Dirty Laundry

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Big Tits

I headed home after a pleasant day from school; with the exception of sending two students to the principal’s office for being a bit disruptive in class. Still, the rest of the day turned out fine and I was on my way home to grade some papers.

I stepped on board the elevator, pushing the number three button. Inside, it felt like a sauna compared to the cool weather outside. It was so warm I had to loosen my tie and unbutton my collar.

Once I reached the third floor, the doors opened up and Cynthia stood there waiting, carrying a heavy load of laundry. My hot neighbor; giving me a warm greeting on that first day in my new apartment. The both of us had some major orgy attacks that day and it was incredible; forgetting all about my ex-wife.

“Hey, D”, said Cynthia.

“Hi, Cyn”, I said.

“Good day at school?”

“Oh, yeah. Nothing I couldn’t handle, except maybe the principal who’s a bit rough around the edges.”

“Sounds like a great guy.”

“Yeah, he too recently divorced his wife of twenty years. Twenty years, can you believe that? Already, he’s giving me advice on women and when not to trust them.”

“Did you take any of his advice?”

“No, absolutely not.”

“Listen, I got a lot of laundry to do. Why don’t we chat later on?”

“Why don’t I join you? And let me carry that.”

“You don’t mind?”

“No, not at all. I’ve got some stuff to do, but I have a little time to spend with my favorite neighbor.”

“Such a gentleman.”

I was going to grade some papers; deciding, instead, to carry Cynthia’s basket and keeping her company in the laundry room.

Cynthia began loading up the machine while I sat on the wooden bench, looking at her nice ass and the legs that went with it. Then the clothes she wore; white tube top, denim shorts, and a pair of red mules. Already, I was getting hot and my cock started swelling up. The tightness was hard to ignore and I had to think of something else besides Cynthia.

“You all right?”, Cynthia asked, catching me loosening up my tie.

“Yeah”, I said, “just a bit warm in here. That elevator was even hotter.”

“Got that right. I wished they put on some air conditioning, especially when summer comes along. If I wanted to get warm I’d go to the beach.”

“I hear you. I used to go to the beach on my spare time. I used to surf every weekend since I was seventeen.”

“You, a surfer boy?”

“Yeah, I was.”

“I never learned to surf myself. Maybe you can give me some private lessons. I am a fast learner and willing to try…new things.”

Already, I knew where she was going with this. The private lessons she wanted didn’t involve surfing.

“Yeah”, I said. “Someday I’ll teach you a few things.”

“I’d love that. For now, how about you and kill some time until the wash gets done.”

“A adana escort bite to eat or maybe a stroll around the block.”

“No, I was thinking of doing something here. Just the two of us…alone.”

“Here? What do you have in mind?”

Cynthia had that look in her eye, ready for some action.

“Wait”, I said. “You want to fuck around here? Right now?”

“Why not?”

“Well, somebody might walk in on us.”

“I don’t mind anyone watching.”

“Be serious. We might get in trouble.”

“For what, fucking without a license? Come on, D, live a little.”

“Listen, I enjoy what we have going, but this is not the time or the place.”

I was on my way out when Cynthia hoisted herself up, sitting on the nearest machine. She leaned back, shaking off her red mules; sounding like two heavy bricks coming down.

“Where you going?”, she asked, slowly unbuttoning her shorts, showing me she wasn’t wearing any undies. “I know you’re not walking away from this. Come and eat this chocolate covered pussy, white boy. Eat this shit up.”

Seeing Cynthia offering herself like that was hard to ignore. Someone catching us in the act was still a concern; convincing Cynthia, otherwise, was the problem. So, without hesitation, I took off my dark blazer, tossing aside my shirt and tie. I removed Cynthia’s shorts, tossing those aside and opened up her legs to get some tongue action on her pussy. I licked those sweet juices and sucked on it, leaving Cynthia moaning in intense pleasure.

Cynthia had handfuls of my hair, keeping my face pinned down. The sweetness of that pussy was so rich I could feast on it all day. I was sure Cynthia wouldn’t mind that, not in the least.

“Oh, shit”, she said. “Oh, fuck. Oh, that feels so fucking good. Hmmmmmm. Eat that shit. Oooooooh. Eat that fucking pussy. Oooooooo. Aaaah. Aaaah. Oh, fuck. Keep that tongue in there. Hmmmmmm. Love that tongue in my pussy. Oh, shit. Oooooooo. Let me taste it.”

Cynthia released my hair; kissed and licked my lips, tasting the juices from her pussy. She began sucking my tongue for anything she might have missed.

Slowly, I started nibbling on her earlobe and sucked on her smooth neck. When it came down to her titties, she giggled with delight. I squeezed each one; sucked and licked those hard nipples I wanted to chew on.

“Like those titties?”, she asked, listening to those sucking sounds of mine. “Like my fucking titties? Taste good, huh? You like that? I want your cock. I want to taste your cock.”

Cynthia came down from the machine. I unbutton my pants, slipped out of my underwear. Cynthia went down on her knees, sucking the life out of my cock. Her technique was so great I was nearly out of breath. I was breathing so hard I thought a heart attack eskişehir escort was coming my way.

My worry wasn’t her biting it off, only some stranger walking in and catching us in the act. I hoped Mrs. Hill wasn’t the one who caught us; she’d run to her apartment and never come out again. Not one person walked in; had the whole place to ourselves.

