Curious afternoon

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It was a warm Tuesday afternoon, me and my best mate Derek had just got back from school to my house after a long 40 minute walk, leaving us very hot and sweaty, but not just because of the exercise. When I walked in the door we saw a note from my mom saying how she was out with her new boyfriend Steve and that she would not be back till tomorrow morning at the earliest. However that was a bonus so far as we were concerned, as we could continue our conversation from earlier, without risk of disruption or being overheard.

As we were both only 14, we were at cross roads in our sexual development, we both knew the ins and outs of sex and most of the mainstream activities to do with it but we still had much to learn. So after heading up stairs we went into my room and was hit by a massive waft of warm stuffy air, as my mom had not remembered to open my windows.

“Do you mind if I ditch some of my uniform, it’s just to hot,” asked Derek.
“Sure, I might even join you” I sighed as I began stripping off.

Once we got down to our boxers and vests we jumped on my bed, flicking on the tv.

“So James said he lost it at Fred’s party last Saturday,” Derek chuckled, continuing on their previous conversation.
“I’m sure he did not, he is always coming up with bayan escort gaziantep some new bullshit to make his life sound more interesting than it is,” I stated in a matter of fact manner, “that being said I wish we had some girls that we could ask to take ours, there is only so much wanking that I can do before it looses its appeal.”
“Yeah, that would be great. Actually … Nah forget it.” Derek trailed off.
“No go on” I pleaded, thinking there might be a solution to my 3 year waiting game.
“Well it’s just an idea and don’t judge me because it is probably a bit gay, but what about if me and you take each others verginities.”
“How would we do that?” I asked, as despite my extensive reasearch in my dads porn mags I had never come across anything like what Derek was suggesting.
“Well I saw it when I was browsing the tv channels late at night, but you basically have sex like you do with a girl, but rather than putting your dick in her vagina, you put it in the guys ass.”
“That’s weird” I exclaimed, “wouldn’t that hurt and be a bit dirty, after all that’s where we shit from.”
“No, firstly you would clean your arse, also it’s better for both people, as there are lots of nerves in the arse, therefore more pleasure and its tighter than a vagina, so it feels better for the person doing the fucking.”

When Derek was putting it, it seemed like the best idea in the world. So I told Derek that we should go to a different bathroom in the house and take a shit, clean up and then meet back in my parents room in 20 minutes.
A while later I walked in to my parents room to see Derek on my parents be sporting a 6 inch hard on. I then decided to take my boxers off to reveal my equally long cock, standing to attention. As I was about to get onto the bed Derek stopped me to ask,

“Before we start, we have to decide who goes first, as I don’t mind taking you first, but you have to make sure you don’t chicken out.”
Taking a moment to contemplate I nodded my head and jumped onto the bed, which as soon as I landed Derek lunged at my cock and took it into his mouth, bobbing his head up and down. Sending my body into a wave of ecstasy.
“What are you doing,” I asked.
“Well you need to lubricate everything, otherwise it will hurt, speaking of which you need to lick my arse hole to get me going.”

Feeling a bit nervous, as he took his mouth off my cock and rolling onto his front, I positioned my face just in front of Derek’s arse hole, I extended my lips to his hole and began rapidly licking it. After a few seconds of licking, I removed my head and mounted my friend.

“Are you ready?” I enquired.
“Yes just go slowly.”

So I tentatively pushed my cock against his hole, which slowly but surely gave way and absorbed my cock, apart from the occasional gasp of pain from Derek, I eventually got the whole length of my cock into his arse. He was certainly right about the feeling, it was very thight, but that just added to the good feeling. I then slowly started to pull out and then push back in, gradually increasing my speed as I got closer to my orgasm, both of us now were moaning quite loudly at this point and I was glad that my mum was not home. Then I felt it, a wave of warmth and intense pleasure coming from my cock as I felt my cum fill every crevice of my friends arse hole.

I then pulled fully out and Derek quickly rolled over and once again took my cock in his mouth and sucked all the cum from it, then leaned in and kissed me, letting a bit of my hot salty cum flow into my mouth and down my throat. Then without a word Derek leaped up got off the bed and went into my bathroom, squatting above the toilet and saying “now it’s your turn,” just as he let a stream of my cum flow out of his arse into the toilet. It was just then that it dawned on me what I had just let my self in for.

To be continued.

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