Stephen and TJ. If you want me to stop Mommy, just say so.”

“Don’t stop” she whispered.

“Mommy, you should shave that” I instructed and I watched the tears of shame and revolt stream down her face.

My Daddy stood there watching, his cock was already hard again. I smiled at him and slowly, lovingly I Licked the tears from her face. She sobbed harder and harder as I pushed her back onto the floor.

I mounted her face. She didn’t resist but continued to sob violently.

“Mommy, clean me up” I said as I lowered my dripping cunt to her tear covered face. I pressed my cunt against her mouth. I felt her tongue begin to lick my pussy tentatively.

Then, my Daddy was in front of me again. His glorious cock pressed against my lips and I took it in. I attacked it, with no goal other than to get his cum as fast as I could. I took it deep over and over again and noticed I was grinding my pussy harder and harder into Mommy’s face. She was sobbing uncontrollably now and as Daddy began to shoot his load into my mouth, I felt myself gush all over my Mommy’s face.

I was convulsing from the pleasure until I collapsed on the floor beside Mommy. God, my whole body was throbbing.

What else could I do? Did I have any more in me?

“Pray with me, Mommy” I said as I had inspiration. “Dear Lord, Thank you for our family. Thank you for Daddy’s large cock, and Stephen and TJ’s too. Thank you that Daddy fucks me and that my Mommy is a slut too. Help our family to stay together. In Jesus name, Amen”

The last few words were barely audible over Mommy’s sobs. I got up and started up to my room leaving her crying uncontrollably on the floor. Daddy was already gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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