The Threads of Fate

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Hi! This story is a lot softer and more focused on the feminization aspect, turning a hero into a princess and vicey versy. Not SUPER lewd, but if you get off to boys turning into princesses (which I do) you might enjoy this! There’s some identity changes but they still stay the same person, just with different skills and interests at the end.


“So what did you bring back for me?” Princess Freya asked, her hands smoothing out the front of her powder blue skirt around her knees as she tried to fritter away her nervous energy. She’d been waiting weeks for this. Her servants had all made themselves inconspicuous, leaving her and her guest alone. They knew how important her visits with the Knight were.

Standing at the window, looking as dashing as ever, Sir Damien flashed her one of his trademarked smiles. Dashing in his leather cuirass that still smelled faintly of campfires, he let the handmade dragonhide pack on his shoulder slide to the ground.

“Now who says I brought you anything back?” he said. When the Princess made a face, he waved her concern off. “Don’t worry, I didn’t forget.”

“Wonderful!” Freya hopped up, nearly tripping on her own dress in her excitement to see what it was. The Knight’s adventures were the stuff books were written about, and he was still so young! She’d always wanted to live that life. Her dreams were filled of ancient tombs, of brave fights against impossible odds against lizardmen or animate skeletons. But she was a Princess! She couldn’t just…leave her Kingdom! Not until she was married, of course.

Which is what made Damien so appealing as a suitor. He came from a respected noble line, and would make a good match if for honour’s sake if not for land or title. But above all the preening braggarts and self-assured knaves who presented themselves to court for her hand, he was the only one who put himself in real danger at every opportunity. If they got married, he’d promised to take her on some of his less dangerous quests. Maybe even outside the Kingdom, if she was lucky!

He knelt down and rummaged around in his pack. “Let’s see. Potions, silver coins, Soul Dagger…ah, here we are.” Pinched between his fingers was a lightweight silvery metal necklace. when stretched out, the distinctive shape of a dragon appeared.

“Gods above! Is that Chronox the Unbound?”

Damien’s eyebrows popped up. “It is? I had no idea. I thought it just looked nice.”

Freya beamed, pointing to the huge shelf of books in her room, which was but a sampling of that which was on offer in the castle’s library. “I read a lot. The High Elven pantheon is utterly fascinating. Wherever did you find it?”

“I didn’t win it in battle, I’m afraid. One of my contracts provided payment by coin or barter. Since they had this lovely necklace on offer, I asked for it in lieu of other compensation. Would you like to try it on?”

Freya crossed the distance between them in a flash, wrapping him up in a hug. “Oh yes, please! This is the best gift yet!”

Her soft, slender fingers slipped the serpentine design around her neck. Once the clasp clicked shut, a burst of light stunned them both.

“Wait…is this magic?” she asked, holding a hand to her chest, “Oh my gosh, my very own enchanted jewellery! I never thought I’d be so lucky!”

Damien laughed nervously, taking a step back. “I didn’t…I mean, the merchant said it was just a religious trinket.”

The Princess’ giggle was much more mirthful. “Oh, you silly boy. You have no idea of the power contained within this necklace. Chronox controlled the threads of fate itself! His priests governed the flow of time and space. I can petition for changes to fate itself with this. Watch.” She scrunched up her face and concentrated. In other circumstances, the expression might look cute. But her sudden change from amorous attention to condescending exposition Betturkey was concerning.

He blinked. For a moment, he thought he saw the world spin. But, when it stopped, everything looked normal around him.

“I don’t think it worked,” he said, partly relieved.

“Oh I think it did. Look how tall you are now.”

Damien didn’t understand. He’d always been shorter than her. Shortest one in the family, in fact. But he’d never let it keep him down. “Is it because I was leaning, before? My height hasn’t changed.”

“Of course it hasn’t, silly. Oh goodness, this necklace has so much power! Adventurers. So much opportunity and you squander it! If I was out there, I’d used my skills and combat prowess for good. To preserve knowledge, not hoard it or trade it away for baubles or weapons. Hmph. You know what? I think I will.”

“Will what?”

She shrugged theatrically, holding her hands palms up. “Become an adventurer, I mean. I can’t spend a moment longer in this castle. I’m bored, Damien. I want what you have. I want a life…outside this!”

This time, Damien felt the shuffling sensation longer. He felt weak, his knees shaking and nearly forced him to flop onto the bed. Hadn’t he been facing the other way, before? Now Freya was the one by his bag, looking smug and self-assured.

