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Part 1


“It had been a long day….and an even longer night. Since my loving wife of 22 years had died last year I had been able to make it through the days, but the nights had been almost unbearable. I missed her terribly…especially in our bed. Our sex life together had always been incredible…from the very first time we had madly coupled in the back seat of a 68 Dodge Charger. We were perfect together…completely uninhibited, open, wild, insatiable. Anything went with us…from oral and anal sex to threesomes and swinging. Many of our best sex times included others.

But that had all ended when she had unexpectedly died, leaving me with an almost empty house. My son had joined the navy after graduating from high school, leaving just myself and my 20 year old daughter Karen at home. Karen looked a lot like her mother…5’10”, 125 pounds, long blonde hair, slim and trim. She was a natural athlete just like Liz had been and smart as a whip. At 20 she had already graduated from college and was working as a music teacher at one of the local schools.

I missed their mom….missed her a lot! I hadn’t met anyone like her…that I knew would be sexually compatible with my likes and dislikes. So for almost a year I had been taking care of my needs myself, behind the closed doors of my bedroom or in the shower or the hot tub after dark. And tonight was no different.

I sleep in the nude, never liking the feel of clothes inside an already warm bed. And I missed the feel of another warm body next to mine, the depression on her side of the bed, and the smell of my wife’s arousal or the smells of our recent sex hanging in the air. That night, as I lie in my bed between the warmth of the freshly laundered sheets I remembered a time of wonderful sex between Elizabeth and I and a couple of our closest friends. As I remembered how she looked with Roger’s rock hard cock deep down her velvety throat while squatting down with her pussy locked over the mouth of his wife Rebecca, my hand strayed to my own hardening member just like it had that night. I stroked it lightly from the base to the head in smooth even strokes, not squeezing hard but providing just the right friction. As thoughts of her being eaten by another woman while sucking another man’s cock fueled the eroticism in my own mind I palmed the head of my cock, rubbing it in circles around the opening on the end, rubbing the pre-cum into my palm. Sensitive to every touch of my smooth uncalused hand I involuntarily kicked the covers off of me and raised my hips off the bed. It was definitely getting warmer in my empty bed.

I closed my eyes tight and remembered Liz as she sucked her cheeks in, drawing all the cum from her male friends cock down her throat. She milked him back and forth until he pulled out limp from her frothing mouth, then began rotating her wet pussy over her female friends mouth, smearing her juices all around Peggy’s face. She had clutched her breasts in her hands and pinched her rock hard nipples between her fingers, and I remember watching as she orgasmed on her friends tongue.

I gripped my cock tighter now and began jacking back and forth with one hand while rolling my balls in the other. With each downstroke I lifted my hips higher off the bed, my hand and my cock visible in the bright light of the full moon streaming through my bedroom window. I watched the head disappear in my fist then reappear, glistening with pre-cum lubrication. Soon, I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm approaching as I stroked faster and faster. I could hear the slapping of my balls against my ass.

I moaned outloud as the warm feelings spread from my balls to my cock and the remembrance of a highly erotic experience stimulated my libido. “Eat her Peggy, eat Liz’s pussy until she cums. Go Peggy, lick her hard! Make my wife cum all over your face!”

As I thought of my beautiful wife sitting on the floor of our friends house with Peggy’s head between Liz’s legs my orgasm overwhelmed me, and I spurted the thick white juice from my cock onto my abdomen and pubic hair. I watched as it landed in my belly button and my pubic hair, until finally I was done…feeling a little physically better with the release but not much better emotionally. Physically satisfied, I pulled the blankets back over me and rolled over to sleep, still alone.


“Dad had gone to bed at his usual time so I had gone outside and slipped into the hot tub, au naturale of course! Our hot tub was behind a tall privacy fence in the back yard so it didn’t bother me to skinny dip after dark. I luxuriated in the 102 degree water and watched the stars, thinking about my last date with Roger the night before. He had tried to get into my pants after some rather rowdy petting, his hands all over my breasts beneath my shirt and bra. I’ve never been penetrated by a man but I’ve done about everything else. It’s not that I’m a prude about sex, but my dad had repeatedly told me that an unplanned pregnancy would ruin my career. I’m not saving escort bayan myself for marriage or anything like that…I’m just making sure my career came first.