Both of us were now in our birthday suits. Cynthia had her knees on the bench while my cock dug deep into her ass. I had handfolds of her braids, thrusting back and forth, listening to those high pitched screams of hers.

“That’s it, baby”, she said. “That’s what I’m talking about! Tap that ass! Fuck that ass up! Fuck it! Do it! Fuck it up! Tear me a new asshole! Tear it up, motherfucker! Fuck that ass up! Yes! Yes! Fuck me harder! Fuck! Love that hard cock in my ass! So fucking hard!”

Soon, Cynthia sat on the bench and I was on my knees, tasting more of that sweet pussy.

“Hmmmmmm”, she said. “Can’t get enough of that pussy, huh? Huh, motherfucker? Hmmmmmmm. Oh, that’s it! That’s the spot! Oh, yeah, right there! Love that tongue in my pussy! Oooooh! Aaaaah! Oooooo! Don’t stop! Please, don’t fucking stop! Pleeeeeease! Fuck!”

Cynthia laid down on the bench, waiting for my swollen cock to enter her pussy. She looked at me, smiling, showing those bright pearly whites of hers.

“Put it in, baby”, she said.

Slowly, I put my cock in her. The bench wasn’t exactly comfy but she didn’t give a shit. All that mattered was me doing her right, whether or not strangers walked in on us. Right now I didn’t care anymore.

“Oh, yes”, said Cynthia. “Fuck me! Fuck me harder, baby! Fuck! Fuck me, motherfucker! Fuck the living shit out of me! Yes! Fucking love it! Deeper! Deeper! Oh, yes! Yes! Like that! Harder! Harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck! Cock is so big! Fucking big! Shit! I want your cum! Fucking cum all over me!”

I unloaded all over her pretty face. She wiped some off her face with her fingers, sucking each one clean. I was so worn out I was about ready to collapse. Cynthia stood there tasting the rest of the cum; smiling and giggling with some energy left in her to go another round.

Twenty minutes later, the washing was done and I took everything out, putting them in the dryer. Cynthia curled up on the bench, wearing my dark blazer; enjoyed the show I was putting on.

“Should be done in forteen minutes”, I said, starting up the dryer.

“Don’t rush on my account”, said Cynthia, gazing at my cock and the rest of my nude body.

Already, Cynthia was looking for some more action. I got down on my knees by the bench, allowing her to plant those juicy lips of hers on mine. Her wet tongue licked my cheek and neck like some stray poodle.

“Still taste good”, she said, seductively.

Even sakarya escort in my dark blazer she looked hot; anything she wore was still pleasing to see. I put my hand inside, massaging her left shoulder. Cynthia moaned softly by my touch, feeling the smoothness of her brown skin.

Slowly, I placed my hand under the blazer, feeling her smooth buttocks. With the tips of my fingers I explored her smooth as silk legs. They were beautiful; no trace of hair anywhere. Her feet were a lovely pair; no mark or scar on either. She knew how to take care of them.

“This was something new”, I said. “Not really comfortable but cozy enough.”

“No argument there”, said Cynthia.

“The best part was no one walked in.”

“That’s too bad. It would have been fun, don’t you think?”

“Fun? You like it when people watch?”

“Maybe. Don’t you?”

“No, I don’t. I told you I’m not showing off my body to strangers.”

“Not even in film?”

“Especially film. I don’t model nude and I don’t do pornos.”

“Ah, D, technically we are doing a porno.”

“Yeah, right.”

“I’m not kidding. You and I are the stars of today’s movie.”

“What, you got a camera hidden somewhere?”

“No, but there is one up there.”

Cynthia pointed above the washing machines; high above was a surveillance camera. My eyes were wide open, ready to pop out of my head; failed to notice that before entering the laundry room.

“What the hell?”, I asked. “You knew it was up there?”

“Yes”, said Cynthia, smiling and ready to laugh.

“I can’t believe it. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I thought you knew.”

“You thought…what?”

“What’s the big deal?”

“What’s the big deal? The big deal is security will probably use that footage and download it on the internet. That’s great. The whole world is going to see my ass and cock in living color. Oh, man, if the school got a hold of this, I’m fucked. Totally fucked.”

Cynthia laid there laughing her head off while I wanted to reach out and strangle her.

“It’s not funny”, I said. “This is serious. Oh, shit, if my folks saw this I’ll never hear the end of it.”

“Don’t worry about it. Maybe we can buy a copy from security. Then we send them to Hollywood and make tons of money.”

“You’re crazy. You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“I’m loving it.”

“You’re crazy. What am I going to do with you?”

“Don’t you mean what are you going to do to me? Come on, D, the least we can do is give our viewers an encore.”

“Are you serious? I’m in trouble and you want my cock inside you now?”

“I love it when you talk dirty.”

Cynthia got up and took off the blazer, letting it drop to her feet, showing off that incredible body of hers. I stood there, unable to figure out what to do next. I looked at the camera and back at Cynthia; back and forth with no solution.

“I’m ready for my close up, Mr. Knight,” she said.

“Okay”, I said, “intermission over.”

We were on the floor, providing the encore she requested. Maybe I can bribe security into giving me the footage before it’s too late.

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