Imagine This For Me

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Author’s Note: This was a short fantasy I wrote for my wife and emailed to her while she was on a trip without me. While this particular story was purely fiction, we did in fact have several threesomes with a good friend of mine that played out very similarly to this, though that will probably end up in another story. Enjoy!

Imagine this for me.

We’re camping, as we frequently do, but this time, it’s not just you and I. This time, we have brought a friend along. I know you like our friend. You’ve told me just how much you enjoy hanging out with him. And I enjoy it too, and I enjoy that you enjoy it. And I enjoy that he enjoys you….

So we’ve brought him along with us, camping out for the weekend. We’ve found a nice, isolated spot, far from towns, and on an off season weekend, so there is really not likely to be anyone around for miles.

Setting up camp takes no time, especially with three of us working. It’s hot work, though, and it’s not long before you’ve opted to change into shorts and a tank top. Though I’m sure the heat isn’t the only reason you’ve worn the tank top. In fact, I’m assured of your ulterior motives as, throughout the afternoon, you find every opportunity, every reason, every flimsy excuse to bend over in front of my friend or me, or both of us on many occasions.

You know how much I love your breasts. You also know that he loves them too. So you make a point of showing off a bit, letting us get an eyeful of your deep cleavage, moving in quick motions to give them that enticing jiggle and slight bounce. You seem very satisfied with yourself each time you succeed in catching one or both of us staring. It’s an all day tease for you, and you enjoy every minute of the attention.

It’s when the sun goes down, though, that you realize just how much fun camping in an isolated spot in the middle of nowhere can be.

After the sun goes down, we get the fire really going. What was just a small fire to cook dinner over earlier is now practically roaring. It’s bright enough to illuminate the campsite in a flickering red that is sexy in and of itself, and puts off enough heat that you haven’t found it necessary to put anything on over your tank top. In fact, there are small beads of sweat on the smooth skin framed by your low neckline.

When you stand in front of the fire, you are breathtaking. You hold your hands out to both of us like a goddess preparing to bestow a gift upon us unworthy mortal males. And, in fact, you do intend to give us a gift, but expect fair payment in return.

We are only too happy to oblige.

We surround you, envelope you, press into you from both sides, our hands wandering their own paths along your body, slowly slipping along every contour, every curve, Gaziantep Escort İlanları bunching your shirt around you higher, higher, higher…..

You’re keeping busy as well, turning first to kiss me, deeply, our tongues dancing as he latches onto your neck, sucking gently, kissing along your shoulder, your collar bone, up your throat. You break our kiss and quickly lock your mouth to his, kissing, tongues dancing as I trace a path of kisses along your neck. Back and forth you shuttle between our mouths.

As you again turn and press your lips to his, I lift your shirt up, slipping over the swells of your breasts, exposing them to the flickering light of the fire. Off the shirt comes, to be tossed aside and forgotten until tomorrow. Him and I both reach for you, each taking a breast in one hand as our others continue to roam. You revel in the sensations as we each employ slightly different methods of massaging, caressing, stroking your breasts, your hardening nipples.

Your eyes roll up as you throw your head back. He lowers his face to your breast and latches onto your nipple with his mouth as I pinch the other nipple and latch onto your neck. We both slip our other hands around behind you, cupping your buttocks, stroking down to the hem of your shorts, then slipping our fingertips upwards, under the fabric, teasing the crease where your ass curves outwards from the backs of your thighs.

I watch as your hand creeps downwards, running over his chest, belly, to the front of his jeans. You tug at the front of his pants, the button popping open and the zipper purring apart. They fall to the ground, puddling around his feet. His erection is now free, and impressive, long, somewhat slim. Your fingers wrap around the shaft and you begin to slowly stroke him.

Meanwhile, your other hand has located the front of my pants and they, too, are quickly gone. You fill both of your hands with large, hard, throbbing cocks, slowly stroking us both as we continue to take turns sucking your nipples and kissing you. My hand slips down the front of your shorts and I discover your lack of panties.

I also discover significant heat and moisture as my fingertip slips into the cleft between your thighs and comes to rest against a hard little button. You gasp, your hips thrust forward, and your grip on both of us tightens for a moment.

I caress that spot, rub, press, my finger slipping, sliding, teasing as he pushes down on the back of your shorts and removes them from you. Finally, you stand in the flickering light of the fire completely nude. Above you the stars flicker, sparks flying up from the fire, a full moon just visible through the trees. You continue to hold and squeeze our members, but you’ve ceased stroking as you’re overcome by the combined sensations of his mouth on your nipple, my hand between your thighs, his stroking and caressing your bare ass.