After about a half hour in the warmth of the water and thinking about Rogers hands all over my body I was getting sleepy and horny so I got out and slipped my thick terry cloth robe back on. I quietly put the lid back on place and headed into the house. On the way I had to pass my dad’s slightly open bedroom window. I looked down into his room, expecting to find him rolled over and fast asleep. Boy, was I wrong!

In the bright moonlight streaming into the window I could plainly see my dad’s rock hard cock in his hand, his ass and back arched in the air. The huge head of his cock stuck out of his fist and I could see his other hand under his ass playing with his balls. I watched fascinated as my own dad beat off with a steady rythum. Jesus Christ what a sight! His cock must have been about 7 or 8 inches and easily 2″ thick…definitely the biggest I’d ever seen! I had seen him in his underwear many times but had never noticed a bulge the size of the one I was looking at now through the window. I moved to the side and watched my dad smoothly stroke himself up and down…I could see the pre-cum glisten on the head…and wondered what my own dad tasted like!

Watching my dad I felt that familiar tingle between my legs and in my nipples. Standing outside his window in the warm night I slipped my hand beneath my robe and felt my nipples standing rock hard at the end of my firm 34C breasts. I pinched the right one lightly and pulled it away from its breast, sliding my finger from its base to its tip. The feeling of my finger skin stroking my sensitive nipple skin spread the tingle down my stomach and between my legs. I opened the sash of my robe and slipped my hand between my taut thighs. The spot between my legs was soaking wet…watching my dad stroke his cock had turned me on! I slid my finger between my lower lips into my pussy.

I watched my dads hand slide up and down his cock, his hips jerking upward with each down stroke of his hand. I heard him moan through the slightly open window, and then I heard him talking.

“Eat her Peggy, eat Liz’s pussy until she cums. Go Peggy, lick her hard! Make my wife cum all over your face!”

I couldn’t believe it! He was talking about watching another woman eat my late mothers pussy, making my mom cum on her face! I had to wonder whether he was dreaming or reliving an experience they’d had? Had my mom been into woman to woman sex while my dad watched? I stroked my finger in and out of my own pussy faster while watching my dad speed up his self pleasure….then I realized I was stroking myself in time with my dad’s stroking. I felt my knees weaken as the heat deep inside me increased….I don’t know what was doing it more, my finger in my pussy or watching my dads hand quickly stroke that beautiful cock of his. Whoever said that women weren’t turned on by visual stimuli had been mistaken tonight…the sight of my dad’s cock had definitely turned me on! I moved my other hand to my pussy and slid another finger in with the first one…I was now standing in front of my dads window with my robe wide open and a finger of each hand deep inside my pussy…fucking myself as I watched my dad fuck himself.

Quickly I felt my orgasm build inside my pussy and as dad stroked faster so did I until, as he began to spurt the thick creamy cum onto his stomach I exploded around my fingers. My knees weakened and I slumped down onto the deck, the cold wood shocking my bare ass. It was a quick cum, the warmth of self satisfaction spreading from between my legs and over my breasts, then I felt my face become flushed with heat. I realized I had been holding my breath to keep from making any noise. God, that had been one of the best self induced orgasms I’d ever had! When my breathing slowed I stood back up, looked through the window one last time to see my dad rolled over on his side, then moved back into the house. As I moved through the house turning the lights out and locking the doors all I could think about was wondering what kind of sex my parents had been into. Had they enjoyed group and bi-sexual sex? What else?”


“The next morning I got up bright and early to get ready for work. During my usual morning shower, as I soaped my soft cock clean I found myself getting hard again. As I ran my soap slicked hand up and down my hardening cock I found myself thinking about the many great showers Liz and I had taken together. I remembered the sight of her magnificent body all lathered up by my own hand while she lathered my special places. At about the same time Liz made me cum in my mind I spurted cum from my hard cock all over the bottom of the tiled shower. These days jacking off to start the day was as normal as shaving, the lack of a womans touch making me incredibly horney almost all the time these days. My shower done I slipped a towel around my waist and padded off to make sure Karen was up and getting ready to go to work.