“I don’t understand,” Damien said, looking at his hands. Thick calluses formed from hours of sword practice dissolved in front of his very eyes. His fingers looked soft, like he’d never worked a day in his life. Body hair retreated back into his body, leaving him completely smooth from the nose down.

“It’s quite simple, Damien dear. This castle needs a Princess. And since I’m going to be gone on my adventures…”

The door to the chamber burst open. In filed half a dozen of Freya’s chambermaids in black and white frocks.

“We heard a noise and…what are you wearing?!” the lead maid, a large blonde woman named Helen, gawked at Damien.

“I’m…this is what I wear all the time!” he shot back. Who were these people to question his choice in practical yet dashing fashions!

Helen shook her head. “Oh no no, that simply won’t do. We can’t have our Princess in such a shabby state!”

“Princess?!” His gaze snapped back to Freya. “Please, Freya, whatever’s happening, you have to reverse it.”

The maids wasted no time. They stripped him out of his adventurer’s outfit. He tried to fight back but his muscles had turned to jelly. It was inconceivable that a guy who could outfight an orc in single combat was being manhandled by some castle servants. He blushed as they stole even his underwear from him, leaving him naked. Freya noted with a sly smile that reality had asserted he be given a much smaller dick than she knew he had had before.

“Oh, don’t be like that,” Helen chastised, “It’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Don’t worry, dear, we’ll get you fixed up in no time. Imagine a Princess like you going out there like some kind of shabby adventurer!” The crowd of maids giggled to themselves, making him blush.

“I-I’m not a Princess!” he shouted, pouting and concealing his nipples and groin, “I’m a guy! Guys can’t be Princesses!”

More laughter. “What does being a male have to do with being a Princess?” one the maids asked to more laughter. He felt so humiliated and vulnerable, so weak and pathetic. He was a proud hero…wasn’t he?

Freya watched it all with a bemused detachment, watching the previously self-assured hero get bossed around. Her whole life has been one long bullying session, as far as she was concerned. It’s about time someone else experienced what she went through!

She put her hand over her mouth. Those were…odd thoughts. She wasn’t normally so brash. Was the magic of the necklace affecting her mind, too?

Damien, meanwhile, was trying his best to resist.

“And you!” Helen turned to Freya, Betturkey Giriş her arms folded, “I don’t know what game you’re playing, but it’s not respectful to be wearing that dress. That’s for him only!”

The former Princess thought about objecting, but after a moment’s thought, gleefully acquiesced. “Oh, of course. My mistake. I’ll take this off at once.” She retreated behind a screen to remove her own clothes…but not before gathering up the adventurer’s outfit that her maids had hastily removed from Damien.

Helen picked out an outfit from one of the large wardrobes in the room. Two other maids pulled out the accoutrements and held them out for Damien to see.

“How about this nice pink one? You love the colour pink, don’t you?” Helen asked.

“I mean…more of a salmon, but…”

“Perfect!” She held out the first item: a pair of frilly panties. Cowed by the stronger women around him, Damien slipped them on himself. The silky fabric grazed against his smooth legs. He gasped. It felt so soft! Once they settled around his waist, he couldn’t help but rub himself and feel the fabric against his body.

“Aww. He likes his new panties~” purred Freya. She stepped out from the screen in his old clothes, though they fit her perfectly now. His objections weakened as each sensual item of feminine clothing climbed up his body. Stockings, gloves, a petticoat. By the time Helen held out the gorgeous dress for him, his head was swimming in silky bliss.

“They’re so soft, but…” he scrunched up his face while the maids finished dressing him. They parted from Freya’s path as she lifted his chin with her finger.

“Shh…it’s okay, sweetie. You’re a Princess now. You’re allowed to feel soft, and safe, and vulnerable. No more dangers for you. No more scares or worries in your empty little head.” She kissed him on the forehead, and all at once his mind filled with sparkles. His knowledge of combat, exploration, of how to light a fire and skin a bloodbear, it all flooded out of his consciousness. Replacing it were Princess Thoughts. His mouth hung agape as his rapier wit and years of experience turned to fumbling and frippery. Freya looked pleased.

“I suppose we’ll leave you two alone now,” Helen said, unable to notice the changes taking place thanks to the magic. “Be gentle with the Princess, okay? Save something for marriage.” The crowd of maids giggled some more as they left, chatting about the two lovebirds and what they’d be doing the moment they closed the door.

“Freya…I don’t…this is all too much!” he squeaked, balling up his dainty little fists, “I still remember the way things are supposed to be…you won’t keep me like this forever!”