The orgasm hits you fast. Hard. You cry out, your hips bucking against my hand, we brace you to keep you from falling. It subsides and you are breathless.

You still, however, find the energy to sink to your knees before us. You look up at us, your eyes passing back and forth as you simultaneously stroke both of us. You know you own us. You possess us fully in this moment.

At this moment, any request from you would be fulfilled as if it were a command. And we would do it with absolute pleasure.

You start with him. At first just sucking the head in just past your lips, letting your tongue dance around the tip. You tease like this for a few moments, your hand still wrapped around both of our shafts but not moving. Then you plunge forward. You take as much as you can, which is nearly all of it, which is more than enough. He gasps. It’s his turn to roll his eyes and throw his head back.

In and out, his cock slides past your lips, almost deep enough to hit the back of your throat. Your free hand still holds and strokes my cock. You suck and lick and tease until he’s right on the brink….

And then you stop. You have other plans for that. So you turn to me and show my cock the same love and affection you showered upon his. Taking me deep into your mouth, I feel the tension building inside. I’m close. I stop you. I know what you want. Or at least, I know what I want you to want. What I want to do to you.

We help you to your feet and you step out of your shorts. Again, left to be found and picked up in the morning. We lead you to the tent.

The airmatress has already been inflated, the blankets laid out. Slowly, the three of us sink into it. Him and I have you pressed between us. Our hands explore every inch of your body, from running fingers through your hair to stroking the underside of your chin, caressing your breasts, your hips, your thighs. Probing fingers part your lips and slip effortlessly inside of you. One, then two fingers. Your eyes are closed as you focus on the sensations.

It doesn’t matter who’s doing what, which hand is stroking here, who’s finger is pressing there, it all melds into one experience that is beyond description. You feel simultaneously the sensations of a tongue flicking across your nipple and another flicking the hard, sensitive bud of your clitoris, while fingers press deep into your clenching cunt and a hand slips underneath you to squeeze your ass.

You don’t even open your eyes when you feel the warm flesh of a cock against your lips, you merely open your mouth and accept it , judging who’s it is by taste and feel. And when you feel the fingers slip out of you and the press hardness against the opening of your pussy, you merely open your legs wider, allowing it to press into you, sinking in slowly, feeling it slide into you as far as it will go.

A gently rhythm begins to work through you as you are thrust into from two directions. One thrusting into your tight cunt as the other withdraws from the back of your mouth, then both reversing so that your mouth is again filled and your pussy left nearly empty.

Another, more intense orgasm tears through you. You’re whole body shakes and shudders. Your cries are muffled by the cock in your mouth, yet you are still quite loud. We slow our thrusting as you seem to sink deeper into the air mattress. You’re more relaxed. Dreamy.

You open your eyes, looking back and forth between us. You want more.

Pushing me onto my back, you roll on top of me, straddle me, taking my cock into you. You sit up for a minute, gently rocking on top of me, turning your head to kiss him, reaching out and taking his still hard cock in your hand and stroking it. Then you whisper something in his ear. He nods.

Turning back towards me, you smile, then lay forward, pressing your tits into my chest and your cheek against mine. I know what’s coming. You stop rocking and I see/feel him straddle my legs, settling in behind you. My hands snake around your hips, down to your ass, where I grab. Squeeze. Pull. Spread……

He sidles forward, closer. Then he’s pressing into you. Into that tightest of places. And as you open to accommodate him, I feel the pressure building along the underside of my own cock. Inch by inch he sinks into your ass, pressing into you along the underside of mine. Until finally, he’s in all the way. His scrotum sits warmly against your ass and my own scrotum. You’ve never felt this full before, and you worry briefly that it may be too much.

But as we begin to move, slowly at first, you relax more and more. The pace quickens, our rhythms matching but opposite, so that again, as one thrusts in, the other is withdrawing. Your breath comes in quick, sharp gasps. You begin to rock your hips in time with our thrusting. Crying out again and again as wave after wave after crushing wave rocks your entire body. Every nerve ending seems to be on fire, you’re dizzy to the point of nearly passing out.

One continuous, dizzying orgasm that doesn’t end washes over you again and again. And just when you feel like it’s reached it’s peak, that it couldn’t possibly get any more intense, you feel first one, and then the other of us release, our cocks pulsing, flexing, thrusting, filling both of your tight holes with cum. The three of us convulse, cry out, thrust, rock, and finally collapse.

Slowly, we roll sideways, again laying on the airmatress with you pressed between us, and fall asleep.

And this is just the first night of the weekend……..

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