I altıparmak escort bayan knocked at her door once lightly then turned the knob and pushed the door open, to be met by a surprise. In the warmth of the night my daughter had pushed the covers off herself, leaving her completely uncovered. There she lie on top of the sheets…completely nude! She was lying on her back with her legs spread wide open, one hand draped over one thigh resting next to her pussy, a lone finger barely touching one pussy lip holding it slightly open, as if had caught her stroking herself in her sleep. I didn’t really think about the fact she was my daughter….just thought to myself how much she looked like her mother. Karen’s breasts were a little larger and fuller than her mothers had been and her nipples were absolutely rock hard. And she had the same neatly trimmed blond bush around perfectly formed pussy lips. I could see the hood over her large clit…her mother had the same large clit, which seemed to have kept her in a constant state of arousal. I briefly wondered whether Karen’s did the same for her. Suddenly she stirred and stretched…and ran her hand along the whole length of her pussy and around her extended clit! I stupidly stood there looking over my own daughters beautiful body for a few minutes when I realized my cock was getting hard. A flush of shame flooded over me at the idea of my own daughters body turning me on and I quickly left the room and shut the door. I knocked louder and longer this time and called out rather than open the door.

“Karen, it’s time to get up. Come on, get up!” From the other side of the door came a sleepy “Okay dad, I’m awake. Thank You!”

Embarrassed at having looked at Karen’s nude form, I padded off to get my first cup of coffee. Just as I neared the top of my cup I heard her voice.

“Pour me one too will you Dad?” I reached in the cupboard and pulled another cup out. I looked over at her as she walked into the kitchen to see her walk in wearing nothing but a long tight tank top that came to just the bottom of her nicely formed ass. I was glad that she was semi-completely covered…unfortunately the tank top only accentuated her body. Beneath the material of the top I could completely see the rounded forms of her breasts and her twin nipples threatening to poke through the ribbed material.

“Oh God!” I thought to myself. “I didn’t need to see this! My cocks getting hard again!”

I turned away so my lower body was pressed against the counter while I poured her coffee. I didn’t have any choice but to turn away from the counter to hand her the coffee, and I just hoped she didn’t see how hard I was beneath the thick towel. I noticed my hand was shaking as I set the cup down on the end of the counter and watched as she moved to the clothes basket on the floor. It got worse….she bent at the waist to rummage through the basket…and I could see she hadn’t put any panties on. I had a full view of her beautifully shaped ass above perfect slightly spread legs, and could also see blond pussy hairs standing out between her legs surrounding her pussy. I quietly groaned and turned away as she stood up and turned towards me.

“Here’s your coffee. I’m going to get dressed.” I walked to my room, my cock pushing the towel ahead of me.”


“I don’t know why I did it to him but I know I was glad that I did. I knew that he always came in to wake me up in the morning….he had been doing it since I had started Kindergarten. I have always been closer to my dad than anyone else, even mom. He was the one who had rocked me and fed me when I was a baby. He’s the one who always took me to day care and picked me up in the afternoons. When I was older he was the one I talked to when I needed to talk to someone. He’s the one who first talked to me about sex.

So I knew he’d come into my room in the morning to wake me up, although my alarm clock had already done that. I kicked the covers off of myself so he could see me….all of me. It felt great to touch myself and just leave my finger touching my pussy lip…as if he had caught me playing myself. God I was hot…especially when I stretched and rubbed myself while I knew he was watching. My nipples were rock hard and I felt my pussy almost run with liquid. I felt him leave and shut the door, and after he called at me through the door as soon as I pushed my finger the rest of the way into myself I quickly came…and came, and came.

But I didn’t stop there. I found the tightest long tank top in my dresser and slipped it on. Just to make sure he’d notice I pinched and pulled my nipples to make them stand out against the tight shirt. For just a moment I thought about panties, maybe a thong or something like that, but instead I decided to not put any on at all. I wanted to show myself off to my dad…wanted him to see everything.

In the kitchen, when he turned towards me, I could see how turned on he was. The front of his towel stood out a good two or three inches in front of him. I really nilüfer eskort wanted to grab the towel and see what he was covering up. I wanted to see that hard meat…especially since I knew that I was the one that had made it that way. And when I bent over the clothes basket I knew he could see my ass and my pussy. I even opened my legs a little so he’d see the pussy hairs around it. When I stood back up I could see his towel stand out even further.