Freya shook her finger back and forth like a scolding teacher. “Of course I can, honey. And I can do it by making you love this world more than your old one. Watch~” She pushed him back onto the bed, where his still wobbly legs finally gave out on him. As soon as he landed in a puff of frills, she pounced onto him like a hungry animal. Freya had all his strength, all his combat expertise. He was no match.

She shifted slightly until she lay perpendicular to him while still keeping him pinned with her arm. Her other hand went questing, diving deep under his skirt in search of hidden treasure. She found his panties, fingers running up them until they touched the tip of his diminutive boy package. Just like every other part of his new body, it was soft to the touch and sensitive when fondled. Damien’s breath caught when she used a forefinger and thumb to stroke him gently.

“Aaah~ Freya…ngh…” His objections were hard to make out over his moans. Helpless and wriggling under her grasp, he was far removed from the confident adventurer that he’d been. She could tell he was close to accepting this new reality. She pressed the attack, stroking his little dick with one hand through Betturkey Güncel Giriş the silky fabric while keeping him pressed to the bed.

“This is your wonderful new life, Damien. Or maybe a cuter name? Demi? That’s cute, don’t you think?”

Demi whimpered. “But…what will you do?”

“I’ll do everything I’ve ever wanted, of course. And you’ll do what you want. But that’s going to be different from now on. Oh I can just tell how much you’ll love being a Princess! Embroidery, fashion, gossip…all the things that frustrated me about courtly life you’ll have in ample supply.”

He tried to deny that those things had their appeal, but he couldn’t! Even as he writhed against her skillful control of his cocklet, he couldn’t help but think about the wonderful world of dresses he had inherited. So many adorable outfits! He stiffened at the thought of putting them on, each one soft and sensual as they slid into place on his lithe body.

“Ohh…oh gosh…” Demi was already close to spurting. Even his stamina had been stolen! Freya poured more of that world warping power out into his vulnerable body.

“Let’s let all those thoughts fill your little balls. Anything that wouldn’t want to be a pretty pink princess, let it turn to squirt. You want to be this. Nothing will make you happier than a world of petticoats and giggles. Now say it back to me: who are you?”

Thoughts drained from his brain. He could almost feel them filling up his tiny testicles. “D-Demi…my name is Demi…”

“And what are you, Demi? Are you a hero,” she stopped jerking her thumb and forefinger, “Or are you a Princess?” The stroking redoubled, making him involuntarily whimper.

“I’m…I’m a…” he searched for the right words. A fragment of will still wanted to fight this, but that shard of his old life soon slid into his balls and made it feel like he was about to burst.

Her fingers melted his resistance. “Say it sweetie! Tell the whole world what you are!”

“I’m…I’m a Princess!”

He came. Watery seed flooded his pretty panties, making his eyes roll back and his toes curl. Sex was nothing compared to the divine, innocent bliss of creaming himself. She masturbated him to completion, milking out those inconvenient desires and feelings to settle into a sticky puddle against his skin.

“There’s my good girl. Now c’mon. I have some packing to do,” Freya said, pulling out her sticky fingers and holding them out to him. He obediently licked them clean, then stood to help her out as a proper Princess would help their brave Knight.


Freya lived a life of danger and intrigue, journeying to the farthest ends of the continent with a sword in one hand and a torch in the other. She fought evil wizards, rode iguanodons, and discovered places forgotten for thousands of years. She learned seven languages, saved the kingdom countless times, and lived a life worthy of saga and song.

Demi, meanwhile, enjoyed his new role. As the Princess of the realm, he had the pick of any number of pursuits fitting of his station. He learned to sing, play the lyre, and all manner of frivolous hobbies and playful diversions. He was never bored, that’s for sure!

Still, he always looked forward to when his Heroine came to the castle to visit. She brought him all manner of pretty things: spices, exotic fabrics, and all manner of jewellery. The most prominent gift of all was the gorgeous dragon necklace. He never went anywhere without it! Of course, it still retained its reality-altering power. But to use it would imply that there was something wrong with his world. But he couldn’t for the life of him imagine what that would be!

The Knight and Princess Demi eventually married, with Demi being the charming (if a little featherbrained) arm candy to Freya’s hard-nosed but fair Queen. She inherited his lands and ruled over them with learned wisdom, and Demi got to enjoy all the exciting stately parties and banquets! Court Visitors always knew to bring a new dress when paying a visit to the Castle to get into the ditzy Demi’s good graces. The pair were madly in love with one another, and they both lived happily ever after.

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