I had done it…I had turned my dad on and given him a huge hard on. And I knew I wanted to see it again. I had to think of a way to sneak another look.”


“All day long I thought about Karen’s long limbs, generous breasts, and neatly trimmed bush around her perfect pussy. More than once I felt myself harden beneath my desk as I remembered the sight of her finger lightly lying along the edge of her parted pussy lips. I pictured her nipples capping her full breasts, hard and stretched to fullness. My cock threatened to split the zipper of my pants.

As usual I got home before Karen did. I should have had at least an hour before she drove up. I hurried into my room, stripping off my clothes as I went. I would have plenty of time before she got home to pick them up, and before I got to my bedroom door I was completely nude….and already hardening. Reaching inside my dresser I pulled a V.H. S. tape from behind bottles of cologne and headed for the living room. I hit “play” on the remote as I sat in my chair…and the screen illuminated with the sight of my lovely nude wife Liz on her hands and knees feasting on my cock while Roger had her impaled from behind on his own organ. Beneath Liz lie Peggy licking both Liz and Roger while I drove a 10″ dildo up Peggy’s pussy. The four of us moved in sexual harmony, each driving the others to an intense climax. The speakers put forth a blaring symphony of moans and groans and nasty sexual dialogue.

My self abuse was nothing but intense, my hand flying up and down my throbbing cock, driving myself to orgasm. I needed to come, and I didn’t want to take my time about it. In my mind I pictured Karen in the movie…taking the place of both women at one time or another. I pictured her sucking me and taking it deep from Roger, and I pictured Peggy licking her sopping wet pussy. I pulled my legs up onto the chair, licked my index finger until it was soaking wet, and slowly pushed it deep into my ass. I worked it in time with my hand stroking my cock….so intent on my own pleasure I hadn’t heard Karen’s car drive up….or the door open. How long she stood there I didn’t know, but when I opened my eyes to look at the movie again she was standing in front of me, watching me fuck myself while watching her mother and I have sex with another couple!

“Oh shit!” I said, pulling my finger out of my ass and trying to cover my rock hard, throbbing, cock with my hand. “Oh shit, I’m sorry honey!” I blurted out as I started to get up. She pushed me back into my chair.

“Dad, don’t. Don’t be embarrassed.” She said as she dropped to the floor in front of me. “Don’t be embarrassed because I caught you masturbating. It’s okay. I understand. Everyone does it. Or should anyway.” I felt her hands burning on my legs while I tried to cover myself, but I knew she could still see most of my cock and all of my balls and asshole.

“You’re not supposed to see me like this hon. It’s wrong.” I answered, unable to get up as she held my legs down onto the chair.

“Why? Because I’m not supposed to see you without clothes on? Dad, you told me you used to belong to a nudist colony. Would it be wrong for me to see you there?” She calmly asked me, her eyes locked onto mine. “Or for you to see me nude? Come on, you’ve seen me without clothes on since the day I was born.” She leaned back and in one swift movement pulled her sweater over her head, the globes of her breasts and dark hard nipples encased in a thin see through Victoria’s Secret bra coming into full view. Still on her knees she reached behind herself and I heard the zipper of her skirt being drawn down. She whipped it from around her lower body and stood up. Now she stood in front of me clad only in the flimsy bra and red thong panties.

“There, is that better? Now I’m almost as nude as you are. And I’m not ashamed at all. Dad, we’re born without clothes, and fathers have been seeing their daughters nude since time began. I never thought of you as being prudish, I always thought mom was the prudish one.” As she turned around to face the screen I could see the thong pulled tightly between her ass cheeks, tufts of blond hair straying outside the fabric.

“But I see she wasn’t really that prudish after all, was she?” She asked. As she turned back towards me she reached for the front clasp of her bra, and in one swift movement opened it and pulled it off her shoulders. Her breasts stood away from her body, full and proud, capped by engorged distended nipples. Hooking her thumbs in the sides of her panties she pulled them out of the crack of her ass, slowly down her hips and past her knees, finally letting them drop to the floor so she could step out of them. I could smell the aroma of her arousal in the air. God she was beautiful, from her long flowing blonde hair past her gorgeous breasts and pussy to her painted toes. Involuntarily, I wrapped my hand around my cock again.

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